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    We work every day to maintain a high level of delivery reliability in our electricity grid. We conduct maintenance and service on the grid to reduce the number of unplanned interruptions. By continually investing in the grid, we create the necessary conditions for continued growth in the region. Sectra’s monitoring solution will support us in detecting potential security risks, thereby helping to create greater security for our customers.
    Mats Palmérus, Deputy CEO at Jönköping Energi.
    Helping our customers to maintain continuous operations is an important task for Sectra since interruptions can have major consequences for society, which is reliant on electricity production. We look forward to taking on this assignment from Jönköping Energi and to working together to ensure the availability of the company’s critical systems.
    Magnus Skogberg, President Sectra Communications.
    Our current infrastructure needs to be replaced, giving us the perfect opportunity to move over to Sectra’s cloud solution. We’ve been a happy customer of Sectra for many years, so letting them take full responsibly for our IT operations was an easy choice. Moving to the cloud will reduce our IT burden, giving us the time to focus on our users.
    Ralph Berendsen, Medical Physicist at Zuyderland Medical Center.
    Many healthcare providers are currently facing challenges when it comes to high workloads and a lack of resources. In addition, secure communication and sharing of sensitive data has never been more important. As a result, we are seeing increasing interest in cloud services. I’m happy that Zuyderland remains satisfied with us as their technology provider, and I am proud of being trusted to manage their IT infrastructure.
    Peter Osinga, Managing Director, Sectra Benelux and DACH.
    This program will push the boundaries of cancer research and how we work. It has the potential to transform clinical trials, change who can do research and development, and lead to the creation of new targeted treatments for cancer patients. The potential is vast. We will be able to understand mutations and when things go wrong in DNA, and importantly, whether that transpires into what clinicians see in medical imaging. We can also expose data to AI in new ways. Working with Sectra in an innovative way is an important part of our initiative. The imaging system is already a very recognizable interface in NHS clinical settings, but we are using it in new ways. It will help us harness imaging that we can then match to our genomic data, while de-identifying data to ensure confidentiality. The resulting multimodal dataset will enable important research and support a safe and secure but accessible cloud-based research environment. That means many more people than bioinformaticians will be able to harness genomic, pathology and radiology data.
    Dr Prabhu Arumugam, Director of Clinical Data and Imaging, and Caldicott Guardian for Genomics England.
    This is an inspirational initiative that could help to change our understanding of cancers and other illnesses. We have been working with the NHS for decades to deliver digital maturity to diagnostic environments including radiology and pathology. This project makes greater use of that work, with exciting possibilities for research that could be immense. I eagerly look forward to seeing research emerge, and from that the potential for life-changing and life-saving treatments for patients.
    Jane Rendall, Managing Director of Sectra UK and Ireland.
    The secure exchange of information between and within authorities, without the risk of eavesdropping, has never been more important. This continued collaboration with Swedish authorities confirms that Sectra plays an important role in the Swedish civil and military defense’s ability to exchange information securely and efficiently. I’m proud that our systems and solutions for secure communication contribute to a safer society.
    Magnus Skogberg, President of Sectra Communications.
    I am incredibly proud that we have consistently maintained high customer satisfaction in numerous markets for so many years. Our products and services are designed specifically to facilitate the important role of enterprise imaging within the health system. Receiving these awards is a clear indication that Sectra’s motivated and highly skilled employees are doing the right things for our customers.
    Marie Ekström Trägårdh, Executive Vice President Sectra AB and President Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.
    The 2023 Best in KLAS report highlights the top-performing healthcare IT solutions as determined by extensive evaluations and conversations with thousands of healthcare providers. These distinguished winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication to improving and innovating the industry, and their efforts are recognized through their inclusion in this report. Congratulations to all the winning vendors for setting the bar for excellence in healthcare IT! KLAS continues to be committed to creating transparency and helping providers make informed decisions through our accurate, honest, and impartial reporting.
    Adam Gale, CEO, KLAS.
    Sectra’s financial targets and strategic ambitions remain unchanged. The need for greater productivity in healthcare and for cybersecurity is more important than ever. Within the medical area, consolidation and cybersecurity are driving a move to the cloud, and we are in the process of transitioning to service sales and cloud-based deliveries. Although this transition will have a short-term dampening effect on our financial growth, it will benefit us and our customers over the long term. Within the area of cybersecurity, the situation in Europe and the need for secure data, within mobile applications in particular, are strong factors for our future growth. The challenges many healthcare providers are facing today pertain to increased workloads and constrained budgets and resources. Cost containments, preventing staff burnout and cybersecurity concerns are growing in importance. Therefore, having fewer but more effective IT systems, such as for imaging, across several hospitals and/or across different image types and diagnostic specialties is crucial. Our prediction is that enterprise imaging with all medical images in one solution, creating a ‘pixel EMR,’ is what customers will strive for in the future.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO, Sectra AB.
