South East Asia is a highly interesting market for Allgon. We believe there is a lot of potential for our products, and by extension our subsidiary brands, to bring a lot of value to companies with remote control needs. CeMAT is a great opportunity for us to connect with potential partners who deeply understand the market and can help us enter the market effectively.
Mark van der Elst, CMO Allgon AB
Cranes, lifting, and hoisting is a big industry for us; we hope to see many interested customers for a wireless solution to tower, mobile, and other crane applications. However, besides cranes and winches, there are many more construction applications that we can offer remote controls for, including shovels, concrete trucks, water pumps, drilling equipment, aggregates, etc.
Ludovic Giroud, Managing Director Tele Radio France
Åkerströms has a long experience and competence within the industrial crane and construction machinery industry. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety in these environments we develop solutions perfectly suited for the most challenging environments. We believe Intermat is a great opportunity for our brand to expand our network and further grow alongside Allgon Group outside of our native Scandinavia
Erika Ryttare, Marketing Manager Åkerströms
I’m happy to be at the wheel of this new chapter in Allgon’s history, and excited to create partnerships all over the globe
Pär Wahlstrand
Pär has been instrumental in Tele Radio’s success over the years. I’m delighted to bring his fierce ambition to the Allgon name
Ola Samelius, CEO Allgon AB
I look forward to bringing closer ties and offering a seamless service to our clients in Denmark.
Helene Kyo Johansen
I am delighted to bring a familiar face into the Tele Radio family. I am confident that Helene will have great success and we’ll support her the best way we can from Allgon.
Ola Samelius, CEO Allgon AB
We have managed to maintain our cash levels, kept costs under control and established contingency plans, leading to a strong result for the third quarter.
Johan Hårdén, CEO & President, Allgon
We are pleased that Buffalo Turbine once again has chosen Tele Radio as supplier of radio remote control for their equipment. This order is a result of our competence in delivering radio remote control solutions that both meet the customer’s high quality and safety demands and that also ensure flexible use in very demanding industrial environments. The scope of the order demonstrates that demand for radio remote control continues to be strong.
Miguel Tellez, Managing Director at Tele Radio LLC.
The establishment in Russia is another example of Tele Radio's successful model for long term expansion into new markets.
Ola Samelius, CEO Tele Radio
With Tele Radio's innovative solutions, we see good potential in being one of the driving players in the development of industrial radio control.
Karl Norman, CEO Tele Radio Russia/CIS
This is a continuation of our successful growth model where we establish subsidiaries in markets with good growth potential.
Ola Samelius, CEO Tele Radio Group
. I have a strong conviction that we will make a mark within industrial remote controls in Brazil thanks to the extremely robust and safe products in combination with ambitious local support.
Laercio Neves, CEO Tele Radio Brazil
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