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With offices in eight countries, Stena Bulk is a leading international tanker owner. The company has a controlled fleet of about 80 tankers. Stena Bulk is part of the Stena Sphere with more than 20 000 employees and a turnover of 6.5 billion USD.


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    GSI have a proven track record with their 13 previous IMOIIMAX vessels for Stena Bulk, and we are very pleased to have reached this agreement with them to build our pioneering new methanol tankers. Methanol is a readily available liquid fuel that meets the strictest emissions criteria, and it has huge global potential as a proven substitute for conventi
    David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman.
    We from Stena Bulk are looking forward to being back in a well known shipyard to us, where we know that they will deliver what is expected: a high level of experience including care, innovation and performance. We are really looking forward to doing this with Proman, as a new high-caliber partner with similar values that we know will develop both ship design and some exciting new features in driving improved performance of the ships.
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk.
    The proven energy-efficient credentials of the IMOIIMeMAX vessels, combined with the clean-burning and biodegradable qualities of methanol as a marine fuel, mean that these new Proman Stena Bulk vessels will be truly future-ready.
    Anita Gajadhar, MD of Proman Shipping.
    In just eighteen months since Proman Shipping’s foundation, we have made substantial advances and this Joint Venture with an industry leader is testament to that work. We are proud to be one of only three companies actively engaged in promoting Methanol as a marine fuel, through this partnership with Stena Bulk. Proman is always seeking out new and innovative ways to use Methanol, and to maximise our fully integrated, diversified platform across the whole value chain, from the production and conversion of natural gas, to the marketing and delivery of end products to customers.
    David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman
    This is an exciting step for Proman Shipping, which sees us not only partner with a world-leading shipping operator, but also invest in the use of more sustainable marine fuels without compromising on efficiency. We are proud to be partnering with Stena Bulk, who share our commitment to innovation and to be pioneering the use of Methanol as a fuel of the future together
    Anita Gajadhar, MD of Proman Shipping AG
    This is a new important stepstone for Stena Bulk. We are very satisfied to find a partner like Proman, which has many shared values, giving us this opportunity to enter into their future logistical ambitions. In our history we have built our success with partnerships, a success that we are pleased to share with new partners with equal views and ambitions, leading to further development in our industry allowing new or upgraded innovations that make our industry more efficient and sustainable.
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO of Stena Bulk AB
    We as a global commercial tanker operator, have through our newly developed IMOIIMAX MR tanker fleet created our presence in the worldwide Methanol trade. With Proman as a new strategic partner, we are very satisfied that all our hard work is coming to fruition not only meaning that we can support a very important customer but also create a new joint venture together that we put high value on in respect of culture and vision, taking us a few steps into the future with the ships we will now build together.
    Claes Leschly Bang, General Manager, Clean and Chemicals, Stena Bulk LLC
    We evaluated the different options and came to the conclusion that for our business by installing scrubbers we will secure greater availability of fuel for our vessels and by so limit our exposure to not finding the right fuel around the world and by that stay flexible in our trading. Even doing so we know it will require some changes and probably massive challenges in the planning logistically. We will however prepare ourselves best possible so that we can secure at least the same level of support to our customers as today
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO Stena Bulk
    Utilization of and entry into the chemicals market has gone better than expected, and we have secured a good market position that we are continuing to build on. We have achieved this through not only our hard work in marketing, but also through operational performance
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    It's now been just over four years that since we took delivery of our first vessel in the IMOIIMAX series and the vessels have performed beyond our expectations. Both the technical and the commercial concepts have proved to be very successful and have set a new standard for cargo efficiency and bunker consumption. The IMOIIMAX fleet is a significant and competitive addition to our high-quality fleet. At the same time, it is an important step forward and a development of our existing sophisticated trading system
