Company update

The work on mitigating actions by the Huntington operator E.ON continues for both short-term and longer-term production performance. Updates on these efforts are expected over the next couple of weeks. Negative developments in the performance of Noreco’s producing fields have, however, further added to the challenge in meeting cash covenants, and it now appears unlikely that the Company will be able to comply with its cash covenants towards the end of 2014 and through 2015. Assessing all available alternativesIn addition to work related to data verification and operational measures, the Company continues, together with its financial and legal advisers, to assess the situation and the potential consequences for the Company and the stakeholders. As previously reported, a full review of available alternatives and what would be required to secure a sustainable financing solution is being conducted. These efforts include a potential strategic solution for which commercial discussions are currently ongoing. However, given the situation and also as there can be no assurance that such strategic solution will be successful, the Company expects to enter into more close discussions with shareholders, Nordic Trustee and bondholder representatives in the near term in order to seek the basis for an agreed capital restructuring, which all parties can support on an informed basis. The Company notes in this respect that such discussions are expected to be needed also under a strategic solution, should this prove viable. Nordic Trustee, the trustee for the Company's bond loans, and SR-Bank, the lenders’ representative in the Company’s exploration loan facility, continue to be kept informed of the situation. Cash positionAs of 30 September 2014, total free cash in the group amounted to NOK 736 million. Of this NOK 695 million was held by the parent company in unpledged accounts, NOK 22 million in accounts in subsidiaries guaranteeing the NOR10 bond and NOK 0 million in accounts in subsidiaries guaranteeing the NOR06 bond. The estimated liquidity position according to current prognosis is now below NOK 100 million at 31 December 2014 (assuming payment of instalments and interests). Further, the liquidity position is also expected to be below covenant level through 2015. Huntington production 2014As previously informed Huntington’s gas export has been restricted with effect from 1 October 2014 due to operational problems in the CATS system. This restriction is still expected to be in place until 18 October, thereafter a full stop of Huntington gas export through CATS is expected until 5 December 2014, resulting in no oil production for that period, unless mitigating measures are successfully implemented by the operator. Production from Huntington since the announcement has been 1,600 boepd net to Noreco. The operator continues its work on possible injection of gas into the reservoir in the restriction period. Further information on the feasibility of this is expected over the next couple of weeks. Huntington impairmentThe preliminary production estimates received from the operator have been subject to a thorough review by Noreco since 1 October 2014, but remain largely unchanged. The current production profile of Huntington, reflecting certain mitigating measures stipulated by Noreco, indicates approximately 50 % lower production in 2015 and 27 % lower in 2016 compared to the Company’s business plan as of October 2013. Noreco continues to work with the operator and the license partners to fully understand the new reservoir data, but absent positive reservoir developments or successful mitigating actions a write-down of goodwill and Huntington’s net book value in the magnitude of NOK 700 million post tax is still considered the most likely outcome. A renewed update from the operator on its work on mitigating actions is expected over the next couple of weeks. This work mainly focuses on options to optimise the water injector wells through intervention by ship or a drilling rig. The Huntington impairment will be subject to further quality assurance up until release of the Noreco’s Q3 financial report in November. Oselvar impairmentBased on estimates from field operator Dong Energy, the booked reserves for the Oselvar field are likely to be written down by 75 %. This is due to lower in-place volumes, a more complex reservoir, less connectivity and poorer reservoir quality. Noreco does not expect the Oselvar impairment to have a material impact on the Company’s liquidity through 2015. Information updatePlease find attached certain additional information and details in the presentation attached hereto. Noreco continues the efforts described herein with the highest priority, and will revert in due course with further updates and information as the situation progresses and clarifications are received.

Etrion to Present at Renewables & Mining Summit and Exhibition

October 15, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland – Etrion Corporation (“Etrion” or the “Company”) (TSX: ETX / OMX: ETX), a solar independent power producer, announces that the Company’s CEO, Marco A. Northland, will be presenting at the Renewables & Mining Summit and Exhibition in Toronto, Canada on Thursday, October 16, 2014, at 2:10pm Eastern Daylight Time. A copy of the presentation will be available on Etrion’s website at About Etrion Etrion Corporation is an independent power producer that builds, owns and operates utility-scale solar power generation plants. Etrion owns 17 solar power plants in Italy with approximately 60 MW of installed capacity. The Company also has a 70 MW solar project under construction in Chile and two projects totaling 34 MW under construction in Japan. Etrion is actively developing greenfield solar power projects in both Chile and Japan. The Company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange in Sweden under ticker symbol “ETX”. Etrion’s largest shareholder is the Lundin family, which owns approximately 24% of the Company’s shares directly and through various trusts. For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at or contact: Pamela Chouamier – Investor Relations Telephone: +41 (22) 715 20 90 Etrion discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act. The information was submitted for publication at 08:05 Central European Time (CET) on October 15, 2014.

Swedish myFC beta tests new innovative mobile chargers with 3 Sweden’s customers

An earlier survey has highlighted the huge interest in and need for a portable charger that doesn’t require an electrical outlet – especially among prolific and younger mobile and tablet users*. As many as 80% of all smartphone users see a need for this type of charger. And since very few people currently use any type of fuel cell charger at all, the market potential is immense. The Swedish innovation company myFC has developed a unique fuel cell charger that runs on water and salt, and it has been commercially available since 2013. The charger generates its own electricity and completely frees the user from needing electrical outlets.  In order to refine the technology and keep it in line with user requirements, myFC will be evaluating different types of fuel in the test, with the dual aim of making the charger even simpler to use and driving down the cost-per-charge. The test will be targeted at a selection of very active smartphone and tablet users in mobile operator 3 Sweden’s customer base who frequently use services such as roaming, where the need for charger solutions is judged to be greatest. “It feels great to give our customers the chance to try out a product as exciting and innovative as the one myFC has developed. There’s been a lot of interest in testing the charger, which just goes to show the appeal this product holds for our customers,” notes Kamran Alemdar, Head of Public Relations at 3 Sweden. “Our very first myFC PowerTrekk proved that our technology was commercially viable. The latest myFC PowerTrekk 2.0 confirms that we’re heading in the right direction. Now we’ve turned our attention to different types of fuel, our goal is to develop a mobile charger that targets the vast majority of mobile users and reduces the cost even further,” comments Björn Westerholm, CEO at myFC. * According to a survey conducted in July 2014 by market research company YouGov on behalf on myFC. For further information, please contact: Björn Westerholm, CEO: E-mail: bjorn.westerholm@myfc.seTelephone: +46 (0) 706 56 20 07Address: Saltmätargatan 8A, SE-113 59 Stockholm, Sweden Images are available at:

Financial Statement 13/14

Reporting period, June 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014 · Net sales amounted to MSEK 0.2 (0,1) · Loss before tax amounted to MSEK -3.3 (-4.3) · Liquid assets and short term investments amounted to MSEK 35.7 (65.5) as of August 31, 2014 Full year, September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014 · Net sales amounted to MSEK 0.4 (0.1) · Loss before tax amounted to MSEK -16.0 (-12.6) Significant events during the reporting period · Clinical study with Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine fully recruited · Diamyd Medical reinforces focus on business development · Study with Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine awarded EU-funding Significant events after the reporting period · Diamyd-licensed technology cures diabetes in pre-clinical model · New method to give Diamyd® will be tested in adults with type 1 diabetes · Diamyd Medical and Protein Sciences deepen commitment to develop new treatment for diabetes CEO commentsDiamyd Medical has made a flying start to the autumn and the company is a hive of activity. Among all these activities, we will manufacture fresh GAD protein at our long-term partner Protein Sciences Corporation. The GAD protein is the active substance in the diabetes vaccine Diamyd®, which is being developed for the treatment and prevention of autoimmune diabetes. Since a portion of the payment is being made in Diamyd shares, Protein Sciences will become a strategic and one of the largest shareholders in Diamyd Medical. Having a well-established manufacturing process for Diamyd® in place represents a substantial value and further deepening the relationship with Protein Sciences in this manner is very positive for ensuring long-term manufacturing. We are meeting increasing interest for conducting studies with the diabetes vaccine so it is strategically important that we keep the production process updated and, continuously, ensure that GAD protein and ready-for-use Diamyd® are available for clinical trials. Diamyd® is the Antigen-Based Therapy (ABT) that is at the forefront of development and can be used on children due to its favorable safety profile demonstrated in extensive earlier clinical trials. Together with researchers, we strongly believe in attacking the disease process for type 1 diabetes from several angles simultaneously by combining Diamyd® with other drugs and we are preparing such combination trials together with half a dozen different groups. The preparations for several of these have progressed as far as discussions with the regulatory authorities. A new investigator-initiated trial with Diamyd® recently received approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency and is being launched. In analogy to the development in allergy therapy, where the administration of allergen into lymph nodes significantly improved the efficacy, in this study, a low dose of Diamyd® will be administered directly into lymph nodes in combination with vitamin D treatment. Initially, this exciting concept will be tested on a small group of adult patients recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The entire study will be conducted at Linköping University under Professor Johnny Ludvigsson. Another investigator-initiated combination trial where discussions are ongoing with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pertains to the combination of Diamyd® and gamma amino butyric acid (GABA). Last year, Diamyd Medical secured a license from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the exclusive intellectual rights for GABA for the treatment of diabetes, among other conditions. The idea of combining GABA with Antigen-Based Therapy (ABT) for type 1 diabetes gained further support from a scientific paper at the beginning of September. In the paper, scientists at UCLA confirmed previous findings, that combination therapy with GABA and ABT acts synergistically when treating non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice, a model for type 1 diabetes. The new paper concludes that the use of GABA in combination with ABT also has potential for type 1 diabetes intervention in humans. In parallel with the planning of new trials, one of the world’s first combination trials is ongoing in Sweden – DIABGAD-1. Slightly more than 60 children and adolescents with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes are participating in the trial and testing Diamyd® in a unique combination with vitamin D and ibuprofen. The trial received a nice contribution corresponding to about SEK 1.1 million in EU funding at the end of August. The expectation is to be able to present the results from the first six months of the trial at the start of 2015 with a focus on immunological markers. Later in 2015, the 15-month results should also be available from the trial and these will be able to say more about the effects of the treatment on the patients’ ability to produce their own insulin. Having widened the Company’s focus areas during the fiscal year through investments in the Swedish company Cellaviva, which is establishing a bank for umbilical cord blood and stem cell research, and the US medical technology company Companion Medical, we are now looking to leverage the increasing interest in Diamyd® and investing energy in identifying collaboration partners. Stockholm, October 15, 2014 Peter ZerhouniPresident and CEO Diamyd Medical AB (publ) Significant events during the reporting period June 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014 Clinical study with Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine fully recruitedAll participants have been included in a Phase II clinical study, DIABGAD-1, in which Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine Diamyd®, in a unique combination with other drugs, is tested in children and adolescents recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The first results from the researcher-initiated study will thereby be available in the beginning of 2015. Diamyd Medical reinforces focus on business developmentDiamyd Medical’s lead candidate therapeutic Diamyd® for treatment and prevention of type 1 diabetes experiences an increased interest. Consensus is that the disease must be attacked by inducing tolerance to beta cell auto-antigens at a time when the inflammatory components of the immune system are kept at bay. Diamyd® is the furthest developed beta cell specific auto-antigen (GAD65 formulated in alum) available and the Company is currently in discussion with half a dozen parties about new combination studies. Diamyd Medical is therefore preparing to meet this increased interest by reinforcing its focus on business development. To make available further management resources for this, the Board has asked the Company Chairman, Anders Essen-Möller, to assume responsibility for Diamyd Medical’s external communication, with the aim of meeting the interest from potential partners and other stakeholders. Study with Diamyd Medical’s diabetes vaccine awarded EU-fundingThe ongoing combination study DIABGAD-1 has been awarded EUR 120 000, corresponding to about SEK 1.1 million, in EU-funding. The grant comes from an FP7 project where Linköping University and Diamyd Medical are included. The DIABGAD study aims to evaluate whether vitamin D and ibuprofen act synergistically with the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® in order to preserve the insulin producing capacity in children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The first results from the study are expected to be presented in the beginning of 2015. Significant events after the reporting period Diamyd-licensed technology cures diabetes in pre-clinical modelResearchers at UCLA have confirmed earlier findings that combinations of GABA and Antigen Based Therapy (ABT) works synergistically as a treatment in the NOD mouse model of type 1 diabetes. Diamyd Medical is the exclusive licensee for the commercialization of UCLA’s GABA technology for metabolic diseases including in diabetes. New method to give Diamyd® will be tested in adults with type 1 diabetesA new way to give Diamyd® will be tested in a clinical study with five adults newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The investigator initiated study has been approved by the Swedish MPA. In analogy to the development in allergy therapy, where the administration of allergen into lymph nodes has significantly improved the efficacy, Diamyd® will in this study be administered directly into lymph nodes in combination with treatment with vitamin D. Diamyd Medical and Protein Sciences deepen commitment to develop new treatment for diabetesProtein Sciences has broadened its commitment to diabetes and become a strategic and significant shareholder in Diamyd Medical, its long-time partner in this domain. Protein Sciences will manufacture product for upcoming late stage clinical trials for type 1 diabetes involving Diamyd Medical’s recombinant GAD (glutamic acid decarboxylase) protein made using Protein Sciences’ proprietary Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) technology. The diabetes vaccine Diamyd® (GAD formulated with alum) has been evaluated as a monotherapy for type 1 diabetes in a Phase III study and data suggests that Diamyd® may be a critical component of combination therapies that pairs the tolerance-inducing GAD antigen with anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment and prevention of type 1 diabetes. This is being evaluated in ongoing and upcoming Phase II studies. *** To read the complete report, please see attached pdf, or visit ***

Alfa Laval AB’s Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2015

Jörn Rausing - Tetra LavalClaes Dahlbäck – Foundation Asset ManagementJan Andersson – Swedbank Robur FonderRamsay Brufer - AlectaLars-Åke Bokenberger – AMF-Pension. The Annual General Meeting will be held at Sparbanken Skåne Arena (previously named Färs & Frosta Sparbank Arena), Klostergårdens idrottsområde, Stattenavägen, Lund, Sweden on April 23th, 2015, at 16.00 (CET). Shareholders who wish to submit proposals for the Nomination Committee in preparation of the Annual General Meeting can turn to the Chairman of the Board of Alfa Laval AB, Anders Narvinger, or to the other shareholder representatives. Contact can also be made directly via E-mail to: Alfa Laval AB (publ) Lund, Sweden, October 15, 2014 About Alfa Laval                     Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol. Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications. Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena. Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2013, posted annual sales of about SEK 29.8 billion (approx. 3.5 billion Euros). The company has today, after the acquisition of Frank Mohn AS about 17 500 employees.                                 For more information please contact: Peter TorstenssonSenior Vice President, Communications, Alfa LavalTel: + 46 46 36 72 31Mobile: +46 709 33 72 31 Gabriella GrotteInvestor Relations Manager, Alfa LavalTel: +46 46 36 74 82Mobile: +46 709 78 74 82

BYD Unveils World’s Largest Battery Electric Vehicle

HOUSTON--BYD Motors kicked off the 2014 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo in Houston this week with a new product-unveiling ceremony and over 300 in attendance. The ceremony began with an invitation to attendees to “throw off the shackles of a single-fueled system – an electric platform is ‘adaptable’ – it becomes cleaner as you do, through the use of renewable wind, water and solar renewable power generation,” stated Vice President Micheal Austin as he challenged the status-quo of those promoting fossil fuels as a clean alternative. “The consequences of our choices today will leave a legacy that our children will live with, both environmentally and economically, for decades into the future.” With the showmanship one only expects at an international auto show, BYD opened the ceremony with an impressive display of lights, music, curtain-drops and a crowd of hundreds to witness America's first electric articulated bus, fittingly named “The Lancaster” after the city in California where it was designed and manufactured. Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist proclaimed, "BYD Motors is an American manufacturing company residing in an industrial zone in the city of Lancaster – they have now hired over 60 Americans to build clean-tech Electric Buses and Energy Modules out of Lancaster, California." The Lancaster eBus, a break-through, 60-foot, articulated battery-electric bus, can drive 170+ miles with a passenger load of up to 120 passengers, was in development for almost two years, and is an example of how committed BYD is to the American Rapid Transit markets. "BYD's mission is to create safer and more environmentally-friendly battery technologies. This has resulted in the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery, a fire-safe, completely recyclable, and incredibly long-cycle technology -- the foundation of BYD's Electric buses. These buses run entirely off battery power lasting up to 24 hours on a single charge, with single off-peak charging time of 2-4 hours," said BYD Motors Fleet Sales Vice President, Brendan Riley. “No additional generation capacity is needed to be built to charge our buses at night since the grid is only 40% utilized.” Also on display at the BYD Exhibit was a 40-foot, Battery-electric Transit bus from Antelope Valley Transit Authority. AVTA Board Chairman Norm Hickling boasted that the 40-foot bus on the Expo show floor was the only bus, “that drove over 1500 zero-emission miles from Los Angeles all the way to Houston for the Expo under its own power.” AVTA tested BYD buses in the hottest part of the Lancaster summer in August with full air-conditioning running and with 5250 pounds of sand bags to simulate a full passenger load. He further stated, “We drove nearly 100 miles more than BYD advertises -- up to 250 miles per bus charge and we covered almost 750 miles in 24 hours! We are very impressed with BYD technology and quality.” The most interesting news about this 1500 mile journey to Texas is that it was completed for “$200 in electricity--the lowest cost trip to the show of all buses.” "BYD is leading the Renaissance in Transit – a rebirth of electrified transportation…but this time without miles of electrified rails, ugly over-head wires or charging stations," said BYD Vice President Micheal Austin. "If you look around the show floor, there are electric buses now at every relevant transit vendor! This is a complete reversal from the Expo three years ago when we were the only 40-foot, long-range, battery-electric bus on the show floor -- we are proud to say that we were one of the first and we are raising the bar again today!" The APTA Expo continues through Wednesday, October 15th at the George R. Brown convention center in Houston, TX. Stop by Expo booth 5437 to see the BYD buses yourself. ENDS About BYD BYD Motors Inc is an American manufacturing company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd, the largest domestic auto-manufacturer and electric-bus manufacturer in the world. BYD is a publicly traded company, with the Hong Kong listed stock 60% of which is owned by U.S. investors, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway as the largest single shareholder at 9.9%. BYD Motors established its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles in October 2011 and has now hired over 60 Americans to support BYD Electric Bus and Energy Module factories in Lancaster, California which will be delivering their first electric buses next month. There are also over 25 American research and development and sales support personnel at the Los Angeles headquarters. As the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, BYD's mission is to create safer and more environmentally-friendly battery technologies. This has resulted in the BYD Iron Phosphate Battery, a fire-safe, completely recyclable, and incredibly long-cycle technology -- the foundation of BYD's clean energy platforms. The technology BYD has brought to the U.S. has been touted as break-through with the following distinctions: BYD Electric buses run up to 24 hours on a single charge, with single off-peak charging time of 2-4 hours. · Buses run entirely off of batteries, with NO transmissions, clutches, or an internal-combustion engine. · 40-foot buses can hold up to 60 passengers, 60-foot articulated buses carry up to 120 passengers, and are designed with low floors without any steps, made possible with in-wheel hub motors, making it elderly and disability friendly. · Battery chemistry is environmentally friendly, making it disposable and pollution-free with zero-emissions. · Due to its track record for superior technology, BYD has won the most contracts for battery-electric buses in the World and the United States. · BYD has globally produced more battery-electric buses than any other manufacturer with over 1,300 buses worldwide. · BYD's battery electric bus has been tested for more North American miles at more Transit Authorities than any other electric bus. · A single BYD Electric Buses has the ability to save 2.77 trees per day, literally a forest each month on U.S. roads in Carbon Dioxide offsets. Contacts in China: Sherry Li tel: +86-755-8988-8888-69666 In US: Micheal Austin, BYD tel: 1(800) BYD-AUTO In Europe: Penny Peng, BYD tel: +31-102070888

Elekta recognized by CDP for environmental commitment

The index presents 187 listed companies identified as demonstrating a superior approach to climate change mitigation. It has been produced at the request of 767 investors who represent more than a third of the world’s invested capital by CDP (, the international NGO that drives sustainable economies. Niklas Savander, Elekta’s President and CEO, says: “We are delighted to be a leader in driving sustainable economies. This is one of many ways that Elekta demonstrates we care for life.” Paul Simpson, chief executive officer of CDP, comments: “Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and we face steep financial risk if we do not mitigate them. The business case for action to mitigate climate change has never been stronger or more urgent. For this reason we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index. These companies are responding to market demand for environmental accountability and at the same time are making progress towards the realization of sustainable economies.” Elekta was also recently added to the FTSE4Good Index Series ( This is a set of indices defined by the FTSE that measures the performance of companies demonstrating strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. # # # For further information, please contact:Gert van Santen, Group Vice President Corporate Communications, Elekta ABTel: +31 653 561 242, e-mail: gert.vansanten@elekta.comTime zone: CET: Central European TimeJohan Andersson, Director, Investor Relations, Elekta ABTel: +46 702 100 451, e-mail: johan.andersson@elekta.comTime zone: CET: Central European TimeThe above information is such that Elekta AB (publ) shall make public in accordance with the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was published at 11:00 CET on October 15, 2014.About ElektaElekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company develops sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, as well as workflow enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care. Stretching the boundaries of science and technology, providing intelligent and resource-efficient solutions that offer confidence to both health care providers and patients, Elekta aims to improve, prolong and even save patient lives.Today, Elekta solutions in oncology and neurosurgery are used in over 6,000 hospitals worldwide. Elekta employs around 3,800 employees globally. The corporate headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Website: About CDPCDP is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP works with market forces, including 767 institutional investors with assets of US$92 trillion, to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them. CDP now holds the largest collection globally of primary climate-change, water and forest risk commodities information and puts these insights at the heart of strategic business, investment and policy decisions. Please visit or follow us @CDP ( to find out more.

