Jennifer has a reputation for inspiring creativity, deepening customer relationships, and driving value in global technology organizations. We welcome her fresh ideas, strategic thinking, customer focus, and results-oriented approach as Avid continues its journey to help shape the future of the media industry and redefine what our customers can achieve in media creation, distribution, and monetization around the world.
Avid president and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr.
Polsat’s investment in Interplay MAM is yet another example of how our solutions are empowering broadcasters to streamline their operations through effective media asset management. In today’s competitive media landscape, all broadcasters need to be aware of how to store, find and monetize their content to get the best return on investment from it.
Dr. Christopher Brennan, Managing Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey at Avid
We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm we’ve seen for this initiative and the interest in our inaugural event, Avid Connect. The Avid Customer Association and Avid Connect form the framework to facilitate strategic collaboration across the industry. While we have always placed great importance on staying in close touch with our customers, the ACA allows us to work together on a more strategic level, as the full community comes together to set a path forward for the industry. I’m looking forward to an amazing couple of days preceding NAB.
Louis Hernandez, Jr., president and CEO of Avid
Louis Hernandez, Jr., president and CEO of Avid
As a company born from a passion for world-class content creation, we congratulate our customers on achieving the highest honor in their field. These best-in-their-field editors, sound mixers, song writers and composers inspire our unwavering commitment to the professional creative community. We are proud to be continually innovating, reimagining and delivering the technical tools to bring their creative visions to life in such inspiring and compelling ways.
As a string arranger I want to hear the nuance of a live player and the new Expressivo features in Sibelius 7.5 offer me just that.
Jay Terrien, composer/arranger/music director/musician
Without Pro Tools and Sibelius I would never be able to be doing what I am doing and the new features in Sibelius 7.5 are pretty incredible. Being able to export to many different formats is going to make a lot of things much easier for people.
Steve Blackie, composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist
Sibelius has features that help me orchestrate really fast. I create professional-looking scores and it even checks my mistakes.
Anastasia Devana, composer/musician
We knew from the beginning we wanted the mix (for Gravity) to be virtual – in Pro Tools. The director always wants to address the broadest range of possibilities. He wants to try everything – so we needed it to be fast and virtual. We needed to do very sophisticated work, very quickly and record that as automation in Pro Tools. We have great automation and power in Pro Tools and that's my home platform. I couldn't be happier with it.
Skip Lievsay, re-recording mixer on Gravity
As a company that’s passionate about world-class content creation, we’re very proud that the industry’s star sound mixers choose to rely on our proven and trusted audio solutions. We congratulate our customers on their outstanding achievements. We are committed to continuing our heritage of industry leadership and technical innovation, and our role as a trusted partner to our preeminent customer community.
Louis Hernandez, Jr., Avid president and CEO
With ever-decreasing budgets, faster turnaround times, and the need for producers to find money across territories to fund a project, we needed an agile workflow based on open and tightly integrated solutions. With the innovative and intuitive Avid S6 at the heart of our workflow, we can be more creative, yet less labour intensive, enabling us to grow our business.
Gina Fucci, managing director, Films at 59
Through extensive testing we’ve found Avid solutions to be the most reliable, while their compatibility with third-party applications and robust, high-speed central media storage deliver significant time and cost savings. With shared storage, the ability for productions to share audio and vision, and the flexibility to pick up a mix in any room to accommodate schedule changes are tremendous benefits.
Gina Fucci, managing director, Films at 59
Films at 59 was the first UK facility to adopt our ISIS 5000 shared storage solution, and is once again leading the way with its investment in our S6 modular and customisable control surface. Avid is the proven choice for industry professionals who rely on groundbreaking solutions to credibly solve the current and future demands of today’s challenging production environments and help them deliver higher quality, inspiring content to consumers.
Tim Hurrell, director of EMEA Audio, Avid
It’s a fantastic feeling to be nominated. Thanks very much BAFTA! I’m thrilled to be included with the wonderfully talented editors in our category. I had the great fortune to work with Paul Greengrass, a brilliant director who gave me superb material to play with. My deepest thanks to him and, very importantly, our incredible post-production team who share in this nomination.