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    The vessels perform well in terms of speed and bunker consumption. Additionally, in respect of loading, transport, discharging and tank cleaning, it has technically performed above expectations
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    On the whole the pirate situation in the Gulf of Aden has calmed down and there have not been any hijackings for a long time. But when we sail off the coast of Yemen we choose to use guards due to the lawless state prevailing in the country at the moment. This has created the same kind of desperation in the population as we saw in Somalia a number of years ago. But we are monitoring the situation closely via our security department, which also keeps an eye on the situation in general on the global level. For us it is extremely important to take the measures that are required so that the crew feel safe, and that we at the same time follow the local regulations
    Erik Hånell, CEO Stena Bulk
    The crew onboard the Stena Imperial acted in a very professional manner during the incident and worked closely with the security team to resolve the situation as safe as possible. We put a very high value on our crew and always make sure that they are provided the proper training to be able to handle all sorts of situations in a calm and professional way. A well trained crew working together with a security company when transiting these areas also makes us as owners feel secure about their safety onboard
    Erik Hånell, CEO Stena Bulk
    By installing scrubbers, we will be well equipped to meet the 2020 regulation and are protected from price volatility as well as fuel shortage. In relation to market developments, today’s market predictions are attractive in theory and currently seems to be so in practice too, despite there being a couple of parameters that remain uncertain. However, there are opportunities already available today to lock in some of the uncertainty, which might be appealing when looking for a more secure investment. We are very happy to be able to confirm this order with Bluesoul, which has performed very well in terms of quality compared with more reputable manufacturers
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO Stena Bulk
    We are very pleased to announce the partnership with the successful and well-positioned Japanese company Bay Crest Management. Forming strategic partnerships in this way is for us a well-tried concept, coordinating complementary assets, know-how and experience. It also makes it possible for us to take a deeper step into a market we have strong belief in for the future. I am certain there will be spin-off effects for all partners, with new business opportunities as well as broadening exposure and presence in various business areas
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    After six very successful years operating and managing intermediate-sized chemical tankers, Golden-Agri Stena aspires to enhance its involvement in the chemicals cargo trade through operating and managing stainless steel tankers. Bay Crest offers excellent experience and network for us to jointly attain the aspiration
    Björn Stignor, Managing Director of Golden-Agri Stena
    Riding on prior success in managing stainless steel chemical tankers in the region, Bay Crest Management is keen to further extend its footprint internationally. The good brand name of Golden-Agri Stena, coupled with its extensive experience in trading vegetable oil and clean petroleum products, makes them an ideal equal partner for achieving our ambition
    Shinsuke Togawa, Director of the Board of Bay Crest Management
    We have a long-standing, highly-valued relationship with Petrobras when it comes to both Suezmax and MR tankers and we are committed to continue to provide them with safe and efficient deliveries. We also hope to expand our relationship in the future
    Erik Hånell, CEO and President of Stena Bulk
    As part of our business strategy, we continue to cater for Petrobras’ shipping requirements as a preferred customer and logistical partner of Stena Bulk. Over the years we have developed a close working relationship and our latest commitment of time chartering out the Stena Conqueror and the Stena Conquest are good examples of our continued efforts of supporting Petrobras throughout their supply chain
    Claes Leschly Bang, General Manager & Head of Stena Bulk Products & Chemicals USA
    Being ‘first in China’ is a very rare title and we are all proud we participated in such an event. Each one of the operations was distinct as each piece of terminal equipment was being operationally used for the first time. It took resourcefulness, patience and a problem-solving attitude, but it was a successful operation
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO Stena Bulk.
