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    A key finding is that social media advertising can be strong in driving long-term sales when done right. Our insights focus on how social media campaigns are executed and distinguish between short-term and long-term effects on sales.
    Kalle Backlund at Nepa
    This study is unique in that it gives detailed guidelines on how retail advertisers can use social media with greater efficiency.
    Kalle Backlund at Nepa
    We’ve worked with Nepa for more than 10 years to optimise our marketing strategy and they really demonstrated good, in-depth understanding of our business and the opportunities for growth by developing, from the ground up, a fresh and innovative brand tracking programme which also captures detailed player behaviours and attitudes. Online gambling is such a fast moving sector and we know our players also do lots more in their spare time so getting a total view of behaviours and brand perceptions in each market will be a vital component in our strategy going forward
    Elen Barber, Chief Marketing Officer at Kindred
    Kindred is one of the leaders in Responsible Gambling and Player Safety so we are thrilled to be working with them doing what we do best, identifying opportunities for growth
    P-O Westerlund, CEO at Nepa
    The brand tracking service provided by Nepa has enabled us to monitor brand performance on a chain- and group level. This enables us to identify growth potential for individual chains and for the group, as well as learning more about how individual brand concepts are performing and how they potentially could be strengthened
    Knut Vidar Nilsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Varner
    Varner is a very exciting customer and partner for us, as they have so many well-known brands with their own potentials and business challenges under the same roof. They furthermore aspire to be a leading fashion company in Scandinavia driven by consumer insights, which makes our partnership a perfect fit
    P-O Westerlund, CEO at Nepa
    It's a great pleasure to promote Ann-Christine to the position as our new CFO. Ann-Christine’s background in accounting and financial reporting and her role in preparing our financial statements for the IPO in 2016 makes her the perfect candidate to take over as CFO
    P-O Westerlund
    Our relationship with investors is important and these appointments serve to maintain and further improve our communication with the capital markets. Building trust and improve our transparency will be important tasks going forward
    P-O Westerlund
    We chose Nepa as a brand insight partner after doing a study with them where they really showed their skills in understanding our brand and our opportunities. Since this is a global assignment, the collaboration will be an important component in our strategy going forward since our brand's strength is of highest priority for us.
    Eleonore Säll, Executive Vice President of Global Brand at GANT
    GANT is an iconic brand and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with them with what we do best, brand tracking and advisory on multiple markets as a fundament for effective building of brand and business.
    P-O Westerlund, CEO at Nepa
    The company needs transformation and change. It needs a sales strategy aimed at a more focused offer to unlock the potential in our core offering and our underlying technical platform.  We also need a clear focus on sound finances through cost control, efficiency and risk management. In P-O Westerlund we have a skilled leader to deliver what we need, now.
    Ulrich Boyer, Chairman of the Board
    I look forward to implementing our new strategy to quickly reach profitability. Nepa has a fantastic offering, a client roster our competitors envy, amazing colleagues with great drive and fantastic potential, and a solid and sophisticated technical platform to build on. I am confident that, with the implementation of our new strategic plan, we will reach our targets.
    P-O Westerlund, Nepa’s new CEO
    Our partnership with Nepa is important to continue to drive our growth agenda by always focusing on the experiences that matter most to our customers.
    Marcus Essesjö, Country Manager Byggmax Sweden
    Byggmax is a leader in the DIY sector and is committed to truly drive customer insights to customer experience improvements that truly matter to their customers. We are thrilled to help Byggmax on their journey to even better understand the most important areas to focus on to drive customer experience. 
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO Nepa
    Nepa is a true innovator in the capture and analysis of Customer Experience data, and we’re delighted to partner with them to bring these new programs to our clients
    Bob Kames, President at Touch-A-Prize
    We look forward to working with them to help them better understand what motivates their customer base, and to using our analytics to provide the kind of insights that will make that experience even better.
    Ken Peterson, Managing Director, US at Nepa
    “The continued growth in our brand tracking business indicates that companies recognize the importance of brand health to attract new customers in today’s complex marketing landscape. We’re excited SATS will use our proven approach and strong Norwegian team to brand tracking – we look forward to a continued partnership.”
    Fredrik Östgren, CEO at Nepa.
    “Nepa’s team provided an actionable solution which proved to have a high predictive accuracy. 12 months after implementing price changes in 7 categories, we have increased profit £1,200,000 in the first year. We are very happy with these results that are testament to our focus on the consumer and being a data-driven organization.”
    Rian Edward, Liz Earle Representative
    Daniela Lueth, Product Owner at Nepa.
    “Working together with Facebook enables us to perform easy analysis and reach valuable insights, speeding up the project process for us as well as having access to detailed media execution resulting into both smoother and improved delivery for the client.”
    “Sports franchises and leagues need to find new ways to connect with their paying fans and the cities they play in, Steve brings over two decades of first-hand experience optimizing the business side of sports. His industry knowledge will help tailor our Consumer Science Platform to our roster of professional sports clients.”
    Ken Peterson, Managing Director, Nepa US
    “We are thrilled to add Psyonix to our list of global brand tracking clients and to become a key brand strategy partner to them. This win affirms our US strategy and the value we create for clients through our ability to combine tracking research with other business data.”
    Ken Peterson, Managing Director, Nepa US, Inc.
