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    VUmc already uses Sectra’s solution and we are honored to be the selected vendor as the two hospitals move to a joint solution to facilitate more efficient collaboration and thereby further improve patient care. Amsterdam UMC’s enterprise imaging strategy is a great fit with ours. I look forward to utilizing our full platform to meet their future ambitions, for example, within AI where our vendor-neutral platform for AI applications can accelerate innovation at Amsterdam UMC.
    Peter Osinga, Managing Director for Sectra Benelux
    Our share and collaborate service has a long history of tangibly improving patient care, for example, across the entire network of healthcare providers in the UK. With the service now established here in Australia, I’m excited about the possibilities for improving patient care through efficient, secure and vendor-neutral sharing of images and patient information.
    Bart Thielen, Managing Director of Sectra Australia and New Zealand
    This program for a collaborative approach to imaging in Greater Manchester has required a high degree of cooperation and trust. It will lead to significantly improved outcomes for our patients and significantly improved work-life balance and satisfaction for our staff, as well as productivity and financial benefits that will help us sustain great care going forward.
    Raj Jain, executive senior responsible owner for the program that is managed by the Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board, and who is also chief executive of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA)
    Our vision wasn’t for a PACS system – this is a means to an end. The real vision is about how we want to take forward patient care. Our new approach will enable clinical communities and multi-disciplinary teams to come together around the patient in a way we presently can’t do. The PACS platform is an essential component to taking forward a new model of care in Greater Manchester, allowing digital images to form part of the core patient record and to create a holistic persona for the patient that our clinicians can use much more effectively than we have ever done before.
    Raj Jain, executive senior responsible owner for the program that is managed by the Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board, and who is also chief executive of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA)
    This agreement represents the culmination of many years of work. A single, unified record will help to avoid delays that come with manually transferring images between individual hospitals. It will help us to reduce variation in waiting times and improve equity in access. For cancer, this will help us to meet our objective to diagnose more patients at an earlier stage to help to save thousands more lives. And the platform itself will make a significant difference to professionals, providing modern tools to report images whilst allowing us to embrace emerging artificial intelligence and to support important programs of research.
    Dr. Rhidian Bramley, a clinical lead for the program and consultant radiologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
    We will have a modern imaging system deployed region wide that will enable us to liberate the geography of patient management, in keeping with how we practice medicine, where patients move from one site to another. In any multidisciplinary setting we can have a more informed meaningful discussion about a patient. And if they present out of hours, we don’t need to wait until the office opens in the morning to access their imaging. New capabilities mean we can think more openly about delivering care for patients at sites convenient for them. And it will allow us to quickly access second opinions from colleagues across Greater Manchester whilst having greater access to peer review, and being able to make far more of the human resource available to us within the NHS.
    Dr. Rizwan Malik, a clinical lead for the program and interim divisional medical director at The Royal Bolton Hospital
    This is not about a new system for radiology. The test will be making sure that an emergency department doctor can quickly access imaging to inform an important decision, or that a consultant can use imaging to determine in minutes if a patient has had a stroke. It’s about more than hospitals too – with community access also important. And whether its COVID-19 or other emergencies – this should put Greater Manchester in a stronger position to respond.
    Ray Timmins, the systems lead for the initiative
    With other programs on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, this procurement has advanced at pace and will be crucial in enabling hospitals to meet diagnostic demands. The new platform will take us to a place where we can really transform services, where clinicians can work across organizational boundaries, where we can reduce outsourcing, and where patients might get scanned in their locality but get reported by a professional on the other side of Manchester.
    Chris Sleight, the program’s director
    State-of-the-art technology will give the Greater Manchester region a springboard to catch up and overtake what colleagues have done in other parts of the country. We have an aggressive implementation plan to get the benefits to everyone in the shortest possible timescale. This will allow us to reduce mortality and morbidity through faster diagnosis and reduce the need for patients to attend multiple hospitals and face repeat scanning. And in choosing Sectra we have a collaborative partner that shares our vision and that will help us to drive forward our ambitions.
    Chris Sleight, the program’s director
    Working with the NHS in Greater Manchester is one of the most exciting things we have ever done – not just because of the size and complexity of the initiative – but because of the ambition. This is about changing pathways and the diagnostic process so that outcomes are likely to be more successful for patients. This is not just an opportunity to deliver a clinical system but to make a difference by working in partnership with Greater Manchester as a social and health body that is improving prevention, treatment and diagnostics for patients.