    Events of this nature are subject to international laws and for us, acting in accordance with these laws is a matter of course. Nevertheless, it is important that attention is drawn to them – in this case, by the Chamber of Shipping of America. I would also like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to our crew on board for having acted professionally and in accordance with our expectations in this situation
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    In what has generally speaking been a stable low market, we have recently seen opportunities to utilise our business model in the current market. With our successful commercial management, we believe, despite continuing rather difficult conditions, that we can make a positive difference and have thus now chartered in six vessels. We are in a good position to expand our pool to about 30 Suexmax tankers and expect to do so with the help of partners and chartered tonnage. We are continuously evaluating the market and acting accordingly
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    We now have a relatively long history, when it comes to our joint pool, with a long-term partner. The pool arrangement has many advantages, not only logistic, but mostly, the biggest reason, which includes having a larger market position and, in general, an opportunity to spread the risks resulting from the fluctuations in a volatile market. Opportunities are as well arising from joint developments with a partner with shared views. Access to our global coverage with support and a high utilisation rate due to our operational excellence are also important factors
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    We have been extremely successful and are one of the leaders when it comes to earnings, both compared with the index and with competing pools and Suezmax fleets
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    It was exactly three years ago that we took delivery of our first vessel in the IMOIIMAX series and the vessels have performed beyond our expectations. Both the technical and the commercial concepts have proved to be very successful and have set a new standard for cargo efficiency and bunker consumption. With the delivery of the Stena Impero, the IMOIIMAX fleet is now complete, in line with the order, and is a significant and competitive addition to our high-quality fleet. At the same time, it is an important step forward and a development of our existing sophisticated trading system
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk
    With the last vessel now delivered, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the shipyard GSI for fantastic collaboration with Stena Teknik during the development of the technology and during the three long years of production
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk
    This ship naming ceremony using available technology is a sign of the times. Our goal is greater efficiency in everything we do and, accordingly, a digital naming ceremony symbolises a measure of sustainability, efficiency and new technology. This is what we are striving for and we want to be at the forefront of this process
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk
    This is a natural transition from the old structure to the new one where we now have total control over our business involving product and chemicals transportation in the MR segment. This and other adjustments will result in a clearer structure as regards our business and organisation
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO, Stena Bulk
    After many years working with, among other things, the creation and development of the successful Sonangol pool, I am looking forward to taking greater responsibility in this business area
    Mats Karlsson, Managing Director, Crude & Fuel
    I have held a leading position at Stena Weco since it was started up 6,5 years ago and I am happy to have a key role in the incorporation of the two companies’ business into a single business
    Johnny Schmolker, Managing Director, Products & Chemicals
    It was a spectacular sight with the two sister tankers beside each other and the somewhat unusual situation as such made the naming ceremony a bit special and extra festive. We are now approaching the final delivery of our large order consisting of 13 IMOIIMAX tankers. We are very proud of and satisfied with our fleet, which now consists of ten units in operation. Both the technical and the commercial concept have proved to be very successful
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and our fleet often calls there. That’s why we also have many business contacts there and we took the opportunity to gather them in conjunction with this naming ceremony
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk
    We are convinced that the tanker industry will change drastically in the future. To prepare for this we have a team of people working fulltime to make sure that we are fully aware of what is happening in the world, how it will affect us, and lead the company in a transformative way. One important aspect of this is the transformative power of digitalization. We need to stay up to date on different technologies and how to use them
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    We think, however, that Blockchain will affect us and that it has the potential to revolutionise the tanker industry in terms of making the business process safer and more efficient. We will definitely not stand still just waiting for that to happen
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk
    Naming the Stena Imagination in Dubai is very much a strategic choice. Stena Bulk recently opened an office here together with Stena Weco and Golden Stena Weco. We already had a presence in the market in the region but wanted to get even closer to our customers. The naming ceremony gives us the opportunity to further reinforce our image and forge more contacts with customers, partners and suppliers in the region
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO of Stena Bulk and CEO of Stena Weco
