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Founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg, Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing of ultimate performance megacars and cutting-edge mobility technologies. The company is based in Ängelholm in the south of Sweden and has around 500 employees. Read our story here:



We are thrilled to inaugurate the Gripen Atelier and announce the launch of the Client Specification Gemera, a truly groundbreaking Megacar. Boasting numerous exciting updates and enhancements over the pre-series versions, the Client Specification Gemera sets new benchmarks for the industry.
Christian von Koenigsegg
We could not resist exploring the possibility of incorporating these remarkable features and benefits into the Gemera production model, leading us down an exciting new development path — the Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission (LSTT).
Christian von Koenigsegg
We added 'Tourbillon' to the name of the LST, as this mechanism represents the automotive equivalent of a high-end Swiss watch and is simply beautiful.
Christian von Koenigsegg
The Gemera HV8 is not only the most powerful and extreme production car on the planet Earth, with an astonishing 1,11 hp per kg, but it is also the most practical and user-friendly sports car ever created. Its incredible response, handling, engine sound, crisp transmission, spacious interior, and four-wheel-drive systems combine to create an unprecedented and unparalleled driving experience, ready to set numerous records of performance around tracks and in straight lines. We are extremely proud to have brought the Gemera HV8 to life and very much look forward to delivering this new level of performance and technology to our esteemed clients and fans.
Christian von Koenigsegg
The response to the CC850 is overwhelming. Producing an additional 20 on top of the planned 50 CC850s is still not even close to demand, but it gives us the chance to consider the brand loyalists to a larger degree, while also welcoming a small portion of new owners.
Christian von Koenigsegg
Clearly, we struck a chord with the connoisseurs and the fans by blending our roots with novel thinking and a timeless design that stands apart from the rest. We are humbled and grateful for the response and will do our outmost to exceed expectations.
Christian von Koenigsegg
We spent thousands of hours in CFD calculations. We’ve streamlined this car from not just an aerodynamic and design perspective, but also from a high-speed stability perspective. As a result, the Jesko Absolut has a phenomenally low drag of only 0.278 Cd. The name Absolut comes from the fact that this is the absolute fastest Koenigsegg we will ever make.
CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg
Looking back at where we started 27 years ago, it’s incredible to think of the journey we have been on. Our expansion is a mark of our past and future relevance where we are geared towards delivering bleeding-edge mobility tech and our handcrafted ultimate performance vehicles.
CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg's continued development in Ängelholm is important and shows that the municipal is an attractive place for innovative companies. For us Ängelholmers, it is exciting to be a part of their journey and expansion. This means more jobs, the addition of new Ängelholmers from all over the world and the pull of more innovative companies to our region in the long run.
Chairman of Ängelholm’s municipal board Robin Holmberg (M)
The Quark is unique in its high efficiency in combination with its class-leading torque-to-power-to-rpm-to-weight matrix. This means, when using the Quark in applications such as marine, aircraft or VTOL, there is no need for a step-down transmission, instead direct drive can be achieved, as the RPM of the motor is right from the get-go. Small high-revving motors can have higher peak power to weight ratio, but they need transmissions in most applications in order to get to the desired output rpm and torque, causing energy loss and adding weight and complexity to do the same job. So any benefit in size is lost. In other cases, like the Terrier application, the transmissions can be reduced in size and complexity compared to higher-revving, less torque dense motors, which is also a big win. I guess we’re trying to reach the edge of optimal in-betweeness.
CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg
We constructed the shaft within the Quark out of 300M steel used in motorsports and aerospace. Direct cooling was chosen for its higher cooling efficiency and compact design. Even the rotor uses the renown Koenigsegg Aircore™ hollow carbon fiber technology (presently used in Koenigsegg’s rims, steering wheel, seats, etc). We not only overcame the challenge of the Gemera’s powertrain requirements but also exceeded goals of making it lighter and smaller than any electric motors in this class. The Quark presents new benchmarks in compact and torque-rich engineering with the first production version weighing just 30 kg, producing up to 600 Nm of torque and 250 kW of power. Without the extra driveline functions for the Gemera, the Quark can drop below 28.5 kg in weight.
