They have even been ignited by creativity and it is wonderful to listen to all new business ideas that pops up here now.
Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes
It's truly an amazing time to be alive, and Blockhomes personifies the new opportunities we will be given with smart contract technology.
Oliver Donovan, CEO Blockhomes
We are now very pleased to get the confidence to assist Burundi in developing its future business hubs and tourism industry.
Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes
Burundi has an enormous potential to be develop as a leading business and leisure nation. We have now started to set up a team combining the two perspective of doing good for the society and establish a commercial mind-set.
Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes
Our COO Peter Rinaldo who is at site in Burundi has set up a team combining technical skills with decades of field experience and a rigorous commercial mind-set. This team will be the core of Blockhomes Burundi and the reception from the Burundian government has been both positive and supportive.
Oliver Donovan, CEO Blockhomes
This innovative new concept for a sustainable future might be the short cut to the future for both Burundi and its investors.
Mrs Emmerence Ntahonkuriye, Director General of Urban Planning and Housing
Our concept has gained a greater impact internationally than expected and we will now secure that investors will have the opportunity to become a part of the future ecosystem that connects real estate investments with the blockchain technology.
Oliver Donovan, CEO of Blockhomes AB
I am very pleased that the meeting with the Ministry take place today. That shows that our project ideas are very interesting.
Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes
The growth economy of the 20th century is passé. Instead, the younger generation of investors today places great demands on the investment's sustainability and future thinking.
Peter Rinaldo
Blockhomes AB, with its modern blockchain technology and innovative business plan, proved to be the best option for me
Peter Rianldo
It was important to start off with a headline project in one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.
Oliver Donovan, CEO of Blockhomes
This is how real estate investing, trading and funding will be done throughout the world in the coming years.
Oliver Donovan, CEO of Blockhomes
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