    Jane Rendall, Managing Director UK and Ireland at Sectra
    I am extremely proud that two health systems listed in the 2020-2021 US News & World Report Best Hospital rankings, chose to develop an enterprise imaging strategy by implementing a Sectra solution.
    Anthony Grise, Vice President of Sales at Sectra, Inc
    Our customers need to be able to process sensitive information beyond the walls of their offices. This spring, it was very clear that society's critical organizations need tools and infrastructure to efficiently work remotely so that they can perform their everyday work tasks even in a crisis. They need a VPN that is even more secure compared to what is normally used today, and Sectra’s mobile VPN at layer 4 of the OSI model fills an important function here.
    Simo Pykälistö, President of Sectra Communications
    Recent customer satisfaction surveys conducted in the US established that Sectra has performed well during the pandemic, further increasing the already-high levels of customer satisfaction. This shows that our corporate culture is strong and that we have fantastic employees. With satisfied customers, a strong balance sheet, a positive cash position and significant recurring revenue, we are relatively well equipped to manage the high level of uncertainty in the world.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    he security policy situation has worsened in recent years, and foreign powers are working actively on recording and collecting data concerning sensitive operations. Sweden’s capacity for secure communication is therefore of crucial importance, and this order confirms that we are playing an important role in its maintenance and further development.
    Simo Pykälistö, President of Sectra Communications
    I’m excited to join Sectra and to contribute to the culture of collaboration, innovation and customer success that Sectra has fostered for over 30 years in the medical imaging industry.
    Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada
    I am pleased to welcome Nader to Sectra. His background and knowledge will be a great asset to our Canadian customers who ranked us #1 in KLAS for customer satisfaction in 2020. I would like to thank Kjetil for his successful tenure and strong leadership of the Canadian organization.
    Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President of Sectra Imaging IT Solutions
    It is vital for us to be able to communicate securely. The Tiger system offered by Sectra is a proven and reliable solution in use by our organization for several years. It supports us in sharing information in a secure and efficient manner.
    Senior representative from the European External Action Service
    I welcome Michigan Medicine as a Sectra customer. Our experience with academic medical centers and successful track record with large-scale deployments and deep EMR integration makes for a perfect fit between the two organizations. I look forward to a collaborative relationship between our respective teams.
    Anthony Grise, Vice President of Sales at Sectra, Inc
    Moving to Sectra’s VNA will be a big win. We will be able to administer, store and make available millions of images, of different types and from different disciplines, from hospitals across our region, all in a single place without the burden of having to manage infrastructure.
    Mark Gardner, PACS manager at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
    Linking with other regions is an important next step. Our strategy is to improve our visualization of the whole patient pathway within SWASH and beyond. Using a standard for cross-community sharing will help us to better connect with other regional consortia. That will be a game changer – to not just see local imaging, but to understand imaging has occurred for patients who move across borders and services, and to be able to access that imaging myself as a clinician, without needing to ask someone else who might not be in the office at the time.
    Dr. Mark Griffiths, paediatric radiologist and clinical lead for the SWASH consortium
    This creates a wealth of data for purposes such as AI. Data for training algorithms needs to be appropriate and validated – and we won’t simply be throwing data at AI, but by having collective data source as a consortia, we can use our size to help with the validation and governance around using AI. And we anticipate that Sectra will provide multiple inputs from smaller AI suppliers, that will make it much easier for NHS trusts within a consortia to utilize them.
    Dr. Mark Griffiths, paediatric radiologist and clinical lead for the SWASH consortium
    SWASH is one of our longest standing partners, and we are proud to continue to provide the tools to advance their imaging strategies that are ultimately focussed on delivering better patient outcomes. Work here is genuinely world class as a demonstrative example of exceptional regional collaboration in diagnostics.
    Jane Rendall, Managing Director UK and Ireland at Sectra
    It was important for us to choose a solution that has a track record of high system availability and has been proven to work for full-scale primary diagnostics handling large volumes and incorporating AI innovations.
    Dr Liat Aple-Sarid, Chief Medical Manager, Pathology Lab at Assuta Medical Center
    Sectra’s solution will optimize our workflows through state-of-the-art clinical tools and AI innovations. It will support us in delivering the best possible cancer care, and expand the services we provide to clinicians and patients.
