It’s fantastic with international spotlight on Swedish architecture. A Fast Company ranking speaks volumes of a brand and it’s a major milestone for us, not to mention a strong sign that Swedish architecture now is considered a recognised export.
Johanna Frelin, CEO Tengbom
We are very pleased and proud about our success at recruiting Johanna Frelin as CEO of Tengbom. Johanna is a company leader with the right vision and experience needed to fuel the strategic development of Tengbom as a leading architecture firm in a way that benefits our customers and employees alike.
Magnus Sjöqvist, Chairman of the Board of Tengbom
It is very exciting to join the Tengbom team. I have a burning passion for developing creative organisations and for working with people who are driven by deep dedication and aspire to create change. I look forward to developing Tengbom’s role as a leading architecture firm together with all of my new co-workers.
Johanna Frelin
We have created a pleasant and lively restaurant which connects with its historic environment while at the same time evoking a sense of new life, both in the premises and the area round Gustav Adolfs torg. The design work was carried out in close cooperation with the restaurateurs who have very much given the whole concept their personal touch. We have enjoyed an exciting process where we were able to work very efficiently and re-use many fixed and movable furnishings and fittings.
Magnus Lindgren, interior architect at Tengbom
We have worked with Tengbom on several other restaurant projects and it was a fantastic cooperation this time as well. We are extremely pleased with the results which will make Carousel a restaurant that is always lively.
Robin Moderato, owner of Carousel
Designing the physical platform for our long-term research work has been a fantastic challenge. The building will house and inspire the search for innovative architectural solutions which means that the need for flexibility, development and evaluation have been the central to its design.
Peter Elfstrand, senior architect at Tengbom
Breaking ground for a major building project always gives a special feeling. Even though in this case the first module of what will become HSB Living Lab is starting in the factory. This also characterises the entire HSB Living Lab: this is far from being a typical building project. The aim of this living laboratory is to invert the concept of how we can reside and live sustainably in our everyday lives.
Emma Sarin, project manager HSB Living Lab
Historically, Tengbom are the architects behind several of Stockholm’s iconic office buildings and with Mästerhuset we are building on this tradition. The sculpted atrium, the energy-optimised façade and stormwater management using the meadows on the roof terrace, are just a few examples of how quality and sustainability have been achieved in modern environments that also harmonize with the surrounding cityscape.
Karin Hagelberg, senior architect at Tengbom
As Pembroke’s first major project in Stockholm, we are delighted by Mästerhuset’s success to date. Having already achieved 100 % occupancy and completing on schedule is a testament to the whole team’s hard work. Working with Tengbom has been a pleasure – from the start they understood our vision for the building and made it possible to design and build such a sustainable and desirable office building.
Mark Takeuchi, Senior Vice President and Head of Europe at Pembroke
We worked with lighting from the ceiling beams that gives a workshop atmosphere from the history of the building. The materials are both rough and stylish at the same time. A new venue is needed in this part of Vasastan and with this new overall concept the Bonnier building will now offer something to everyone in the neighbourhood, regardless of whether they live or work here.
Ninna Söderström, Interior Design Architect, Tengbom
The idea is that this restaurant will be more than just an eatery, a meeting place with everything you could want in the way of food for a whole day. Good raw materials, high-quality cuisine and hospitality are the cornerstones regardless of whether you choose a croissant in the Café, a burger in Torget or take home a rich stew.
Martin Magnusson, Head Chef Torsgatan 21
For both Nordic Choice Hotels and us the aim has been to persuade the hotel’s guests to stay in the building and create meeting places which Malmö residents will also want to visit to eat and socialise. We have created an inviting venue which is playful and breathes life.
Kjerstin Björk, Interior Design Architect and Studio Manager at Tengbom
Sweden has fallen behind when it comes to this type of sustainable thinking. We feel that micro parks such as this are easily adaptable to the city of Stockholm and we would be happy to implement more pilot projects.
Fredrik Legeby, Urban Planner at Tengbom
Many people are currently unaware that a large portion of Stockholm still has a combined sewer system--which means wastewater is released directly into Lake Mälaren during periods of heavy rain. Tengbom’s parklet will, as far as I know, be the first in the world to demonstrate how stormwater management can be integrated into these small spaces.
