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Tablet Brochure is a new brand creating bespoke, interactive brochures on iPad and Android devices. Founded by Paul Tudor, who has over 20 years of experience in design and branding, Tablet Brochure is changing the way people see mobile marketing, bringing an unseen level of creativity and brand presence to the tablet device.


I am delighted to have received the regional award so soon after establishing the business. Setting up your own venture is extremely hard work but the support we received from Ready for Business was invaluable. To have our efforts recognised, potentially at a national level is a huge achievement for us. In the mobile space, we face particular challenges working with new and evolving technologies that many businesses haven’t yet explored, meaning we are selling a concept, as well as a product.
Paul Tudor - Founder of Tablet Brochure
What we are seeing through these awards are real and inspiring examples of what can be achieved by individuals who have a strong business and access to the right kind of support. Establishing a new business is not an easy challenge and there are many obstacles to be faced, not just getting a venture off the ground, but ensuring the development and on-going sustainability of that business.
Kevin Horne, Chairman of the Cavendish Consortium and the head of the judging panel
The Turquoise Honeymoon Guide App is designed to provide and promote top tips and essential destination information from the Turquoise experts, to all brides and grooms to be, in the comfort of their own home. It is a really fun way to explore the world and plan your dream honeymoon and navigation around the app is both easy and innovative. With around 40% of our web traffic coming from mobile, it is of great importance for Turquoise to be at the forefront of mobile marketing in the travel industry, I am sure the app will be a great success and start a new wave of mobile marketing in travel, from guide and planners to brochures, the future is mobile!
Lizzie Heeley, Turquoise Holidays
We used the new app on stand to guide potential clients through the different destinations we offer and to walk them through accommodation and imagery, it was a big hit and a great tool for our team to have on stand. Potential clients were able to request brochures through the app and really explore our offering in a new and exciting way. Our favourite feature has to be the world map. Your honeymoon could be one of the only times in your life when one moment you are choosing your dream destination on your iPad and before you know it you are boarding a plan to Tahiti, ticket in one hand and new hubbie in the other.
Lizzie Heeley, Turquoise Holidays
Turquoise is a perfect example of a brand that will really benefit from the features unique to tablet devices. With a stunning visual library and lots of information, we were able to produce an app, which showcases destinations, imagery and information in a very user-friendly way, strengthening their relationship with potential clients and immersing them further in the Turquoise brand. This level of interaction is just not possible through mobile websites and traditional websites and any brand who wishes to strengthen their reach through an emerging marketing channel should consider app based brochures on tablet devices, there is no substitute.
Paul Tudor, Founder, Tablet Brochure
We have delivered a full featured interactive brochure, using a lot of the unique features you will only find in a Tablet Brochure and did it to a very tight deadline. Merlin Glass have been the perfect first client to produce a brochure for, as the product really lives the ethos of taking the technology away and focusing on the creative element and design once again. The result is a fantastic display of a stunning product range, delivered by a new marketing channel that a mobile website would just not be able to reproduce.”
Paul Tudor, Founder of Tablet Brochure
Firstly Liam and I would like to thank Tablet Brochure so much for all the hard work in creating such a wonderful, user friendly interactive brochure for us, we love it! One major thing I noticed as I was reading through it is the sheer beauty of this as an app designed and intended for its purpose only. We love how each image comes alive, the brochure really does talk to you and for Liam he said it makes him feel quite emotional looking at it, so huge thumbs up. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present, thank you.
Carol Moxham, Merlin Glass
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