    Dr. Asaf Gertler at Hadassah Medical Center
    I’m delighted to welcome CHRISTUS Health as a customer. Sectra is providing a solution that will standardize image management, viewing and archiving while allowing for systematic high availability – including planned updates and upgrades.
    Mikael Anden, President of Sectra, Inc
    When our customers in the healthcare sector become more efficient in their daily work and can thus provide care for more people, or when society’s vulnerability decreases through the use of our data security solutions, then we have also succeeded. I am particularly proud of our employees. It is because of them and the fantastic work they have done that we have such a high level of customer satisfaction.
    Torbjörn Kronander, CEO and President
    As Mayo Clinic continues to lead the transformation of health care delivery and accessibility, the laboratories and pathology practice play an essential role. This system implementation will elevate our pathology practice by enabling digital collaboration among pathologists throughout the Mayo Clinic system and, ultimately, Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients around the world. In the near future, our pathologists will be able to virtually collaborate with colleagues anywhere to provide answers to the most complex pathology cases in order to help our partners deliver the best patient care.
    William Morice, II, M.D., Ph.D., president of Mayo Clinic Laboratories and chair of the department
    We are confident the Sectra digital pathology solution will positively impact patient care by improving access and availability of our patients’ pathology material in a digital form, and facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration and integration of innovative technologies. Our pathologists and allied staff are looking forward to the opportunities that digital pathology will bring in transforming our practice by improving operational efficiency.
    Taofic Mounajjed, M.D., Mayo Clinic pathologist and one of the leaders of the digital pathology initiative
    We look forward to working with Mayo Clinic as we understand the critical need of delivering a solution that will allow pathologists to easily review cases, collaborate, and make primary diagnoses, regardless of their geographic location, all in the best interests of patient care.
    Mikael Anden, president of Sectra, Inc
    Sectra’s solution fits our enterprise imaging strategy, as it can be expanded to include other specialties over time. Its high system availability, integrated reporting functionality and AI workflow integrations were also important criteria in our selection of an imaging vendor. It will give our specialists a fast overview of all analyses, especially those based on imaging diagnostics, from all our medical disciplines and thus improve patient treatment.
    Dominique Schmid, Head of ITM and Member of the Executive Board at St. Claraspital
    When our customers in the healthcare sector become more efficient in their daily work and can thus provide care for more people, or when society’s vulnerability decreases through the use of our data security solutions, then we have also succeeded. It is deeply satisfying that our long-term efforts in creating real value for customers, patients and society at large have enabled us to report the best earnings year in Sectra’s history.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    A numberSeveral of our  projects are extensive, which leads to broad fluctuations between quarters since a significant portion of earnings is recognized in conjunction with services going online and project deliveries. Accordingly, it is important to look more at trends than at the output for an individual quarter when assessing our development. In the coming fiscal year We we expect  a weaker first quarter than normal in the coming fiscal year  and a sharp focus on deploying our services to customers during the second half of the year, particularly during the spring months. This is due in part to natural seasonal variations, when many customers want to come online before the relatively calm summer period, but also to delays in projects and orders because of COVID-19. Over the long term, our new subscription model for software licenses will enable more balance between quarters, but it is believed this will not have a major effect over the next few years.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    Our stable development and positive underlying cash flows and profitability give me every reason to remain optimistic. We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline and as  well as completely new geographic markets that could eventually become significant. Our possibilities for growth are strong in all operating areas for the foreseeable future, even if COVID-19 will likely mean temporarily dampened demand in certain markets. With our work and investments in the field, and innovation that has the potential to increase customer value, we are creating value for our customers and are thus helping to make society healthier and safer. This customer value is the foundation of our success, and also determines how we successfully create shareholder value and returns for our owners.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    We are honored to see Sanford Health add cardiology into their Sectra solution. We look forward to a continued close partnership as Sanford takes this next step in realizing their enterprise imaging strategy.
    Mikael Anden, President of Sectra, Inc
    It was important for us to select a vendor with extensive solution replacement experience and a track record of high system availability and customer satisfaction. With Sectra, we’ll gain a partner and a solution that will enable us to achieve increased productivity and support future growth.
