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“We had thought that we would simply have to put up with the high costs of running on oil and the problems with winter deliveries, but now, this is so much better all round.”
Cosmo Lloyd
“We know that Hybrid VRF can future-proof projects and remove the need for leak detection so it is hugely gratifying to get this industry recognition.”
Mark Grayston
“There are a lot of hotels that are now coming to terms with how to keep guests comfortable whilst complying with new legislation on refrigerants and leak detection.”
Mark Grayston
“We have created this brochure to highlight examples where the installation of well-designed, energy efficient central plant has really made a difference.”
Graham Temple
“We needed a quiet, energy efficient solution that wouldn’t detract from our distinctive décor yet was able to cope all year round”.
Ryan Darrington
“We have had a lot of interest following the initial purchase of Climaveneta and with the range available from the 4th of July; we are expecting to be busy”.
Donald Daw
“The 3D i-See Sensor is likely to get all the headlines because it can recognise when the air conditioning is needed and when it’s not, but we have packed this new cassette with a host of other features as well”.
Carl Dickinson
Homeowner Jon Fox
“One aspect of using the techniques employed in this house is that it needs far less heating than a traditional British home and this places a different requirement on the heating system.”
“The technology already exists to allow anyone to capitalise on this and there are other advantages for building designers because using an energy loop in this way can significantly reduce the space needed for the building’s services.”
Richard Venga
“This new system does away with the need for leak detection
Mark Grayston
“For the filming in particular, they also need quiet solutions from the heating and air conditioning and this is where the Mitsubishi Electric systems have proved their worth
Lewis English
“It’s also no easy feat to put a system into a consulting engineer’s office as we have quite an inquisitive bunch of engineers.”
Wynne Harris
“We are especially delighted to be recognised in these two categories as it shows our approach to developing heat pumps that are easier to install and easier to control is working”.
Stuart Bell
“You can install and design it as VRF without the need for leak detection equipment, whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system”.
Mark Grayston
“It’s very rewarding to work with Eskgrove homes who have the same vision about low energy homes and buildings”.
Mark Henderson
“We have an extensive range of proven and effective products which can really make a difference to a project whether an update to an existing home or a complete new-build”.
Jordan Jeewood
“What we will be focusing on is how existing technology can be used to make a difference in supplying reliable warmth to new homes in ways that helps keep fuel bills low and reduces carbon emissions”.
Jordan Jeewood
“We’ve prepared the animation to explain how the system works and show how it can help building operators comply with legislation such as BS EN378”.
Mark Grayston
“We have focused on the most challenging aspects of installing cassettes into ceilings
Carl Dickinson
“We still see significant scope for VRF and Chiller technologies but pressure on refrigerants in occupied spaces, and the need for increased levels of efficiency and performance make Hybrid VRF the ideal choice for a growing part of the sector”.
Sebastien Desmottes
“We have introduced this new way of delivering hot water to the new-build sector because we see a real potential for modern homes to receive reliable hot water and heating in a low carbon, energy efficient way that will help the country reduce overall emissions”.
Jordan Jeewood
“We’ve prepared this guide as part of a series that looks to enhance the knowledge of anyone responsible for keeping buildings a pleasant place to live, work and play in.”
Jason Tinsley
Energy costs can rise up to 5% for every degree that the system deviates from the required temperature, so the client now has a sophisticated building management tool that can even be controlled remotely
John Hammond
“Mitsubishi Electric ticks all the boxes for Gallant, we look forward to pursuing these opportunities with them”.
Ted Berry
“We feel that this is now levelling the playing field for heating products which will allow consumers to see exactly how energy efficient the types of heating they choose are”.
James Timbs-Harrison
“Just like any other company we have had to make a strong business case for each new piece of equipment, but the fact that we have improved so much and have significantly reduced running costs shows the advantages that can be gained”.
Russell Jones
“The Replace system from Mitsubishi Electric can really help because it can often simplify the renewal of air conditioning by allowing us to keep all the existing pipes and wiring”.
Costas Ioannou
“What they needed was a new system that could work with the existing infrastructure and one that could cope with a variable demand for heating throughout the year”.
Jason oakes
“They epitomised the idea of the competition by engaging with their community and doing so with passion”.
Jenny Maskrey
“Most tenants have told us they'd made between a 25 and 50% saving on their on their previous electricity bills, and that’s very heartening for us as a landlord”.
Bernard Quinn
The App has been designed by engineers for engineers
Steve Hayward
“Despite the fact that it is quite a large house we have installed a very modest size pump, as that is all that will be required to achieve the desired level of heating”.
Chris Wilde
“We believe the time is right for a high performing, low carbon solution that can also help reduce space requirements”.
Jason Tinsley
“It was an honour to meet them both and they were very supportive of the challenge facing us”.
James Timbs-Harrison
“Jiménez was leading the field when he took time out to visit us and he was very impressed with the challenge facing us”.
James Timbs-Harrison
“Deciding on Midlands Air Ambulance Charity was easy for me as so many of us travel the motorways and these guys are there to help if things go drastically wrong”.
Martin Chetter
“The Alexandra Palace event is always busy and the addition of a more commercial focus to the traditional domestic line up means we will be able to demonstrate the value we can bring to both sectors”.
Graham Temple
“Easy EPC has been providing GDA’s and EPC’s for over seven years and has already helped thousands of homeowners across the country”.
Graham Temple
“This is without doubt a challenge of a lifetime, but a big part is also raising money and awareness for our chosen charities
James Timbs-Harrison
“Talking to the young people who prepared the meal and joined us for lunch, you see how valuable the work of the Trust is in helping them gain the skills to progress in life”.
Chris Chapman
“All local authorities are under increasing pressure to save money, so this system is helping to reduce the cost of building new schools”.
Tim Carey, Product Director for Willmott Dixon
“I'm really enjoying the mixture between work and college and being able to earn money whilst learning a trade
William Stow
“We’ve put everything in one place to simplify access to all of the tools available for our customers both now and in the future.”
Graham Temple
“The brief was to ensure all services were exposed in line with the contemporary design the client was going for, which meant using exposed ducted fan coil units on the ceilings on each of the floors”.
Martin Lazovy, CS Group Technical Design Engineer
“Our approach is all about engaging with people to start the energy dialogue and with Wigan, we are linking with a very strong and high quality brand that obviously means a lot to the community”.
Martin Fahey
“We want to work alongside Practical Installer in offering the best advice and show the heating industry how to use renewables to take advantage of a rapidly growing market”.
Matthew Gee
“Unlike many other ventilation systems on the market, Lossnay recovers both latent heat and sensible heat which offers more efficient heat transfer”.
Janvi Patel
“Credit has to go to Mike for his determination to show how effective an open water heat pump system could be for community heating”.
Russell Jones
“We’ve put this video together to show what schools can expect from the programme and how it all fits into the national curriculum”.
Jenny Maskrey
“When we were asked to help with this project, we saw it as ideal opportunity to design out the need for leak detection
Mitch Swirles
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