• Olga Väisänen

    Vice President, Communications, Gasum

    Gasum Ltd Revontulenpuisto 2 C FIN-02100 Espoo Finland
    +358 40 554 0578
  • Johanna Lamminen

    Chief Executive Officer, Gasum

    Gasum Ltd Revontulenpuisto 2 FIN-02100 Espoo Finland
  • Quotes

    ”We’re on our way towards a carbon-neutral society and it’s now time to accelerate the pace. Gas plays an indisputably important role in this transition. In recent years, we’ve been making purposeful efforts to build the Nordic LNG and biogas infrastructure to improve access to gas.
    Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen
    Our Group’s financial performance further improved in line with our expectations during H1. Our revenue was up 18% year on year at €597.5 million and our operating profit was €76.3 million for the period under review.
    Johanna Lamminen, CEO, Gasum Group
    Gasum has been taking determined steps to expand the gas refueling infrastructure as gas is a key way of achieving the stricter emission targets in road as well as maritime transport
    Johanna Lamminen, CEO, Gasum
    Safeguarding and developing a cleaner environment calls for diverse cooperation as the bridge to a carbon-neutral future is already being built today.
    Gasum Vice President for Communications Olga Väisänen
    We are very excited to be now able to offer a more efficient and cleaner alternative to diesel in heavy long-haul transport.
    Jani Arala, Senior Manager, Sales, Gasum
    As regards heavy-duty fleets, LNG is the best alternative to diesel among the currently available solutions.
    Vesa Soppi, Volvo Business Solutions Manager
    Our Group's financial performance improved in line with our expextations during Q1 2018. Our revenue increased by 23.4% enabled by growth in every one of our business areas.
    Gasum Group CEO, Johanna Lamminen
    Steps forward in responsibility were taken by Gasum in 2017 by investing in and expanding the gas market with its cooperation partners in the Nordic countries.
    Anna-Sofia Malmi, Communications Manager, Gasum
    "It’s important for us to participate continuously in the development of tax legislation and policies."
    Gasum CEO, Johanna Lamminen
    It’s excellent that the first IKEA store gas filling station is now open in Finland.
    Gasum Vice President for Biogas Jukka Metsälä
    We are a Finnish company with long traditions and so want to do our bit for a cleaner environment. Above all, use of renewable local Finnish energy is a responsible choice
    Seppo Korpela, Managing Director at Lihajaloste Korpela.
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