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    We are very pleased and honored to once again be top ranked among Europe's climate leaders for the second year in a row. Improving our score from last year's leading score of 86.9 to 87.9 this year is a significant step that we at Tele2 are incredibly proud of. For Tele2, climate action is a top priority, and we have set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions in our operations and value chain by 2035. Our vision is to be a leader in sustainability in our industry, and these types of awards show that we are on the right track.
    Erik Wottrich, Head of Sustainability, Tele2
    "We are monitoring developments closely and adapting our offering to what each segment of the market demands. The Digital Collaboration Platforms project clearly showed that in the public sector there is a need for secure collaboration solutions that handle even the most sensitive of data. Tele2 Collaboration complements our existing products and services to manage secure messaging and collaborations, and to combat shadow IT issues with consumer messaging apps.  
    Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2
    Voice services play an important role in IoT deployments, particularly those having mission-critical applications. Enabling VoLTE for IoT customers marks a significant milestone in our ability to serve our customers’ needs. This launch reflects Tele2’s commitment to excellence and is in line with our vision to enable a society of unlimited possibilities.
    Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director of IoT at Tele2
    We are proud to support Fonus and Familjens Jurist in their digital transformation. By offering innovative solutions and secure deliveries, we aim to be a reliable partner for their operations, and we look forward to creating value for them in the coming years.
    Sofia Ahlmark Hyvärinen, Sales Director at Tele2 B2B
    Sustainability is an integrated part of our core business and creates shared value for our stakeholders. As a sustainable business we maximize new business opportunities with a win-win-win perspective for us, our customers and society at large. Telcos will play a key role in enabling a more sustainable society, and this updated sustainability strategy is our plan to make a significant contribution to that development.
    Kjell Johnsen, CEO and President of Tele2.
    By leveraging AWS to accelerate our generative AI innovation in customer service, we are confident that we can alleviate the pressure on our customer service agents and support our European expansion. Most importantly, we will continue enhancing the experience and satisfaction of our customers, while setting new standards in responsiveness, accuracy and security.
    Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director at Tele2 IoT. 
    Swedes seem to have an ambivalent attitude towards screen use and social media at Christmas. Many people are grateful for how our screens facilitate the organization of celebrations and contact with loved ones. While others may be stressed by the perfect and polished content they see in their feeds.
    Lisa Thorell, Professor of Psychology at Karolinska Institute
    We always want to explore how technology is used in different contexts, big and small. We are becoming increasingly connected and digitization affects the whole of society, not least our traditions. The connected chocolate box is a playful experiment, but it may also spark thoughts about future Christmas traditions.
    Karin Nygren, Director B2C, Tele2
    Airforestry's technology is undoubtedly revolutionary, and their vision is to make forest harvesting more efficient and sustainable which is groundbreaking. It is extremely gratifying to be part of this journey and contribute to the realization of completely new innovations. 5G and private wireless networks remove previous limitations and create unlimited business opportunities, and we look forward to more applications that can increase companies' innovation and competitiveness.  
    Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2.
    “It’s purposeful and fun to work on this venture together with Drifter World. With this solution, you can reduce driving time in cities and get smarter traffic flows. We are happy to be part of that development."
    Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director at Tele2 IoT
    Sustainability is a higher priority, and development is driven by a desire to contribute to society, and in the end, it also becomes a way to future-proof the company, strengthen the brand and win new business. Those who do not prioritize sustainability will fall behind. Over time, serious sustainability work becomes a prerequisite for reaching new customers, attracting talented employees and securing the company's financing. At the same time, we also see that the move is partly driven by legal requirements and by increased regulations regarding reporting of sustainability work. Demands that a majority of decision-makers believe will continue to increase.
    Stefan Trampus, EVP B2B at Tele2
    M/S Estelle is a good example of how, with the help of 5G, we can create new values and contribute to the development of society. With the help of 5G, it is possible to use new services and solutions that were previously not possible, as in this case with new forms of transportation. It is fantastic to be part of an innovative sustainable transportation solution and exciting to see how 5G and IoT combined can revolutionize the way we travel in the future.
    says Linda Ekener Mägi, Business Developer at Tele2 B2B.
    ele2 is now at the forefront of sustainability in our industry. We view our sustainability strategy as a strategic enabler to becoming the leading telco in the Nordic and Baltic region and sustainability will become a part of all facets of Tele2’s business. Our investments in sustainability are delivering returns and maximizing the creation of shared value for our customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.
    Johan Gustafsson, EVP Communications & Sustainability, Tele2.
    We are proud to receive such important external recognition of our efforts so far to achieve gender equality. Being ranked number one in Sweden reflects Tele2’s ambition and our goal to lead in all aspects of sustainability. At the same time, we recognize that achieving gender equality is a long-term commitment and we continue to work with diversity and inclusion across all of our operations, since we know it improves performance even more.
