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    We have seen very high interest in INTELLilight™ in the European market, therefore we are excited to introduce this revolutionary lighting system for heavy equipment to the American market and launch it here at ConExpo-ConAgg 2023.
    Ken Turzinski, President, TYRI Americas
    I’ve been making music all my life, and rock music is especially close to my heart. The idea seemed obvious once it came to me. Of course, we should produce a rock song for all those heroes who operate heavy machinery. The tough, often dark environment, the noise, the light from the lamps – everything is absolutely perfect for rock. I wrote the song, “Let There Be Light”, and then began collaborating with countless TYRI employees – even our customers got involved. The result was incredible, even if I do say so myself. I’m so proud and happy that we did this and really hope that the song will be played with the volume turned right up in all machine cabs around the world.
    PeO Axelsson aka PAX., Marketing Manager at TYRI
    We have a quarry outside Ljungby in southern Sweden, and you probably couldn’t find a better location for this type of music video. Of course, we wanted to be involved in making industry history and contributing what we could, but I never would have imagined that it would turn out so well.
    Pierre Jakobsson of Caravan Mill
    This is definitely the coolest project I’ve ever worked on. We’ve demonstrated the strength of our vision and that we can accomplish anything that reinforces that. At the same time, we are creating a culture at the company where nothing is impossible. It’s great that we are able to show the entire industry that TYRI continues to have original ideas, whether it’s the next generation of lighting or paying tribute to our end users with a really great rock song.
    PeO Axelsson
    When we developed the INTELLilight and saw that we had something unique for the market, we wanted to take it one step further. The Internet of things is the kind of technology we wanted to put into our system and thus we then decided to design an app to help us be able to remotely control the lighting system. It was important from the beginning that the app was at a world class level and there for it was important that we saw very early on that we needed to have a secure and trustworthy cooperation with a partner to reach this goal.
    Christian Wadell, who is Globally responsible for research and development at TYRI
    This assignment was a challenge to solve all the technical requirements. It required us to really think outside of the box. Together with our experts in lighting and lighting systems at TYRI we became a strong team. This partnership was a test for us all and a challenge, but we succeeded.
    Martin Persson, Lead Strategist at The Techno Creatives
    We see that design is becoming increasingly important to our customers and it is important for us to have that confirmed with an award like this. Quality and performance have always been the highest priority for us, but now we know that design is also a decisive parameter when we launch new products.
    PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI
    We are experts in lighting and lighting systems. When we decided to bring the Internet of Things into INTELLilight and control the system via an app, we first thought we could do it ourselves. However, we realized quite early on that it is an extremely complex and difficult process to develop an app that does what we want, to be able to control all lighting and at the same time be very easy to use and understand. In our frustration we encountered The Techno Creatives and after conversations with them, we understood that it would be impossible for us to solve this ourselves. This resulted in a joint venture where we will together develop the world's most user-friendly solution for lighting systems. To make it a little challenging, we will also do it in record time so that our customers can enjoy the benefits that INTELLilight can offer as soon as possible.
    Christian Wadell, globally responsible for research and development at TYRI
    This assignment is really a challenge; the time aspect is tricky and solving the technical challenges requires us to we think far beyond the ordinary patterns. We are very targeted and work hard to fulfil the wishes that exist for the system and with TYRI's expertise in lighting and lighting systems for work machines, we become an extremely strong team. This collaboration is a challenge for all of us and that is when we have the chance to create something really good.
    Martin Persson, Lead Strategy at The Techno Creatives
    We are extremely proud of our performance over the last 6 years supporting John Deere Construction and Forestry and look forward to repeating this level of service through 2021 and onwards. We work hard to supply all our customers with the same high level of delivery and quality products, and it is an honour to be recognised by John Deere Construction and Forestry for our commitment to customer service.
    Michael Bradley, Managing Director, TYRI UK stated
    There is a clear framework that needs to be met when developing new lights, but then we also have our own expectations of what our lights will cope with. With the equipment we had before, we were able to measure how our lamps affected the environment. But now we can also see how the lamps react to external stress. This can be anything from a power line hanging overhead, when there is a mobile mast near or other equipment on the vehicle that generates disturbances.
    Håkan Dalsvik, Senior test engineer at TYRI
    Above all, it is not about the money we save by not having to rent to external testing laboratories, but about the speed of our development of new lamps, and when we tailor lamps to our customers. Finding an error late in the process and adjusting it and then lining up to get a new time to test is extremely time consuming and can affect our delivery reliability. Therefore, we are very pleased to now be able to be completely self-sufficient in testing our products and with that we have also increased our level of knowledge in the company.
    Håkan Dalsvik, Senior test engineer at TYRI
    This project was a prestigious assignment for TYRI. Massey Ferguson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors and we know that they place have very high demands on their suppliers. TYRI was given the chance to be involved from the start of the project, developing the lighting for a new tractor series, ensuring it added value and increased the overall user experience of the tractor. A very exciting assignment.
    Sibylle Naumann-Edgren, Area Sales Manager at TYRI
    BELAZ is known for manufacturing mine dump trucks used in the most difficult challenges and the toughest environments.  By choosing TYRI INTELLilight™, it is a very clear recognition that our new lighting system can withstand the toughest tests. BELAZ tested our products to ensure that they would meet the needs of the end customer's. Therefore, it is extra special that this has become our first big deal with TYRI INTELLilight™
    Anders Wärnman, sales manager at TYRI Sweden
    TYRI Light Academy is the first of its kind in our industry. We started this project because we found that the level of knowledge on what makes good lighting and how it can be used effectively is generally quite low, a fact that can lead to faulty decisions which can cost a business unnecessary damage to both revenue and brand image
    Annette Brown, Marketing Manager TYRI UK
    TYRI has over 40 years of experience in work lighting and we want to be the leading provider of knowledge in the industry. People who work with heavy vehicles are very concerned with safety and by sharing the expertise from our lighting experts we believe we can help improve work environments, safety and at the same time increase revenue. TYRI Light Academy will be updated regularly with additional services and knowledge, so make sure to follow us as we evolve this new platform
    Annette Brown, Marketing Manager TYRI UK
    TYRI INTELLilight™ improves the entire work environment for operators. You get personalised lighting that acts according to each unique situation.
    Christian Wadell, Head of Research & Development at TYRI Sweden.
    We as the TYRI team are thankful and humble at Toyota Material Handling’s confidence and trust in us to deliver a part of this amazing machine.
    PA Klint, TYRI Sales Director.
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