With 16 years experience in the online pet industry, no other company knows pet parents as well as we do, nor do they reach as many pet parents as we do. Our leading-edge digital platform of content, commerce and community is delivering high value to pet parents and the companies that want to reach them.
Brock Weatherup, CEO of Pet360
Our broad suite of media assets and collaborative philosophy enable us to create solutions that build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive measurable return on investment. We will continue to focus on growing our audience through partnerships with high quality publishers in order to help our clients reach an even greater percentage of the 82.5 million pet parent households in the U.S.
Andrew Zucker, Chief Revenue Officer at Pet360
Building innovative digital experiences for pet parents is at the core of Pet360’s business. Ralph and Patrick are two exceptional additions who will help us continue to revolutionize the way pet parents interact with the products they buy and the information they consume.
Brock Weatherup, Pet360 CEO
As a pet owner myself, I see significant opportunity to leverage technology as a means of enhancing the pet parenting experience. I look forward to tapping into the consumer technology talent pool here in the Philly area as we continue to build highly scalable and innovative solutions for pet parents.
Ralph Kasuba, Pet360 CTO
“For the longest time, the biggest decision regarding pet food was whether to purchase wet or dry,” explains Jon Roska Jr., VP of Merchandising at Pet360. “Now-a-days, pet owners are faced with a multitude of decisions, and there are a variety of gourmet options to choose from. We want to give brands the opportunity to prove that their food is the highest quality option for our customers’ pets, and what better way is there to do that than by consuming the food themselves?”
Jon Roska Jr., VP of Merchandising
“Zootoo’s active community of pet parents is a great addition to the Pet360 network of sites,” states Brock Weatherup, CEO of Pet360. “Providing pet parents fun and engaging content is at the core of our brand promise, and Zootoo’s user-generated photos, videos and product reviews help us to deliver.”
Brock Weatherup
“Pet parents today have hundreds of decisions to make and thousands of resources to consult for advice,” states Rose Hamilton, Pet360 CMO and General Manager. “Puppies have very different needs than mature dogs, but it’s not always easy to find out what they are. does the heavy lifting and filters the best and most relevant tips, resources and products for our members’ pets.”
Rose Hamilton
“Managing your pet’s health can feel like a full-time job, especially if your pet has any special ailments or conditions,” states Brock Weatherup, Pet360 CEO. “The Safety Center gives pet parents peace of mind and is just the first of many resources we’ll offer to make pet parenting easier.”
Brock Weatherup
“Pets continue to become increasingly important members of the household, and pet parents are more savvy and inquisitive than ever when it comes to their furry family members,” states Hamilton. “ is the one resource pet parents can rely on to provide support and offer recommendations that meet the unique needs of their pets at every stage of their lives. I consider it my very own pet parent concierge!”
Rose Hamilton
“We’re building the largest and most influential digital media network focused on reaching pet parents.
Brock Weatherup
“Pet parents are influential decision makers, and I look forward to building programs that connect businesses with this large and passionate demo.”
Andrew Zucker
“Having Andrew on board to provide strategic direction will help us generate more opportunities and solutions for our expanding list of advertisers, publishers and bloggers.”
Nicolas Chereque
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