Finnair named to environmental ‘A List’ for action on climate change

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has awarded Finnair a position on The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014, for actions to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the business risks of climate change. The index presents 187 listed companies identified as demonstrating a superior approach to climate change mitigation. The A List is compiled by CDP, an NGO that provides the only global environmental reporting system at the request of 767 investors who represent some US$92 trillion in assets, or more than a third of the world’s invested capital. Information provided by nearly 2,000 listed companies has been independently assessed against CDP’s widely-respected scoring methodology and ranked accordingly. Finnair is the only airline awarded an A grade for its climate performance, earning a position on this global ranking of corporate efforts to mitigate climate change. “Aviation is an extremely energy- and capital-intensive sector, and our advanced capacity to measure and disclose information relating to this intensity allows us and our shareholders not only to understand Finnair’s climate impact but take steps to actively mitigate it while also controlling costs,” says Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo. “This recognition from CDP shows that we are determined to proactively meet a commercial and regulatory landscape that is rapidly being transformed by climate change.” “Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and we face steep financial risk if we do not mitigate them,” says CDP CEO Paul Simpson. “The business case for action to mitigate climate change has never been stronger or more urgent. For this reason we congratulate those businesses that have achieved a position on The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index. These companies are responding to market demand for environmental accountability and at the same time are making progress towards the realization of sustainable economies.” Finnair is on track to reduce per-seat CO2 emissions by 24 percent between 2009 and 2017. The airline’s actions to reach this target and improve its environmental performance include: · Flying with a modern, fuel-efficient fleet. In 2013 Finnair was the global launch customer of Airbus A321 with fuel-saving Sharklets and next year will be the European launch customer of the next-generation A350XWB, which will be approximately 25 per cent more fuel-efficient (and less carbon intensive) than the previous generation of aircraft. · Strict “weight watching” of aircraft, including flying with ultra-light ULDs (unit load devices, or cargo containers) that save more than 2.5 million kg of CO2 emissions every year. · Continuous Descent Landings and other operational measures to limit fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. · Exploring the development (with partners in the value chain) of a biofuel hub at Helsinki Airport · In 2013, consolidating its offices and moving to a new LEED Platinum-certified head office near Helsinki Airport. CDP performance scores provide a tool for institutional investors and stakeholders to evaluate and track corporate efforts to mitigate climate change. Scores are communicated to investors and other decision makers through various channels, including Bloomberg terminals, to help them assess corporate preparedness for changing market demands and emissions regulation. The A List: CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014, along with the climate disclosures of all companies publicly taking part in CDP’s climate change program this year, is available on CDP’s website. About CDP CDP is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP works with market forces, including 767 institutional investors with assets of US$92 trillion, to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them. CDP now holds the largest collection globally of primary climate-change, water and forest risk commodities information and puts these insights at the heart of strategic business, investment and policy decisions. Please visit or follow us @CDP to find out more.

Angry Birds Transformers Rolls Out Worldwide

ESPOO, Finland – October 15th, 2014 – Angry Birds Transformers is here! Starting today the Angry Birds Transformers mobile game will be available in Apple App Store, to be followed by the Android version on Google Play on October 30th and on Amazon on November 4th. Also available is the Angry Birds Transformers TELEPODS product line from Hasbro, which allows players to teleport figures straight into the game and gain unique powers. Rovio Entertainment is excited to announce the global release of this new fun mash-up that combines the quirky Angry Birds world with the iconic Transformers franchise. With an edgy 80’s vibe, Angry Birds Transformers brings a humorous twist to the beloved Transformers characters. Angry Birds are disguised as robots in disguise when Eggspark plunges to Piggy Island changing the pigs and the eggs in its wake. The Autobirds and the Deceptihogs will have to join forces to prevent the rioting EggBots from wreaking havoc! “With Angry Birds Transformers we created a totally new action packed gameplay experience, where the player gets to jump into action either on their feet or on wheels”, said Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Games, Rovio Entertainment. “This is of course just the beginning and there’s more to come! As with all of Rovio’s games, there will be exciting updates with new content and features coming in the future.” “We had a lot of fun working with Rovio to develop the Angry Birds Transformers characters, ensuring they captured the comedic side of the Angry Birds personalities while staying true to the heroic Transformers characters,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, Vice President Global Gaming, Hasbro. “We think fans worldwide will really enjoy this fun, new Transformers universe, mashed up with the Angry Birds world – it truly is ‘more than meets the eye’.” Rovio Entertainment continues to work with the most innovative partners to delight fans across the world. Developed in collaboration with Hasbro, the Angry Birds Transformers TELEPODS ( gaming platform will allow fans to teleport their favorite characters directly into the game, bridging the digital and the physical play experience - and yes, the toys do change form! Web: Twitter: #AngryBirdsTransformers TELEPODS and Retoy are trademarks of Retoy, LLC, used under license.

New Vocational Sixth Form Course in Milton Keynes

Arts1 School of Performance is proud to announce as of 2015 it will be offering a full time vocational course in Musical Theatre to 25 students per year.  The fully funded course includes professional training in dance, drama and singing and successful students will receive a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma which is equivalent to three A levels.The new Musical Theatre course will be taught from The Box Studios in Linford Wood Milton Keynes, a specialist performing arts facility. The brand new building is equipped with two music rooms, two large dance studios furnished with sprung floors, air conditioning and mirrors, a versatile performance space and a growing library of performing arts books and industry publications. Previous graduates of Arts1 School of Performance at The Box have gone on to study at drama conservatoires such as Mountview Academy, London Studio Centre and the Arts Educational School.  Hopes are high for this full time intensive training course, which will offer local talented youngsters an even better chance of securing a place at these competitive drama schools and HE institutions. James Grimsey, Creative Director and Musical Theatre Course Leader says, “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this BTEC to our current students and other aspiring performers in the area.  Myself and Rebecca Carrington, the Principal of Arts1 identified a growing need for full time industry training for school leavers in the Milton Keynes region, and what better place to hold the course than our brand new venue at The Box? Its specialised performing arts facilities are the perfect training ground for local talent, and our teachers boast first-hand industry experience and expert coaching in each discipline.” The Musical Theatre vocational course offered by The Box Studios includes 20 hours plus per week of contact time, and includes a multitude of full scale performance opportunities.  Students will be trained by subject specialists, many of whom still perform themselves and stay on top of industry developments, such as the cutting edge Estill vocal training programme.  The course also includes an intensive audition preparation week, where industry figures and casting directors will prime students for their dance and drama school auditions in year two. In addition to the outstanding professional performing arts training and industry prep, Arts1 School of Performance is recognised by the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET).  This means students can 100% trust the high quality of training offered and the course will effectively prepare them for a career as a performer. James added, “There are other schools and colleges in the area who offer a similar qualification, but our course is set to be recognised locally and nationally as a centre of excellence for post-16 training. Our vocational sixth form is the only industry facing course in the region and the unique course design and quality of staff and coaching is what will define it. Our team have unrivalled experience in equipping students with the skills they need to progress to the UK’s leading performing arts institutions. Student progression is key to us, as is the ability to sustain a career in the Performing Arts industry.” The Box Studios will be holding an open day for anyone interested in the Musical Theatre BTEC course on 8thNovember.  Click here for more information and to book a place. To find out more about Arts1 School of Performance at The Box Studios visit the website at: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

Castellum’s interim report January-September 2014: Castellum deliver growth of 10%

· Rental income for the period January-September 2014 amounted to SEKm 2,496 (SEKm 2,431 corresponding period previous year). · Income from property management amounted to SEKm 1,112 (1,015), corresponding to SEK 6.78 (6.19) per share, an increase with 10%. · The changes in value on properties amounted to SEKm 354 (301) and on derivatives to SEKm -498 (440). · Net income after tax for the period amounted to SEKm 773 (1,405), corresponding to SEK 4.71 (8.57) per share. · Net investments amounted to SEKm 1,612 (874) of which SEKm 998 (1,145) were new constructions, extensions and reconstructions, SEKm 854 (185) acquisitions and SEKm 240 (456) sales. · After the reporting period Castellum has, through the wholly owned subsidiary Fastighets AB Briggen, sold the Hansa shopping mall in central Malmö for SEKm 609. Gross leasing (i.e. the annual value of total leasing) during the period was SEKm 241 (265), of which SEKm 49 (74) were leasing of new constructions, extensions and reconstructions. Notices of termination amounted to SEKm 166 (184), of which bankruptcies were SEKm 12 (19) and SEKm 2 (9) were notices of termination with more than 18 months remaining length of contract. Net lease for the period was hence SEKm 75 (81) and for the third quarter isolated SEKm 2 (19). “During the third quarter, Castellum continues to deliver in line with our ambitious growth objectives. I’d like to note that Castellum operates on three strong markets – the rental, real estate and financial markets – and this enables us to continue to deliver steady growth at low risk. There are many reasons for our strong growth in income from property management. One important driver – which we always will focus on – has been Castellum’s efficient and customer-oriented management,” says CEO Henrik Saxborn in a comment. Enclosure: Interim Report January-September 2014 Castellum AB (publ) discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. For further information, please contact Henrik Saxborn, CEO, phone +46 31-60 74 50 Ulrika Danielsson, CFO, mobile +46 706-47 12 61 Castellum is one of the major listed real estate companies in Sweden. The fair value of the real estate portfolio amounts to approx. SEK 40 billion, and comprises premises for office, retail, warehouse and industrial purposes with a total lettable area of approx 3.7 million sq.m. The real estate portfolio is owned and managed by six wholly owned subsidiaries with strong local roots in five growth regions: Greater Gothenburg, the Öresund Region, Greater Stockholm, Mälardalen and Eastern Götaland. Castellum is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap. Castellum AB (publ), Box 2269, SE-403 14 Göteborg | Org nr/Corp Id no SE 556075-5550 | Phone +46 31 60 74 00 Fax +46 31 13 17 55

SKF Nine-month report 2014

Tom Johnstone, President and CEO:”Demand was slightly lower than expected during the quarter, particularly in Europe and within our automotive business. As a result manufacturing was adjusted lower than planned at the start of the quarter impacting our results but ensuring we also reduced inventory in fixed currency. Cash flow, at over SEK 1.4 billion, was strong and we continue to focus on reducing net working capital. This work will intensify during the fourth quarter and into the coming years as we take specific steps to address the different areas within net working capital.   We continued to take a number of important orders, launched a number of new products and also announced the establishment of a new Global Technical Centre in North America. When up and running at the end of next year it will complete our planned network of two Global Technical Centres in each major region of the world.   It is almost one year since we acquired Kaydon and their growth and profit development has been very positive since the acquisition. The integration is running fully in line with our plans in terms of sales and cost synergies.   Looking forward we continue to operate in an uncertain business environment which may even have worsened slightly in Europe in the last months. As such we expect demand for our products in the fourth quarter to be relatively unchanged both sequentially and year on year and will run manufacturing a little lower than sales to further reduce inventories.   I have earlier advised that I will step down as President and CEO at the end of this year and the Boardhas chosen Alrik Danielson as my successor from 1 January whom I warmly welcome back to SKF.” Key figures Q3 2014 Q3 2013 YTD 2014 YTD 2013Net sales, SEKm 17,787 15,623 52,476 47,167Operating profit, SEKm 2,073 1,923 6,193 5,240Operating margin, % 11.7 12.3 11.8 11.1Operating margin excl. one-time items, % 11.8 12.9 11.8 12.2Profit before taxes, SEKm 1,827 1,717 5,375 4,581Net profit, SEKm 1,407 1,165 3,869 3,087Basic earnings per share, SEK 3.01 2.47 8.27 6.57 Net sales change y-o-y, Volume Price/ Structure Currency Totalin SEK,attributable to: mix effectQ3 2014 1.9% 1.3% 5.4% 5.3% 13.9%Year to date 2014 3.8% 0.7% 4.7% 2.1% 11.3% Sales in Q3 in local currency and excluding structure was relatively unchanged in Europe and Latin America, increased by 3% in North America, 8% in Asia and 7% in Middle East and Africa.Manufacturing in the third quarter was relatively unchanged compared to last year.Sales in the first nine months in local currency and excluding structure increased by 2% in Europe, 3% in North America, 1% in Latin America, 11% in Asia and 14% in Middle East and Africa.Manufacturing in the first nine months was slightly higher compared to last year. Outlook for the fourth quarter of 2014Demand compared to the fourth quarter 2013The demand for SKF’s products and services are expected to be relatively unchanged for the Group and for Europe, slightly higher for Asia and North America and slightly lower for Latin America. It is expected to be slightly higher for Strategic Industries, relatively unchanged for Regional Sales and Service and slightly lower for Automotive. Demand compared to the third quarter 2014The demand for SKF’s products and services are expected to be relatively unchanged for the Group and for Europe, slightly higher for Asia and North America and slightly lower for Latin America. It is expected to be relatively unchanged for Strategic Industries, slightly higher for Regional Sales and Service and slightly lower for Automotive. ManufacturingManufacturing is expected to be slightly lower year over year and compared to the third quarter. Gothenburg, 15 October 2014 Aktiebolaget SKF       (publ) A teleconference will be held on 15 October at 14.00 (CEST), 13.00 (UK), 08.00 (US):SE: +46 8 5065 3936UK: +44 203 427 1912US: +1 646 254 3364 You will find all information regarding SKF Nine-month results 2014 on the IR AB SKF is required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at around 13.00 on 15 October 2014.

NCC to construct tunnel in Telemark, Norway

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Norwegian Road Administration. NCC’s leading-edge technical expertise makes us competitive when it comes to major infrastructure projects, which is a factor that will benefit those who live and work in Telemark,”, says Håkon Tjomsland, Business Area Manager for NCC Construction Norway. The new tunnel will be 9.4 kilometers long. The contract also includes construction of 1.1 kilometers of roads on either side of the mountain, 5 kilometers of local roads and two crossings. The order also encompasses several smaller bridges and portals, as well as other structures along the section to be built. The tunnel will facilitate traffic in two directions. Since traffic will be routed through the tunnel from Gvammen to Århus, the length of the E134 highway will be shortened by approximately 11 kilometers. Accessibility and road safety will also be improved along the new section of highway. NCC has excellent experience of advanced tunnel and infrastructure projects in Norway. NCC’s proprietary “Green Construction” concept will be applied on the sites used for the current project. This entails more stringent requirements than those imposed by public authorities in respect of, for example, energy consumption and waste management. “We will contribute to a sustainable construction and civil engineering industry by pursuing comprehensive environmental activities in the project,” says Sigrid Strand-Hansen, Environmental Manager for NCC Construction Norway. Work on the project will commence in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2019. The order will be registered during the fourth quarter of 2014 in the NCC Construction Norway business area.

Electrolux Announces Design Lab 2014 Finalists

Six talented design students from around the world will impress the jury with their innovations; a cleaning towel hanger by Leobardo Armenta from Mexico, an air purifier resembling a lotus flower by Fulden Dehneli from Turkey, a cone shaped flying air cleaner by Michał Pośpiech from Poland, smart kitchenware recreating tastes by Sorina Răsteanu from Romania, a nature inspired virtual grocery shopping experience by Pan Wang from China / UK and a fashion appliance turning plastic bottles into clothes by Kovács Apor from Hungary. See the finalist concepts come to life in videos at and ( Lars Erikson, head of Electrolux Design and the Design Lab jury says: "For this year's global design competition, we asked students to submit concepts based on our theme 'Creating Healthy Homes'. In the end, we selected six finalists out of 1,700 entries. The finalists' concepts are truly innovative and offer new ideas on how we might be living our lives in the future, whether it's eating healthier or being more sustainable." Jury and awards for 2014 Lars Erikson will be joined by two other jury members to choose the winner of Electrolux Design Lab 2014; creative advisor at H&M Margareta van den Bosch and Chief Executive at SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, Robin Edman. First prize will be awarded to the student that the judging panel highlights as having created a ground-breaking design solution of the future. This student will receive 5,000 Euros and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre; second prize is 3,000 Euros; and third prize is 2,000 Euros. The student whose concept receives the most public votes online will be named the winner of the People’s Choice Award and will receive a prize of 1,000 Euros. This vote has now ended and the winner will be announced at the final event in Electric, Paris, France. Read more about the Design Lab 2014 finalists and see the videos at You can also see the finalist videos at the Electrolux YouTube channel: ( Hi-res images of the finalist concepts can be found at Flickr: ( Electrolux Design Lab 2014 Top 6 finalists Air Purification concepts: 1. UrbanCone ( by Michał Pośpiech from Poland 2. Lotus ( by Fulden Dehneli from Turkey Culinary Enjoyment  concepts: 1. Set To Mimic ( by Sorina Răsteanu from Romania 2. FUTURE HUNTER-GATHERER ( by Pan Wang from China / UK Fabric Care  concepts: 1. PETE ( by Kovács Apor from Hungary 2. Pure Towel ( by Leobardo Armenta from Mexico

ThyssenKrupp HR Leaders Share Tips on Managing Careers in Manufacturing and Engineering

