“My Southwestern oil paintings are created from respect for my Choctaw/Cherokee heritage. I want to preserve the legacy of the First People’s artifacts and rugs portrayed in my oil paintings. But, I also paint artifacts from tribes and clans throughout the Americas. I hope that by capturing the emotions of the viewer, my objective is illusion,” said Durr.
Judith Durr, Master Artist and member of Western Artists of America
“I like my art to reflect the timelessness of the Santa Fe lifestyle and the environment that inspires it,” Kull says. “’Old Santa Fe’ is part of my Santa Fe collection. The sculptures are created with the Western Four Corners Historical View, sculptures with pottery and embedded turquoise. I have over 14,000 collectors and each leather sculpture guarantees originality and is a one of a kind.”
Roger Kull, Pictorial Leather Sculptor and member of Western Artists of America
“When the opportunity arose for me and I was able to take some art classes I found my passion. And a real joy when I found that I just want to paint. In preserving the legacy and history of the First People’s and painting artifacts collected throughout the Americas has been most satisfying to me and my collectors appreciate the authenticity. Capturing emotions with realism and authenticity has become my signature. Coming home to Texas for the WAA Exhibition at the Pearce Museum is an achievement I savor.”
Judith Durr
“We are delighted to host the Eighth Annual Western Artists of America (WAA) Exhibition and Sale here at the Pearce Museum, on the campus of Navarro College ( It is a wonderful opportunity, not only for the museum, but also for the community,” said Holly Beasley, executive director of the Pearce Museum. “While the museum is just south of Dallas/Fort Worth, an event of this caliber will surely put Corsicana on the cultural map and bring a higher level of prestige to the Pearce Museum.” Beginning her journey into painting in 1990, Durr has excelled in her craft until now, as a Western Artist of America member, she has reached the pinnacle of Master Artist.
Holly Beasley
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