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Safe at Sea are specialists in developing, manufacturing and customizing safety systems and personal equipment for SAR operations. Our flagship is the RescueRunner, originally developed by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. The RescueRunner is the most efficient way to safely rescue a person in water.


  • Erik Rudelius

    Sales and Marketing

    Importgatan 15F 422 46 Hisings Backa
    +46 (0)303 230705
  • Kaj Lehtovaara


    Importgatan 15F 422 46 Hisings Backa
    +46 (0) 303 230704
  • Linda Ahl

    Business Development Manager

    Importgatan 15F 422 46 Hisings Backa
    +46 (0)76 316 0470
  • Quotes

    We are proud and glad, that yet another customer on the international market, chooses Safe at Sea AB (publ.) as a supplier, to improve their rescue capability.
    CEO Kaj Lehtovaara
    We are proud and glad that for the confidence from the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society that continues to equip their new rescue vessels with RescueRunners.
    Kaj Lehtovaara, CEO
    Kaj Lehtovaara, CEO at Safe at Sea AB (publ).
    We are very excited to enter yet another market and believe we have formed a strong alliance with EnergiSolution PTE LTD as they have a strong network and the right contacts in the market of the Republic Union Myanmar.
    We are very enthusiastic about the fruitful cooperation that is developing between DLRG and Safe at Sea AB (publ) and look forward to continuing the important mission to save more lives, together with DLRG in the future
    Kaj Lehtovaara - CEO
    “We look forward to continuing the close cooperation we have had since years back with Hode over Vann AS and that we together with them can spread the knowledge about the RescueRunner system. We believe it will be a very valuable tool for the different Norwegian Organizations which are specialized in water rescue but also for the Fish farming industry as a service boat. Norway is a very interesting market for Safe at Sea AB (publ.) and we are here to stay”.
    Kaj Lehtovaara - CEO
    This once again shows that RescueRunner is built to last even in extreme conditions where more leisure oriented alternatives are not an option
    Kaj Lehtovaara
    We are very proud that we have been granted this funding. It proves that Region Västra Götaland believe in what we are doing, our plan for the future and our assessment of the market
    Kaj Lehtovaara
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