ThyssenKrupp North America, Inc., a global technologies and materials group which includes more than 40 companies operating in the United States, Canada and Mexico, knows first-hand: in the next decade, there will be more job openings in manufacturing than qualified people to fill them. ThyssenKrupp companies offer a range of products including high performance alloys, automotive components, elevators, escalators, plant construction, industrial services and material trading, handling and logistics. In fiscal year 2013/2014, ThyssenKrupp employed more than 20,000 people across North America. “Our businesses need people who have a passion for excellence and commitment to their colleagues and customers,” said Anke Felder, head of human resources for ThyssenKrupp North America, Inc. “With these foundational attributes, we can help support them as they take on different challenges throughout their careers.” The following are some tips and examples of the training and learning development programs offered by some of ThyssenKrupp’s businesses: High School Students: “It’s never too early to begin preparing for a career in manufacturing.”Donnie Robinson, Training Manager, ThyssenKrupp Presta Danville, LLC In Danville, Ill., ThyssenKrupp Presta Danville’s Camshaft Division and its sister company, ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft Co. are part of ThyssenKrupp’s Components Technology business and serve the heavy and light vehicle industry and provide ready-to-install engine components. Along with Danville Area Community College and a vocational development organization, Vermillion Advantage, the two ThyssenKrupp companies have worked together to create the Youth Apprenticeship Program for high school juniors and seniors. Under the Youth Apprenticeship Program, students split their school days between high school and community college where they work towards a National Institute for Metalworking Skills Certification. College Internships: “Take advantage of college internship opportunities. Internships allow students to apply their academic study in a real life work setting.”Heather Clark, Senior Professional Human Resource Employee Development Manager, ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. ThyssenKrupp’s Material Services business comprises a group of companies that provide production materials and integrated service solutions. This business group offers three- and six-month paid college internships in a variety of disciplines in one of several Material Services divisions throughout the United States. During the internship, students have an opportunity to attend “Leader’s Lunch” with ThyssenKrupp managers, participate in plant tours and, in some cases, receive college credit. These intern programs help students build a strong foundation for a successful transition from college to professional career. Recent College Graduates: “Companies want to invest in new people entering the industry. We win because we learn from fresh perspectives.”Heather Clark, Senior Professional Human Resource Employee Development Manager, ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, Inc. ThyssenKrupp’s Material Services business also offers recent graduates development opportunities. High potential college graduates with a passion for sales can apply to the Sales Talent Development Program. This program rotates participants through several functional rotations in various businesses in the United States. Participants learn business processes from experienced professionals in sales, marketing, operations, purchasing, international sales and shared services. In addition, program participants receive professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities. The Sales Talent Development Program prepares individuals to take on sales roles with increasing levels of challenge and responsibility in sales roles at the company. Military Support: “Manufacturing careers are a natural transition for veterans. In particular, key functions such as supply chain and third party logistics are very similar to the military’s structure.”Scott Haas, Talent Acquisition Manager, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace Over the last three years, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace in North America has donated approximately $30,000 to Hire America’s Heroes, a not-for-profit that connects America’s corporations with the rich skills and abilities of military service members in corporate America. In 2013, 12 percent of ThyssenKrupp Aerospace’s workforce and 15 percent of its new hires were military veterans. Industry Training: “Education does not end when you begin a career in manufacturing. Matter of fact, with the rapidly changing pace of manufacturing innovation, it’s even more important people keep current on industry trends and standards.”Deneshia Larson, Manager SEED Campus Americas, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas, the largest producer of elevators in the Americas, offers architects and property owners continuing education courses approved by the Green Building Certification Institute and American Institute of Architects. This course reviews how elevators can contribute to a projects’ sustainability. In addition, ThyssenKrupp employees have the opportunity to receive training to become accredited LEED Green Associates. More than 200 ThyssenKrupp employees have become LEED Green associates after attending the course. ThyssenKrupp Learning Hub: “Learning and development should be a life-long objective. Regardless of where you are in your career, take advantage of opportunities to gain new skills to stay marketable in an evolving global economy.”Michael Simpson, Director, Learning and Development, ThyssenKrupp North America, Inc. In 2014, ThyssenKrupp launched a series of training programs in general leadership and general skills topics. The courses, held in locations close to where employees work, are especially designed for ThyssenKrupp non-executive employees and managers. In 2015, ThyssenKrupp will double the number of Learning Hub courses and cover communications skills, change management and talent development at sites across the United States and Mexico. Felder noted: “ThyssenKrupp is committed to investing in our people and our communities. Whether you are a student, just beginning your career or have worked in industry for years, we strive to equip people to become leaders in industry with many programs across our business areas that attract and develop talent at all levels.”

Orexo appoints Nomination Committee and publishes financial calendar 2014/2015

Prior to the Annual General Meeting 2015, Orexo appoints a Nomination Committee which represents approximately 45 percent of the number of shares and votes in the company based on the last known shareholder information. The Nomination Committee, whose tasks include providing proposals to the General Meeting regarding Chairman of the Meeting, Board members, Chairman of the Board, fees for the board members, any remuneration for committee work, proposal for and fees to the company’s auditor as well as principles for composition of the Nomination Committee, comprises: · Eivind Kolding, Novo A/S, also Chairman of the Nomination Committee · Björn Odlander, HealthCap · Claus Berner Møller, Arbejdsmarkedets Tillaegspension (ATP) · Martin Nicklasson, Chairman of the Board of Orexo The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be presented in the Notice to the Annual General Meeting 2015 and on Orexo’s web site, Shareholders who want to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee, can do this by sending an e-mail to (subject “Nomination Committee”) or by letter posted to “Orexo’s Nomination Committee”, Orexo AB, P.O. Box 303, SE-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden, by February 13, 2015 at the latest. The Annual General Meeting 2015 in Orexo will be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 4:00pm CET in Uppsala. Shareholders who want to have a matter addressed at the Annual General Meeting 2015 must submit such a proposal to the same address as above (subject “Annual General Meeting 2015” for the e-mail and the letter, respectively) by March 4, 2015 at the latest. Future information reporting dates from Orexo: +---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Interim Report January – September 2014|October 22, 2014 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Year-End Report 2014 |January 29, 2015 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Publication of the Annual Report |Week 13, 2015 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Annual General Meeting 2015 |April 15, 2015 at 4:00pm CET|+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Interim Report January – March 2015 |April 23, 2015 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Interim Report January – June 2015 |July 10, 2015 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+|Interim Report January – September 2015|October 22, 2015 |+---------------------------------------+----------------------------+ For further information, please contact:Henrik Juuel, EVP and Chief Financial Officer or Beata Augenblick, Investor RelationsTel: +46 (0)18-780 88 00, E-mail: About Orexo ABOrexo is a specialty pharma company with commercial operations in the United States and R&D in Sweden developing improved treatments using proprietary drug delivery. The company is commercializing its proprietary product, ZUBSOLV® sublingual tablets, for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, in the United States. The ZUBSOLV sublingual tablet is a novel formulation of buprenorphine and naloxone using Orexo’s extensive knowledge in sublingual technologies. Orexo has a portfolio of two approved and revenue generating products currently marketed under license in the US, EU and Japan. Orexo AB, with its headquarters in Sweden, is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) trade on the OTCQX marketplace in the U.S. under the symbol, “ORXOY”. The largest shareholders are Novo A/S and HealthCap. For information about Orexo AB, please visit

Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D Provides Halloween Candy Tips

NEW YORK, New York – Children, teens and adults enjoy spending their Halloween dressing up in their favorite costume and collecting large amounts of candy. According to the Delta Dental Children’s Oral Health Survey, nearly 80% of parents admit they eat their children’s Halloween candy. Candy can cause negative effects such as damage to braces, tooth decay and dis-lodging of previous dental work, such as fillings and crowns. Hard candy can especially chip or break teeth when chewed. Many people already know that sugary sweets are not good for your teeth. This may cause questions to arise about which are more suitable and so forth. Dr. Fulop-Goodling ( has taught over 14,000 doctors, students and their teams in multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world. would like to provide few tips to help avoid the oral health hazards of this popular holiday. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Halloween candy from Dr. Jacquie Fulop-Goodling. What candy is good to Eat When you have Braces? Peanut butter cups and soft chocolate are two types of candies you can enjoy while wearing braces. These candies melt in your mouth and are less likely to stick to your braces and wires. What Candy Should You Avoid When You have Braces? Candies you should avoid are chewy candies, taffy, hard candies, caramel, jelly beans, licorice and bubblegum. What to do After Eating Candy? Immediately after consuming candy, brush and floss thoroughly. Can you Eat Candy with Invisalign Braces? Yes. Carefully remove the Invisalign ( trays from your teeth to enjoy your favorite candy. Always brush and floss your teeth before placing the Invisalign trays back onto your teeth. What is the Proper Care for Teenagers who have Invisalign Teen? Teens should always remove their Invisalign trays from their mouth before consuming tasty sweets. Otherwise, candy can stick to the Invisalign tray causing damage and possibly requiring replacement trays. Always brush and floss your teeth after eating sweet treats. Orthodontic Tips · Eat soft treats that melt in your mouth. · Avoid sticky or chewy candy such as caramel and taffy. · Avoid chewing on crunchy, hard candies. · Limit the amount of candy you and your children eat. · Brush and floss after consuming sweet treats and candy. It’s important to enjoy Halloween and indulge a bit on a few pieces of candy, jut make sure they are the right type of candy for your specific dental situation. Remember that you will only be wearing braces or Invisalign trays for a certain amount of time. The result of straight teeth and a healthy mouth is always the goal. 

Booboo Stewart, Mounts Up For, The UnBroken

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LOS ANGELES, CA.-October 15th, 2014- Bass Entertainment Pictures ( announced that BooBoo Stewart ( has been cast in the role of “Yellow Horse” in the upcoming independent feature film, THE UNBROKEN. The screenplay was penned by Emmy-nominated and award-winning writer turned director Kim Bass ( (IN LIVING COLOR, JUNKYARD DOG, KILL SPEED) who will also direct what he describes as a “fast-paced, youth-oriented, right-against-wrong, love conquers all, white hat versus black hat action western.” THE UNBROKEN, which will be produced in association with Aurum Film Group, is scheduled to begin principal photography in spring of 2015 and will be produced by Beautiful Lie Pictures (’ Deanna Shapiro (THE LEGEND OF CRYIN’ RYAN, JUNKYARD DOG). THE UNBROKEN ( is set in the unforgiving and lawless Arizona territory circa 1863. It tells the story of a young loner (Colt), to be played by Jeremy Sumpter, who risks it all to rescue his beloved mail-order bride (Salor), whom he’s never met, from a gang of ruthless outlaws led by the cold-blooded killer who murdered Colt’s mother and left him for dead the day he was born... his father. THE UNBROKEN is a passion project for Bass who has been a longtime fan of the classic western film genre. Booboo Stewart, one of Hollywood’s hottest rising young stars, really responded enthusiastically to the screenplay and the character, stated writer-director Bass. “Boo is not only passionate about the role of “Yellow Horse,” he’s perfect for it”, said Bass. Having come into his own of late, arguably achieving Hollywood heartthrob status, Stewart played Seth Clearwater in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and most recently the MUTANT “WARPATH” in the latest X-Men film (X-MEN: Days Of Future Past) that has, so far, grossed nearly 750 million dollars in worldwide box office. For more information on THE UNBROKEN ( please visit: ###  ( Media Contact: Claudia Ross Tiffany R. Cummins Cross Marketing PR (415) 986-0342 The following pictures are available for download:

Kungsleden’s rights issue fully subscribed

The result of Kungsleden AB’s (publ) (“Kungsleden”) rights issue, for which the subscription period ended on 8 October 2014, indicates that approximately 44.5 million shares, representing approximately 98 percent of the offered shares, were subscribed for by the exercise of subscription rights. Additionally, subscription forms corresponding to approximately 38.2 million shares, corresponding to approximately 84 percent of the offered shares, have been received. Thus, the rights issue is fully subscribed. Through the rights issue, Kungsleden will receive proceeds amounting to approximately SEK 1,593 million before transaction costs.Those who have subscribed for shares without preferential rights will be allotted shares according to the principles outlined in the prospectus. Such subscribers who have been allotted shares without preferential rights are expected to be notified on 16 October 2014. Only those who are allotted shares will be notified.Through the rights issue Kungsleden’s share capital increases by SEK 18,958,620 from SEK 56,875,860 to SEK 75,834,480 and the total number of shares increases by 45,500,688 from 136,502,064 to 182,002,752 when the rights issue is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.The final day for trading in paid subscribed shares (BTAs) is expected to be 22 October 2014. The new shares are expected to start trading on Nasdaq Stockholm on 24 October 2014.ABG Sundal Collier and SEB Corporate Finance are acting as financial advisors and Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå is acting as legal advisor to Kungsleden in connection with the rights issue.

Russian Mass Media law amended

This change affects Russia’s leading independent media company, CTC Media Inc., of which MTG owns 37.9%, because it is a US registered and listed corporation that directly or indirectly owns 100% of the shares of a series of Russian legal entities that operate primarily broadcast media entertainment businesses in Russia. The change also affects MTG’s ownership of its own entertainment channels that are available on a wide range of Russian cable and satellite TV networks, and its shareholding in the Raduga TV satellite platform.   Please see today’s announcement from CTC Media ( regarding the change in legislation and the actions being taken by CTC Media. MTG is also working independently with its own financial and legal advisers to decide on what actions will be taken regarding its Russian holdings and operations, and is consulting with other international media owners and investors that are affected by this legislation. “This is obviously a complex situation and we are working closely with local management and our advisers to review the various options available to us moving forward. It is too early to come with a solution for each of the affected businesses, but we are looking at a range of potential outcomes. We have built up these entertainment businesses over 20 years and the channels are some of the most watched in Russia, so we will do all that we can to preserve the interests of all of our stakeholders.” Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG President and CEO ****

Invitation - Presentation of Orexo's third quarter results 2014

Uppsala, Sweden – October 15, 2014 - On October 22 at 08:00 am, Orexo AB (publ) will publish its report for the third quarter 2014. Financial analysts and media are invited to participate in a telephone conference, which will include a presentation of the third quarter results, at 1:30 pm CET (07:30 am EDT). The event will be hosted by Orexo's CEO and President Nikolaj Sørensen and CFO Henrik Juuel. The general and financial presentation will this time be followed by an update on the ISTART study results presented by Chief Medical Officer Michael Sumner. The presentation will be held in English. The presentation can be followed live, or afterwards on, where the slides used in the presentation will be made available. To participate in the telephone conference, please call:SE: +46 8 519 993 59UK: +44 203 194 0553US: +1 855 269 2607 To view the presentation, please visit For further information, please contact:Beata Augenblick, Investor RelationsTel: +46 (0)18-780 88 00, E-mail: About OrexoOrexo is a specialty pharma company with commercial operations in the United States and R&D in Sweden developing improved treatments using proprietary drug delivery. The company is commercializing its proprietary product, ZUBSOLV® sublingual tablets, for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, in the United States. The ZUBSOLV sublingual tablet is a novel formulation of buprenorphine and naloxone using Orexo’s extensive knowledge in sublingual technologies. Orexo has a portfolio of two approved and revenue generating products currently marketed under license in the US, EU and Japan. Orexo AB, with its headquarters in Sweden, is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) trade on the OTCQX marketplace in the U.S. under the symbol, “ORXOY”. The largest shareholders are Novo A/S and HealthCap. For information about Orexo, please visit Orexo AB (publ) discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 5:15 pm CET on October 15, 2014.

MTG enters European Media Alliance to grow digital business

The alliance creates a strong pan-European footprint that enables its members to invest in consumer-focused digital start-ups, such as classifieds, social media, e-commerce, and marketing companies that are looking to expand their geographical footprint. In return, the alliance members will provide the digital start-ups with certain volumes of advertising media. MTG has a strong track record of using its powerful combined online and offline reach to build up successful international consumer brands such as CDON and Nelly. With linear and online presence in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria, MTG is joined in this alliance by founding members ProSiebenSat1 (Germany), Channel4 (UK), TF1 (France), Dogan TV (Turkey) and TVN (Poland). Discussions with further potential members are ongoing. “MTG has always been at the forefront of digital development, and working together with ProSieben and others will further accelerate the strong growth we already have in this space. We have done several media for equity deals over the years and know that they can be a very effective way to both accelerate the growth of these businesses and create shareholder value for MTG.” Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG President and CEO The alliance will operate on a non-committal referral basis, whereby members will refer investment opportunities to each other, and decide independently on a case by case basis whether an investment will be made and at what level. ****

Mattias Johansson to become new CEO of Bravida

Mattias Johansson will remain in his current position until January 1, 2015, when he will succeed Staffan Påhlsson as CEO. Staffan Påhlsson continues as Senior Vice President and will support the organisation on key strategic initiatives and in the future also join the Board of Directors. – Mattias Johansson combines long experience and proven results in Bravida with significant energy and vision for the future and is therefore an excellent choice for the CEO transition in Bravida. In combination with the new CFO and the experienced existing management team, we are in an excellent position to continue to strengthen Bravida’s leading market position and grow the business further, organically and through M&A, says Michael Siefke, Chairman of the Board of Bravida. Mattias Johansson has been with Bravida since 1998, and has held his current position as division manager of Bravida Norway since January 2013. Together with the team in Norway, he has significantly increased sales and profitability and successfully managed the acquisition of Otera Elektro, a company with a turnover of NOK 400 million. – I look forward to taking on the role as CEO in January, says Mattias Johansson. Under Staffan Påhlsson’s leadership, Bravida has further established itself as the Scandinavian market leader with solid profitability. Together with the Bravida management team I will continue to strengthen the company and work towards making Bravida the first choice for clients and employees. I look forward to continuing to expand Bravida’s reach through further investments in areas like M&A, our service offering and operational excellence. – Staffan Påhlsson has been with Bravida for more than 30 years and played a key role in every aspect of the company’s development. As part of this natural succession process, we are grateful that Staffan will continue to support and contribute to Bravida. I want to thank Staffan for his great leadership of Bravida which has developed Bravida into the clear Scandinavian market leader, says Michael Siefke. – Now that I retire, I am pleased to hand over the CEO role to Mattias Johansson, says Staffan Påhlsson, CEO and Group President of Bravida. With more than 15 years in different roles in Bravida he knows the company very well, and has shown strong capabilities in growing the business in his current role. I look forward to seeing him take the company onwards. For additional information, please contact:Michael Siefke, Chairman of the Board, Bravida.Phone: +468 695 20 00 Staffan Påhlsson, CEO and Group President, Bravida.Phone: +468 695 20 00

Axis: Interim report January – September 2014

The third quarter · Net sales increased by 11 percent during the third quarter to SEK 1,462 M (1,322).Net sales increased by 7 percent in local currencies · Operating profit amounted to SEK 257 M (258), which corresponds to an operating margin of 17.5 percent (19.5) · Profit after tax amounted to SEK 193 M (200) · Earnings per share amounted to SEK 2.77 (2.88) January - September · Net sales increased by 15 percent during the period to SEK 3,946 M (3,418)Net sales increased by 14 percent in local currencies · Operating profit increased to SEK 516 M (474), which corresponds to an operating margin of 13.1 percent (13.9) · Profit after tax amounted to SEK 384 M (362) · Earnings per share amounted to SEK 5.52 (5.21) President’s message“Sales in the third quarter increased by 11 percent compared to the strong comparative quarter in 2013. During the first nine months of 2014, the growth rate was 15 percent. Our view on the market development remains unchanged. Inventory levels at distributors are largely unchanged from the previous quarter. During the busy trade exhibition period in September, Axis released a number of important new products and solutions. We have strengthened our camera portfolio with new models in the Axis Q-series and seen good response to the products that were launched earlier in the year. Meanwhile, we have broadened our offering for medium-sized installations. Axis network cameras and software can now be offered as an overall solution adapted to end user needs. The offering has been developed with a clear ambition to make it easier for resellers and to improve the experience for end users. Axis has also released physical access control in Europe as a step in our long-term growth strategy. I am proud that we are continuing to quickly meet new market needs and to identify new trends while maintaining quality and assuming responsibility at all stages”. Ray Mauritsson, President   The full report and slide presentation is available on: Invitation to telephone conferenceTime: Thursday, October 16 at 10 a.m.Phone number: + 46 8 – 519 990 30Participants from Axis AB will be: Ray Mauritsson, President, and Fredrik Sjöstrand, CFO.The presentation will be webcasted live at: For more information, please contact:Johan Lundin, Manager, Investor Relations, Telephone: + 46 (0)46-272 18 00, E-mail: The information in this interim report is such that Axis is required to disclose in accordance with the Securities Market Act. Submitted for publication at 08.00 a.m. (CET) on 16th of October 2014. About Axis CommunicationsAxis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the global market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets. Axis has more than 1,600 dedicated employees in more than 40 countries around the world, supported by a network of over 65,000 partners across 179 countries. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Sweden-based company listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker AXIS. For more information about Axis, please visit our website Axis Communications AB, Address: Emdalavägen 14, 223 69 LUND, Sweden, Phone +46 46 272 18 00, Fax +46 46 13 61