E-Motor Development Lead András Székely
The Quark is designed to bolster the low-speed range of the Gemera, where you need it, for brutal acceleration. The ICE then focuses on the high-speed range. What this means in terms of performance for the Gemera is a big power surge followed by a continuous record-speed push to 400 km/h without any torque or power losses.
Electric Motor Design Lead Dragos-Mihai Postariu
The result of this new integrated high-performance powertrain is top-rated power density, efficiency and system integration – a showcase of Koenigsegg pushing performance technology to new levels.
HV Systems Project Leader Boris Baskevitch
As the inverter is smaller, lighter and more powerful than what we could find out there, we named it David, like in the story of David and Goliath.
Koenigsegg’s Founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg
I am very excited that our high voltage team can stay ahead of the curve in a very competitive E-mobility landscape in true Koenigsegg fashion”. He concludes, “I am also thrilled that we can offer this ground-breaking technology as components to visionary companies and entrepreneurs. Sharing these components enables Koenigsegg to have an impact on CO2 reduction. Stay tuned for more news in this area!
Koenigsegg’s Founder and CEO Christian von Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg’s strong and stable growth both operationally and financially enables us to buy back NEVS’s ownership in Meneko and take full ownership of the joint venture. In preparation of the Gemera start of production, we are investing heavily in new facilities, competence and infrastructure, and this acquisition is an important step for us and in the growth of our business.
Christian von Koenigsegg (Founder and CEO, Koenigsegg)
I would like to thank NEVS and their excellent team for their cooperation so far and I look forward to continuing our operational collaboration with NEVS in this and other projects
Christian von Koenigsegg (Founder and CEO, Koenigsegg)
The Gemera is a unique car and it has been incredibly smooth and rewarding to collaborate with Koenigsegg on this project. We will always have an interest in Koenigsegg's development and look forward to continued operational collaborations with them, now and in the future
Stefan Tilk (CEO, NEVS)
In our continuing pursuit of creating the ultimate performance cars, I am excited to have Urs and Henrik join our company. Their expertise across production, quality management, engineering and prototyping will no doubt accelerate our drive to innovate in a way that’s important to our customers.
Christian von Koenigsegg, Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg boasts a unique position in the automotive industry as the purveyor of extreme performance cars. I am eager to join this great team that has continually surprised the world with progressive innovation and high-tech engineering.
Henrik Wiese, Technical Director
This was a good opportunity to showcase the true capability of the Regera’s one-of-a-kind Direct Drive transmission. As the Regera only has one gear we had to make use of it from standstill to the record top speed of 403 km/h (or 250 mph) limited by rpm. The car reaches its top speed like there is no tomorrow, but then there are no more gears. This actually suits the philosophy behind the Regera, which is ‘whoever gets to 400 km/h first wins’. Priority has been given to acceleration and drivability between 0-400 km/h – no more, no less. At any given time, the Regera can and will accelerate harder in that speed range than any other production car known to us.
Christian von Koenigsegg
What is really impressive is how incredible the Regera brakes – 8.62 seconds from 400 km/h to 0 km/h is just unheard of. It is a testament to the Regera’s balance, suspension, aerodynamics and of course its in-house design and built Koenigsegg brake callipers. The proven numbers now show the greatness of the Regera. Having said that, we know we can improve these already impressive numbers on a track with better conditions.
Christian von Koenigsegg
The record is proof of how the Direct Drive transmission gives the driver seamless power on command. The car is truly a dream to drive. The stability during acceleration and braking is from another world.
Sonny Persson
This is a dream come true
Sasha Selipanov
It shows how far Koenigsegg has progressed that we can attract talent like Sasha.
Christian von Koenigsegg
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