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Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Its innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for customers in a sustainable way.


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  • Quotes

    It is essential for companies to be able to test their products in a controlled environment, allowing input into the design and installation procedures at an early stage.
    Stephen Robertson, Head of Business Development for ORE Catapult
    The test results provided a greater understanding of potential installation issues our customers might face such as pull-in and pull-out loads.
    John Deasey, Renewables Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in the U.K.
    This tool enables us to use local personnel to an even higher degree, which is something that our customers are looking for.
    Morten Kristensen, Business Group Director, Trelleborg Offshore in Norway
    Our investment into this facility demonstrates our long-standing commitment to accelerating performance for our customers both locally and globally.
    Ulf Berghult, Chief Financial Officer for Trelleborg Group
    Once we deliver products to our customers, the service doesn’t stop there. We strive to enhance the business performance and competitiveness of our customers and are delighted to offer this service, through our partnership with Chet Morrison Contractors.
    Alan McBride, Vice President Drilling and Syntactic Products for Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    FireNut™ may seem like a simple product, but it can be critical in terms of fire protection. The app will give our customers a quick guide to choosing the best FireNut™ for their flange type.
    Patrick Waal, Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    Our newest materials in our Eccofloat line are formulated with a high strength to weight ratio providing the maximum uplift or buoyancy per cubic foot. Eccofloat TG30 is rated for a depth of 5,000 meters and Eccofloat TG32 is rated for a depth of 6,000 meters.
    Bob Kelly, Managing Director within Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation
    One of the greatest challenges with manufacturing deep water syntactic foam is producing the lightest possible foam for a given depth. This translates into maximum uplift or buoyancy for the vehicle, which is what our customers are ultimately looking for.
    Bob Kelly, Managing Director within Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation
    The API assessment is a detailed process approved by an independent third party, which put our design of the bend restrictor reaction flange under stringent analysis. Receiving the certification demonstrates the ability of our design team and the performance of our bend restrictors, especially for use in challenging and harsh offshore environments.
    Andrew Garside, Innovation and Engineering Director from Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    Installation of the new ROV installed DBMs was a complete success. We were able to safely remove and install multiple modules in a very limited timeframe. We look forward to the next opportunity where we can use this field proven design on another project.
    Lars Wigant, Director & Partner at SubC Partner
    Trelleborg earned the 2016 Excellence Award for their OTC tradeshow campaign because their marketing team was clearly able to outline the results that were achieved from this campaign and the positive impact it had on their business objectives.
    Rachel Bonnette, President for the BMA Houston Chapter
    We are committed to continuously improving our engineering and manufacturing services and the Global Riser Analysis team will be a great addition to our engineering group. Through this new service, the team will help advance our product development and design opportunities at the system level as well as bring innovative ideas and cost savings to our customers.
    Antony Croston, Business Group Director with Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    By partnering with Trelleborg offshore, we’re using a new approach to accelerate the deployment of this technology. This is an important partnership to bridge the gap from technology conception to production.
    Antonio Critsinelis, Subsea Pipeline Team Lead with Chevron Energy Technology Company
    Through the certification process, we worked with UL to write the new Buoyant Media for Protection against Full-surface Fires in Fixed Flammable and Combustible Liquid Tanks and Repositories certification and are currently manufacturing DryFoam™ to meet this standard.
    Robert Kelly, General Manager of Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Boston
    The results will provide a benchmark as to where the industry stands after two challenging years, and what the areas of growth and opportunity may be in the near future. We look forward to sharing those results with our global audience.
    Bob Vavra, Content Manager for Oil & Gas Engineering
    We are very excited to expand our offerings to our customers with additional materials and a wider product range.
    Hans Leo Hals, Managing Director of Trelleborg's offshore operation in Norway
    By working together we will combine KKIC’s local knowledge with Trelleborg’s global strength and capabilities.
    Mr. Jeong Hoon Kim, General Manager at KKIC
    Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to rapidly expanding into the European aerospace engine market and this new distribution agreement with Jetseal Inc. offers significant market opportunities for both companies.
    Michel Prouff, Director Global Marketing Aerospace for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
    As the industry continues to move further offshore, we can short cut the development time needed for new concepts by transferring our oil & gas industry knowledge and expertise to renewable energy.
    John Deasey, Renewables Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in the UK
    Modern rail systems have to respond to increasing demands for long service life combined with reduction or elimination of environmental impacts such as noise, vibration and stray current.
    Robin Wolfendale, Rail Projects Manager within the Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation
    Receiving the API 17L1 Ed. 1 2013 certification demonstrates the performance of our bend restrictors, especially for use in challenging and harsh sea environments.”
