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    The distinctive streamlined design is the result of close cooperation between engineers and designers, with obsessive attention to detail and customer-centric values at the core.
    SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Design Center
    Swiss transport and logistics companies are convinced that hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles have the greatest potential among various alternative energy vehicles.
    Jörg Ackermann, Chairman of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association
    Tucson’s advanced, experimental design is true to its pioneering spirit and raises the game in the industry’s most competitive segment.
    SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center
    IONIQ on teerajaja, mis pakub tehnoloogiliste lahenduste kaudu meie klientidele kõike, mida nad vajavad, et muuta oma igapäevaelu lihtsamaks.
    Thomas A. Schmid, tegevjuht, Hyundai Motori
    A new era is dawning at Hyundai Motorsport. For many months, our team in Alzenau has been working hard on an exciting electric vehicle and soon we will be able to share the fruits of these labours.
    Andrea Adamo, Team Director
    We have already had good results at the Nürburgring Nordschleife last year and also so far this season. However, we know that endurance racing, especially on the Nordschleife, is a tough task. We take nothing for granted.
    Andrea Adamo, Team Director, Hyundai Motorsport
    Hyundai’s recent advances, in particular in the field of alternative drive systems, have been deservedly recognised by the jury members, leading to a significant increase in brand image scores.
    Markus Eiberger, Head of Advertising Business Unit, Motor Presse Stuttgart
    The new technology will improve the market competitiveness of Hyundai’s future vehicles, as it enhances overall design, safety and overall driving performance tremendously.
    Andreas Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product, Hyundai Motor Europe HQ
    The collaboration is an important first step in advancing the global hydrogen ecosystem and our strong foundation of trust will present many growth opportunities for the partnership.
    Hsiu Fu Wang, Executive Vice President, Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd.
    Through the Hydrogen Energy Fund, we will develop a platform that significantly contributes to the creation of a Hydrogen Society.
    Zongkai Shi, Deputy Director of School Council of Tsinghua University
    By combining the power of robotics with Hyundai’s latest EV technology, Elevate has the ability to take people where no car has been before, and redefine our perception of vehicular freedom.
    David Byron, design manager, Sundberg-Ferar
    Future mobility windshields will be more than just a piece of glass. AR holographic powered glass will serve as a platform to provide new services and open up new in-vehicle experiences.
    Yunseong Hwang, Director of Open Innovation Business Group from Hyundai Motor Group
    Hyundai Motor Group, the global pioneer of the commercial production of FCEV, is taking a bold step forward to expedite the realization of a hydrogen society.
    Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group
    Hyundai Motor first unveiled the IONIQ three years ago in 2016, representing an essential step on the company’s way to fulfill its future mobility vision.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing & Product, Hyundai Motor Europe
    Hyundai Motor continues to invest in companies that develop disruptive technologies that are in-line with Hyundai’s current and future strategic thinking.
    John Suh, Vice President of Hyundai CRADLE, Hyundai Motor Company
    We fully believe that Hyundai’s world-class assembly and automation capabilities will help spur the production and deployment of aerospace-grade UAVs, more efficiently than ever.
    Dr. Long Phan, CEO, Top Flight Technologies
    Hyundai is one of the biggest automakers in the world and having them back our technology is incredibly validating.
    Sid Misran, Co-founder and CEO of Perceptive Automata
    Perceptive Automata is giving the AV industry the tools to deploy autonomous vehicles that understand more like humans, creating a safer and smoother driving experience.
    John Suh, Vice president of Hyundai CRADLE
    At this year’s Paris Motor Show, we will present our future brand outlook based on the three core pillars of Assurance, Progress and Performance.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product, Hyundai Motor Europe
    We are already making future mobility available to customers.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product, Hyundai Motor Europe
    Naujasis „Hyundai Tucson“ gaminamas pasitelkiant visus mūsų naujausiems „Hyundai“ modeliams būdingus elementus. Taip pat atnaujinome išvaizdą ir į visiškai kitą lygį perkėlėme vairavimo komfortą.
    Andreasas Christophas Hofmanas, viceprezidentas, Hyundai Motor Europe
    Į savo geriausiai parduodamą modelį įdiegę naująją dalinę hibridinę jėgainę, toliau vykdome bendrovės elektrifikavimo strategiją ir leidžiame dar daugiau klientų pasinaudoti tvariomis technologijomis. Mūsų Europos technologijų centro inžinieriai sukūrė labai efektyvią sistemą, kad galėtume toliau nuosekliai eiti šiuo keliu ir įdiegti sistemą daugelyje kitų variklių. Tai tik dalis labai įvairių elektrifikavimo sprendimų.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, viceprezidentas „Hyundai Motor Europe“
    Meie uus hübriidjõuülekande süsteem parima müügieduga mudelil laiendab veelgi ettevõtte elektrifitseerimise strateegiat, et muuta puhas tehnoloogia veelgi kättesaadavamaks. Et seda teed pidevalt jätkata, on meie insenerid Euroopa tehnikakeskuses välja töötanud väga tõhusa süsteemi. See on tulevikus kasutatav rohkemate mootoritega, mis on osa meie mitmekülgsest elektrifitseeritud lahendustest.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, turunduse ja tootearengu asepresident, Hyundai Motor Europe
    Uues Hyundai Tucsonis on tuttavaid elemente Hyundai uusimatest mudelitest, selle ilmet värskendati ja sõidumugavus on nüüd täiesti uuel tasemel.
    Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, toote- ja turundusjuht, Hyundai Motor Europe
    Energy storage is the logical next step in the after-market use of EV batteries. By repurposing resource-intensive products like EV batteries, we eliminate disposal costs and extend the value of the R&D investment that goes into manufacturing the technology. HMG is strengthening its leadership in clean technology and sustainability by participating in the new energy business.
    Dr. Youngcho Chi, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Technology Division and Chief Innovation Officer, Hyundai Motor Group
    Wärtsilä through the capabilities and integration experience of Greensmith Energy, will develop a cleaner and more powerful approach to second-life battery applications for Hyundai Motor Group. Our strategic partnership with Hyundai Motor Group represents the life-cycle vision Wärtsilä strives to deliver to our customers and partners around the world. Incorporating second-life-EV batteries into our energy and integration business underscores our deep commitment to building sustainable societies with smart technologies.
    Javier Cavada, President, Wärtsilä Energy Solutions
    „i20“ yra vienas iš mūsų DNR modelių. Europoje jis visą dešimtmetį išsilaikė perkamiausių automobilių sąrašuose. Atnaujinę „i20“ dizainą, saugumą, jungiamumą ir pavarų dėžę toliau stengiamės pateisinti klientų lūkesčius ir užtikrinti, kad ir toliau šį modelį lydėtų sėkmė“
    Andreas-Christophas Hofmannas, „Hyundai Motor Europe“ rinkodaros ir gaminių skyriaus viceprezidentas
    Naujasis „Tucson“ atkartoja šiuolaikišką dabartinių „Hyundai“ modelių išvaizdą ir pasiūlo begalę vairavimą lengvinančių naujovių. Tikimės, kad atnaujintas modelis ir toliau išliks toks patrauklus mūsų klientams bei liks mūsų bestseleriu.
    Andreas-Chrstophas Hofmannas, „Hyundai Motor Europe“ produktų ir rinkodaros viceprezidentas