Shira Jacobs, Landscape Architect at Tengbom
Platform follows the acclaimed A series that was released in 2011 and is based on the same philosophy, warm and tactile materials in combination with a focus on Swedish craftsmanship, durability and contemporary product design. In the new series, Metro, the beam is the backbone and to which the different parts connect. The beam also enables hidden electrical wiring to each workplace or meeting.
Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt, Industrial Designer at Tengbom
When we work with product design we do it on the basis that every project is unique. Our goal is to create products that meet a specific need and also answers to what the client or end user demand. At the same time, we want to be at the forefront with the products we design. A good example is the A-series for SA Möbler, which is basically an office furniture range but in its form also works equally well in restaurants, retail or home environment. The A-Series stools are, for an example, used in the Boqueria restaurant in Stockholm and soon also in Louis Vuitton stores.
Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt, Industrial Designer at Tengbom
The building is awarded the Swedish National Fortifications Agency’s architecture prize for 2014 for its elegant adaptation to both the Royal National City Park and the barracks environment as well as for a top-class whole where the modern exterior is matched in the interior.
The jury’s motivation
We are both proud and extremely pleased to have won this competition. Our idea was to try to create an equestrian centre which is both functional and well-adapted to the cultural-historical environment. The design theme is a symmetrical axis which goes through the principal building’s main entrance and cuts straight across the parade ground. A suitable approach for a military building,
Jan Izikowitz, project architect at Tengbom
It is extremely gratifying to be able to contribute to architectural education and play an active role in key networks that help to create a new and fundamental exchange of knowledge between universities and the architecture and healthcare sectors. It is a challenge to cope with rapid development while at the same time being a leader in this field.
Christine Hammarling
This is proof of Tengbom’s leading position within healthcare. We have focused on the healthcare sector for many years and our unique and often award-winning healthcare buildings have also attracted considerable attention. Christine Hammarling has unique, leading-edge expertise in the healthcare sector and will contribute to the further development of this area in a highly positive way.
Bo Ringdahl, CEO Tengbom
U&We makes the best of the opportunities of the small workplace with creativity and originality. The company’s aim is to be a catalyst in the process of combining sustainability with business value. This creative approach to a sustainable working environment opens up new horizons and shows that even a small company can inspire and guide the sustainable involvement of other organisations, a special quality that puts U&We in first place this year.
Peter Örn, jury chairman
We have created a genuine and welcoming neighbourhood restaurant inspired by New York's popular bistro culture. Everything has been specially designed and we are convinced that our concept will help to make Kommendören one of Stockholm's most popular hangouts.
Filip Svensson, interior designer, Tengbom
We are very proud to have received this challenging commission for TeliaSonera. Tengbom’s role as Sweden’s leading architectural firm for large and complex interior design assignments has been further strengthened with this commission which complements earlier prestigious projects such as Vattenfall, Google, EY and Swedbank. Together with TeliaSonera, we will now create an inspiring and sustainable activity-based office which will attractive for both customers and employees.
Anna Cyrén, Head of Tengbom’s Interior Design Studio in Stockholm
We had a tough timetable and ambitious goals for this major investment. So it is gratifying to note that the Tengbom team has been highly successful in creating the genuine Kitchen & Table feeling that provides opportunities for different encounters and unique taste sensations. We are convinced that this restaurant will become a favourite haunt of the residents of Kungsholmen.
Jessica Castegren, Head of Marketing and Communications at Clarion Hotel
Tengbom has enjoyed good growth in recent years and won nominations and awards in several prestigious international architectural competitions. I see this as an exciting opportunity together with the organisation to further develop the business concept for Tengbom, including long-term relationships with existing and new clients, and to take one of the leading architectural firms in the Nordic region up to the next level.
Bo Ringdahl, incoming CEO Tengbom Group
Tengbom’s goal is to continue growing in Northern Europe and the acquisition of Eriksson Architects is a key step. We have seen a strong demand for our services, especially within the field of urban planning, in Finland and the acquisition will strongly benefit our clients.
Magnus Meyer, CEO, Tengbom
Our next step will be to look into further strategic acquisitions in northern Europe such as Norway, Denmark and the UK.
Magnus Meyer, CEO, Tengbom
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