Interim report January – September 2014

· Rental income amounted to SEK 1,565 (1,545). In an identical portfolio, income rose slightly more than 3 per cent. · Net operating income increased about 5 per cent to SEK 1,120m (1,071). The surplus ratio rose to 72 per cent (69). · Profit from property management increased about 10 per cent to SEK 508m (462). · Realised and unrealised changes in value amounted to a gain of SEK 904m (717) on properties and a loss of SEK 377m (gain: 463) on interest-rate derivatives. · Profit before tax for the period amounted to SEK 1,032m (1,750). The decline was entirely due to higher deficit value in the portfolio of derivative instruments. Profit after tax for the period amounted to SEK 828 (1,451), corresponding to SEK 5.01 per share (8.79). · Net lettings for the period amounted to SEK 246m (32) after project lettings to both TeliaSonera and SEB in Arenastaden. The rent levels from all renegotiated leases were an average of 10 per cent higher. · The equity/assets ratio rose to 36 per cent and the loan-to-value ratio improved to 59 per cent. Favourable market conditions provide potential for good business "As expected, the third quarter was a quiet period from a business viewpoint, with fewer completed negotiations. At the same time, the summer period results in lower energy costs and thus stronger net operating income. The value of the property portfolio continued to grow, both through value-generating projects and improved conditions in markets. Fabege delivered earnings in line with these expectations." "We are currently experiencing a market that is contributing healthy prerequisites for favourable transactions. Both the rental and the transaction market are more active now than six months ago and we see stable or slightly increasing rents and more potential investors. Our customers are requesting, to an ever greater extent, modern, flexible and cost-efficient offices in prime locations with excellent transport links. Fabege’s property and project portfolios meet this demand well", says Christian Hermelin. Fabege AB (publ) 

Hoist Finance acquires portfolio in the UK

As part of its strategy for continued expansion in the UK, Hoist Finance has acquired a portfolio of non-performing consumer loans from Santander UK. The portfolio contains approximately 270,000 claims. The transaction value is not disclosed. ”The transaction is further evidence to our strategy of becoming the leading debt restructuring partner to global banks and financial institutions,” says Jörgen Olsson, CEO of Hoist Finance. About Hoist Finance Hoist Finance is a trusted debt restructuring partner to global banks and financial institutions, offering a broad spectrum of advanced solutions for acquisition and management of non-performing unsecured consumer loans. The total carrying value of Hoist Finance’s acquired loans is approximately EUR 800 million. Hoist Finance is a Pan-European debt purchase company with presence in eight European markets. Hoist Kredit AB (publ) is licensed and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and is funded by the internet-based savings deposit service HoistSpar in Sweden, with more than 60,000 accounts, and by senior and subordinated unsecured bonds of in total SEK 1.1 billion, listed on NASDAQ OMX, as well as EUR 100 million in senior unsecured bonds. The information above has been published pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act (Sw. lag om värdepappersmarknaden).This information was released for publication at 8.00 on 16 October 2014. For further information, please contact: Jörgen Olsson, CEO Hoist Finance  Jane Niedra, IR Hoist Finance Contact details:  Phone +46 (0)8 55 51 77 90Email:

Getinge Group Interim report January – September 2014

Reporting period January – September · Order intake increased 3.1% to SEK 19,042 M (18,464), and declined 0.2% organically · Net sales rose 3.7% to SEK 18,184 M (17,530), and grew 0.4% organically · Profit before tax declined 58.3% to SEK 602 M (1,445) · Net profit declined 58.4% to SEK 439 M (1,055) · Earnings per share declined 58.4% to SEK 1.83 (4.40) · EBITA before restructuring declined 7.7% to SEK 2,496 (2,704) Reporting period July – September  · Order intake rose 7.2% to SEK 6,414 M (5,981), and declined 0.2% organically · Net sales rose 6.4% to SEK 6,225 M (5,850), and declined 0.8% organically · Profit before tax declined 11.1% to SEK 505 M (568) · EBITA before restructuring costs increased 1.4% to SEK 920 M (907) Third quarter of 2014 The demand for capital equipment in emerging markets improved according to plan during the quarter, although not to the anticipated extent. At the same time, growth increased slowly in the mature markets. Given the low level of growth in organic sales during the quarter, operating profit for the Group as a whole developed in a satisfactory manner Order intake The trend for the Group’s order intake was weak during the quarter and declined organically by 0.2%. As expected, the order intake in emerging markets improved and increased organically by more than 10% during the period. The trend for the order intake in mature markets was weak during the period, particularly with respect to Western Europe and Japan. Teleconference with CEO Johan Malmquist and CFO Ulf GrunanderOctober 16, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Swedish timeSweden: +46 (0) 8 5033 6538UK: +44 (0)20 3427 1907US: +1 646 254 3367Code: 5020860

Interim Report January – September 2014

Comments from the CEO Net inflow doubled ”Net inflow continued to be strong in this quarter with SEK 4.6 billion, a doubling compared with the same period last year, and implying a total inflow of SEK 14.1 billion since the beginning of the year. Behind this strong net inflow each quarter compared with the previous year, is found a number of activities and initiatives which are beginning to bear fruit. These include our new website, the investment in CRM and a more customer-driven communication, a new trading room and successful product launches. For example, the Super Mortgage is not only generating many new customers but also new savings capital from existing customers. Everything taken together, these activities resulted in 12,800 new active customers during the quarter, an increase of 49 percent compared with last year, and we acquired 38,800 new customers since the beginning of 2014. At the end of June, we could calculate our share of the total growth in the savings market at 8.0 percent during the past 12 months. This exceeds our long-term goal to achieve at least 7 percent. Repo rate decreases press net interest items – scalability produces positive results The dramatic repo rate decrease at the beginning of the quarter negatively impacted our quarterly results by SEK 8 million, something which our increased volumes cannot compensate for in just one quarter. With that in mind, we are satisfied that our focus on cost efficiency now begins to give results, which is of major importance if we are going to be able to deliver high margins regardless of the interest rate situation. We have decreased the cost to savings capital ratio by 18 percent to 31 basis points during the last twelve months, which is clear evidence of the scalability of the operations. The earlier than planned investment in mobile services and VAT impact results During the summer months, we experienced explosive growth in the demand for our mobile services. In July more than 50 percent of all logins were from mobile units. Consequently, we have determined to move forward development of our mobile platform to have it in place no later than next summer. We have also reported a one-off item of SEK 8 million concerning VAT referring to the period 2010 to 2012, as we indicated in our second quarter report. The investment in mobile services, together with the one-off cost for the VAT, is the reason that cost increases are estimated at 7 percent for 2014, slightly higher than the 6 percent forecasted in our second quarter report. However, the planned cost increase rate of 6–8 percent for 2015 remains, as does the growth target I mentioned in the interim report for the second quarter of 30,000–40,000 new customers per year and a minimum share of 7 percent of the net inflow to the Swedish savings market. Continued expansion within pensions Our pension operations continue to be successful. Since the beginning of the year, we have doubled our sales personnel through new recruitment in Stockholm and through the opening of an office in Gothenburg, which has seen a flying start with a strong inflow of occupational pension customers. As a result of this success, we will also open an office in Malmö, a strategically important location for us, in early 2015. We thus continue, as planned, to successively build the pension area as one of our stable revenue streams to counteract our sensitivity towards market volatility. Within the private pension and insurance savings area we have during the past 12 months achieved a 4.5 percent share of the total premium inflow in the market. Focus in the near future In forthcoming quarters we will strengthen our leadership within savings and investments. In addition to improved functions on the website and further improvements of efficiency in various back office and administrative functions, we will start managing our surplus liquidity more actively to improve capital efficiency and create capacity to expand the Super Mortgage. The focus will also be placed on recruitment for and the completion of our new office in Malmö, while at the same time we will continue to work with our user-friendly and mobile solutions.” Stockholm, 16 October 2014 Martin Tivéus, CEO Avanza

Saab receives order for Gripen E support and maintenance systems

This is the fourth order under the Gripen E agreement between Saab and FMV announced on 15 February 2013. Three earlier orders, linked to the development and production of Gripen E, were received during 2013. Work will be performed within the business areas Aeronautics, Electronic Defence Systems and Support & Services. “Work with Gripen E goes according to schedule and budget. This order represents another important step in Saab's commitment to deliver the next generation of the Gripen system to Sweden,” says Lennart Sindahl, Senior Executive Vice President of Saab and Head of Saab's business area Aeronautics. Gripen is unique in combining high technology and capabilities with cost efficiency. Gripen E has significant performance improvements, including a more powerful engine, longer range, more weapons, a new AESA radar and more advanced avionics. Today, Gripen is the backbone of five nations' air defences: Sweden, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary and Thailand. In addition, the Empire Test Pilot School (ETPS) in the UK uses Gripen in its training programme for future test pilots.  For further information, please contact: Saab Press Centre, +46 (0)734 180 018, Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs. The information is that which Saab AB is required to declare by the Securities Business Act and/or the Financial instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on October 16 at 08.30 (CET).

ArcticZymes is named Thermo Fischer Scientific “Biological Supplier of the Year”

ArcticZymes was acknowledged for their engagement in multiple sales through regional, national and international office’s, Just-in-time inventory, rapid response to non-forecasted demand and a year-on-year downward cost to Thermo Fischer. “ArcticZymes has worked with Thermo Fischer for years through several of their entities. This award is a great recognition of ArcticZymes’ outstanding services and ability to adopt into new and demanding customer expectations. With this award we believe we can expand our relation to this important customer even further”, stated Svein Lien, CEO of Biotec Pharmacon and ArcticZymes. ArcticZymes enzymes are included in numerous PCR kits for use in molecular biology and molecular diagnostics. Use of ArcticZymes heat labile and cold adapted enzymes has allowed for simplified practices, and has moved boundaries within diagnostics. For further information, please contact: CEO Svein W. F. Lien, +47 922 89 323. About Biotec Pharmacon ASA: Biotec Pharmacon ASA is the parent company of Biotec BetaGlucans AS and ArcticZymes AS. Biotec BetaGlucans develops and manufactures novel immunomodulating products, and has recently obtained CE-mark for Woulgan® Biogel containing its proprietary substance SBG®. Woulgan® Biogel is a primary dressing for one-time use on skin wounds, including diabetic ulcers, bedsores, leg ulcers, transplantation wounds, post-surgery wounds, trauma wounds, first- and second-degree burns, abrasions, and cuts. ArcticZymes develops, produces and sells enzymes of marine origin used in molecular DNA technologies and diagnostics, growth markets where rapid technological developments are creating a strong demand for new and improved enzymes.

IK VII Fund to invest in Evac Group

Founded in 1975, Evac designs and markets environmentally friendly waste and wastewater collection and treatment systems for the marine, offshore and building industries. The Company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world. Over the years, Evac has delivered over 1 million vacuum sanitation units for more than 12,000 vessels, including cruise liners, car and passenger ferries, naval vessels, submarines and yachts. The Company employs approximately 190 people and its total revenue for financial year 2014 is close to €70 million. IK VII Fund is acquiring the Company from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., the majority shareholder since January 2013. “Evac is a global market leader in an attractive and growing niche market producing high-end mission critical products with a consistent track record of profitable growth. We at IK are looking forward to working together with the Evac management team to grow the Company further both by expanding the business organically – focusing on products, application areas and end customer segments - and through selective value-accretive acquisitions. IK specialises in creating value in its portfolio companies through close cooperation with management, providing financial support and the strength of our sector knowledge and relationships,” says Kristian Carlsson Kemppinen, Partner at IK and advisor to the IK VII Fund. “We are impressed with IK’s track record of successfully and profitably delivering growth in its portfolio and we are very much looking forward to working with the team. The financial and operational support of Oaktree has enabled the creation of a very healthy platform for future developments. Looking ahead, we are delighted that IK Funds will be investing in Evac to develop our business further, helping us grow organically and also identifying value-adding acquisition opportunities,” says Tomi Gardemeister, CEO of Evac Group. Evac is the sixth investment by the IK VII Fund, which invests in pan-European mid-sized companies that have strong profit improvement potential. The other investments are: Hansen Protection, the Norwegian specialist in survival suit rental; Ampelmann, a market leader in rental of Motion Compensated Gangway (MCG) systems to the offshore energy sector; VPS, a global leader in fuel management services; Ramudden, a leading specialist provider of temporary traffic control services; and Exxelia Group, a global leading manufacturer of customised passive components. Completion of the transaction is subject to legal and regulatory approvals.

If You Go Down to The Woods Today

For immediate release 16 October 2014  If You Go Down to The Woods Today During Grown in Britain Week, it's the small woodland management organisations who help to protect our heritage and treasury of natural England's beauty.  It’s been four years since central government attempted to sell our 258,000 hectares of England’s forests for a measly £250m. The people united against these plans; only 2% of the population supported the proposals, protests happened around the country and over half a million people signed 38 Degrees’ petition to save our forests ( After months of worry, the government realised it didn’t understand how much forests mean to people. This week (13 – 19 October) is Grown in Britain Week (; a national celebration of our woods and values and products they contribute to our society. Supported by construction and forestry industries, government and many others; Grown in Britain aims to show case and explore the sustainable use of our domestic natural wood resource. Britain’s forests employ 64,000 people and contribute £4.1bn towards GDP thus making woodland management services an essential industry. With only 54% of our forests being actively managed and the UK being a net importer of £5bn of wood-based products: this figure could be much, much higher. However, to understand the true value of trees, the government should consider how two thirds of the UK population enjoy spending their time during an estimated 350 million trips each year. Woodland managers like Deeper Green Services ( see the wood for the trees and seek to foster the value of our forests. When approaching a new project, they don’t just look at the price of timber – they look at the wider value woodland currently has and its potential benefits for the local community. "It’s a common perception that woods are better left untouched", said Gareth, director of the woodland management service. Over the last thirty years Deeper Green Services has seen a change of focus from their clients. Woodland owners, be they private or charitable trusts are looking to the future, thinking bigger and more holistically about how they can add real value to their trees. Deeper Green Services has helped improve and increase the use of woodlands across Somerset and the surrounding counties of Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire. Woodland owners are not only realising the educational importance of their forests but discovering the benefits of a volunteer workforce. One in ten visitors to forests is already volunteering in helping to care for woodlands. Wherever possible, Deeper Green Services intends to connect communities to their trees, forming a mutually beneficial partnership, offering to improve and create new access routes, run volunteer programmes and educational events and support owners in formal applications for funding to develop their woodlands. Small organisations like Deeper Green Services play a critical role in our enjoyment of woodland. They have the agility and local knowledge to respond to local community and woodland’s needs. With their help, our woodlands will work for us. To find out more about the services provided by Gareth and his team at Deeper Green Services, please visit their website at: ( Contact Issued by Palaver Maven Please direct press queries to Laura Barnes e t 07729263818 w

Cornwall's Traditional Chocolatier Spills the Beans on Putting Cornwall on the International Trade Map

With its Packet Ships and deep natural harbour, Falmouth in Cornwall has been a stop for international trading since 1688. A local chef turned his hand from Michelin star pastry making to manufacturing Cornwall's only bean to bar chocolate, and his international sales intend to carry on this tradition. Being a peninsula, Cornwall is surrounded by an abundance of seafood; from Falmouth's celebrated oysters to the mussels lining the rocks of the Helford and other estuaries across the county. Hayle, with expansive salt flats offers marsh samphire and razor clams, where most seaside towns grow rock samphire and sea spinach without most people knowing. It's a county known, amongst chefs, for its provenance. One passionate creator has taken his pride in the county's prolific produce to a new, and expanding, arena: chocolate. One of only a few producers of authentic, bean-to-bar chocolate in the UK, Chocolarder ( grind beans using local granite and forage ingredients from Cornish hedgerows to experiment with flavour. With organic beans imported from single estate, family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic, every step of the Chocolarder process is ethical and sustainable. The Cornish Honeycomb milk bar uses traditionally made honeycomb; incorporating honey gathered from bees who feast on the Lizard peninsula's wild heather, gorse and clover. The Wild Gorse Flower ( bar similarly uses handpicked gorse from the tops of cliffs overlooking Kynance's mineral rich serpentine cliffs. Imparting the delicious scent and delicate taste of coconut, the flavours are complex and changing. Founder of Chocolarder and economics graduate, Michael Longman, explained, "We've seen sales double this year since our products had a rebrand from Kingdom and Sparrow (, and have recently had a lot of interest from importers in Belgium, Switzerland and other European countries. It's great to see so many people taking an interest in the real craft of chocolate." Furthermore, this growth in sales has facilitates a move of premises to allow for expansion in the new year. "We just started running out of space to store the beans! We're meticulous about ensuring that everything has the exact right conditions for storage and manufacture; the new space will enable us to keep up with demand and increase production." said Michael. Driving their business towards international sales, Chocolarder  will continue the tradition of pushing Cornwall out onto the global market for producing fine and high quality goods.