    Access to resources when and where they are needed is increasingly becoming a challenge. Cooperating around both workload balancing and specialist expertise is therefore critical, especially in the treatment of complex diseases such as cancer where time to treatment and follow-up is of the utmost importance. Digitizing pathology with a joint solution will strengthen our ability to provide excellent care across the two hospitals.
    Dr. Emmanuel Rousseau, Head Pathologist at the Hospital Center of Mouscron.
    Many healthcare providers, regardless of diagnostic specialty, are facing challenges with increased workloads and a lack of resources. Utilizing imaging IT, across hospitals or across diagnostic specialties, is an important piece of the puzzle. I’m looking forward to working with these two healthcare providers who are looking beyond country borders to provide their patients with timely and high-quality diagnostics.
    Fabien Lozach, President of Sectra France. 
    I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to enhancing patient care in France. Together with the experience and ability of our staff, our digital pathology solution has proven to create tangible positive outcomes for healthcare providers on a mission to utilize digital technology to move the field of pathology and cancer care forward. That makes me very proud.
    Fabien Lozach, President of Sectra in France.
    Going digital in pathology together with Sectra is a step towards our mission of providing high-quality patient care in our region. The ease-of-use of the solution will facilitate the transition to a digital workflow for our pathologists and quickly enable us to reap the benefits of the new set of tools and opportunities to collaborate around cases.
    Professors Valérie Costes-Martineau of the University Hospital of Montpellier and Pascal Roger of the University Hospital of Nimes.
    In a time when technology companies in other industries are cutting back on staff, we are continuing to recruit. Being once again named one of the best employers in Sweden, and the very best among product companies, facilitates recruitment and in turn benefits our customers and thereby our shareholders. It is not possible to have satisfied customers without satisfied employees. Together, our employees have successfully created a workplace and a corporate culture that delivers value to our customers around the world.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    This upgrade in digital diagnostic tools will bring a range of benefits to our staff as they report on imaging that informs diagnoses and allows clinicians to monitor disease progression for patients. Day to day, this will make all the difference for our radiologists, who will be better able to manipulate large imaging datasets using modern techniques. We will widen our utilization of advanced image processing, while enhanced ways of displaying imaging information in multi-disciplinary teams will enrich collaboration within the hospital.
    Anthony Harper, assistant director of ICT at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust.
    The new system will streamline access to imaging from elsewhere, improving efficiency when our teams respond to referrals from other hospitals. It will allow us to examine the possibilities of AI-supported diagnoses moving forward as we work to remain at the forefront of pediatric imaging.
    Anthony Harper, assistant director of ICT at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust.
    Great Ormond Street Hospital has long been a global exemplar when it comes to so many areas of pediatric medicine, including diagnostic imaging. I hope that the deployment of a new imaging system will help to provide tools that will further innovation at the trust. And I look forward to working in strong partnership to share learnings.
    Jane Rendall, UK managing director for Sectra.
    Due to the unstable security situation in Europe, we have seen an increased need for solutions that enable secure communication exchange at a high security level. Our customers must be able to exchange all sorts of classified information, via both voice communication and document transfers. It is an honor to support the Dutch Ministry of Defense in this, and to make sure that only the intended recipients have access to their information.
    Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director of Sectra Communications BV.
    We are excited to begin this new partnership between Sectra and Boston Medical Center. Moving to Sectra will offer our radiologists immediate opportunities for efficiency and productivity improvements that only come with a first class PACS solution. Beyond that, Sectra PACS & VNA will provide the backbone of an enterprise imaging strategy at Boston Medical Center. This goal will improve our providers’ ability to care for our underserved patient population by providing a consistent reading platform and access to all images across different physician specialties throughout BMC.
    Eric Podradchik, senior director, electronic health records at BMC.
    Sectra will enhance BMC’s physician workflow by providing its radiologists with a multi-modality enterprise overview and its orthopedic surgeons the ability to do 2D and 3D pre-operative planning.
    Isaac Zaworski, president of Sectra, Inc.
    We have used Sectra’s orthopaedic solution for many years and are excited to start our journey toward unified medical imaging management. This consolidation into a single enterprise imaging platform will improve operational effectiveness, inter-departmental collaboration, and provide modern tools for medical imaging, which underpins so much of our clinical platform. It will also eliminate duplicative data entry across multiple systems and thus reduce the likelihood of error.