    Andrew Garside, Innovation and Technology Director within Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Skelmersdale
    We are constantly pushing the barriers of innovation, and this can be seen through our developments in the RVA market.
    Damien Savary, General Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace Hub Europe
    Our proven technologies, leading materials and long experience have made us an important supplier in buoyancy materials for ROV’s, and we are looking forward to building our relations further.
    David Clayton, Sales Director for Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Rochdale
    Brazil remains a strategic development area for the oil and gas industry and we welcome Sebastian’s passion and industry experience to help our growth efforts in Brazil and South America.
    Richard Beesley, Commercial Director of Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Brazil
    In accordance with current legislation, corrosion-free designs will increase the reliability and safety of installations worldwide
    Ole Bjørn Rasmussen, Sales Manager within the Trelleborg offshore operation
    Winning this order, as well as other recent major contracts for DRBMs, reinforces our position as a leading global manufacturer within the subsea buoyancy market that is driven to accelerate our customers’ performances.
    Alan McBride, Vice President of Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Houston
    The API assessment is a comprehensive process, which put our material selection and testing through rigorous analysis. Receiving the verification demonstrates the durability of our cable and flowline protection system Uraduct® and our bend restrictors, especially for long term use in demanding offshore environments.
    Andrew Garside, Innovation and Technology Director within Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Skelmersdale
    As oil & gas applications increasingly use HFC fluids and length of life needs to be extended to avoid costly downtime, it is imperative that we provide operators with information on the optimum sealing material for HFC fluids.
    Eric Bucci, Oil & Gas Segment Manager Americas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
    Despite the successful use of PTFE based materials with HLP fluids, alternative sealing materials, such as Zurcon® Z80 and in particular Zurcon® Z13 could offer better wear resistance and extended life in HFC fluids.
    Dr. Mandy Wilke, Technology Specialist Fluid Power Europe, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
    This accreditation can be seen as a ringing endorsement of the safety of our products and sends a strong message to the market - the name Trelleborg is synonymous with quality and safety.
    Vincent Lagarrigue, Marketing Manager for Trelleborg’s oil and marine hoses
    We are very proud that Statoil has chosen to sign a framework agreement with us for our core products and solutions.
    Hans Leo Hals, Managing Director for Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Norway
    Our Swiline solution draws on proven proprietary Trelleborg technology to deliver a guaranteed solution in even the most demanding conditions, accredited to the international API 17K standard.
    Jonathan Petit, Project Manager for oil & marine hoses at Trelleborg
    To be recognized for our pioneering work in the use of syntactic foam buoyancy in offshore drilling applications is a huge honor for Trelleborg.
    Alan Burgess, President for Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    SourceOne is excited to bring the Marathon squeegee to our customer base. Marathon performed very well under extensive testing for squeegee swell with UV inks and also is a great fit for the textile industry.
    Dave Durbin, VP, Director Screen Products for Nazdar SourceOne
    The ability of the materials to successfully function below -4 °F / -20 °C while under 15,000 psi / 100MPa is convention-defying and a further demonstration of Trelleborg’s constant determination to push the barriers of science and continue to provide more advanced and sophisticated sealing solutions.
    Andrew Longdon, UK Technical Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
    OTC Asia is an important industry event and we look forward to discussing our latest developments in buoyancy and bend control manufacturing with the attendees.
    Ajan Das, Business Development Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    We were assured of Trelleborg’s product expertise in this application from previous project success and strong track record. However, Trelleborg is doing more than simply supplying the product; they are going the extra mile to deliver the best quality insulation against the timeline by setting up a local facility in Baku.
    Paul Spikins, Senior Coating Engineer for BOS Shelf
    Our ability and willingness to commit this type of investment in a project is one of the ways Trelleborg performs at every level in the offshore oil and gas industry.
    Jonathan Blackburn, Project Manager for Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    Pipelines unsupported over free spans, such as steel catenary risers and rigid steel flowlines, are prone to VIV fatigue, which can lead to serious issues such as pipe girth weld failure or premature pipe malfunction. To combat this, the Tri-Strake™ Combi comprises interlocking moldings, with three-start helical strakes.
    Jonathan Fox, Senior Product Development Engineer for Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    With an ever increasing global requirement for data and product transfer, and the necessity for transfer networks to run through ever harsher environments, the demand for highly advanced cable and flowline protection grows.
    Andrew Garside, Innovation and Technology Director within Trelleborg’s offshore operation
    We are sure that the latest update of our O-Ring Calculator will be much appreciated by the tens of thousands of users we have worldwide. No one else has a comparative online tool and this newest version takes us a further step ahead.
    Simone Frick, O-Ring Product Manager
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