Technical breakthrough with new fuel concept from myFC

Fuel cells are an environmentally friendly technology which by itself produces electricity and thus allows the user to charge a mobile phone, without the need for an electrical outlet or sunlight when the battery has run out of juice at the wrong time. The development of fuel cells has been a rapid expanding area but the main challenge for large-scale commercialization has been the cost of production together with distribution and packaging of the fuel. Now myFC has developed a fuel concept which comes at a lower price per charge. The new fuel solution is a breakthrough in its class and is expected to reach a higher energy density than other portable charging units on the market. The compact and energy dense fuel enables a new, flexible packaging. This means that the charger itself can become significantly smaller and lighter as compared to other models found on the market. myFC launched its first consumer product – the myFC PowerTrekk 1.0 – in 2013. The product itself simply generates electricity using water and a fuel puck – the first of its kind. In 2014, the next generation charger to this has been launched – myFC PowerTrekk 2.0. “With the new fuel, we expect to change the entire global playing field. We have always believed that the key to mass commercialization for a fuel cell charger is to reduce the size, weight, and cost of the fuel, and we expect this fuel makes that possible,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO at myFC. For further information, please contact: Björn Westerholm, CEOE-mail: bjorn.westerholm@myfc.seTelephone: +46 (0) 706 56 20 07 Images are available at:

Nanshy Launches Beauty Affiliate Program with Impressive Commission Opportunities

Beauty brush experts Nanshy have launched details of its exclusive affiliate program, which is totally free and offers members 10% commission on products bought through their promotion.  With the animal-friendly cosmetics brand proving ever popular with make-up artists and beauty bloggers worldwide, fashionistas can harness a great opportunity to make money with their website or social media pages. Nanshy make-up brushes are exquisitely designed to give a flawless finish, and are fast becoming known as the must-have tool for every make-up bag. Now, thanks to the Beauty Affiliate Program beauty buffs can make money on every single sale they generate with free, ready-made advertisement banners and links. Paula Pokora, Founder of Nanshy says “The Affiliate Program is a great chance to earn rewards, especially if you’re a beauty blogger with a lot of influence in the fashion and beauty online arena.  We’re offering 10% on the whole basket sold by each person clicking from your site or social media page – it’s a no-brainer!” Using a unique tracking code, members of the program will be identified and rewarded for all purchases made from their link.  It’s free and easy to set up, with access to banners and text links which are easily embedded into websites and blogs.  Then all members need to do is sit back and wait for the commission to roll in – and benefit from a fast payout, usually within four weeks. For example, if someone was to purchase the acclaimed Masterful Collection – Nanshy’s latest product – affiliate members would earn £4.99.  Transactions are validated as soon as the order is processed and the return period is passed; it’s an effortless way to make extra cash with minimal work required. With a premium range of cruelty-free beauty tools and accessories, offering first class application and professional results.  Nanshy’s luxury brushes for the face, eyes and lips are ideal for beauty novices or professional make-up artists requiring the industry’s best products.  Make-up pros can also purchase stylish sets, brush holders and apron belts. This month seen the launch of the 12 piece Masterful Collection, including precision brushes for foundation, stippling, blending, contouring, powder, blush, creasing, shading and lip, along with a liner, a pencil and an angled detailer brush.  The stylish set, available in black and white, has already received accolades from beauty bloggers, celebrities and make-up artists, offering a positive earning potential as a beauty affiliate member. For more information visit

Interim report January–September 2014

Americas continue to show strength Quarter 3 · Incoming orders amounted to SEK 701.1m (648.0), which after adjustments is an increase of 2.3%* compared with the same period last year. · Net sales amounted to SEK 733.0m (645.0), which after adjustments is an increase of 7.9% * compared with the same period last year. · Operating profit excluding acquisition costs and restructuring costs was SEK 61.4m (52.0). The adjusted operating margin was 8.4% (8.1). · Operating profit was SEK 51.4m (31.0). The operating margin was 7.0% (4.8). · Net profit was SEK 28.7m (15.6). · Earnings per share were before dilution SEK 2.46 (1.33) and after dilution SEK 2.44 (1.33). January-September · Incoming orders amounted to SEK 2,025.7m (1,995.6), which after adjustments is a decrease of 1.1%* compared with the same period last year. · Net sales amounted to SEK 2,020.0 (1,971.1), which after adjustments is a decrease of 0.1%* compared with the same period last year. · Operating profit excluding acquisition costs and restructuring costs was SEK 118.1m (113.2). The adjusted operating margin was 5.8% (5.7). · Operating profit was SEK 88.1m (71.6). The operating margin was 4.4% (3.6). · Net profit was SEK 47.3m (38.4). · Earnings per share were before dilution SEK 4.05 (3.28) and after dilution SEK 4.03 (3.27). * adjusted for currency effects and acquisitions CEO’s comments “In the third quarter Nederman continued to report positive development in the Group’s incoming orders and operating margin. Incoming orders showed organic growth of 2.3% compared with the same period last year. It was primarily the Americas that contributed to this development where both North and South America showed good demand. Asia Pacific performed slightly weaker in the quarter, however, we believe that the good trend, especially in China will continue. The situation has not changed in EMEA, where we are meeting a tough market situation that is being intensified by concerns about Ukraine and the Middle East. Sven Kristensson, CEO   This report contains forward-looking statements that are based on the current expectations of the management of Nederman. Although management believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove correct. Accordingly, results could differ materially from those implied in the forward-looking statements as a result of, among other factors, changes in economic, market and competitive conditions, changes in the regulatory environment and other government actions, fluctuations in exchange rates and other factors. Nederman is required to disclose the information provided herein according to the Swedish Securities Exchange and Clearing Operations Act and/or the Financial Instrument Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on 16 October 2014 at 12 noon.    Further information can be obtained fromSven Kristensson. CEOTelephone +46 (0)42-18 87 00                               e-mail: Stefan Fristedt. CFOe-mail: stefan.fristedt@nederman.seTelephone +46 (0)42-18 87 00 ( For further information. see Nederman’s website www.nederman.comNederman Holding AB (publ).Box 602. SE-251 06 Helsingborg. SwedenTelephone +46 (0)42-18 87 00. Telefax +46 (0)42-18 77 11Co. Reg. No. 556576-4205   Facts about NedermanNederman is one of the world's leading companies supplying products and systems in the environmental technology sector focusing on industrial air filtration and recycling. The company's solutions are contributing to reducing the environmental effects from industrial production, to creating safe and clean working environments and to boosting production efficiency.   Nederman's offering encompasses everything from the design stage through to installation, commissioning and servicing. Sales are carried out via subsidiaries in 25 countries and agents and distributors in over 30 countries. Nederman develops and produces in its own manufacturing and assembly units in Europe, North America and Asia. The Group is listed on the Nasdaq OMX, Stockholm Mid Cap list; it has about 1,900 employees and a turnover of about SEK 2.7 billion.

Optimization of capital structure

Stockholm, Sweden — Medivir AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: MVIR) announces the intention of launching a voluntary share redemption program. “The successful market introduction of simeprevir has led to a very strong cash position and profitability for Medivir within a short time frame. Based on our strategy update and plan, which will be presented today at the Capital Markets Meeting, the company has analysed its capital structure and come to the conclusion that there is room for a larger capital distribution to the shareholders”, says Niklas Prager, CEO of Medivir. The Board has decided to recommend a two-step approach: · Short-term, a one-off distribution of 625 MSEK (20 SEK/share) through a voluntary redemption of shares for all shareholders. The Board expects to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting in the next few days, proposing the full resolutions to be passed for the purpose of the redemption. The Extraordinary General Meeting is expected to be held on 20 November 2014. The redemption procedure will run into Q1 2015. · Seek mandate for a share buy-back programme at the Annual General Meeting in May 2015. “Going forward, Medivir has the intention to work continuously with optimising the capital structure, based on an assessment of financial position and investment opportunities”, adds Niklas Prager, CEO of Medivir The Capital Market Meeting will be held today at 14.00 CET at the Conference Center Nio Rum, and will also be available on-line via Webcast, accessible through Medivir’s website For more information please contact:Rein Piir, EVP Corporate Affairs & IR, mobile: +46 708 537 292 Medivir is required under the Securities Markets Act to make the information in this press release public.The information was submitted for publication at 13.45 CET on 16 October 2014. About MedivirMedivir is an emerging and profitable research‐based pharmaceutical company with an established marketing and sales organisation in the Nordic region with a broad portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals.Medivir receives royalties from Johnson & Johnson on the global sales of the hepatitis C pharmaceutical, Olysio®. In addition, revenues for sales of Olysio in the Nordic region are generated through the company’s own sales and marketing organisation. Medivir’s research and development portfolio of pharmaceuticals is based on the company’s expertise within protease inhibitor design and nucleoside/nucleotide science. The company’s research and development focus is within infectious diseases and oncology and the on-going clinical projects in osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain.Medivir is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List.


Tampa, Florida – Bild & Company, one of the nation’s leading senior healthcare consulting firms is offering its digital and social media expertise to create a robust social media program for LeadingAge Vermont. It is at the heart of Bild’s Giving Back Program to provide world-class digital marketing to organizations that may not have the expertise or resources to build these kinds of innovative outreach programs. LeadingAge Vermont represents professionally managed senior living communities to raise the bar for operational excellence and serve as the voice for senior living providers in the state of Vermont.  “We are extremely excited to be able to give back and support these kinds of industry associations who give so much to our senior communities.” Bild has acquired powerful digital signage technology to emphasize the powerful effect of social media in this growing industry. Said Seth Garber, CEO at Bild & Company”  Bild & Company is not only creating LeadingAge Vermont’s customized social media program from the ground up, a team of digital experts will manage and update content to attract membership and stimulate ongoing social interaction throughout the year at no cost to the association or its members. "A strong social media presence is essential for a small state advocacy organization like ours. But not a lot of us have the time or skills to launch Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Bild & Company jumped in and pulled this all together for us, and guided us in how to use it effectively," said John Broderick, President of LeadingAge Vermont.   Bild & Company is already fulfilling a mission to help many senior healthcare affiliate state organizations enhance their social media presence in the industry around the nation. Bild is still selecting other industry partnerships and offering this valuable new program to those who share the same goals of enriching lives through excellent patient-focused care.  Bild & Company, founded in 1999 is a national healthcare consulting firm that offers a full spectrum of integrated sales and marketing services to help healthcare organizations build a customer-centric culture, grow occupancy and maximize revenue for the long-term. For more information, contact Seth Garber at or  ###  

Defrocked Pastor Frank Schaefers Case to be Heard by UMCs Highest Court

MEMPHIS, TN, Oct. 16, 2014-- Frank Schaefer, the United Methodist Church (UMC) minister who was defrocked for officiating a same sex marriage for his son, will have his case heard one last time by the UMC Judicial Council on Oct. 22, 2014 to determine whether his defrocking was legal according to church law and whether he will retain his standing as a UM minister. Though Schaefer appealed his defrocking and was reinstated by the church in June, the UMC is now appealing his reinstatement to the “supreme court” of the Methodist Church, an event that will have global ramifications in the UMC and possibly deepen the division. “Since the Judicial Council includes members from around the world, this is a real test as to where the church stands globally on LGBTQ equality within the church,” says Schaefer. “If they defrock me again, it would indicate that change may not be coming soon. My hope is for the council to allow me to continue as a UM clergy because it would keep the discussion going. If you exclude those who disagree, you close the door to a much-needed dialogue which, in turn, invites a schism.” The UMC maintains that same sex marriage is in violation of its church doctrine and laws. Schaefer, a minister of 20 years, defied the Church's rules in 2007 when he performed his son’s marriage to another man. Following a highly publicized church trial last November, Schaefer was stripped of his credentials, and terminated from his ministry at the Zion Iona UMC in Lebanon County Pa., because he refused to uphold church law that progressives within the Church call homophobic and discriminatory. “I have three gay children,” Schaefer says. “I believe God gave them to me so I would get the message. Gay or straight, we are all created in God's image. Gay or straight, God blesses our love relationships.” Dr. Christopher Fisher, on behalf of a more conservative faction within the UMC, is appealing the outcome of Schaefer’s re-instatement and is pushing for the original defrocking to be ratified and made the final and undisputable penalty. But since Schaefer’s trial last year, no other clergy members whose cases were on the church docket have been brought to trial. In fact, on Oct. 3, 2014 a group of 36 clergy, known as the Philly 36, had their complaints resolved quietly by the Eastern PA conference (the same conference that defrocked Schaefer). Schaefer is one of thousands of clergy who have vowed to offer ministry to all UMC members on an equal basis, a position that has found enormous support within the church. “Both parties claim this is a matter of conscience,” says Schaefer, “and because of that, I want to reach out to those traditionalists who honestly see themselves as the defenders of the truth, and hopefully get them to understand that there is another way to read those Scriptures in historical and cultural context. We don't have to throw out the bible—the proverbial baby with the bathwater--just because we accept homosexuality and gay marriage as something God blesses.“   ###   FAQs:  Defrocked Pastor Frank Schaefer’s Case to be Heard by UMC’s Highest Court     What’s the timeline of Frank Schaefer’s Case? Frank Schaefer was initially put on trial by the UMC and found guilty in November 2013 and suspended from all pastoral duties. He was defrocked 30 days later when he refused to uphold the UM church's Book of Discipline in it's entirety, because “it contains homophobic and discriminatory laws.” Then in June 2014, the Northeastern Jurisdictional Committee of Appeals reversed the defrocking and Schaefer was reinstated. On Oct.22, 2014, that re-instatement is being challenged by the Counsel for the Church, Dr. Christopher Fisher, in front of the Church's highest court—the Judicial Council. Why Pastor Frank’s case matters? There is a large and growing movement within the UMC comprised of members who believe that the UMC is out of step with the developments in the LGBTQ civil rights movement and the apparent shift in popular opinion on gay marriage rights in the United States. Many think that Frank Schaefer’s trial has exposed the fault line that runs through the United Methodist Church, which is deeply divided over the issue of gay rights. For this reason, Pastor Frank’s final hearing is seen as an important event by the global UM Church (which encompasses 11.8 million members). Will the UM church dig in its heels or signal a change from its traditionalist stance? Has any other minister been defrocked since Pastor Frank’s trial and appeal? No. At the time of Pastor Frank’s trial and immediately after, there were several cases going through the complaint process, which included complaints filed against pastors officiating same sex marriages and, in one case, against an openly gay minister involved in an open same-sex relationship.  All six cases have been resolved (the last one is in process) without going to trial. As recently as Oct. 3, 2014, the UMC decided a group of clergy known as The Philly 36 (36 UM clergy who performed a joint same sex marriage in solidarity for Pastor Frank before his 2013 trial) will not face judicial proceedings. What is Pastor Frank doing now? Since he has been reinstated, Pastor Frank has relocated to a parish in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, Calif.  He is currently on a book tour for his autobiography “Defrocked”,, and has continued his “all means all” campaign with speaking engagements and media appearances. He has vowed to continue the fight against discrimination from within the church. Pastor Frank has received several awards for his work to encourage LGBTQ equality, most recently more than 600 progressive activist showed up on the Sunset Strip as Stuart Milk (nephew of civil rights leader Harvey Milk) presented Pastor Frank with the Spirit of Courage Award, for defending LGBT rights,  Where can I access media guidelines and information about the hearing? Where can I follow the hearing?   · #MinistryOnTrial is the official hashtag for the hearing. · Updates will be posted on, and · HusidMedia@HusidMedia and @standwithfrank will Tweet out media updates.   Where can I find out about prayer vigils and other public events supporting Pastor Frank?   ·   ·   ·        

Kongsberg Automotive to downscale production at Rollag facility by 2018

The board of directors of Kongsberg Automotive ASA has decided to reduce the activity level at its plant in Rollag, Norway. The forging activity will be outsourced and the internal processes will be simplified. This will create more flexibility and enable a move to an alternative KA location after a 3 year period. Kongsberg Automotive’s Rollag plant hosts several manual and automated production processes and has had profitability challenges over the past 15 years. Despite several improvement measures and the best efforts of the dedicated employees over a considerable period of time, the plant has not been able to achieve satisfactory or sustainable profitability. Rollag will be developed in the direction of a pure machining and assembly operation by outsourcing the forging activity and making KA’s plants in Hvittingfoss and Brazil independent of Rollag services. Forging is a labor intensive and expensive process in Norway, and is not well suited to automation. This move will reduce KA’s dependency on the ageing forge and reduce maintenance costs. The combined measures will provide a flexible operation that can be moved to another KA location after a three year period. KA will work with staff and employee representatives to ease the transition during this period, and will do its utmost to ensure that Rollag employees can be offered relevant alternative employment opportunities. The Rollag plant began production in 1975 and was then part of the automotive division of ‘Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk’, which later became Kongsberg Automotive. The plant, which currently employs 87 people, produces stabilizers for truck cabins and rear axles as part of KA’s Driver Control Systems business area. The facility hosts several different processes; from cutting, forging, automated machining, hardening and robot welding, to assembly and powder coating. In 2013 the Rollag plant posted a loss of just over EUR 3 million at the EBIT level on revenues of EUR 17.5 million. The plant looks set to remain unprofitable in 2014. “While the Rollag plant has an important place in KA’s history, the complexity and processes at the factory combined with challenging markets have been barriers to achieving profitability. In a high cost country like Norway, it is critical to have a product portfolio suited for a high automation level. Automating the manufacturing of the current Rollag products has however proven to be difficult. With these measures we want to create more flexibility with a view to moving operations to an alternative KA location within a 3 year period. We will work hard to ease the transition for our employees and maintain all obligations with our customers” said Hans Peter Havdal, CEO of Kongsberg Automotive.

Geoff Schwartz of the New York Giants to Host Strike Out HD Event for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America

New York, NY (October 2014) – New York Giants offensive guard Geoff Schwartz has seen a lot of big hits throughout his career, but admits that nothing hits a family harder than Huntington’s disease (HD). The NFL star has teamed up with the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) as a national spokesman to help raise awareness in the fight against HD. Geoff will host the Strike Out HD event on Monday, October 20th at Frames Bowling Lounge in New York City.   “Geoff’s family is directly affected by Huntington’s disease which is why he wasted no time in getting involved to raise awareness of HD,” said HDSA CEO Louise Vetter. “Because it is passed down from your parents, HD is the quintessential family disease, affecting generations of loved ones. With Geoff’s help, we will be able to reach out to more folks across the country to join HDSA’s team and support more families with HD.”   Tickets are $100 and include two hours of bowling, light food and drinks. Sponsorships are available.  To register, please visit   Huntington’s disease is a genetic, neurodegenerative disease that progressively causes total physical and mental deterioration.  Symptoms typically begin in an individual’s 30’s and advance over the next 10 to 20 years stealing a person’s ability to work, live independently and ultimately causing death.  Currently, there is no cure for HD.   Today, there are more than 30,000 symptomatic Americans and 200,000 at risk. Children of a parent with HD have a 50/50 chance of inheriting this fatal brain disorder.   The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by HD.  From community services and education to advocacy and research, HDSA is the world’s leader in providing help for today and hope for tomorrow for people with HD and their families.   To learn more about Huntington’s disease and the work of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, visit or call 1-800-345-HDSA.   ###

TeliaSonera Interim Report January–September 2014

Steady performance THIRD QUARTER SUMMARY · Net sales in local currencies, excluding acquisitions and disposals, decreased 2.0 percent. In reported currency, net sales increased 0.2 percent to SEK 25,464 million (25,416). Service revenues in local currencies, excluding acquisitions and disposals, decreased 0.6 percent. · EBITDA, excluding non-recurring items, decreased 0.9 percent in local currencies, excluding acquisitions and disposals. In reported currency, EBITDA, excluding non-recurring items, increased 0.2 percent to SEK 9,439 million (9,419). The EBITDA margin, excluding non-recurring items, was stable at 37.1 percent (37.1). · Operating income, excluding non-recurring items, decreased 5.9 percent to SEK 7,266 million (7,721). · Net income attributable to owners of the parent company decreased 12.2 percent to SEK 4,073 million (4,641) and earnings per share to SEK 0.94 (1.07). · Free cash flow decreased to SEK 6,387 million (7,308) due to higher cash CAPEX. · Group outlook for 2014 is unchanged. Comments by Johan Dennelind,President and CEO ”Operational performance remained stable in the third quarter, with organic service revenues and underlying EBITDA almost unchanged compared to the corresponding period last year, resulting in a flat EBITDA margin of 37.1 percent. In Sweden, the consumer segment remains firm with positive service revenue growth, fueled by migration to data-centric price models and solid demand for high speed fixed broadband. The fiber roll-out gained further momentum in the quarter and our 4G network now covers more than 96 percent of the population. However, our overall performance continues to be impacted by fierce competition in the enterprise area. In region Europe, it is encouraging that our Finnish business returned to positive service revenue growth and profitability improved, despite negative impact from reduced mobile termination rates and overall difficult macro environment. In Spain, sales growth remained impacted by lower equipment sales, but profitability improved due to lower subscriber acquisition costs and higher data contribution. In Eurasia, profitability remains solid and subscription growth accelerated, supported by positive net intake in all of our seven markets. In Kazakhstan, service revenue growth slowed in the quarter, but profitability improved due to lower costs. Currently, changes are being made on management level in the country as part of our focus to strengthen governance and operational control. In addition, we continued our assessment of the operational assets in Eurasia, resulting in a non-cash write down in the quarter, as recently communicated. Our strategic agenda was further presented at our capital markets day in September, where we outlined our overall ambition to transform TeliaSonera in the next few years to reach the full potential and equip for the all data era. To accomplish this journey, we will invest in new growth and savings initiatives. We will invest an accumulated amount of up to SEK 4-5 billion during 2015 and 2016 to further drive growth and improve our competitiveness, primarily through accelerating the Swedish fiber roll-out, establishing new offerings in the enterprise segment and upgrading data networks in Eurasia. In Sweden, the aim is to increase the number of households reached by Telia-Sonera’s fiber services from 1.1 million to 1.9 million between 2014 and 2018. Sustainable cost savings can only be achieved if we exit legacy structures and reduce complexity across the group. Therefore an accumulated amount of SEK 2 billion will be invested in business transformation in 2015 and 2016 to reach net savings with a yearly run rate of SEK 2 billion during 2017. Keeping a solid balance sheet and investment grade credit rating is important to us. We aim to balance this with continued attractive shareholder returns and our new dividend policy targets an annual distribution of at least SEK 3 per share for the fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Based on the performance in the first nine months, we reiterate our full year 2014 outlook, expecting net sales in local currencies to be slightly below the level in 2013, an EBITDA margin around last year’s level and CAPEX-to-sales of around 15 percent.” Stockholm, October 17, 2014 Johan DennelindPresident and CEO   Questions regarding the reportsTeliaSonera ABInvestor RelationsSE–106 63 Stockholm, SwedenTel. +46 8 504 550     TeliaSonera AB discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 07:00 CET on October 17, 2014.

