We reacted quickly to the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic and acted to reduce our cost base and secure a strong base from which to move forward.  
Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen PLC
This will ensure we can offer our existing and new customers, the latest developments in EQMS, together with the tried and tested expertise of Ideagen’s team of developers and support people, as well as a wider suite of products to meet all of their audit, risk and compliance requirements
Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen
As the world around us is changing and people are becoming more reliant on technology to do their jobs, we need to ensure we are at the forefront of offering our customers the very best and most innovative solutions to meet their audit, risk and compliance obligations.
Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen
Having just announced last week that Redland Insight was being renamed Pentana Compliance, this is a further example of our commitment to the product and its customers
Colin Smith, Head of Sales, Audit and Risk at Ideagen
PleaseReview is working with the World Health Organization in support of WHO’s COVID-19 outbreak response by providing services to WHO on a pro bono basis to allow WHO to conduct its first-ever digital World Health Assembly
World Health Organisation
This is a suite of enhancements that will make a huge difference to our customers and ensures we are continuing to offer them the very best tools for meeting their audit and compliance obligations
Colin Smith, Head of Sales, Audit & Risk, at Ideagen
"As a specialist in developing market-leading technology solutions, we are focussed on creating the best software to support firms looking to make processes more efficient and effective, facilitating a maturity journey our clients can follow from defined to optimised.”
Arun Varma, Chief Marketing Office, Ideagen
By working together Ideagen and CompliancePath can reduce the validation headache for companies through our proven and tested risk-based methodology that has been successfully deployed on more than 100 projects with Ideagen to date.
Hugh Devine, MD of CompliancePath
“Everyone working in the NHS, whether on the front line or behind the scenes, is an absolute hero and we must all do everything we can to support them. We really hope by making this training free and available to all in the NHS we can help to keep them healthy and well while they are caring for the rest of us.”
Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen
Pentana Disclose is used by a number of key players in our industry, which gives us the confidence that we are dealing with a company that is used to the requirements of organisations like us and a product that will meet our needs in ensuring appropriate disclosures in the financial statements that we audit.
Dr Paul Winrow, Baker Tilly’s Director of Professional Standards
“This acquisition is a continuation of our strategy to grow by a combination of geographical and sector expertise.”
Ben Dorks, CEO of Ideagen
Aviation is a fast-moving industry and we are constantly looking for ways we can improve and deliver the very highest standards of excellence in safety and security. We are confident that our partnership with Ideagen will allow us to move onto a new level in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.
Engr. Emad AbuRezq, Head of Standards and Safety Regulations, of Kuwait DGCA
Companies are placing increasing importance on compliance and good governance, driven in part by some very high-profile failures of governance by large organisations in recent years. Ideagen’s Pentana software is tried, tested and ensures internal audits are carried out to the standards expected by the US Institute of Internal Auditors.  JPL are dealing with incredibly complicated and potentially life changing endeavours. We are extremely proud to have been chosen by them and look forward to helping to ease their burden when it comes to the audit process.
Colin Smith, Head of Sales, Audit & Risk at Ideagen
We are delighted to welcome Addiko Bank to our ever-growing Pentana Audit client list, which includes internal auditing teams working for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. This project with Addiko Bank is yet another testament to the strength of the software, and in Ideagen’s expertise, and we are delighted to welcome Addiko Bank to our extensive customer base.
Colin Smith, Head of Ideagen's Audit, Risk and Compliance division
We are pleased to be working with both Ideagen and its Pentana Audit software which we believe will bring further benefits and efficiencies to our internal auditing activities going forward.
Ingrid Mickl, of Addiko Bank
We are delighted to have secured this project with VietJet, who join an ever expanding list of clients benefiting from our Coruson software across the aviation industry.
Steven Cespedes, Head of Aviation at Ideagen
We are very excited to be working with Ideagen and its Coruson software, both of which have an outstanding reputation across the global aviation industry.
Vice President To Viet Thang at Vietjet Air
This is a release which keeps the product up-to-date with the latest risk management technologies and also one which ensures Ideagen continues to meet the demands of our growing customer base.
Stephanie Jones, Product Manager for Pentana Risk
We continue to execute our strategy, delivering growth and investing in the business whilst tightly managing the cost base. The Company has continued to make acquisitions which have further enhanced our global reach, customer base and product capability
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
The Group’s performance is based on strong customer demand and sales execution in the period and indicates that the transition to a recurring model is progressing successfully and ahead of schedule.
David Hornsby, Executive Chairman, Ideagen
PleaseReview will be an extremely beneficial system for us as we look to streamline and improve our entire document creation and review processes.
Kiyoung Hong, Director of Regulatory Operations and Publishing at Immunomedics
This is a fantastic project for Ideagen and we are excited to be working with such a large, ambitious and growing pharmaceutical company in the form of Immunomedics.
Martin Joynes, Ideagen's Product Manager for PleaseReview
This is an exciting project that will help us take safety management to the next level and significantly improve our risk awareness and mitigation processes.
Scott McGregor, Helicopter Commercial Manager at Airwork Group
Following a detailed RFP process, Airwork selected Ideagen primarily as a result of their aviation industry experience and impressive list of customers. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework was a benefit to Airwork which easily fits with our IT strategy.
Malcolm Cole, Coruson Project Lead, Airwork Group
This is a significant software project for Ideagen in Malaysia and we are looking forward to working alongside the team at MRCB in what we are sure will be a long and fruitful working relationship for many years to come.