    “Collectively, they bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Individually, they bring their own outlook and specializations which will undoubtedly strengthen our organization. As we accelerate our expansion into the US and scale our products, Annika’s Silicon Valley experience will help Nepa solidify our position. Jan is a visionary of customer-centric business models and a trusted advisor of Nepa AB. He is already familiar with our products and our business challenges. Jan and Annika are incredible additions to our board and will help Nepa to build on 11 years of consecutive growth.”
    Ulrich Boyer, Nepa AB Chairman of the Board.
    We are now seeing the first results of an increased scalability. While we invested in personnel last year to develop products and enhance sales, the increase in costs decreased each quarter of 2017, from 40 percent in the first quarter to 16 percent in the fourth quarter.
    Fredrik Östgren
    Retailers and CPG companies need new ways to understand their shoppers, prioritize their investments, and move swiftly to action.
    Ken Peterson
    Nepa’s international success with top retailers and brand owners is a testament to the great team, culture, and capabilities.
    Matt Nitzberg
    Marketing is a priority and the sales organization has been strengthened with representation in Denver and Miami.
    Fredrik Östgren
    There is a great interest in our Consumer Science Platform and we love to help our customers become more competitive by continuously delivering actionable insights.
    Mikael Brunberg
    Nepa’s consumer science approach to identifying and executing on consumer insights, enables us to act on growth areas that clearly link to improved business performance.
    Eddie Hernandez
    We support the crucial decision making. On one hand, Elkjøp needs to choose media channels that enhance long-term brand effects, on the other hand they are striving to convert communication efforts to sales, here and now.
    Fredrik Östgren
    I´m incredibly proud of our employees and our unique products that enables this growth.
    Fredrik Östgren
    These are insights needed to make the right business decisions and to be able to act effectively in a store.
    Fredrik Östgren
    We want to optimize our marketing ROI and we want to understand if our brand platform is up to date.
    Elin Finnström
    Oriflame is a strong brand and we feel confident that our collaboration will help Oriflame gain actionable insights to improve the brand position even further.
    Johan Rinaldo
    Nepa will help us to understand our brand position in detail and how to find the formula for market success.
    Frédérique Jacqmart
    I was drawn to Nepa by their ability to advance to the next step by way of actionable insights, leveraging big data not only for strategic purposes but also putting it to work for the local frontline user.
    Ken Peterson
    We are thrilled to have Ken come on board as he is a true champion of data actionability at all points of the consumer journey.
    Fredrik Östgren
    In April, Nepa was selected to become the first official Facebook partner outside of the USA to work with marketing mix modelling. This is proof that our investments in our products are strengthening our competitiveness.
    Fredrik Östgren
    Ken enables us to immediately offer our ActionHub® concept to US companies, giving them the opportunity to implement data-driven decision making and always have updated and actionable insights at the fingertips of their organization.
    Fredrik Östgren
    As far as I know, we are the only one that has succeeded in linking customer data with behavioral data on a continuous basis. This enables our clients, from the front line to executives, to always recognize the financial impact of recommended actions.
    Ken Peterson
    With professor Roggeveen’s analytical knowledge and Simon Hays global network and track record, especially in our key markets the UK the USA, Nepa will take a giant leap towards reaching our goals within those priorities.
    P-O Westerlund
    This is in line with our global strategy. This connection to Facebook data will strengthen our mission to accelerate the delivery of recommendations and direct them to those most capable of putting them in immediate good use.
    Fredrik Östgren
    Having continuous access to this granular level of data, down to region, campaign level and target groups within specific time series, we are able to continuously provide our clients with in-depth digital insights in our MMM projects.
    Andreas Nordfors
    Even though Nepa has grown substantially the last years we are convinced that the company still is in the outset of its journey. We see good possibilities to continue expanding the business and we will all remain deeply committed to Nepa and long term owners in the company.
    Ulrich Boyer
    - One of my important tasks is to help retailers and consumer goods companies to understand the underlying reasons to the constantly changing behaviour of the consumers. What is ultimately driving purchase in this new online/offline world? Where should the investment be made?
    Lindsay Cowan
    - Nepa has a unique and globally proven product offering in ActionHub®. The time has come to let the entire UK market understand our value proposition – analysing business data and customer feedback together to unlock hidden business potential.
    Hans Skruvfors
    To succeed with our goals to make the UK one of Nepa’s strongholds, we strengthen our position by acquiring 9.9 percent of the subsidiary Nepa UK Ltd which now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.
    Hans Skruvfors
    Bloggpanelen is a tool that makes us more relevant to all parties and it will raise the overall quality of the market. It will deliver better data, more insights and a more reality-based monitoring of campaigns for blog media formats.
    Öjje Holt, CEO at Tailsweep
    Nepa has, since our collaboration started in 2007, proven to be a strong partner in making use of our data and positioning our Unibet and Maria Casino brands on this extremely competitive market.
    Ebba Ljungerud, Chief Commercial Officer at Unibet Group
    - We aim to help Unibet Group create an even sharper basis for their decision-making by further deepening the understanding of and clarify the underlying causes of their consumer´s needs and wishes.
    Katarina Slotte, Head of Media and Entertainment at Nepa
    We look forward to providing decision makers at Kronans Apotek, from management to individual stores, with actionable insights through our insights platform ActionHub® - a unique tool that helps to enhance and maximize both the customer experience and sales.
    Björn Nordenborg, Commercial Director at Nepa Retail
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