TOMRA:  Third Quarter 2014 Results Announcement

All time high order intake and all time high order backlog Order intake during third quarter 2014 in Tomra Sorting totalled 550 MNOK, up from 403 MNOK during same quarter last year, ending the quarter with an all-time high order backlog of 672 MNOK. Revenues in the third quarter 2014 amounted to 1,236 MNOK compared to 1,231 MNOK in third quarter last year. Revenues in TOMRA Collection decreased by 2% (down 5% currency adjusted), while revenues in TOMRA Sorting were up 5% (up 2% currency adjusted). Gross margin was 43% in the quarter, up from 42% in the corresponding period last year, with stable margins in both business areas. EBITA was 210 MNOK in third quarter 2014 versus 217 MNOK in the third quarter 2013. Cash flow from operations in third quarter 2014 equaled 236 MNOK, up from 202 MNOK in third quarter 2013. Tomra Collection Solutions The business area reported a decline in revenue of 2% in third quarter 2014, compared to same period last year. After adjustment for currency changes, revenues were down 5%. Gross margin was stable at 42%. EBITA was MNOK 151, down from 161 MNOK. TOMRA will start a process to divest TOMRA Compaction (Orwak). The actual synergies between compaction and reverse vending have proven to be insignificant. Moreover, TOMRA’s former strategy of providing recycling technology equipment has changed into creating sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity. Selling compaction equipment does not fill a natural role in this strategy. Tomra Sorting Solutions Strong order intake leads to an all-time high order backlog at the end of the quarter. Revenues in the quarter increased by 5% compared to same quarter in 2013. Adjusted for currency effects, revenues were up 2%. Gross margin was stable at 44%. EBITA increased from 62 MNOK in third quarter 2014 to 66 MNOK in third quarter 2014. “After three quarters with lower order intake in 2013, we have now experienced four consecutive quarters with significantly better order intake in Tomra Sorting. Revenues and profit is consequently expected to improve in fourth quarter 2014”, comments Stefan Ranstrand (President and CEO). Asker, 17 October 2014 TOMRA Systems ASA For questions, please contact: Deputy CEO/CFO Espen Gundersen: +47 66 79 92 42 / +47 97 68 73 01 Webcast link: We will open up for Q&A after the presentation and the recorded webcast will be made available on our webpage after broadcast is concluded.

NMG: Last day incl. right to receive subscription rights today, 17 October 2014

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement made by Nickel Mountain Group AB (“NMG” or the “Company”) 10 October 2014, regarding the result of the Company’s extraordinary general meeting and the resolved new share issue of up to 68,107,020 new shares (the “Rights Issue”). The last day of trading in the NMG share with the right to receive subscription rights is today, 17 October 2014. For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Nickel Mountain Group AB: Torbjörn RantaManaging Director For more information, please contact: Torbjörn RantaManaging DirectorTel: +46 8 402 28 00Mobile: +46 708 855504E-mail: Cautionary Statement: Statements and assumptions made in this document with respect to Nickel Mountain Group AB’s (“NMG”) current plans, estimates, strategies and beliefs, and other statements that are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements about the future performance of NMG. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those using words such as "may", "might", "seeks", "expects", "anticipates", "estimates", "believes", "projects", "plans", strategy", "forecast" and similar expressions. These statements reflect management's expectations and assumptions in light of currently available information. They are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, (i) changes in the economic, regulatory and political environments in the countries where NMG operates; (ii) changes relating to the geological information available in respect of the various projects undertaken; (iii) NMG’s continued ability to secure enough financing to carry on its operations as a going concern; (iv) the success of its potential joint ventures and alliances, if any; (v) metal prices, particularly as regards nickel. In the light of the many risks and uncertainties surrounding any mineral project at an early stage of its development, the actual results could differ materially from those presented and forecast in this document. NMG assumes no unconditional obligation to immediately update any such statements and/or forecasts.

Interim report January – September 2014

·Net sales increased by 52% to 201.8 (132.5) MSEK ·Operating income amounted to SEK 6.5 (7.6) MSEK(including non-recurring costs of approximately 9 (3) MSEK) ·Net income increased to 42.1 (7.8) MSEK(including tax effects of approximately 23 MSEK) ·Earnings per share increased to 2.29 (0.49) SEK ·Order intake increased to 21 (17) systems  ·20 (15) EBM systems were delivered during the period ·Acquisition of the metal powder manufacturer AP&C in Canada ·Acquisition of the contract manufacturer DiSanto Technology Inc. For the third quarter: ·Sales increased by 125% to 90.8 (40.4) MSEK ·Operating income amounted to 10.3 (0.6) MSEK(including non-recurring costs of approximately 3 (0) MSEK) ·Net income increased to 38.2 (0.2) MSEK(including tax effects of approximately 23 MSEK) ·Order intake amounted to 5 (4) systems ·9 (5) EBM systems were delivered in the third quarter ·Acquisition of the contract manufacturer DiSanto Technology Inc. Significant events after the end of September: ·Order for 3 EBM systems During the past twelve months Arcam has changed significantly. While sales of our EBM systems continue to increase, we have expanded our business with the metal powder manufacturer AP&C in Canada and the contract manufacturer DiSanto in the US. We now have an offering to our clients with our EBM systems as a hub and metal powders and contract manufacturing being important supplementary products, broadening our offering to the market and providing recurring sales. Trailing twelve months sales amounts to 268.7 MSEK and operating profit amounts to 13.4 MSEK. The operating profit includes non-recurring costs associated with the acquisition of AP&C and DiSanto of about 10.4 MSEK. Acquisition of AP&C In February we acquired the powder producer AP&C from Raymor Industries in Canada. AP&C is a leading manufacturer of high quality metal powder and supplier of titanium powder to Arcam since 2006. Titanium powder is an important part of our offering and with this acquisition we have secured access to the best technology for the production of high quality metal powder for our customers. The acquisition is fully in line with our growth strategy and complements our EBM technology and product portfolio. The acquisition was completed on February 11, and is consolidated from this date. Acquisition of DiSanto Technology In September Arcam acquired DiSanto, a strategic partner since February 2013. The acquisition combines Arcam’s cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing technology with DiSanto’s full-service contract manufacturing services for orthopedic implants. Through DiSanto we offer manufacturing of advanced EBM-based implants and other components. The combination of Arcam’s EBM technology and DiSanto´s know-how in orthopedic implant manufacturing will accelerate the market adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the implant industry. DiSanto is a fully equipped and certified production facility for the production of finished orthopedic implants with approximately 100 employees. The acquisition was finalized on September 2, 2014 and DiSanto is consolidated from this date. Through these acquisitions we now have a broad offering for our customers; metal powders through AP&C, acquired earlier this year, EBM systems and services through Arcam AB and contract manufacturing through DiSanto. The acquisition is thus in line with our growth strategy, and complements our technology and product portfolio. Business status We received 21 new orders in the period and we see a continued strong demand, particularly from the aerospace industry. Order intake for our new large system, Arcam Q20, is strong. The work to industrialize our technology with the major players within the aerospace and implant industries continue and we can now see good opportunities for volume orders during the year. Of the 20 systems that were delivered during the period the majority went to customers within the medical implant or the aerospace industry. In the beginning of July we acquired our agent in the UK. We already have a support operation in the UK and with this new step we take responsibility for direct sales and support on the important UK market. Growth – organic and through acquisitions In addition to the acquisition of AP&C and DiSanto we are in rapid organic growth. We thus continue to recruit qualified employees in order to meet the expectations from our customers. During the period we have strengthened our service office in China and the support organization in Sweden. Through the acquisition of AP&C and DiSanto and through recruitment the number of employees has increased from 64 to 233 since September 2013. We will maintain an ambitious recruitment pace in order to further develop our technology and offering and thus exploiting the present business situation. A strong order book and a positive business situation lay a solid foundation for a strong closing of 2014 and continued growth in 2015.  Mölndal, October 17, 2014 Magnus René, President & CEO The information has been made public in accordance with the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was published on October 17, 2014 at 08.30 (CET).

Resistance, Rights and Racism: Gypsies and Travellers on the English Green Belt

The battle between Gypsies, Travellers and the settled community over how land can be used has moved to the Green Belt, observes Peter Kabachnik of the City University of New York. Writing in the Journal of Cultural Geography, Kabachnik notes that the current shortage of authorised caravan sites has led to one-third of the country’s nomadic population having no ‘legal place to live’. As a result, many travellers purchase, settle on and often get evicted from Green Belt land. He observes: “These choices make Gypsies highly visible, as the land they are asserting their right to is more valuable, both economically and aesthetically, than the stopping places that were once more commonly used.” These choices can also lead to conflict, but they demonstrate an increased sense of ‘agency’ among the travelling community, too; with few other options, many nomads are now challenging and resisting established norms and power relations ‘one caravan pitch at a time’. To understand the travelling community’s experiences, Kabachnik conducted dozens of interviews. Here he draws heavily on the account of the extended ‘Jones’ family whose legal disputes with the council after developing a Green Belt site without permission – and subsequent evictions – are described in great detail. With 90% of planning applications made by Gypsies and Travellers denied in the first instance as opposed to 20% of those from the settled community, many families now own land they cannot live on. Kabachnik argues that both more legal caravan sites and changes in the law are needed to reduce tensions between the settled and travelling communities. Since 1994, the travelling way of life has essentially been criminalised in England and Wales. He concludes: “The laws and its application serve to structure nomad-sedentary relations, and the current legal sedentarist regime constructs those relations as adversarial … As it stands, racist hostility is enabled, produced and fuelled by the illegal status of Gypsies and travellers. The fact that Gypsies and Travellers are technically breaking the law legitimizes the fervent intolerance of many English townspeople.” Traditionally seen as out of place in the city but also now not wanted in the countryside, many nomads are fighting for more than just the right to a home; they’re also fighting for a ‘right to a place’. Kabachnik’s study offers a unique perspective on this fight: that of the nomads themselves, not the media or local residents determined to drive them out, wherever they are. To find out more, please access the full article, free of charge, online at:


Halfords, the UK’s leading cycle retailer, is lending its support to the Government’s newly announced plan that brings ‘national’ back into planning for cycling. On 16thOctober, the DFT released its consultation version of its Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan, outlining plans to double cycling by 2025 and to explore how further funding can be generated for cycle schemes across England. Unlike many previous government announcements that focussed on ‘localism’, the new consultation appears to recognise the need for national leadership.   Says Emma Fox, Commercial Director at Halfords: ‘It’s great to see a delivery plan that stresses the importance of strong leadership being critical at both a local and national level. It’s music to our ears that the Government is committed to bringing about so many positive changes in cycling in England.  We very much look forward to hearing further developments in the Government’s Delivery Plan as well as details on funding for such an ambitious and welcome initiative.’ Halfords recently issued a state-of-the-nation report on cycling safely which uncovered how important cycling is to our nation and how vital the nation thinks cycling education is from a young age. A massive 82 per cent of all those questioned claim they would support a requirement on the National Curriculum that all children be taught to cycle competently, confidently and proficiently on the roads. Emma goes on to say “The Government has claimed it is serious about making the UK a cycling nation, kick-starting a cycling revolution that will remove barriers for future generations of cyclists. At Halfords, we know how important is it to start these skill sets young and educate the next generation on cycling. Since April last year, more than 44,000 parents and children have attended a Halfords kids’ bike workshop, where children aged 7-11 learn basic bike safety, repair and maintenance.  Halfords has also brought bike workshops to primary schools nationwide this year - these initiatives help fuel a lifelong interest in cycles – as well as sound cycling safety knowledge. To ensure we become a cycling nation, there needs to be support on a national level; the recent DFT announcement is therefore a welcome step in the right direction.  According to our recent cycle safety report, the announcement will be welcome by many across the UK - over half of us (55 per cent) claim the Government should give more attention and investment to cycle safety in general." -ENDS- 

Acquisition of the French company, GFOI, strengthens Beijer Ref’s position in the southern hemisphere

The Swedish refrigeration group, Beijer Ref AB, is acquiring all shares in GFOI (Générale Frigorifique Océan Indien), a French refrigeration wholesaler on the Réunion Island located approximately 800 kilometres east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Réunion is one of two French département in the southern hemisphere with more than 840,000 inhabitants and a rapidly expanding tourist industry. GFOI was founded in the year 2000, reports sales of approximately SEK 50M and is the leading refrigeration wholesaler in its market. ”The acquisition is a step forward in our expansion strategy outside Europe. It strengthens our position in the southern hemisphere where, following the acquisition, we will achieve sales of more than SEK 700M via our operation in southern Africa”, says Per Bertland, CEO of Beijer Ref. GFOI will be integrated into Beijer Ref’s organisation and will serve as a branch of the Group’s French refrigeration wholesaler, GFF. This will provide cost synergies and estimates to increase the Group’s market share. The acquisition is deemed to have a marginally positive effect on Beijer Ref’s net income. The company will be included in Beijer Ref’s accounts from October 2014. GFOI’s management will continue to take an active part in the company. Malmö, 17 October 2014Beijer Ref AB (publ) For further information, please contact:Per Bertland, CEOTelephone +46 40-35 89 00Mobile +46 705-98 13 73 or Jonas Lindqvist, CFOTelephone +46 40-35 89 00Mobile +46 705-90 89 04 Beijer Ref is a technology-oriented trading Group which, through added-value products, offers competitive solutions for its customers within refrigeration and climate control.

Finnair’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board

Finnair Plc         Stock exchange release          17 October 2014 at 13.30 EET The following persons have been appointed to Finnair's Shareholders' Nomination Board:Eero Heliövaara, Director General of the Government Ownership Steering Department, Prime Minister's Office (Chairman); Robin Backman, Portfolio Manager, KEVA; and Per Wennberg, Director, Skagen funds. In addition, the Chairman of Finnair's Board of Directors Klaus Heinemann is a member of the Shareholders' Nomination Board. According to the resolution by Finnair’s 2013 Annual General Meeting, the Shareholders' Nomination Board is a permanent body in Finnair's corporate governance and consists of four members who are appointed annually. The Company’s three largest shareholders are each entitled to appoint one member to the Nomination Board. The right to nominate is determined on the basis of the registered holdings in Finnair's shareholder register as of the first weekday in September. The fourth member is the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. The purpose and task of the Nomination Board is to prepare and present a proposal to the Annual General Meeting on the number of the members of the Board of Directors, on the members of the Board of Directors as well as on their remuneration. In addition, the Nomination Board is responsible for identifying candidates as potential board members. The now appointed Nomination Board will forward its proposals for the Annual General Meeting to Finnair's Board of Directors by 31 January 2015.


The index presents 187 listed companies identified as demonstrating a superior approach to climate change mitigation. It has been produced at the request of 767 investors who represent more than a third of the world’s invested capital by CDP, the international NGO that drives sustainable economies. Information provided by nearly 2,000 listed companies has been independently assessed and ranked accordingly. Holmen is one of the 187 that has been awarded an A grade for its climate performance, earning a position on this global ranking of corporate efforts to mitigate climate change. Holmen is one of six Swedish companies on the A-list and together with Finnish UPM the only forestry companies awarded the highest rating. Lars Strömberg, Holmen’s director of sustainable and environmental affairs comments: “Holmen’s strategy of investing in energy boilers for biofuels at both Iggesund Mill and at the mill in Workington has been crucial to our success. The use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions have fallen considerably. The fact that Holmen appears high in this assessment is proof that active work on energy and climate and clear communication about this strengthen both Holmen’s brand and our credibility in the field of sustainability.” ____________________________________________________________ Contact information:Ingela Carlsson, Communications Director, Holmen, tel. +46 702 12 97 12 CDP is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP works with market forces, including 767 institutional investors with assets of US$92 trillion, to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them. CDP now holds the largest collection globally of primary climate-change, water and forest risk commodities information and puts these insights at the heart of strategic business, investment and policy decisions. Please visit to find out more. Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. In 2013 Holmen’s net sales were approx. SEK 16 billion and the group has approx. 3,700 employees. Holmen’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap. For more information, visit

Witches swap broomsticks for steam power on NYMR Halloween Story Trains

They are perhaps more used to travelling by broomstick, but this Halloween, the witches of Yorkshire will be relying on a rather more traditional means of transport as they step aboard the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for two Halloween Story Trains! The special services will depart from Pickering with the magical crew on board to entertain travellers with stories, spells and challenges as they travel to Grosmont Station.  Once there, passengers will disembark for a special magic show, before the witches gather up their young apprentice witches and wizards for the return journey back to Pickering.  The morning story train leaves Pickering at 11.00am, returning at approximately 2.40pm, whilst the afternoon departure leaves at 1pm, returning as darkness falls at around 4.50pm. “There is never a dull moment on the Story Trains, with live characters keeping passengers on their toes for the duration of the journey – and the Halloween Story Train will be particularly enchanting, with the promise of a live magic show once they arrive at Grosmont station,” explains marketing manager, Danielle Ramsey.  “We are hoping that all our young passengers – and maybe some of the adults, too, will dress for the occasion – pointy hats, broomsticks, warts and all, as we’ll be giving out family passes for 2015 visits to the best dressed on each train.” Once back at Pickering, the fun continues with some special visitors in the learning centre on Platform 2, including creepy crawlies, critters and rodents – the perfect mix for a Halloween treat!  There will also be colouring sheets and craft activities for children to enjoy, before they head home to trick or treat! Tickets for the Halloween Story Train cost £45 for a family (two adults and up to four children), or £20.50 for an adult ticket, £17.50 for seniors and £10.50 for children.  Tickets must be pre-booked via the website (, by calling 01751 472508 or in person from the ticket office at Pickering Station. Alongside the Halloween specials, visitors to the railway over the half term break (25 October to 2 November 2014) can collect Witches and Wizards trail sheets, where they are challenged to solve a series of clues along the line.  Those completing the trails will be entered into a prize draw to win family tickets for 2015.  For visitors wishing to enjoy a special service on the heritage railway on 31 October without any additional other-worldly guests, a heavenly dining experience awaits on the Moorlander Pullman lunch service.  An additional service which includes a three course lunch will leave Grosmont at 12.30pm, including warming starter, a traditional roast or fresh poached salmon course and a delicious dessert.  Tickets for the Moorlander Pullman Lunch service are £56 for adults, £54.50 for concessions and £44.50 for children.  To reserve, call 01751 472508, ext. 621. The last few tickets are also available for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Santa Specials, running on selected dates from 30 November to 22 December.  Tickets should be booked online at ENDS For further media information or photographs, please contact: Jay Commins Pyper York Limited Tel:         01904 500698 Email:

Organic industry leaders confirmed for Nordic Organic Food Fair 2014

Renowned Swedish chefs Paul Svensson and Anders Ramsay, strong proponents of sustainable organic cuisine, have been confirmed to host live demonstrations at this year’s sold out Nordic Organic Food Fair, taking place in Malmö, Sweden, on 26-27 October. Now in its second year, the two day trade event, which sold out of all exhibition space last month, also boasts a packed Organic Theatre programme featuring sessions from IFOAM EU, KRAV Sweden, EkoMatCentrum, Fazer Food Services, Soil Association Certification, and Rolf-Axel Nordström, founder of Ängavallen. Paul Svensson, a well-known face on Swedish TV, has over a decade of experience working in top restaurants, including the Michelin-starred F12 and Bon Lloc in Stockholm.  In 2003, he represented his country in the world's most prestigious chef competition – the Bocuse d´Or, where he came in fifth place.  After officially opening this year’s show at 10am on Sunday 26 October, Svensson will be giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy his culinary skills in a series of live cooking sessions on the Menigo stand (FC10). Svensson will also be appearing in The Organic Theatre discussing ‘Mat i tiden och i framtiden’ (Food now and in the future) at 2pm on the show’s opening day. Anders Ramsay will also be appearing on both days of the show (in association with The Vegan Society).  He’ll be taking centre stage on the Biolab stand (FA02) promoting “tasty, deceptively simple” organic food “with lots of veg”.  A chef with around 25 years of experience working in Sweden, Europe and the US, he was recently a finalist in The Vegetarian Chance competition, an event dedicated to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, in Milan, Italy. Full session timings are available at The Food & Drink Education Programme in The Organic TheatreWith sales of organic food and drink still on the rise across Scandinavia, Nordic Organic Food Fair – the region’s only dedicated trade show for organic food and drink – is an exciting proposition for thousands of visiting retailers and foodservice professionals looking to keep up-to-date with all the latest products, trends and industry insights. Notable highlights in this year’s Organic Theatre programme, include an exclusive panel debate on Sunday 26 September discussing how organic and conventional food communities can learn from each other to create a sustainable value chain for the future.  The session, chaired by Rolf Bjerndell, will feature Helene Birk (Organic Denmark), Johan Cejie (KRAV Sweden), Lee Holdstock (Soil Association Certification), and Mikael Robertsson (Organic Sweden).  The panellists will be focusing on possible solutions to meet future needs and how innovation can help create results. Making organic food accessible for all – Mikael RobertssonMikael Robertsson was responsible for environment and CSR in Coop for over 20 years.  He developed Coop’s own brand Änglemark, which today is known throughout Scandinavia.  Robertsson has been a driving force in the development of the organic sector in Sweden – helping buyers, retailers, and big corporation managers improve their knowledge and understanding.  He is currently working on establishing Organic Sweden, a new association which aims to promote increased sales of organic food in Sweden. Organic or local? – Morten HammerichMorten Hammerich is the CEO of Fazer Food Services – an industry leader in organic certification of catering kitchens in Denmark.  In 2010, the company decided to increase the use of organic produce in their 160 canteen kitchens.  The initial goal was to have 30-60% organic food without changing the budget.  Today, four years later, this goal has been reached.  Hammerich’s session will focus on the pros and cons of striving for organic certification, and the use of local ingredients versus organic food, in public kitchens, canteens and restaurants across the Nordic region. New organic regulation update – Kjell Sjödahl SvenssonIFOAM EU council member, and quality manager at KRAV, Kjell Sjödahl Svensson is hosting a must-attend session explaining important changes in EU legislation on organic regulation.  Focusing on the challenges and opportunities for organic operators, key topics under discussion include proposals regarding import, retailer certification, the introduction of a pesticide decertification threshold, administrative burden, the impact on SMEs, and environmental performance requirements. Challenges for conventional and organic food communities – Rolf BjerndellWith consumer behaviour more complex than ever before, gut feeling, trend awareness, creativity and innovation capacity, play an increasingly important role in the food market.  Drawing on decades of experience working as a chairman and CEO of organisations like Probi AB and Oatly, including over ten years as CEO and president of Skånemejerier, Rolf Bjerndell will explain how different communities can and should work together to create innovations to meet the needs of future consumers. Other sessions in The Organic Food Theatre include: · The Swedish organic market: what are the driving forces and what are the current developments? – Johan Cejie, sales manager at KRAV Sweden · Accessing the Swedish public catering market with your organic products – Gunilla Andersson, Malmö City Project · Organic breaks all records: interim report Swedish Ekomarknad 2014 – Cecilia Ryegård, Ekoweb · EkoMatCentrum’s Awards Lilla Ekomatsligan 2014 (to the most ecological school and pre-school in Sweden) and a presentation on ‘climate friendly proteins’ – Mimi Eriksson Dekker and Eva Froman, EkoMatCentrum · Healthy soil… healthy you? – Lee Holdstock, trade relations manager at Soil Association Certification Show features for 2014 include The Organic Theatre, New Products Showcase, and new pavilions from Organic Denmark – Denmark's non-profit organisation of organic companies, consumers and farmers, Menigo’s Organic Marketplace for Fresh Produce; Agrarmarkt Austria; Italian Pavilion; and Andalusian Pavilion.  They join returning pavilions from KRAV and The Soil Association, plus the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Pavilion (exhibiting products from North-East Germany). Nordic Organic Food Fair is co-located with Natural Products Scandinavia ensuring visitors also benefit from access to hundreds of innovative natural food and drink products from world-leading brands and exciting new producers.  Highlight’s in the show’s Natural Theatre include sessions by Patrick Ahern, director general of EHPM examining the uncertainty around EU policy and legislation concerning probiotics and botanicals and their use in food products; Alejandro Gil, IFOAM EU project coordinator, discussing the current challenges and legal situation for GMO-free food production in the EU; and Abigail Stevens from The Vegan Society exploring the business benefits of registering for their internationally-recognised gold standard Vegan Trademark. Full timings and seminar summaries are available at Nordic Organic Food Fair will return to Malmö, Sweden, on 26-27 October 2014.  For more information, and to register for a free trade ticket, please visit and quote priority code NOFUK102 (direct link: ###

Approved Prospectus

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Diagenic ASA (the "Company" or "Diagenic") on 9 October 2014 containing minutes from an extraordinary general meeting which included, among other resolutions, the approval of the acquisition of New NEL Hydrogen Holding AS (“NEL Hydrogen”). The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway has today approved a prospectus prepared by the Company covering the following: Listing of 123,076,923 Consideration Shares to be issued in connection with the acquisition of NEL Hydrogen. Listing of 53,846,154 New Shares to be issued in connection with the completed Private Placement Offering and listing of 53,846,154 Offer shares with tradable subscription rights for existing shareholders of the Company as per the end of 9 October 2014 (“Rights Issue”). The Rights Issue comprises an offering of 53,846,154 offer shares at a subscription price of NOK 0.65, corresponding to gross proceeds of approximately NOK 35 million. The Rights Issue will be directed towards the Company's shareholders as of close of the Oslo Stock Exchange on 9 October 2014, as registered in the Norwegian Central Security Depository (VPS) on 13 October 2014 who are not resident in a jurisdiction where such offering would be unlawful, or for jurisdictions other than Norway, would require any filing, registration or similar action. Regarding further restrictions in respect of who may be allocated or permitted to acquire or exercise Subscription Rights/subscribe for Offer Shares, reference is made to section 6.5.5 "Subscription Rights" and Section 20 "Selling and Transfer Restrictions" in the Prospectus. Subscription period: From and including 21 October 2014 to 4 November at 16:30 hours (CET). Subscription Price: The subscription price in the Rights Issue is NOK 0.65 per Offer Share. Subscription Rights: The Subscription Rights will be fully tradable and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker code "NEL T". The trading period for the Subscription Rights is from and including 21 October 2014 to 31 October 2014 at 16:30 hours (CET). The Subscription Rights are expected to have an economical value. Please note that Subscription Rights that are not used to subscribe for Offer Shares before the end of the Subscription Period or sold before 16:30 hours (CET) on 31 October 2014 will lapse without compensation and consequently be of no value. The Rights Issue is fully underwritten by large shareholders of the Company and some external investors. For further information regarding the underwriter agreement, please see section 6.5.17 "The Underwriting and the Underwriting Syndicate" in the Prospectus. The Rights Issue is managed by Carnegie AS. The Prospectus together with the Subscription Form will be available at and, and will also be available free of charge at the business offices of the Company and Carnegie. Norwegian investors with a VPS account can in addition subscribe for Offer Shares online at This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. For further information, please contact: Lars Christian Stugaard Acting CEO +47 23 01 49 06 / +47 47 63 05 22

Bild & Company Acquires Primo Solutions and Enhances Best in Class Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 17, 2014   Tampa, Florida – Bild & Company, one of the nation’s leading senior healthcare consulting firms announced the acquisition of Primo Solutions, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Both Bild and Primo Solutions have been providing premier mystery shopping services to senior living and healthcare organizations for more than a decade. This acquisition will position Bild & Company as the top leader for mystery shopping in the industry. “Bild & Company is always looking to align with the best of the best for all our services and programs. Primo was a natural fit based on their reputation of providing exceptional customer service and innovative ideas,” states Seth Garber, President and CEO of Bild & Company.  Over the past 10 months, Bild & Company has been rapidly evolving and enhancing their products and services to better address the needs of today’s senior organizations – and to arm them with the most advanced technology to meet the needs of their customers. Current President & CEO of Primo Solutions, Michael Miller will join Bild & Company as Regional Vice President of Sales to support Mr. Garber and the vision of the company. “I’m extremely excited about the future with Bild. We have two deeply rooted companies who truly understand the needs and challenges of our clients,” Miller says. “We will be one of the very few organizations that can offer seamless, integrated solutions— not only research and mystery shopping but best in class sales training and coaching, recruiting and marketing.” Along with Miller’s transition to Bild, all of Primo’s staff will be joining the Bild team roster. Bild & Company, founded in 1999 offers integrated sales and marketing services to help healthcare organizations build occupancy and maximize revenue. Founded on the proven Bild Sales Systems with the core values to help enrich those lives served - the company provides sales coaching and training, recruiting, retention strategies, operational analysis, mystery shopping and full marketing programs for numerous leading senior living providers. For more information, contact Seth Garber at 800-640-0688, or visit ( ###

Tele2 press statement addressing Svenska Dagbladet article titled “Secret report could damage Tele2” [”Hemlig rapport kan fälla Tele2”]

The article focuses on Tele2’s operations in Kazakhstan and refers to a “secret report”. The paper says the report suggests that - although there is no proof of any illegal activities pertaining to corruption – there is reason to raise warning flags.Mats Granryd, CEO and president of Tele2 AB, comments:” The article raises several important issues that we take very seriously. However, it does not present any new information that we have not already investigated. Tele2 is well-familiar with the business environment in Kazakhstan and before entering this market we performed due diligence whereby we checked relevant risks, partners, payments, vendor and the political climate. Based on this process and the ethical principles laid down in our Code of Business Conduct, there was nothing that gave us reason to refrain from entering into the Kazakh market and into an agreement with Asianet. However, as part of our strong risk management procedures, we are constantly reviewing the situation and continuously improving how we operate in the market.”On Ms. Aigul Nuriyeva, Tele2 is aware of the rumours concerning her ownership of Asianet. Both third parties and Tele2 have assessed the matter and we feel confident that she is the registered owner of that company.Tele2 is a value-driven company with zero tolerance for corruption and fraud. The company will continue assessing its investments, operations and partnerships in Kazakhstan and provide additional information about its operations in the country on Should Tele2 receive any new information that suggest irregularities these will be addressed.For further information, contact:Lars Torstensson, EVP Communication and Strategy, Telephone: +46 702 73 48 79 TELE2 IS ONE OF EUROPE'S FASTEST GROWING TELECOM OPERATORS, ALWAYS PROVIDING CUSTOMERS WITH WHAT THEY NEED FOR LESS. We have 13 million customers in 9 countries. Tele2 offers mobile services, fixed broadband and telephony, data network services and content services. Ever since Jan Stenbeck founded the company in 1993, it has been a tough challenger to the former government monopolies and other established providers. Tele2 has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 1996. In 2013, we had net sales of SEK 30 billion and reported an operating profit (EBITDA) of SEK 6 billion.

Thousands of lights to commemorate WWI heroes

Lights were shining to remember the victims of WWI  (Nieuwpoort, Belgium) - Between 7.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. on Friday 17 October, the front line of late 1914 in the westernmost part of Flanders, Belgium was lit up during the 'Light Front'. Spanning 84 km, from the beach at Nieuwpoort to ‘The Memorial to the Missing’ in Ploegsteert, the front line was lit up by a human chain of 8,400 torchbearers. Every ten metres, a participant was holding a torch. International dignitaries, national and regional authorities together with the Royal Couple and thousands of visitors participated in this appealing commemoration.For many of the visitors, the serene atmosphere in which this massive and impressive remembrance event took place was extremely moving.Its success can be attributed to years of intense preparation by the provincial government and, above all, the 8,400 torchbearers together with more than 1,600 volunteers. The Province could also rely on the support of the Flemish and Federal Governments with critical cooperation with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Volksbund in Belgium and several local partners.600,000 names of victims were displayedBesides the thousands of torchbearers along the 84 km route and the artistic fire installations on nine locations, ‘Light Front’ also displayed the 600,000 names of victims on different monuments.The ‘Light Front' scores at home and abroad250 journalists from around the globe followed the event locally. The 'Light Front' attracted international interest not just from the media, but also among the torchbearers. Besides the international young people who launched the 'Light Front', many foreign nationalities participated in this special event. Torchbearers from Great Britain, Denmark, France, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands joined the action. In fact, a total of 21 different nationalities were registered.What happened in Flanders Fields – and what’s happening now?In 1914, the German army marched through Belgium en route to France, the start of a war that would affect many nations. The majority of the country was occupied. Only the ‘Westhoek’ part of Flanders, named now Flanders Fields, remained free from occupation, and was part of the Western Front. For four years, the region was the site of a hopeless trench war, with countless victims. For four long years Flanders Fields was the scene of WWI. The landscape of the region still tells the story of the war. It contains hundreds of monuments and cemeteries which have great historical significance for the people of many nations. There are numerous museums which explain in an interactive way all the aspects of the conflict: the battles, daily life, etc. WWI was the first truly global conflict. Victims from more than 50 countries are buried in Belgium, including Americans and Canadians. Certain spots in Flanders have forever been engraved in the collective memory of other countries and regions. President Obama visited the American cemetery in Waregem earlier this year. For more information about the places to visit and the events and - Watch/Download pictures ofthe light front on (Choose the album FlandersFields)

DIG-ging deep into Victorian progress! Steampunk meets steam engines in York

The team at DIG - An Archaeological Adventure are getting ready to join in on the action at Illuminating York 2014 with their Steampunk inspired salute to Victorian engineering. Visitors will be treated to an immersive, hands on experience where DIG’s ‘inventors’ will be on hand to help you explore some of the key Victorian innovations that still impact modern life today, including cars ,cameras and trains. They will be helped out with unique projections utilising animation and newsreel footage, creating a ‘steampunk’ feel. Steampunk is influenced by works of Victorian Science Fiction, notable examples being H.G Wells, Jules Verne & Mary Shelley, where advanced technology is usually powered by steam engines, creating an aesthetic of old and new inter-mingling. The organisers at DIG are hoping that this unique mixture of Steampunk and history will help shed a new light on this fascinating period of history. Head of Festival and Events for The JORVIK Group of Attractions, which runs DIG, Danielle Daglan explains: “The Steampunk scene has exploded recently with events taking place across Yorkshire. Some of our staff at The JORVIK Group are involved in Steampunk and wanted to showcase their hobby whilst sharing their historical knowledge in a unique way. What better way to marry up Steampunk and Victorian science than with projection and sound during Illuminating York?! ” This event will run throughout Illuminating York 2014 from 29th October to 1st November, 6pm to 9pm in the DIG garden, St Saviourgate. Entry £2 adults and £1 child/conc. More information can be found ENDS   The JORVIK Group is is owned by York Archaeological Trust, a registered Charity in England & Wales (No. 509060) and Scotland (SCO42846) and is made up of five York city centre attractions: The JORVIK Viking Centre, which has celebrated 30 years in 2014 DIG: An Archaeological Adventure Barley Hall – a medieval townhouse in the centre of York Richard III and Henry VII Experiences on York’s city walls More information can be found at About Illuminating York Now in its ninth year, Illuminating York runs from Weds 29th Oct – Sat 1st Nov from 6pm – 10pm.  With the theme York’s Leading Lights, the central artwork is Hidden Worlds which will be projected onto the York Crown Court.   Tickets for Hidden Worlds cost just £4 / £3 for under 16’s.  Under 5’s are free and under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult.  A £1 transaction fee applies.  Tickets are available from 29th September  from York Theatre Royal Box Office either by phoning 01904 623568 or going to   The full programme of all the artworks is available on Photo shows: Steampunk enthusiasts Adam McSkally (left) and Nathan Wade wearing distinctive techno-Victorian garb prepare for the projection-themed event at DIG, part of Illuminating York 2014.  A selection of event photographs from the JORVIK Group as part of Illuminating York 2014 are available for download at: Media Contact: For further media information or photographs, please contact: Jay Commins Pyper York Limited Tel:         01904 500698 Email:


Dome Energy AB. ( (Ticker: DOME ( herein after “Dome”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Gas Ventures LLC effective as of October 1st. The transaction is valued at ~$24 million, based on closing price of Dome shares, Friday October 17th. The acquisition lifts Dome’s production to approx. 1,450 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) and provides the platform for both short and long-term production growth. As part of the agreement Dome will issue 6 million shares and $11.5 unsecured notes in Dome Energy AB. The outstanding shares for the Company will be 34,001,945. An established player in Wyoming, Gas Ventures LLC has a strong operational team with over 150 years regional expertise experience. The Company operates seven wholly owned fields in the Bighorn and Wind River Basins with current production approx. 200 barrels of oil per day (bopd). Gas Ventures has recently commenced drilling operations targeting to increase production to 1,900 bopd. The portfolio contains numerous development drilling locations along with low-cost work-over and recompletion candidates. The acquisition expands Dome’s long-term development program with numerous development drilling targeting conventional oil. Through this, Dome plans to reach 2,000 boepd within eight months and total production of 5,000 boepd following completion of the full program. Paul Morch, CEO, noted “The qualified and experienced team we add to our personnel through this acquisition will be utilized for the development of all our assets. The deal increases our already strong free-cashflow position and adds reserves that can be included to our reserve base lending facility with Societe Generale. We have a great platform for organic growth and it fits within our proven business model of low-risk development drilling. Our stable cashflow gives us great flexibility whether it be increasing investment in drilling new wells, dividends to our shareholders or both.” For further information please contact: Susanna Helgesen, CFOPhone: +46 708 27 86 36US phone: +1 281 558 8585E-mail: About Dome EnergyDome Energy AB. is an independent Oil & Gas Company publicly traded on the Nasdaq OMX First North exchange in Sweden (Ticker: DOME ( Remium Nordic AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Company’s focus is on the development and production of existing onshore Oil & Gas reserves in the United States. For more information visit

Electrolux President and CEO Keith McLoughlin’s comments on the results for the third quarter 2014

In the third quarter of 2014, the Group’s operating income increased by almost 30% to SEK 1.4 billion compared with the same period in 2013, and cash flow after investments improved by SEK 600 million to SEK 1.6 billion. The main factor behind this result is a strong operational recovery in Europe. The Latin American and Asia/Pacific operations performed well in challenging macro-economic conditions. Our sales and earnings in North America remain at a good level and continue to strongly contribute to the Group’s overall result. Our operations in Europe continue to recover as a result of strong focus on cost savings, production efficiency and product portfolio management. Despite continued difficult market conditions, with a recent weakening of leading indicators and consumer confidence in a number of countries across both Western and Eastern Europe, we have managed to significantly improve results. During the third quarter we achieved an operating income of SEK 484 million, with an operating margin of 5.5%, compared with SEK 111 million in the same period of 2013. Our work to restore and secure long-term profitability in Europe includes cost reductions and a focus on improving the product mix, but also actions related to the manufacturing footprint program initiated ten years ago. As parts of the final stages in this program, consultations are initiated with employee representatives regarding the production in Mariestad, Sweden, and Schwanden, Switzerland. Decisions will be taken after the consultations. Both Major Appliances Latin America and Major Appliances Asia/Pacific have been facing challenging market conditions with slow demand in several markets. Although market demand in Brazil has stabilized following the very weak spring and summer, other parts of Latin America have continued to deteriorate. In Asia/Pacific, we have noted a weakening in demand in Australia, and also in the Chinese market. Under these conditions, it is very encouraging to see that both business areas have performed well and have been able to adapt to the new situation in a timely manner. Major Appliances North America continues to deliver results with a good contribution to the Group’s earnings. Sales growth in the region remains healthy. Earnings were impacted by major transitions required to meet new energy standards from the Department of Energy as well as a continued weak market for air-conditioners. The transition has been slower and more complex than anticipated. Our operations within Professional Products continue to improve with an expansion of the operating margin. In September, we announced the largest acquisition ever in the 95-year history of the company. The planned acquisition of GE Appliances is an important strategic move for Electrolux which will give us a significant presence in one of the largest appliances market. GE’s premium, high-quality appliances complement our own brands and enhance our competitiveness as a global appliance maker. We expect a closing of the acquisition during 2015. We are excited about the upcoming transaction to acquire GE Appliances. However, we are continuing the work in all our business areas with the aim of further increasing growth and profitability. This work provides the foundation for reaching our vision of being the best appliance company in the world as measured by our customers, employees and shareholders. Stockholm, October 20, 2014 Keith McLoughlin President and CEO

NMG: Ex. right to receive subscription rights today, 20 October 2013

Nickel Mountain Group AB’s shares will trade ex. right to receive subscription rights as from today, 20 October 2014. For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Nickel Mountain Group AB: Torbjörn RantaManaging Director For more information, please contact: Torbjörn RantaManaging DirectorTel: +46 8 402 28 00Mobile: +46 708 855504E-mail: Cautionary Statement: Statements and assumptions made in this document with respect to Nickel Mountain Group AB’s (“NMG”) current plans, estimates, strategies and beliefs, and other statements that are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements about the future performance of NMG. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those using words such as "may", "might", "seeks", "expects", "anticipates", "estimates", "believes", "projects", "plans", strategy", "forecast" and similar expressions. These statements reflect management's expectations and assumptions in light of currently available information. They are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, (i) changes in the economic, regulatory and political environments in the countries where NMG operates; (ii) changes relating to the geological information available in respect of the various projects undertaken; (iii) NMG’s continued ability to secure enough financing to carry on its operations as a going concern; (iv) the success of its potential joint ventures and alliances, if any; (v) metal prices, particularly as regards nickel. In the light of the many risks and uncertainties surrounding any mineral project at an early stage of its development, the actual results could differ materially from those presented and forecast in this document. NMG assumes no unconditional obligation to immediately update any such statements and/or forecasts.