    Steve Hall, Vice-President, Digital Transformation & Information Management at William Osler Health System. 
    It is an honor to evolve Sectra’s relationship with Osler. This expansion into enterprise imaging reflects the trust they have in Sectra’s solution and our Canadian team to deliver exceptional support. I am confident that the solution will continue to provide efficiencies and introduce emerging technologies to Osler as they grow.
    Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.
    During this past year, we have helped a number of healthcare providers increase their efficiency within radiology. Many regards resource and workload sharing as critical in maintaining excellent patient care in a reality of increasing pressure on radiology. On top of that, a stable solution with efficient tools for radiology reading, ease-of-use and a multi-ology approach, especially within complex diseases such as cancer, are some of the factors that I believe are critical to tackle the challenges radiology is facing. I look forward to meeting healthcare providers at RSNA to discuss strategies within diagnostic imaging.
    Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President of Sectra Imaging IT Solutions
    Remote access to pathology cases will enable us to share and leverage resources between our hospitals and to facilitate the management of complex cases requiring special expertise, but also to foster teaching and research activities. It will also allow us to offer our pathologists, if they wish, a more flexible life thanks to remote work.
    Dr. O. Renaud, pathologist at the Poitiers University Hospital.
    Access to resources, particularly specialists, is a challenge for many healthcare providers. We’re excited to have the opportunity to put our experience of implementing regional imaging solutions to use for these three university hospitals. Their joint quest to improve cancer care, combined with modern technology, has the potential to truly impact patients in this area, and we are proud to be able to contribute.
    Fabien Lozach, President of Sectra in France.
    Sectra’s sophisticated architecture, built on Microsoft Azure, will provide URMC fast image access while ensuring security of patient data in the cloud.
    Isaac Zaworski, president of Sectra, Inc.
    With one shared solution across our different hospital sites, we now have the opportunity to utilize our resources more efficiently by providing remote reading for the sites without on-site radiologists. Together with high system performance and the solution’s ease-of-use, we see clear benefits for both our radiologists and their patients.
    Dr. Gerhard M. Sontheimer, Chief Executive Officer, ANregiomed gKU.
    Many healthcare providers in Germany see regional co-operation and resource sharing as important components in their commitment to delivering high-quality patient care. We are proud to have the opportunity to utilize our experience and technology to contribute to ANregiomed’s improvements to radiology workflows and beyond.
    Peter Osinga, Managing Director, Sectra DACH and Benelux
    Sectra offers critical components for modern healthcare, medical education and increased cybersecurity in society. Our success is the result of longstanding relationships with satisfied customers who expand their use of our solutions and recommend Sectra to others. Customer confidence is the foundation of our strong order bookings.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    Genetic information is becoming increasingly important in diagnostics and precision medicine, especially within cancer care. Investing in genomics fits perfectly with our long-term ambition to be the leader in diagnostics information technology and has the potential to significantly impact patient care.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra
    We want to give students the power to get as close to their future reality as they possibly can and at the same time help teachers to manage education efficiently in a landscape where we envisage an explosive increase in medical knowledge. Teachers and students will now be able to access Sectra’s unique visualization tools and clinical learning material through a completely new cloud-based web portal to further support that goal.
    Johan Carlegrim, President of Sectra’s business unit Medical Education
    Sectra can offer the physician team at Cooper a streamlined reading approach by consolidating all imaging, regardless of its department of origin, in one patient record on one unique system.
    Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra, Inc
    As a health system, we aim to build a healthier Niagara. Sectra’s modern solution aids us in collaborating more efficiently and sharing resources across our five sites to improve our diagnostics and in providing the best patient care possible. It also contributes to our commitment to improving the patient journey with innovative technology.
    Mike Sharma, Director, Diagnostics at Niagara Health
    We are excited to begin this new journey of implementing Sectra’s enterprise imaging platform to create an integrated diagnostics environment at Niagara Health between our Radiology and Cardiology departments as well as support for future growth to other areas of our hospital.
    Wes McLachlin, Supervisor, Imaging Informatics at Niagara Health
    At Niagara Health, our focus was to optimize patient care through an enterprise-wide solution. This was part of our digital strategy which included a refresh of our current PACS leading to this exciting announcement of partnering with Sectra.
    Mike Sharma, Director, Diagnostics at Niagara Health
    I am elated to welcome Niagara Health into Sectra’s enterprise imaging community in Canada. Sectra’s vision of contributing to a healthier and safer society aligns well with Niagara Health’s. I believe Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution will support Niagara Health’s IT strategy, improve workflow efficiency, and enable future growth.
    Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc
    The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of being able to access slides remotely and the ability to provide flexibility and resilience in our service. Our consultants will have the ability to report routine and urgent work from home, shortly after it has been issued out of the laboratory. Consultants will be able to work collaboratively on cases from remote locations with simultaneous access to view and annotate patient slides. As a district general hospital, a proportion of our patients are referred to specialist hospitals. Improved data sharing with these specialist centers will improve the turnaround time in the patient’s pathway. Digital pathology has also facilitated the introduction of digital processes within the laboratory, reducing the need for manual transcription and improving patient safety.
    Sarah Rollo, pathology project manager at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
    This new technology will allow our staff to analyze and share samples remotely, in turn enabling us to further improve the service we provide by making sure our patients receive their test results as quickly as possible. It will also make it easier to work in collaboration with colleagues based at specialist hospitals to obtain second opinions so that patients can begin any treatment they may need promptly. We are pleased to be one of the first trusts in the country to introduce this digital pathology system which will further support our staff to deliver the best possible service.
    Dr Yinka Fashedemi, clinical lead for cellular pathology with East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust
    NHS diagnostic services are undergoing the biggest transformation seen in decades, if not centuries, as disciplines like pathology digitize. East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust are at the forefront of that journey, and are particularly innovative in their use of cloud computing to ensure their program remains scalable and sustainable. We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to support this transformation that will deliver significant benefits to healthcare professionals and patients.
    Jane Rendall, managing director for Sectra in the UK and Ireland
    It is vital for our customers to be able to trust the equipment they are using for exchanging highly classified information. If this information were to end up in the wrong hands, the consequences could be severe. This order confirms that our solution meets the requirements for securing communications on a high level.
    Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director of Sectra Communications BV
    Having our new imaging solution as a fully managed cloud service will allow us to shift the focus of our IT staff. Our team will be relieved of IT management responsibilities, which will be a significant benefit. We also expect to see clinical benefits, such as faster access to new features and new technology. Moving to a scalable cloud solution furthers our ambitions for a consolidated cloud system supporting all hospitals in our ICS (Integrated Care System) and is a vital first step towards realizing our collaboration potential in the north east London.
    Niall Canavan, Director of IT and Systems at Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
    Sectra and Microsoft share a dedication to improving healthcare and provide high availability, performance and security. I am excited to leverage our experience of providing enterprise imaging in regional and collaborative settings to help Homerton Healthcare achieve clinical benefits, share workloads, and provide their clinicians with modern tools.
    Jane Rendall, Managing Director at Sectra in the UK and Ireland
    Our growth potential is favorable in all operating areas. The need for higher productivity, scalability and access to new technology is growing in all product areas. Our recipe for success is customer satisfaction, which in turn requires happy employees, in that order. Add to this a clear focus on growing markets, reasonable cost control, a clear vision of where we are headed and the perseverance to stay the course. Sectra’s development over the years is a testament to what a strong combination this is.
    Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
    I’m excited that Sectra has been selected to support public hospitals in this incredibly important transformation to digital pathology. I am confident that together, we can improve patient care through more efficient image review, collaboration, sharing of expertise and implementation of new technology such as AI.
    Fabien Lozach, President of Sectra in France
    One of the future’s major challenges is the threat from quantum computers. This is why it’s extremely important to our customers that Sectra continues strengthening their protection and building security solutions based on quantum secure principles. I am proud of the continued trust we have received from FMV to maintain and develop Sweden’s secure communications capacity.
    Magnus Brege, President of Sectra Communications
    Our customers must be able to exchange classified communication in an efficient way no matter where they are working and still know that only the intended recipients will have access to the information. Being able to support our customers in this challenge is a great honor and a very important mission for us.
    Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director of Sectra Communications BV
    The new system will make important diagnostic images instantly available across our trusts to diagnostic reporters and people delivering care. It will also support improved access to imaging across a large parts of South East England, where many other hospitals also use the Sectra PACS.
    Sue Lang, who has worked as program lead for the consortium and radiology transformation program manager for East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
    Patients can expect their imaging to follow their care journey—whether that’s within our consortium or beyond. For example, cancer patients often move to specialist centers, and others are referred to London hospitals as part of a trauma network and then come back to us, so it is key that we can easily share and access imaging.
    Sue Lang, who has worked as program lead for the consortium and radiology transformation program manager for East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
    Accurate and timely diagnosis is key to informing appropriate treatment. Trusts in Kent will become better connected with each other and with others in the region, as they modernize diagnostic imaging to ensure the best outcomes for patients and create the best possible working conditions for radiologists and healthcare professionals.
    Jane Rendall, managing director at Sectra in the UK and Ireland
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