BBC Alba is a fantastic supporter of HebCelt and this series of programmes will allow us to look back on another successful summer as we prepare for our milestone 20th anniversary.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
2015 is a special year for us, and we’re already gearing up to make it the most memorable for our fans yet.
Festival director Caroline Maclennan
We are very excited that the HebCelt festival will be joining us to recreate, in Edinburgh for one afternoon, one of the most atmospheric festivals on the planet.
Pete Irvine, Director of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
Winning this major award is another major achievement in what has been a very rewarding year.
Caroline Maclennan, the HebCelt director
This is a wonderful gesture from HebCelt and its followers. The money raised will help us continue to work towards ensuring no-one faces cancer alone
Margaret Ann MacIver, vice chair of the Lewis Macmillan Cancer Support committee
We are passionate about protecting our unique setting and by continuing to take recycling seriously we can make sure this happens.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
This year’s festival was another resounding success and the feedback we have received from visitors and local people has been tremendous.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
Loganair have been marvellous in arranging the flight for Ho-ro and helping us with the Magnolia Sisters’ flight difficulties. That on top of managing our other bookings -some at the very last minute - has been a great help to us and we hope our association continues.
Festival director Caroline Maclennan
Eric is one of our furthest travelled visitors this year and we are delighted he is at HebCelt and that he will be promoting the festival among his listeners back in Australia.
HebCelt festival director Caroline Maclennan
HebCelt has a unique place in the festivals I'm volunteering at because it's the only one really concerned with Gaelic culture”
Ruth Salter
HebCelt is a really special time of year for me. I think I’ve only ever missed one or two festivals since they began.
Mischa MacPherson
We are delighted Boomerang is part of this year’s festival as it is an exciting addition to our programme during the Year of Homecoming. It is a wonderful opportunity to promote our cultural ties with Australia and New Zealand.
HebCelt festival director Caroline Maclennan
Seeing the festival live on TV is the next best thing to actually being there and we are delighted to be working with BBC ALBA again to provide extensive coverage of the event.
Caroline MacLennan, HebCelt’s director
Winning the One Step Further competition is a huge deal for us because this festival has hosted so many amazing bands and musicians over the years, some of which are idols of ours.
Sean Cousins, Hò-rò
We are passionate about promoting Gaelic in all aspects of the festival. It is very much a living language here and it is vital it is seen and heard in everyday situations.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
HebCelt is a first for us so I can't wait to get up there and make a noise. We are really looking forward to playing in this beautiful part of the country.
Bruce Watson
Broadcasting the concerts live means people in Stornoway, and those that can’t get here this week, get a real taste of what the festival is like and the calibre of musicians that will be on stage.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
I am really looking forward to going back to Stornoway to play HebCelt. We love it up there; it’s a lovely little festival.
Mark Chadwick
Criomagan are a new innovation for us, using our larger premises to give people a flavour of what the festival has to offer.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
We are extremely grateful to The Co-operative for its ongoing support for HebCelt and for promoting the festival in its stores across the north of Scotland.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
I have watched with enormous interest the fantastic success of HebCelt as it has grown year on year and I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited to perform this year.
Donnie Munro
I wanted to write a song specifically for our gig at HebCelt; something up-beat, with a chorus that people will hopefully remember, maybe even sing along to.
Willie Campbell
HebCelt is a fantastic festival which I have always been happy to promote on my travels around the world. The only difference now is I’ll be doing it in a more official capacity
Duncan Chisholm
Sophie did fantastically well on the night and we are delighted to add her to our bill for this year’s festival
Caroline Maclennan, HebCelt’s director
The new premises are about three times the size of the previous shop and are on a more prominent site in the centre of town. It means we are much more visible and accessible and can provide a better service to festival goers.
Caroline Maclennan, the festival director
The attraction of the (HebCelt) festival is being able to share the traditional songs from the Cajun people who have fiercely guarded their culture, with people from Scotland who have also persisted in maintaining their cultural traditions.
Ann Savoy, Magnolia Sisters
(Lewis) reminds me of Inishowen in Co Donegal where I spent my summers as a child where the pace of life is very different and when music does happen to make an appearance it's a really big occasion and was always the best craic.
Cara Dillon
(HebCelt) is a fantastic platform for the album. There's a crowd of music fans, but to add to that, there is also a strong interest in Gaelic culture tied into the festival, so I'm very hopeful the audience will be receptive to the material we'll perform on the day. It's just an incredible event to have on the island. If you're a musician from the region, it's the gig you want to do.