    Kjell Johnsen , President and CEO, Tele2.
     This credit facility and the scope of the targets are further evidence of how our sustainability strategy is an integrated part of our business operations. It follows the issuance of our first sustainability-linked bond earlier this year and provides further tangible links to the implementation of our sustainability strategy.
    Charlotte Hansson, CFO, Tele2.
    -Tele2 is an important enabler for our customers to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. At the same time, it is important that we do everything that we can to reduce our own emissions and those in our value chain. Tele2 has therefore launched an ambitious climate strategy for the journey towards achieving our goal of net-zero value chain emissions by 2035. I’m very proud of the international recognition that Tele2’s climate efforts have received from CDP.
    Kjell Johnsen, CEO at Tele2.
    With our suite of IoT technologies, together with EBS Tele2 IoT is enabling secure and connected services globally. We are happy to support EBS by focusing on their core business with what is Tele2’s core business. We are looking forward to joining EBS on their journey as they expand as a brand globally,
    Cyril Deschanel, Director IoT, Tele2.  
    A private mobile 5G network provides completely new opportunities to digitalize, automate, and streamline operations for all types of industries. X Shore is a world leader when it comes to sustainable, electric boats and with a modern 5G network in its new factory, they are now also at the forefront as an example of how a manufacturing company can use technology in a smart and efficient way.  
    Stefan Trampus, Executive Vice President B2B at Tele2
    Our goal is to ensure sustainable and efficient production at all levels, from our working environment to environmental impact and financially. We also need a network that is robust, safe, and efficient. With a private 5G network, we also enable increased automation with, for example, connected tools and self-driving vehicles.  
    Elias Wästberg, Head of X Shore Industries 1.
    Elonroad is an exciting startup with a solution that will be critical to achieve the goal of a fossil-independent vehicle fleet by 2030. By making 5G available, we secure Elonroad's digital solution and ensure a reliable connection. As soon as 5G becomes available where Elonroad builds its electric roads, larger amounts of data that require low latency can e handled, such as the transfer of data from cameras. We are very proud to be a part of Elonroad's continued journey,
    Stefan Trampus, EVP B2B at Tele2.
    We want to be involved in how our customers can use 5G and the latest generation of mobile technology in practice. We are now testing different possibilities at the hotel in Stockholm and the next phase will be, together with Nordic Choice and Speeron, to expand to more hotels and connect more functions in the hotel rooms. With 5G and different types of IoT solutions, we can improve the experience for guests and facilitate the work for staff.
    Stefan Trampus, Business Area Manager for B2B at Tele2.
    Tele2 customers can enjoy real 5G speeds, which is more than four times faster than 4G and 50 percent faster than what our competitors in Sweden can offer today.
    Thomas Helbo, EVP Technology at Tele2
    As one of the world’s leading 4G operators, and the greenest operator in Sweden, it is obvious that Tele2 plays a vital role in the development of 5G
    Thomas Helbo, Executive Vice President Technology, Tele2
    In Sweden we share all of our mobile network infrastructure, which has not only made it possible for us to build world-class networks for our customers at lower cost, but also made us the most energy efficient operator in the country.
    Anders Nilsson, President and CEO, Tele2
    The result exceeded the expectations and we are extremely proud that we managed to save as much as a yearly energy consumption of almost 100 self-contained houses
    Viktor Wallström, Executive Vice President Communications & Sustainability, Tele2
    Since the Millenium Development Goals were launched over a decade ago, we have seen a lot of positive developments. However, within the network we felt that one significant challenge remained; goals regarding corruption. Corruption plays an important part in for example poverty and the discrimination of human rights. So within the network we decided to do something about it. When the original millennium goals were set, companies were practically not a part of the process at all. Today, we sit in the front row and are influential. That is what I call progress!
    Marie Baumgarts, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Tele2 AB
    The importance of private sector engagement for sustainable global development is increasingly being recognized, in Sweden as well as globally. Companies have great potential to address major challenges such as corruption. Sida is working actively to promote this through different models for private sector collaboration.
    Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director General of Sida
    I have spoken about the voice to data transition for many years and in Sweden it is now really kicking off. As Tele2 Sweden has continued to build out its 4G capacity and reach, we can match the needs of the customers and now offer true mobility. A high market maturity is needed, which we have in Sweden, and therefore I do not foresee the same kind of offerings on our other markets in the short term.
