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LightAir AB (publ)’s mission is to improve people's health and well-being by developing and selling effective air purifiers for all types of environments. The products are based on two unique and patented technologies. The company's share is listed on Nordic MTF (Nordic Growth Market AB) under the ticker LAIR MTF. Read more at



The collaboration means that we get a local partner with great expertise in sales and marketing, while LightAir maintains a large degree of control and ownership of the branding in China. The launch in China is first done through China's dominant e-commerce platforms. I look forward to building our business in China together with our new partners.
Mikael Pérez, CEO of LightAir
This is something completely unique that no one else is working with. IonFlow destroys viruses in the air. If you are sick and sneeze, the virus is eliminated directly in the air before it can infect others.
Stefan Ekvall, Sales Manager at LightAir
Preventing the spread of viral diseases means a great benefit for the individual who does not get sick, for the employer with reduced sickness absence and for society as a whole through reduced burden on the health care system.
Mikael Pérez, CEO at LightAir
LightAir's ambition is now to take a holistic approach to offering fresh air that is free from both infections and pollution, for both home, work and animal industry environments.
Mikael Pérez, CEO at LightAir
I am very pleased that the Board has been able to appoint Mikael Pérez as the new CEO. Mikael's experience of selling and marketing electronic products to both companies and consumers will be very central to the company's continued development.
Paul Fischbein, Chairman of LightAir
I would also like to thank Joakim Hansson for his contribution to LightAir, where in 2018 he led the company during ongoing restructuring which laid the foundation for future investments. For personal reasons, Joakim has decided to leave the post as CEO of the company. Joakim will remain within the company for a period to ensure an orderly handover. I wish Joakim good luck in his future career.
Paul Fischbein, Chairman of LightAir
I am honored to have the Board's confidence to take over as CEO and to lead a company with such strong expertise and potential. I look forward to working with LightAir's employees, customers and partners and leading the next phase of the company's development by launching innovative products and creating the conditions for profitable long-term growth.
Mikael Pérez, new CEO of LightAir
Over the next two years, LightAir plans to launch a number of new products and business areas. This is the start of LightAir's introduction of air purifiers based on CellFlow technology, which complements the company's existing range from the IonFlow technology. LightAir's new broader product portfolio offers unique competitive advantages both in the consumer market and within the new business areas such as Business-to-Business and Agriculture. I am now very much looking forward to further developing the company during this exciting phase.
Mikael Pérez, new CEO of LightAir
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