“Discovery Park of America is a gift to the people of this region and to anyone that values history, science, nature, and art. We are excited about next year’s opening and how it will influence education for people of all ages. Discovery Park of America is a treasure for our region and will be for generations to come.”
Jim Rippy, Discovery Park of America Board Chairman
We are extremely pleased to have DEI’s support this year. Ny-Trex Nitrous has an excellent line of products that dovetails well with our base of support. Our association takes endorsed product sponsorship very seriously – money alone does not qualify. Product sponsors must first undergo testing by competitors and members of our staff and be widely accepted in the market-at-large. Endorsed product sponsors must first meet our standards for quality and precision and adequately represent the high standards of the association.
Ron Knoch, NADM President
The timing for a sponsorship of NADM could not have been better suited. We are already known for our no-hassle lifetime warranty on our solenoid valves, but this year we are bringing a new focus to our diesel product line. Not to mention that we have many on staff who are diesel enthusiasts. While we have always offered products that work for gas or diesel – now we have introduced nitrous kits specially designed for diesel. We wish all the competitors this year the best and look forward to a very exciting season.
Ken Maynard, DEI Power Adders Product Manager
Both artists work magic with light and are from the north. It was very fitting to name the show Northern Light.
Shelley McBurney, Owner, Gallery One
The acquisition fits perfectly with Fras-le’s desire to expand its brand presence inside and outside of Brazil. The transaction will also allow the company to smoothly integrate its distribution network with Freios Controil's.
Daniel Raul Randon, Fras-le's CEO and head of investor relations
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