Viking Line has published year 2021 Sustainability Report

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It is often taken for granted that sustainability is about development and looking forward. Over the past year, we really have been challenged by circumstances we could not affect. Despite the global pandemic, it is a question of looking forward. Of thinking in terms of solutions. Of continuing to use resources in a smart way. Of leaving at least as much as we ourselves have inherited for future generations.

Our commitment stems from our origins in these archipelagos. We have our roots in the Åland Islands. Viking Line is Finland’s biggest maritime employer today, and our employees reside virtually all across Finland and Sweden.. The labour arrangements for seafarers, with long working periods followed by just as long periods of time off as a rule, enable them to live away from densely populated areas.

We want to continue to be a role model in environmental thinking and new climate-smart technology. A good example of this is our new vessel, Viking Glory, which has launched in service. We want to produce more from less. We want to leave less and less of a trace behind us. That is what sustainability means to us.

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For further information:

Dani Lindberg, Sustainability Manager, tfn +358 18 27000

Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Communications Director, tfn +358 18 270 00