Second AP Fund to divest holdings in a number of fossil-fuel based energy companies

Following a comprehensive risk analysis of all Second AP Fund holdings in fossil-fuel based energy companies, based on climate impact, the Fund has decided that it will no longer invest in 12 coal and 8 oil-and-gas production companies. “Our starting point for this analysis has been to determine the financial risks associated with the energy sector. By not investing in a number of companies, we are reducing our exposure to risk constituted by fossil-fuel based energy. This decision will help to protect the Fund’s long-term return on investment,” says Eva Halvarsson, CEO of the Second AP Fund. The majority of the turnover generated by the coal-production companies identified in the Fund’s analysis derives from the sale of thermal coal. These companies face considerable climate-related financial risk, due to the negative environmental and health impacts of coal, which affect demand. Furthermore, coal-powered electricity production is subject to competition from gas and renewable energy. In the case of oil-and-gas companies, the Fund has identified a number of companies featuring substantial exposure in high-cost projects, such as oil-extraction from oil sands. The Fund believes these companies face serious climate-related financial risks and that it is highly likely that these projects may either be stranded or unprofitable. The Fund’s holdings in the 20 companies that have been identified amount to a total market value of about SEK 840 million.    For further details, please contact Eva Halvarsson, CEO of the Second Swedish National Pension Fund, or Ulrika Danielson, head of Corporate Communications, on +46 31-704 29 00.

High growth in Scania’s service revenue

Customers are increasingly demanding Scania’s services and revenue rose by 11 percent during the third quarter of 2014 to the highest level in the company’s history − SEK 4,832 million. “Volume has increased and we are also getting some support from the weaker Krona, which meant that currency rate effects contributed positively. Calculated in local currency, revenue rose by 6 percent,” says Scania’s President and CEO Martin Lundstedt. In Europe, service revenue rose by 11 percent to SEK 3,241 million compared to the third quarter of 2013. In Latin America, revenue rose by 8 percent to SEK 724 million and revenue in Asia was 17 percent higher than the previous year, SEK 383 million. In Africa and Oceania, service revenue rose by 6 percent to SEK 301 million, while in Eurasia it increased by 10 percent to SEK 183 million compared to the third quarter of 2013. “We are continuing to invest in increased capacity in the service network, especially in emerging markets, in order to support our customers when they expand their operations. One example is the Russian market where the network has grown to include about 60 service points. Our ambition is that services should grow faster than vehicle sales over a business cycle,” comments Lundstedt. By combining vehicles and services, it is easier to differentiate the company's offering from the competitors. One example is Ecolution by Scania, which was launched at the start of the decade, where volume amounts to almost 4,000 contracts sold with an average fuel saving for customers of 10 percent.   Connected vehicles offer potential for the advancement of service concepts, which can help customers save costs and boost earnings. Today Scania is a leader in this field and by year-end about 100,000 Scania vehicles will be connected. For further information, please contact: · Hans-Åke Danielsson, Press Manager, tel. +46 703 46 88 11 · Per Hillström, Head of Investor Relations, tel. +46 706 48 30 52

Ronnie Leten comments on Atlas Copco’s Q3 results

Year-on-year, orders received in the third quarter increased 20% to MSEK 23 395, supported by acquisitions and improved demand from manufacturing customers. The organic order growth was 2%. Revenues reached a record of MSEK 23 590 (20 552). The adjusted operating profit was MSEK 4 604 (4 214), corresponding to a margin of 19.5% (20.5). Including one-time, non-cash charges, mainly related to impairment of assets, the operating profit was MSEK 4 145. The operating cash flow was strong at MSEK 3 915, supported by a reduction of working capital. “The demand from the manufacturing industry improved, which resulted in a record quarter for our Industrial Technique business area and increased orders for small industrial compressors,” said Ronnie Leten, President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group. “Thanks to past investments and continued customer focus our service business generated record revenue. Demand for mining equipment is still soft but remains stable.” In September, Atlas Copco acquired Henrob, a specialist in self-pierce riveting, a mechanical fastening process for joining sheets of material where welding is difficult, such as aluminum. “This acquisition gives us an additional assembly technology,” said Ronnie Leten. “It offers us an opportunity for further growth in a fast-growing market segment, with innovative, state-of-the art technology.” Also during the third quarter, Nico Delvaux and Andrew Walker started as Presidents of the Compressor Technique and Construction Technique business areas, respectively. Both are long-time serving executives with many years of various leadership positions in the Atlas Copco Group.


“All subsidiaries are developing well in the third quarter. We are growing and increasing our profits. That makes me proud and happy. We win new framework agreements and collaborate with our forward and innovative clients. With our continued strong financial position, the outlook for the future is good,” says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ. Technology and communication are becoming even more fundamental parts of our everyday life. Everything is becoming connected, bandwidth is increasing and we can easily communicate wherever we are. This is bringing new dimensions to our clients’ business models, which creates possibilities for both our clients and for HiQ. “In the current times, it feels good to contribute to a better society. For instance, we simplify the use of public transportation for people with cognitive function disorders, by creating the service ResLedaren. We also make life easier for drivers, as we are helping in the development of a 360-degree field of vision around the vehicle. The technology makes it easier to discover hazards and by that preventing accidents” Lars Stugemo concludes. HiQ’s President and CEO, Lars Stugemo, presents the report today, Tuesday 21 October at 09:00 CET, at HiQ’s head office (Regeringsgatan 20) in Stockholm. The report can be ordered by phone (+46 8 588 90 000) or downloaded from HiQ is required by Swedish law (the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act) to publish this information. This information was released for publication at 07:30 CET on 21 October 2014.  For more information, please contact:Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ. Tel. +46 8 588 90 000Peter H. Lindecrantz, Head of Corporate Communications. Tel. +46 704 200 103  HiQ simplifies and improves people’s lives by using hi-tech solutions in communications and software development. The company is a leader in these areas and has the Nordic region as its home market. HiQ employs around 1,400 staff and has offices both in the Nordic countries and in Russia. HiQ is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Mid Cap List. For more information, please visit

AVTECH enters into an agreement with Etihad on Aventus NowCast

AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) ("AVTECH", "the Company") today announces that the Company has entered into a commercial agreement with Etihad Airways P.J.S.C. (“Etihad”) related to the implementation of AVTECH’s Aventus NowCast Descent (“Aventus”) service, for Etihad's operations into London Heathrow (UK), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Jakarta (Indonesia). The agreement is planned to run for two months, during which a thorough joint analysis will be executed within Etihad's operations at these three airports, in turn forming the basis for subsequent negotiations and agreement on delivery of the service to Etihad's full network, currently involving approximately 90 airports throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. The agreement has an undisclosed contract value due to contractual confidentiality and commercial reasons. "We are very pleased to have signed this contract with Etihad", says Ryan Ellison VP Aventus Sales at AVTECH. "The contract is not only proof of concept of the change in overall market approach that we implemented in May 2014 when the Aventus Business Unit was reorganized, but it is also yet a potentially strategic Aventus contract with a highly renowned company in the airline industry. We are humble to now enter into this evaluation agreement and we are committed to do our utmost to deliver benefits according to mutual expectations", finishes Ryan Ellison. "Receiving this contract with Etihad Airways I want to thank Ryan Ellison for his, as always, excellent work with Sales”, says Jonas Saric, Business Unit Director Aventus NowCast and CFO. “The contract is a stepping stone into a potentially great long term collaboration between AVTECH and Etihad. Having received yet another important contract following the first network wide and crucial contract with Southwest Airlines, it is our determination not to rest, but to continue our focused and aggressive efforts to achieve an increased market impact through a number of initiatives. I look forward to an exciting winter of 2014/2015", finishes Jonas Saric. “We are happy to proceed with this evaluation and are looking forward to seeing the benefits that this tool will provide us with” says Sander de Moor, Etihad’s Senior Manager Fuel Efficiency. “When considering the current relative crudeness of generic atmospheric data on the one hand and the capabilities of on-board equipment on the other hand, we are impressed with the elegance of this tool in addressing these issues. If successful, apart from entering in a long-term agreement, Etihad will also consider expanding the agreement to cover the enroute capability offered by AVTECH’s Aventus Enroute product, covering accurate wind data for the entire flight. Longer term, we are expecting others in the field of aviation to catch up and make these enhanced capabilities and tools a standard, which will help the industry as a whole to become more efficient”, finishes Sander de Moor. About Aventus NowCast The Aventus NowCast™ system is a unique and patented system that enables accurate wind information and/or 4-Dimensional Trajectories for flights, making use of the very best in atmospheric modeling combined with weather information (AMDAR and/or TAMDAR) to create high resolution wind models and wind data packages for the different segments of a flight; a so called NowCast. Data packages are uplinked to aircraft to enable the onboard Flight Management Systems (FMS) to accurately calculate an optimized flight profile and the actual time when each waypoint of a flight will be reached. The immediate benefits of Aventus NowCast are airline fuel and CO2 savings, i.e. the solution is highly environmentally friendly. Aventus is also imperative for aviation wide Time-based operations, which is an area where the solution provides even larger overall financial and environmental benefits through the provision of increased efficiency and punctuality of individual flights and of the air transport system as a whole. For more information, please contact Jonas Saric, Business Unit Director Aventus NowCast and CFO, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80 Ryan Ellison, Vice President Aventus Sales, +46 (0) 8 544 104 80 About AVTECH Sweden AB (publ)                                                                                                                                                                                             AVTECH develops products and services for digital Air Traffic Management (ATM). Its customers include the global aviation industry; e.g. airlines, airports, aviation authorities, technology companies and airline manufacturers. By using AVTECH’s products and services, each individual flight as well as the entire airline operation can be optimized in terms of cost, noise and emission, efficiency, punctuality and safety. The head office is in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in Toulouse, France and an associated company in Dubai, U.A.E. AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North and has appointed Mangold Fondkommission AB, tel: +46 8 503 01 550, as Certified Adviser.

NMG: Approved Prospectus

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Nickel Mountain Group AB (the "Company" or "NMG") on 10 October 2014 regarding minutes from an extraordinary general meeting which included, among other resolutions, the approval of a fully underwritten share issue of approximately NOK 68 million (the “Rights Issue”).   The Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden approved the prospectus prepared by the Company covering the Rights Issue on 20 October 2014. Following standard notification procedures between the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden and the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, the prospectus also constitutes a listing prospectus under Norwegian securities legislation. The Rights Issue comprises an offering of 68,107,020 new shares at a subscription price of NOK 1.00, with tradable subscription rights, corresponding to gross proceeds of approximately NOK 68 million. The Rights Issue will be directed towards the Company's shareholders as of close of the Oslo Stock Exchange on 17 October 2014, as registered in Euroclear and the Norwegian Central Security Depository (VPS) on 21 October 2014 who are not resident in a jurisdiction where such offering would be unlawful, or for jurisdictions other than Norway and Sweden, which would require any filing, registration or similar action. Regarding further restrictions in respect of who may be allocated or permitted to acquire or exercise Subscription Rights/subscribe for New Shares, reference is made to section 5.8 "Subscription Rights" and Section 5.25 "Offer Restrictions" in the Prospectus. Subscription period: From and including 23 October 2014 to 6 November 2014 at 16:30 hours (CET). Subscription Price: The subscription price in the Rights Issue is NOK 1.00 per New Share. Subscription Rights: The Subscription Rights will be fully tradable and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker code "NMG T". The trading period for the Subscription Rights is from and including 23 October 2014 to 4 November 2014 at 16:30 hours (CET). The Subscription Rights are expected to have an economical value. Please note that Subscription Rights that are not used to subscribe for New Shares before the end of the Subscription Period or sold before 16:30 hours (CET) on 4 November 2014 will lapse without compensation and consequently be of no value. The Rights Issue is fully underwritten by the Company’s largest shareholder and a group of institutional investors and family offices. For further information regarding the underwriter agreement, please see section 5.19 "The Underwriting and the Underwriting Syndicate" in the Prospectus. The Rights Issue is managed by Carnegie AS. The Prospectus together with the Subscription Form will be available at and, and will also be available free of charge at the business offices of the Company and Carnegie. Norwegian investors with a VPS account can in addition subscribe for New Shares online at This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Nickel Mountain Group AB: Torbjörn RantaManaging Director For more information, please contact: Torbjörn RantaManaging DirectorTel: +46 8 402 28 00Mobile: +46 708 855504E-mail: Cautionary Statement: Statements and assumptions made in this document with respect to Nickel Mountain Group AB’s (“NMG”) current plans, estimates, strategies and beliefs, and other statements that are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements about the future performance of NMG. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those using words such as "may", "might", "seeks", "expects", "anticipates", "estimates", "believes", "projects", "plans", strategy", "forecast" and similar expressions. These statements reflect management's expectations and assumptions in light of currently available information. They are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, (i) changes in the economic, regulatory and political environments in the countries where NMG operates; (ii) changes relating to the geological information available in respect of the various projects undertaken; (iii) NMG’s continued ability to secure enough financing to carry on its operations as a going concern; (iv) the success of its potential joint ventures and alliances, if any; (v) metal prices, particularly as regards nickel. In the light of the many risks and uncertainties surrounding any mineral project at an early stage of its development, the actual results could differ materially from those presented and forecast in this document. NMG assumes no unconditional obligation to immediately update any such statements and/or forecasts.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America Announces 2014 HD Human Biology Project GRANT RECIPIENTS

New York, NY, October 20, 2014 -- The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) is pleased to announce that eight research grants have been awarded under the Society’s largest research initiative, the HDSA Huntington’s Disease Human Biology Project.  Totaling $795,000, these grants emphasize the importance of bringing basic and clinical researchers together to facilitate Huntington’s disease (HD) science beyond animal models and into the human condition with the participation of HD patients. “With this year’s awards, HDSA not only continued, but significantly expanded our financial commitment to foster innovative patient-focused research to help the HD research community better understand the biology of Huntington’s disease as it occurs in people”, said George Yohrling, PhD, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at HDSA.  “The broad impact these HDSA supported studies can have on aspects of HD drug discovery and clinical development is enormous.” HDSA received applications from researchers from twelve different countries.  Ultimately, grants were awarded to eight research fellows, from seven different institutions, in four countries (USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Germany).  The winning projects include development of a human stem cell neuromuscular model, sleep assessment in HD patients, biomarker development, improved brain imaging data to enable better and faster clinical trials and unbiased “big data” approaches to better understand disease pathology and identify potential drug targets for HD.  The winners and titles of the 2014 HDSA HD Human Biology Project Grants are: · Dr. Barbara Calamini, Research Scientist, Duke University: Human Stem Cell-Derived Neuromuscular Co-culture Platform for Assessing Peripheral Manifestation of Huntington’s Disease, Amy Bradshaw Humphrey Memorial Award Winner · Dr. Dawn Loh, Research Associate, UCLA: At-Home Monitoring of Sleep/Wake Cycles of Huntington’s Disease Patients, Amy Bradshaw Humphrey Memorial Award Winner · Eleni Mina, PhD Candidate, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands: A Novel Systems Medicine Approach for HD Biomarker and Therapeutic Target Discovery · Dr. Shihao Shen, Post-doctoral Fellow, UCLA: Transcriptome Isoform Networks in Huntington’s Disease · Dr. Eun Young Kim, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Iowa: Developing a Robust Segmentation Pipeline that Allows for Consistent Trajectory Estimation of Huntington’s Disease Gene Positive Individuals  Across Multiple Longitudinal MRI sites · Dr. Sonia Podvin, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of California at San Diego: Proximal Mutant Huntingtin Protein Interactions that Occur in a Polyglutamine Length-Dependent Manner in Human HD Brains · Dr. Giulia Cisbani, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Laval (Quebec): Microvesicles: Biomarker and Vehicle for the Propagation of Mutant Huntingtin Protein · Dr. Alexander Buntru, Post-doctoral Fellow, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine (Berlin, Germany): Development of a Novel FRET-based HTT Aggregation Assay as a Diagnostic Tool for Huntington’s Disease For a complete summary of these eight research projects, please visit Uniquely, the HD Human Biology Project requires that all awardees propose to work in collaboration with at least one of the twenty HDSA Centers of Excellence across the USA.  The HDSA Centers of Excellence are a select network of academic medical centers providing expert multi-disciplinary care to HD patients and families from health professionals with deep passion in the area of Huntington’s disease.  “The Human Biology Project is a testament to HDSA’s extraordinary commitment to support promising HD research,” said Louise Vetter, Chief Executive Officer of HDSA. “We take pride in providing the world’s finest HD services to the families we serve, but we also play an integral role in finding a cure for this devastating disease.”    Thanks to the kind generosity of the Pittsburgh community, two of this year’s top scoring Human Biology Project proposals from Dr. Barbara Calamini (Duke University) and Dr. Dawn Loh (UCLA), were given the additional honor of being named winners of the Amy Bradshaw Humphrey Memorial Award.  Sadly, Amy passed away earlier this year after a long battle with HD.   HDSA would also like to acknowledge the generosity of the Gies Foundation and CHDI Foundation.  Their support of the 2014 Human Biology Project allowed HDSA to double the number of awards made in 2013.  Most importantly, their support will enable more high-quality, impactful human HD research. Huntington’s disease is a fatal genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. It deteriorates a person’s physical and mental abilities during their prime working years and has no cure. HD is known as the quintessential family disease because every child of a parent with HD has a 50/50 chance of carrying the faulty gene. Today, there are 30,000 symptomatic Americans and more than 200,000 at-risk of inheriting the disease. The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by HD.  From community services and education to advocacy and research, HDSA is the world’s leader in providing help for today and hope for tomorrow for people with HD and their families. To learn more about Huntington’s disease and the work of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, visit or call 1-800-345-HDSA. # # #