    Dr. Ryan Wada, Radiologist at Mayfair Diagnostics
    I’m delighted to welcome Mayfair Diagnostics to our growing customer community in Canada. We are hopeful that our consistently high system uptimes and intuitive workflows will realize efficiencies and support Mayfair in their future growth.
    Kjetil Nilsen, President of Sectra Canada Inc
    Communication is pivotal for an operation in times of crisis. If information is unreliable, it is impossible to lead the operation.
    Spokesperson for a European security authority
    We welcome St. Elizabeth Healthcare to Sectra and look forward to working together in the years to come. Our ability to offer a complete integrated solution with all needed functionality on one platform, created excellent synergies between our organizations.
    Mikael Anden, President of Sectra, Inc
    The pathology team at HSS was thrilled to partner with Sectra on this initiative to integrate pathology and radiology diagnostics. We believe this advancement will enhance the care we provide our surgical patients, which is what we strive for every day.
    Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD, Pathologist-in-Chief at HSS
    We are excited to see the benefits HSS will experience by incorporating digital pathology into their workflow. The ability for radiologists, pathologists, and surgeons to easily access both the radiology and pathology images should be a game-changer for patient care, especially in complex cancer cases.
    Mikael Anden, President of Sectra, Inc
    I’m excited that with the FDA approval, we are now able to offer US healthcare providers a digital pathology offering with a proven track-record of use for full-scale primary diagnostics and large volumes. Our solution makes it possible for pathologists across the country to continue their important work from home without the need for a microscope. We look forward to providing uninterrupted pathology reading in these challenging times. This approval is an exciting and important step forward for pathology and cancer care in the US.
    Mikael Anden, President, Sectra Inc
    Pathology is the next huge digitization of healthcare. The use of glass slides limits growth in today’s increasingly digital environment, especially in consolidated health care systems where potential synergies cannot be reached unless pathology is digitized. Our solution opens up new opportunities in the US where we can point to our successes in Europe in large production centers.
    Dr. Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra
    We welcome MetroHealth to Sectra. Our expertise and experience with teaching hospitals and our ability to easily add cardiology and pathology modules to the enterprise imaging system in the future, were great synergies between our organizations.
    Mikael Anden, President of Sectra, Inc
    It is a relief for us to be able to use the Education Portal given the situation that we now find ourselves in with the spread of COVID-19. The cloud service provides us with the ability to access the clinical cases we use in our teaching, and students are able to continue their studies remotely now that all schools and universities are closed.
    Dr. Rosemarie Heyn, Sapienza University of Rome
    Having a common service for the radiology departments in the region simplifies our everyday operations and enables more efficient diagnostics. Sectra’s experience in delivering similar services was important for us when choosing a vendor.
    Inger Hallin, Head of the Radiology Department, Region Halland
    This partnership is an important component in enabling our customers to easily start using AI technology without the need to procure and integrate themselves.
    Fredrik Häll, Vice President Product Management at Sectra Imaging IT Solutions
    We are growing with satisfied customers, the only sustainable way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The Imaging IT Solutions operating area reported the greatest increase in sales, but Business Innovation and Secure Communications grew as well. At the same time, new customers entailed major costs during the installation phase, which had a negative impact on Sectra’s finances in the first half of 2019/2020. Major installation projects lead to fluctuations between individual quarters, since a large portion of earnings are reported when installation go live. Installations for several new healthcare customers during the third quarter resulted in increased revenue, pushing the earnings trend in the right direction. As a result, we met our three financial goals.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    When our customers successfully improve their quality of care and become more efficient in their daily work, or increase their cybersecurity with the help of our solutions, then we succeed as well. With a long-term approach based on creating value for customers, patients and society as a whole, we were able to report our strongest third quarter performance to date.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    The digital pathology solution from Sectra is easy to use. Its robustness is crucial since we use it for primary diagnostics and handle large volumes. The digital advantages and the possibilities for integrated diagnostics will enable us to meet future demands and continue to provide the best possible care for our patients.
    Professor Laura Rubbia-Brandt, Head of the Pathology Department at Geneva University Hospital
    We have high-production radiology departments where system availability and efficient workflows are crucial to deliver the quality of care that our patients demand. With Sectra’s solution, we achieve that. Consolidating the four existing solutions will further support efficient collaboration within the consortium, and we are looking forward to continuing to develop our radiology and enterprise imaging together with Sectra.
    Dr Mark Griffiths, Clinical Lead for SWASH
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