Willie Campbell
HebCelt, like any Scottish festival, especially up in the north, has appeal. They are guaranteed to be full of good people, great music, traditional sessions...I am expecting all that.
Rachel Sermanni
Winning the One Step Further competition is a huge deal for us because this festival has hosted so many amazing bands/ musicians over the years, some of which are idols of ours.
Sean Cousin, from Hò-rò
“Playing an active role in the community is very important to The Co-operative and we are really pleased to be able to do our bit to support this year’s HebCelt festival, which I’m sure will be a great success.
Stephen Kelly, Co-operative and Membership Manager at The Co-operative Group
Most of the accommodation in Stornoway is already full for festival week. I would definitely say that bookings have been made about a month earlier than usual. This demonstrates the increasing popularity of HebCelt
Alastair Lockett, VisitScotland’s visitor services team leader for the Outer Hebrides
“The One Step Further competition is a fantastic opportunity for young artists to showcase their music to a large and appreciative audience. “We have received a good response so far but there is still time for others to send in recordings and give the judges an even harder task to pick a winner.”
HebCelt Director Caroline Maclennan
:“HebCelt has long been a fantastic focal point for Celtic music, not only in Scotland, but throughout the world, and its continued recognition really reflects how highly it is regarded.
David Weaver, development officer at Creative Scotland
The Hebridean Celtic Festival is a jewel in the Scottish music calendar. I was lucky enough to play the first festival and over the years I have seen it grow into a major international event. “I am incredibly honoured to be invited into the Hall of Fame and will be delighted to represent this acclaimed festival as an ambassador.”
Duncan Chisholm
“The HebCelt One Step Further contest not only creates a huge opportunity for emerging talent but also gives the HebCelt audience the chance to hear fresh and exciting sounds.
Duncan Chisholm
“Boomerang is a major cultural project which will be an exciting addition to the HebCelt programme in this Year of Homecoming. We are delighted to be included in Boomerang’s list of high profile events and have this opportunity to promote Scotland’s cultural ties with Australia and New Zealand.”
HebCelt festival director Caroline Maclennan
We are passionate about protecting and developing our unique cultural heritage. The Gaelic Showcase is one way we can promote this wonderful asset by bringing together some well-established performers, who have maintained the traditions of Gaelic music and song over many years, and some emerging talent who are adding new riches to this treasure trove.”
festival director Caroline Maclennan
“We are delighted Cara will be part of this year’s festival. She is an outstanding singer who adds yet more quality to an already outstanding line-up.
Festival director Caroline Maclennan
: “I am really looking forward to going back to Stornoway in July to play at the HebCelt festival. I can’t believe it’s been eight years since we last played there! It’s a lovely little festival.”
Mark Chadwick from Levellers
“Big Country has been one of the biggest names in the music business for over 30 years and one of the most successful bands to come out of Scotland.
HebCelt Festival director Caroline Maclennan
: “I have watched with enormous interest the fantastic success of HebCelt as it has grown year on year and I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited to perform at next year’s festival.
Donnie Munro
Last year’s festival was a resounding success but we are now looking forward to 2014 with the aim of making it even better.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
A Greener Festival are delighted with HebCelt's result. Our assessors were particularly impressed with the team’s strong management and their willingness to trial innovation and creative solutions.
Helen Innes, A Greener Festival awards co-ordinator and co-director
“To be recognised in this way, alongside some of the biggest events held in recent years, demonstrates HebCelt’s standing as an international occasion which is economically, culturally and musically important to the Hebrides.”
HebCelt director Caroline MacLennan
“We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Golden Welly Award. To win would add to an already highly successful year
HebCelt director Caroline MacLennan
“The high attendances, the influx of visitors, the success of the recycling projects and our promotion of traditional, Celtic music means HebCelt continues to make an economic, environmental and cultural impact in our community.”
Caroline MacLennan, HebCelt director
“We have a very strong Gaelic and Celtic heritage and so playing HebCelt in what is a landmark year for us will be very special.
Donald Shaw, Capercaillie
“Once again we have a great line up which is attracting a lot of interest among music fans and, when you add in our wonderful and unique setting, we have a great recipe for a very successful festival.
HebCelt director Caroline Maclennan
“Three of my four grandparents were native Gaelic speakers and I wanted to spend time in a Gaelic speaking community to get an understanding of the sea and the crofting way of life first hand
Dougie MacLean