    Anders Olsson, EVP and Group CCO at Tele2 AB
    Since we formed Tele2 Norway in 1995 we have built a successful mobile business of 1.2 million customers. We are proud to have strong brand names, an effective organization, and talented employees. However, the competitive constraints we faced without resources on the multiband frequency required us to evaluate different options for our Norwegian businesses. Whilst we have not been able to complete our originally desired strategy, the proposed deal is good for our customers, shareholders and for Tele2 as a whole. This is an attractive transaction at a good valuation and it enhances our opportunities to challenge and take new steps on other markets.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2 AB
    Tele2 set out to build partnerships that make it simple and viable for business customers to deploy M2M/IoT across their entire organisation and we look forward to working with NetComm Wireless to deliver the seamless connection, customization and control capabilities needed to achieve this objective
    Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions
    The Vattenfall Group is one of the larger European players within the field of energy and utilities. We are extremely delighted that the Vattenfall Group has chosen Tele2 as the supplier for their connectivity across Europe. This contract is another proof point that Tele2’s global M2M offering is highly competitive and attractive on the market.
    Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions
    CSL offers the most resilient and reliable managed network in the industry. It is the DualCom Gemini Managed Network that provides the critical connectivity for hundreds of thousands of protected premises throughout Europe and enables CSL to push the boundaries of innovation. CSL now wants to continue growth outside of their UK home market, into the Nordics and across Europe. We are delighted that CSL DualCom has chosen Tele2 as the supplier for this expansion
    Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions
    It is a great pleasure to welcome Jeff to the Tele2 family. We feel confident that he will be able to maximise our Dutch business and fulfill the growth potential that we are pursuing in the market. Jeff has a proven track record of swiftly and resolutely guiding companies to achieve great results. Together with our experienced CFO, Ernst-Jan, who has done a phenomenal job as acting CEO for the past months, they constitute a team that will offer our customers what they need for less.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2
    I’m a huge fan of challenger brands and the benefits they bring to consumers, often providing game changing innovation and increased value for money. And having spent the last five years at Virgin Media, the opportunity to join Tele2 to lead their challenge in the Dutch market is incredibly exciting.
    Jeff Dodds
    I see 2014 as a year when we remove uncertainty around Tele2. The Netherlands and Kazakhstan need to maintain their momentum within mobile. Tele2 Sweden will cement its position as the leader in mobile data services. The situation in Norway will be addressed in a way that maximizes value for shareholders.
    Mats Granryd, President & CEO
    Partnerships is the right way of going to market in the M2M/IoT world. At Tele2, we are actively focusing on our partnership strategy. By partnering with Wipro we can jointly offer an end-to-end solution that will help our customers to realize business opportunities in a simple, flexible and secure way.
    Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions
    Wipro's partnership with Tele2 is driven by growing demand and interest for M2M solutions across verticals from customers throughout Europe. Our relationship with Tele2 will enable both companies to provide customers with a compelling, end-to-end M2M service and business solution.
    Alan Atkins, Vice President and Global Head of M2M at Wipro
    ”The Jasper Wireless platform will provide our M2M/IoT customers with a highly flexible and powerful platform to manage connected devices. The platform is easy to use and will support Tele2 in delivering a simple and customer oriented M2M/IoT solution.”
    Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions
    ”Our M2M/IoT solutions will help our customers and partners to reduce costs, identify new revenue streams and contribute to a more sustainable society. Our partnership with Jasper Wireless puts Tele2 in the right position to challenge other players in the global M2M/IoT market.”
    Anders Olsson, Executive Vice President and CCO of Tele2 AB
    The potential of M2M is great and we believe that now is the time to make a dedicated move. The market is ready for a broad roll-out, as more and more companies see how they can connect IT and communication services with their business processes - with cost savings and new revenue streams as a result.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2 AB
    Even if we will have our M2M customer base in parts of the Tele2 footprint, the M2M business is global in its nature. Our customers’ activities are increasingly international in character – almost regardless of size. Hence, it is natural for us to offer them our services wherever they go.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2 AB
    “We have greatly appreciated Günther’s contributions to the company’s success during his years with Tele2. His extensive experience and understanding of the telecom industry has been of great value to the business and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors”.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2
    “We see a promising future future for Tele2 in this market, driven by the opportunities that our 4G investments will bring. However, there are also challenges and possibilities within our consumer fixed broadband that need to be swiftly and sharply addressed. Hence, it feels good that we have a strong management team in place in Tele2 Netherlands. We are confident that they will take the business to the next level.”
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO of Tele2
    “Our industry is undergoing a pivotal transition which is happening faster than expected and we have to adapt even more quickly to the new conditions that characterise our environment. Because the underlying trends - and our strategy - are unchanged, I keep seeing good opportunities ahead of us.”
    Mats Granryd, President & CEO
    Today’s results show good progress in our mobile business, maintaining momentum in gaining customers and growing revenues. Obviously, we are fighting the same headwinds as our peers around Europe – a tough regulatory environment and declining fixed voice and broadband business. Nevertheless, our main mobile operations performed very well with positive underlying services revenue development in Sweden: +4 percent, the Netherlands: + 81 percent, Norway: +13 percent and Kazakhstan: + 64 percent. This is in congruence with our guidance for the coming years ahead.
    Mats Granryd, President and CEO Tele2 AB
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