Stephanie Jones, Ideagen’s Pentana Audit Product Manager
I am delighted to join Ideagen at this exciting stage of the company’s evolution. Ideagen has some great people and a Board that is determined to advance the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Richard Longdon, Ideagen's new non-executive director
The Board of Ideagen is pleased to welcome Richard Longdon, who brings a deep understanding of the technology sector and the public markets. We will benefit hugely from his guidance and insight as Ideagen continues to execute its global growth strategy.
David Hornsby, Executive Chairman, Ideagen
Q-Pulse will provide the company with a centralised focal point for effectively capturing information in relation to quality management, streamlining processes and promoting quality and safety.
Katy Taylor, Global Quality Assurance Manager, TP Aerospace
We are looking forward to supporting TP Aerospace’s commitment to quality and to helping them become fit for future growth.
Carl Andrews, Head of Aerospace & Defence at Ideagen
This is an exciting acquisition that will solidify our QHSE offering while strengthening our foothold in a strategic market for the company.
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
Optima is a valuable addition to Ideagen and is in line with our strategy of acquiring businesses that have strong IP and recurring revenues.
David Hornsby, Executive Chairman, Ideagen
We are delighted to officially open our new Technology ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Malaysia, which is a monumental and significant step for the company as we continue our global growth strategy.
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
The investment of more UK tech companies to Malaysia highlights their confidence that we are moving in the right direction. This collaboration is not only crucial for Malaysia’s economic growth but it will also spur innovation and productivity.
Y.B. Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia
Today's opening of Ideagen's new Technology Centre of Excellence reinforces its long-term commitment to Malaysia. Investments and collaborations in the technology field, such as Ideagen's, are vital to the modern-day partnership between the UK and Malaysia.
H.E. Charles Hay MVO, the British High Commissioner to Malaysia
Q-Pulse Law will ensure that organisations can reduce the time spent on reviewing often complex legislation documentation and, at the same time, highlight any actions required to close any legal and compliance gaps
Chriss Jackson, Q-Pulse Law Product Manager
This is an innovative software project with Ideagen which will help to transform and ultimately enhance our quality, safety and risk management operations.
Fermin Tirado, Chief Maintenance Officer, Air Nostrum
Both Air Nostrum and Ideagen are ambitious leaders in their respective fields and we are looking forward to seeing the impact that Ideagen’s expertise and software product in the form of Coruson has on the our business. We are very pleased to be working alongside Ideagen and its Coruson software in this project.
Mario Franco, Director IT, Air Nostrum
We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Air Nostrum in relation to their safety, quality and risk management solution in what is a very exciting time for the company and the product globally.
Steven Cespedes, Ideagen’s Head of Aviation
Haydn Shaw is an expert in advising on generational and cross-functional roles, change, execution and productivity and has worked with more than 1,500 businesses globally – from Fortune 500 companies to start ups, not-for-profit organisations, and governmental agencies. I am personally looking forward to hearing at Ideagen Horizons North America.
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
We have never had five generations of customers or employees. Competitive advantage will go to those companies that get beyond the generational sticking points and help the generations work together.
Haydn Shaw
It is vitally important that we at Ideagen, as a local employer and a successful and consistently growing technology leader in the global governance, risk and compliance (GRC) space, do all we can to encourage young people – and particularly young women – into careers in technology
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
This is a fantastic project and one that is taking place in a city filled with outstanding technological talent.
Ian Hepworth, Ideagen CTO
We are excited to be part of this project as we know that future employment will involve our pupils building on their understanding of technology and its role in the workforce.
Jenny Saunders, Careers Leader at Nottingham Girls' Academy
We are really looking forward to collaborating with Ideagen. Girls and women are under-represented within STEAM subjects and employment. Ideagen is ideally placed to offer a variety of unique experiences to our students both in school and at their offices.
Tony Gaskell, Head of Computing and Business at the Girls' Academy
It has been inspiring to see how the career aspirations of a school can be linked to the skills needs and culture of such a dynamic company in the form of Ideagen.
Claire Knee, Lead Enterprise Co-ordinator at The Futures Group
Steve Backshall is an outstanding after dinner speaker and a well-known and hugely respected personality in the global expedition and extreme adventure worlds. I am delighted to be welcoming him to this year’s European Horizons event...
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
For any software product to remain at the top of the market for 25 years is an extraordinary achievement. To have one of our own reach that milestone is very special indeed and we are incredibly proud of the software and this latest iteration.
Ian Hepworth, Chief Technology Officer, Ideagen
Q-Pulse helps organisations build a repository of business critical information that they can use to improve other processes. With Q-Pulse 7, all of this information can be surfaced immediately to improve the understanding of business performance like never before. It really goes beyond simple analysis and opens up the entire database for scrutiny.
George Hall, Q-Pulse Product Manager, Ideagen
The release of Q-Pulse 7 is a significant one that has been eagerly awaited by our clients across the globe and we are delighted to finally be able to shout about it. We believe that Q-Pulse 7 will play a huge part in cementing our position as the leading provider of quality, safety, risk and compliance software globally.
Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO
We are pleased to report that we have achieved our objectives this year, significantly increasing the Group's global footprint, particularly in the US, and delivering another year of strong revenue and profit growth, underpinned by excellent cash generation
Ben Dorks, Chief Executive Officer
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