    As both owner and operator, Stena Bulk is exposed to all areas of tanker shipping and thus has a twofold responsibility to be at the forefront of developments. We have long focused on technical development and have created solutions both on board and ashore that have raised awareness. But it has also been important to not only focus on technology for reducing bunker consumption but also to work with a commercial focus on using fuel more efficiently. Since it was implemented in 2012, our Energy Management system has increased our fuel efficiency by 20%; this is equivalent to 30,000 mt of fuel and savings of 100,000 mt as regards CO2 emissions. In recent years, our leading role when it comes to digital technology has taken us even further and we are currently working with tools that will enable us to predict the market in different ways. With new platforms, we are now transforming shipping as regards efficiency and transparency
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    We are very proud of this award and we thank everybody who voted for us and for recognising our work in this important area
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    After six very successful years and operational collaboration, the two companies’ ambitions for the future have changed. With the agreement now reached, which means that Stena Weco will be 100% owned by Stena Bulk, this situation has now been solved in a way that benefits both parties
    Erik Hånell
    We are proud to have been part of the successful Stena Weco journey and very pleased that we have been able to reach the perfect solution for both partners in Stena Weco, also for the future
    Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg
    Almost exactly two years have passed since the delivery of our first IMOIIMAX tanker and the vessels are continuing to perform beyond our expectations. The concept has set a new standard for both cargo efficiency and bunkers consumption. With number nine of the13 vessels on order soon out on the market, this tanker will be yet another addition to our high-quality fleet. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank the shipyard GSI for fantastic collaboration during both the technological development and construction
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO, Stena Bulk
    Generally speaking, Dubai is an important meeting place for the oil industry as well as being situated strategically close to Iran, which is now beginning to open up to increased trade. Stena’s tanker business already has a presence in the area with contacts in the neighbouring region. The office will make even closer contacts possible with customers, partners and suppliers. In addition, many shipping companies are already active in the area
    Erik Hånell, President and CEO of Stena Bulk and CEO of Stena Weco
    I'd just like to say that I was lucky to be passing, in the right place and time, and I only did what anyone in my position would have done
    John L Burton, captain
    When we first saw the ship lights at night and heard the captain´s voice on the radio, we felt relieved. Then, this giant ship came towards us. We were really impressed by its size next to our little sailing boat. All we could see was the giant dragon face painted on the side becoming bigger and bigger. That was really scary. Thanks to the captain´s perfect maneuverer, we were able to come on board “sain et sauf” The crew was welcoming and worry about our well-being. We were exhausted so they brought us to a cabin, covered us with food and drinks. We finally slept an entire night, the first time in a long time!
    Pablo and Marion, the rescued couple
    When an event like Tall Ships Regatta, connected to the ocean, comes to our home town it´s a privilege to be involved and support it. One of the organizers main purposes is to develop and educate young people through the sail experience and maybe some of these young sailors one day even might end up working for us on board the Stena vessels somewhere around the world
    Erik Hånell, President & CEO Stena Bulk and Carl-Johan Hagman, Head of Shipping and Ferries at Stena and CEO for Stena
    Now, already after a year in operation, it is clear that the IMOIIMAX tankers have met our expectation in every way. The technical design is, of course, extremely important, but the fact that the vessels are operated successfully in the Stena Weco-system with its well-functioning logistics is the real key to success
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    From the beginning, we had great expectations when it came to function and results since IMOIIMAX is a further development of an established and successful concept. Now, after a year in operation, it is clear that the vessels have met all our expectations in terms of both technical and commercial performance
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    We are very satisfied with the performance of the IMOIIMAX tankers and are thus adding to this part of our fleet still further. With their greater efficiency as regards fuel consumption and cargo, these vessels are also environmentally superior compared to many other vessels in their class, which, of course, is a major advantage. Commercially, they are a good complement to our fleet
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    We are very pleased with the performance of the IMOIIMAX tankers delivered so far. They have already fulfilled all our expectations. The configuration of several small tanks provides for considerable flexibility in regards of cargo combination, something that fits very well within our existing global logistical systems. Additionally, innovative technical solutions have, for example, resulted in lower fuel consumption and have also proved to be very effective in conjunction with discharging and tank cleaning
    Erik Hånell, CEO of Stena Bulk
    This year’s sailing week has been a great success at every level. Apart from being able to offer unusually exciting world-class match racing, it has been a fantastically festive occasion. The warm and sunny weather meant that more visitors than usual came to Marstrand, but we’re also very happy that so many of our customers and employees could take part
    Lena Alvling, General Manager Marketing & Corporate Events, Stena Bulk AB
    During the week, Stena invested more than ever before in different activities, seminars and exposure on our stands, all of which was very much appreciated. We also had more than 1,500 guests in the form of customers, partners and other important stakeholders at our many seminars
    Lovisa Andersson, Marketing & Branding, Stena Metall AB