Christopher Rouse
With our passion for world-class content creation, we’re honored that these BAFTA award-winning and nominated professionals choose us as their trusted partner to push the boundaries of their craft. We celebrate their outstanding successes and thank them for inspiring our continual commitment to creating the industry’s most innovative solutions.
Avid president and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr
It’s a thrill for our film to be nominated, especially this year with so many excellent movies and so much great editing. It’s true what they say; it’s a huge honor, especially when the nomination comes from your peers. Helping us all the way to the finish line was Media Composer. An amazing machine. Truly the editor’s best friend.
Kevin Tent, Nebraska editor
Broadcasters face relentless pressure to connect and automate the entire creation-to-consumption workflow — especially for a production as complex and demanding as the Olympics.
Louis Hernandez, Jr., President and CEO, Avid
We are proud that Avid can help NBC Olympics efficiently accelerate and streamline this complex end-to-end workflow — this is the heart of our Avid Everywhere vision.
Louis Hernandez, Jr., President and CEO, Avid
We are pleased to be working once again with Avid, and we are confident that working with Avid Interplay MAM will help us get more of the Games to more people, places and devices than ever before.
Darryl Jefferson, Vice President, Digital Workflow at NBC
This project with ZDF and ARD, which showcases how our solutions tightly integrate with third party applications, is another clear example of why broadcasters around the world are choosing Avid’s proven and trusted platform to manage and drive their content creation and distribution needs for large events like the Winter Olympic Games.
Tom Cordiner, vice president of international sales at Avid
By selecting Avid to enable the TV coverage of another high-profile sporting event, ZDF and ARD are perfectly placed to deliver the highest quality content to its viewers regardless of where or when they want to access it.
Tom Cordiner, vice president of international sales at Avid
Avid has led the live sound industry in seeing the potential of Ethernet AVB, having been the first to introduce it into an audio console with the SC48 Remote System. More recently in another pioneering move, the Avid S3L System is the industry’s first console designed entirely around the open AVB standard. The AVnu Alliance demonstration will be a perfect platform to show visitors to ISE the benefits of AVB and how the Avid S3L System and Pro Tools 11 perform reliably in a live environment.
Tim Carroll, vice president of Worldwide Audio Programs at Avid
The GRAMMY nomination for Producer of the Year is an honour. I share it with all the artists I’ve been fortunate enough to make music with. We’ve always strived to make music that sounds unlike anything out there and it’s fantastic to be recognised by The Recording Academy. We couldn’t have done it without Avid ProTools.
Ariel Rechtshaid, GRAMMY Award nominated Producer of the Year
It is a great honour that the world’s most talented music professionals choose Avid Pro Tools and our entire line of industry-leading audio solutions to record and produce the best music across all genres. As a company that’s passionate about and inspired by world-class content creation and technical innovation, we congratulate our GRAMMY Award-winning and nominated customers on their outstanding artistic and technical achievements.
Louis Hernandez, Jr. Avid president and CEO
Broadcast Video Expo is an opportunity for media professionals who are facing unprecedented challenges – such as the consumerisation and digitisation of content – to take a closer look at Avid Everywhere. They will be able to find out how our vision for delivering the most fluid, end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry is becoming a reality.
Tom Cordiner, vice president of international sales at Avid
The latest MDW EQ5-AAX DSP continues the MDW tradition of highest-quality, double-precision maths, resulting in the highest measurable performance–the lowest artifacts–of any commercially available digital equaliser. The MDW EQ user interface presents a finely tuned EQ human interface, with controls that reflect a deep understanding of the ergonomics of EQ control and use, and the expectations of what an engineer expects to hear when a knob is turned. MDW EQ controls are always easily readable and controls are easily settable. The MDW EQ and the MDW EQ5-AAX continue to be the standard against which all other EQ plug-ins are measured.
George Massenburg, founder, George Massenburg Labs
With Sibelius 7.5, composers can create professional scores more quickly and deliver higher quality, inspiring content. Sibelius continues to provide the fastest, smartest, easiest way for professionals and students to write music for live performance, film and television, and media entertainment.
Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and services, Avid
As the cost associated with audiences’ rising expectations for sound quality continues to grow, artists and musicians need innovative and affordable solutions to deliver higher quality, inspiring music. The release of Eleven Rack Editor fulfills our customers’ request for a standalone software editor, and allows artists and music professionals to create high-quality, inspiring guitar tones with greater speed and efficiency.
Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and services, Avid
Avid has already changed the game endless times with their vast array of amazing plugins including the EQ 3, Pro Limiter, Pro Compressor, and others available for Pro Tools 11. Now that Space is available in the 64-bit AAX format, along with a ton of other amazing Pro Tools plug-ins, now is the perfect time to upgrade to Pro Tools 11.
Junior Sanchez, remixer for artists including Madonna, Gorillaz, Daft Punk and Shakira
With over 10,000 Pro Tools|HDX systems sold, there is a fast-growing market for 64-bit AAX plug-ins, not only for Pro Tools|HDX but also for our S3L live system. More than 850 AAX plug-ins are now available for Pro Tools 11, offering audio professionals more power, higher audio quality, and easier methods to record, edit, and mix even the most demanding productions.
Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and services, Avid
These appointments are part of our ongoing efforts to develop deeper customer relationships, and to remain at the forefront of innovation with solutions that solve our customers’ most pressing current and future challenges.
Louis Hernandez Jr., Avid president and CEO
“Over the past few months, the initial response and momentum to the launch of the Avid Customer Association has been overwhelming. The Avid community includes the media industry’s most highly respected thought leaders, innovators, and storytellers. The ACA has grown to include many of these leaders from around the globe. By working together to navigate the evolving media landscape, we can address the most pressing issues that media professionals are facing today, and produce results that will guide the industry forward.”
Louis Hernandez, Jr., president and CEO of Avid
Avid is the industry leader when it comes to professional, open and integrated broadcast solutions. Due to the increased amounts of content we’re producing, we needed a workflow that would enable our editorial and craft teams to collaborate faster. It also needed to be robust enough to store, manage, distribute and monetise the thousands of hours of HD content that passes through our facility each year. So there really was just one choice for us – Avid.
Umut Akinci, head of Broadcast Systems Department, Digiturk
As a major broadcaster in a highly competitive region, Digiturk’s operational needs require best-in-class solutions to ensure efficient team collaboration, as well as to accelerate and streamline the creation and management of its content. At a time when preeminent broadcasters and content owners around the world need to differentiate themselves from the competition in today’s crowded media landscape, Avid is here to help them achieve their creative and operational visions.
Christopher Brennan, managing director for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey, Avid
Since its market introduction just a few months ago, response to the new Avid S3L system has been incredible, and we are seeing it gain rapid momentum across the industry. At the Stanford Jazz Festival in particular, engineers have minimal time for setup. The portability of the Avid S3L is critical to enabling sound engineers to make extremely rapid transitions of venues used for multiple purposes.
W. Sean Ford, vice president of worldwide marketing, Avid
The S3L helped us overcome some of the challenges that have traditionally plagued the jazz festival. The console’s compact size made a huge difference when it came time to set up the shows. Changing out our normal console for the S3L resulted in an enormous improvement in sound quality. It’s an incredibly capable system.
Lee Brenkman, primary sound engineer, Stanford Jazz Festival
Almost every artist at the event was using Avid Profile systems.
Robert Ausmus, Director of Production Services, LD Systems
I use VENUE software’s Virtual Soundcheck feature every day. With a festival the doors open early and you never see the bands for soundcheck. Virtual Soundcheck is crucial to get the rig to sound as expected - it’s changed my game.
Sean “Sully” Sullivan, front of house engineer for Atoms for Peace
Avid live systems continue to be a top choice for worldwide tours and musical festivals, with Austin City Limits as a premier example. Avid solutions are so prominent at events like this because engineers and musicians require the proven reliability and mixing workflows that allow them to deliver the high quality sound these shows demand.
W. Sean Ford, vice president of Worldwide Marketing and CMO, Avid
“With double the storage capacity of ISIS 7000, ISIS 7500 brings high capacity and performance to large-scale facilities, ensuring the real-time workflows needed to accelerate production and complete projects faster.”
Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Services at Avid
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