With this new certification, ArcelorMittal is setting an example for the construction market in terms of sustainably sourced steel. UK construction companies prefer to buy from manufacturers who can demonstrate that their products comply with a recognised responsible sourcing scheme such as BES 6001. From now on, UK contractors, designers and fabricators can choose ArcelorMittal long products with the full assurance that they comply with government insistence on sustainably sourced material.
Amit Sengupta, Chief Marketing Officer of ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products
La construction est un secteur clé pour ArcelorMittal, et représente 32% des ventes de la société. Notre stratégie de R&D est basée sur la capacité à offrir des produits différenciés et des solutions de conception uniques dans le secteur. Dans le cadre de la mise en place de ces procédés, notre département R&D vient d’implémenter une nouvelle méthode d’évaluation d’un bâtiment et de ces composants, basée sur un certain nombre de normes existantes (durabilité, le confort, la santé, le coût, etc.). La première utilisation de ce nouveau procédé d’évaluation, a été faite sur un immeuble de bureaux, délimitant ainsi les lignes directrices pour les constructions de 2020. Cette évaluation peut être appliquée par les architectes, les propriétaires, les promoteurs, les constructeurs, les équipes de maintenance, et même les entreprises de gestion. Le procédé analyse chacun des modèles et des solutions d’ArcelorMittal, et comprend une analyse complète du cycle de vie du bâtiment. Le projet vise également à mettre en valeur le potentiel des nouveaux produits d’ArcelorMittal, tels que la future gamme d’aciers photovoltaïques développée dans le projet Phoster et Magnelis® - un acier dont le revêtement métallique présente une capacité d’auto-cicatrisation sur les tranches.
Jean-Luc Thirion, Directeur Général, ArcelorMittal Global R&D
Construction is a key sector for ArcelorMittal, accounting for 32% of the Company's sales. R&D strategy is to deliver differentiated products and unique design solutions to the sector. As part of that process, our global R&D department just developed a methodology to assess a building and its components based on a number of existing standards (sustainability, comfort, health, cost…). First application was made on an office building developing thus guidelines for 2020 building . The project has applicability to architects, property owners, developers, builders, maintenance and management firms alike. It analyses each of ArcelorMittal's designs and solutions and includes a full life-cycle analysis of the completed building. The project aims also at showcasing the potential of key ArcelorMittal’s product solutions such as the future range of photovoltaic steels developed in the Phoster project and Magnelis®, a metallic coated steel with the ability to self-heal on cut edges.
Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager, ArcelorMittal Global R&D
With our unparalleled service and global presence, ArcelorMittal will continue to support the efforts of appliance makers to introduce the next generation of appliances. As well as providing timeless aesthetics, ArcelorMittal helps customers to optimise their processes, reduce costs and improve results thanks to an innovative co-engineering approach.
Stephane Giffard-Bouvier, business development segment appliances at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products
In terms of respect for the environment and human health, Solano® Nature is the obvious choice of cladding material for buildings erected in demanding industrial or coastal environments, while retaining its unbeatable performances in terms of flexibility and corrosion resistance
André Lavaud, product marketing manager, ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products
This partnership with LanzaTech is an example of how we are looking at all potential opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions and support a transition to a lower carbon economy. Steel is produced through a chemical process that results in high levels of waste gases being emitted; this new technology will enable us to convert some of these waste gases into fuels that deliver significant environmental benefits when compared to conventional fossil fuels. It is a further example of why our carbon footprint should be viewed on a life cycle analysis basis, given steel is 100% recyclable and the material impact we make on reducing the carbon footprint of our customers through product innovation.
Carl DeMare Vice President, Innovation, ArcelorMittal
ArcelorMittal has consistently stayed on the cutting edge of innovation in the steel industry and has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its carbon emissions. We are tremendously excited to announce this partnership and our first production facility in Europe at a time when it is abundantly clear that we need all solutions and the commitment of large corporations, cities and countries around the world, to help us stay within our 2 degree carbon budget and keep fossil reserves in the ground.
Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech
This app is a new way to browse the content of our existing automotive product catalogue. It is fast, user friendly and, of course, mobile.
Francis Bugnard, Technical Director Automotive Europe
Innovation is key to maintaining our position as the partner of choice. We focus on high quality, outstanding service and technological development to serve our customers with efficient and sustainable product solutions
Augustine Kochuparampil, CEO at ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products
As part of the transition to a low-carbon economy our automotive customers are required to improve their efficiency and reduce tail pipe emissions. Other materials have sought to take advantage of this shift and question steel’s ability to support the required weight-savings. The reality is very different. Our R&D department has worked very closely with our auto customers to develop a fantastic range of steel products that can deliver the requirements our auto customers are demanding in both a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. We have had a very positive response from customers to these solutions that has contributed to us being named Supplier of the Year, for the second consecutive year, by GM and ranked first by Ford, for the fourth year in a row, in its 2014 business unit review. We will continue to invest in innovative automotive steels for the future and are convinced that steel will remain the material of choice for the automotive sector.
Brian Aranha, Head of Global Automotive and commercial coordination
These are two excellent examples of our leading position in the steel fibre business, demonstrating how we offer our customers best-in-class service and support for their projects. ArcelorMittal WireSolutions remains a strong solutions provider and a reliable partner to all our customers in the tunnelling industry. With this success, we have strengthened our team of tunnelling specialists in the company.
José Ramón González, Steel Fibre Manager
This ECCA Premium® Quality and Sustainability label for ArcelorMittal confirms our engagement towards excellence for the products that we deliver to the construction market. We are already in progress to certify the whole range of our outdoor prepainted steels of all our organic coating lines.
Jérôme Guth, manager of Business Development Construction
We are very proud of this first certification. It is a team work and I would like to congratulate in particular the quality and production teams who performed a great job.
Sake Van Gils, manager of Product Offer Management Industry
This blog shows that steel as an innovative material can also score in social web. Meanwhile, our employees get the chance to give their views. Finally, they are the most important part to make the company so unique as the world’s leading steel producer.
Frank Schulz, CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany
“As manufacturer of flat steels, we are closely integrated into the final construction systems. It is important for us to connect with architects as our products provide a significant contribution to the final aesthetics of buildings.”
Jerome Guth, Manager of Business Development Construction for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products
“Ebitda improved again this quarter proving further evidence that the actions taken to improve the competitive position of our European operations were the right ones, and are delivering results. It’s important to note that we have achieved this in a European market where demand remains significantly below pre-crisis levels. Looking ahead, we expect to see continued pick-up in European manufacturing activity to support our apparent steel consumption growth forecast for Europe of around 2 per cent this year, and are very well placed to capture our share of improving demand.”
Aditya Mittal, CEO of ArcelorMittal Europe
“The JVD process demonstrates the dedication and capability of our R&D teams who have been developing JVD over the last eight years, from a small lab trial up to a full industrial solution.”
Carl De Maré, Vice-President and Head of Emerging Technology Development for ArcelorMittal Group
“This project is an integral part of our new industrial plan. ArcelorMittal Liège will be the first industrial site worldwide using this technology. This will reinforce our global leadership in coating technology.”
Bernard Dehut, CEO at ArcelorMittal Liège
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