“We did this series as a way to show teachers we get the challenges they face. Educators have really enjoyed the videos and are very engaged in our social communities. They’re sharing the videos with friends and colleagues, and many are relaying their own humorous stories about daily challenges they encounter.”
Dawn Klintworth, Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Horace Mann
“Both the video and comic are our nod to educators having a very unique work day with challenges that just don’t exist in most professions. At Horace Mann, we want to help educators, and we know to do that effectively, we must first understand the challenges they face. And if we can do two things at once – let educators know we get them and give them a much-needed laugh, we’ll take that!”
Dawn Klintworth, Horace Mann's Integrated Marketing Vice President
“As an insurance company with the mission to serve educators in and out of the classroom, we know teachers use iPads and Chromebooks for their lesson plans, to encourage students to read or do math and sometimes to just relax. This contest is a perfect way to reward educators and give them a chance to win something they can use personally and professionally as they head back into the classroom.”
Horace Mann Social Media Analyst Nate McGrath
“Anyone who knows a teacher has probably heard some of the funny stories they tell about their students. The cartoons are a fun way to bring some of those stories to our social community and allow them to laugh about it and add their own funny stories to the conversation.”
Dawn Klinworth, Vice President of Integrated Communications
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