The fact that The Balancing Act is
President Anne Chong Hill
Système 41 is pleased to partner with The Balancing Act to inform women of the benefits of having apple and grape stem cell technology in our all–natural products. Our clinically proven products demonstrate how 92% of women see firmer, younger-looking skin in only 30 days
says Dr. Janet Zand, formulator, Système 41
The Kama Sutra Company is Making Love Better with The Balancing Act on Lifetime. We’re excited to be featuring a series of segments on how to improve intimacy in your relationships
Marla Lee from The Kama Sutra Company
Super Bowl Sunday is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year!!! Joe is the ultimate Team Player, and I think we have really scored some amazing ideas for throwing the Ultimate Party!
co-host Julie Moran
American Regent Inc. is proud to partner with The Balancing Act as it provides a unique opportunity to help educate the women’s health community on iron deficiency anemia. Collaboration with The Balancing Act will allow us to reach out to the population with the highest risk
Mary Jane Helenek, R.Ph., M.S., President and CEO of American Regent Inc.
We are excited to partner with the Balancing Act and get our message out there on a national level! Women often make the healthcare decisions in the household, and it is important that they can make an informed decision on flu vaccination.
Dr. Manon Cox, President and CEO of Protein Sciences Corp.
We are thrilled to partner with The Balancing Act in an informational series on auto insurance. At Acceptance, we are passionate about keeping drivers informed about car insurance, and this partnership provides a perfect opportunity for us to do just that
Joe Borbely, President of Acceptance Insurance
The Balancing Act continues to inspire women around topics that impact their everyday lives. We are excited about this partnership opportunity focused on empowering women to become champions for American children experiencing the hardships of poverty
Romanita Hairston
The ethos of 44 Farms Steaks is that consumers should know their rancher. Cooking for friends and family is so much more enjoyable when you know where your food is coming from, and how to handle it for maximum enjoyment. We loved sharing this knowledge and passion with the Balancing Act's audience of empowered women and hope to ignite the same passion for food in them
44 Farms CEO Bob McClaren
The Balancing Act audience is a great match with an audience wanting to maintain overall health and beauty in their very busy lives
Don Wiencek, Partner from Healthy Body LLC
South Beach Diet is pleased to join Mission Makeover in helping these strong women on a life-changing journey to successfully achieve their personal transformation -- losing weight, feeling better, and keeping pounds off by following a health-promoting, enduring lifestyle plan
Elise Donahue, CEO South Beach Diet
Yowza Fitness is excited and energized to be partnering with The Balancing Act® on Lifetime TV this season. We know that our innovative CardioCore ellipticals with adjustable motion will be the perfect fit for the women who will be featured on the show this season
Joe Alter, CEO of Yowza Fitness
“We are excited to partner with The Balancing Act and the Lifetime network to educate women on what to expect if they or a loved one ever need a breast biopsy, and , Mammotome has offered a wide range of diagnostic tools since 1995, and Mammotome has invested significantly over the last several years to develop innovative tools that help doctors more efficiently diagnose breast disease
Tom Daulton, CEO of Mammotome and Devicor Medical Products, Inc.
Calbee is excited to introduce our renewed brand Harvest Snaps on The Balancing Act® show. We believe our brand is on the right spot for audience who pursue both fun and tasty and healthy snacking. We are passionate to share our brand story, aligned perfectly with the show program
Steve Kneepkens from Calbee North America
Pilot is thrilled to partner with The Balancing Act for the launch of our incredible FriXion Clicker pen that gives consumers the freedom to write smoothly, erase completely and re-write as many times as needed
Ariann Langsam, Director of Consumer Marketing and Market Research, Pilot Corporation of America
It is a pleasure to join Balancing Act to discuss our Back-to-School essentials. We think that the audience will appreciate the wide variety of high-quality stationery products and value that BIC offers when getting their families ready to go back to school.
Michael Frazier, Brand Manager—Stationery Marketing
We’ll be talking about the latest advances in hair science research, cutting-edge treatments and the secrets of Hollywood celebrities
Dr. Alan Bauman
At QSA we are committed, just as The Balancing Act is, to enabling women to make a difference in the lives of others as they improve theirs.
Chris Weaver, Founder, President & CEO
It’s fantastic to bring a bit of Hollywood, the premiers, the parties, the one-on-one exclusives to our Balancing Act fans every week on my Hollywood Watch
Julie Moran, Host, Hollywood Watch with Julie Moran
I feel 10 years younger and I have a lot more energy!
contestant Blanca Varela
“Fighter Energy® is a healthy new way to get daily energy.”
Brian Smith, Creator of Fighter Energy
“We were both elated and humbled to be selected to partner with The Balancing Act® and Alan Thicke to help spread the word that the day-to-day management of diabetes is online and within reach for all patients… Medicare insured and the uninsured alike”
Keith Stuckert, CEO for American Diabetes Services / Support Plus Medical
“By building this partnership, we can get the information out there and into the hands of patients. It’s only then that we can improve the rate of diagnosis
Carri Levy, Producer of RARE Project on The Balancing Act
“We believe that bringing patients and families together with pharma, on a national television show, will facilitate more communication, as well as research and lifesaving drug development.”
Carri Levy, Senior Associate Producer and Creator of the series
USA is the song I always felt the need to write, I wanted to have something that would unite Americans from coast to coast
Lee Greenwood, Musician
“We are thrilled to be a part of this Mother’s Day Special on the “Balancing Act” so we can share skin care and spa secrets with your Lifetime viewers. Mother’s often feel they don’t have the extra time to pamper themselves. With our simple tips, women can infuse spa treatments into their every day routines resulting in great looking skin and a sense of well-being,”
Heidi Guest, Senior Director, On-Air Media and Leadership Development Philosophy
“I’m so excited to be a part of the special! It’s going to be really fantastic! It's a great show!”
Julie Moran, Celebrity Corespondent
“Julie is a mother, wife and full-time TV personality. Her full life is something our viewers will relate to and also want to learn more about”
Doug Campbell, Executive VP of Programming for “The Balancing Act.
“The Balancing Act” together with the Southern Women’s Show is the perfect blend of national exposure on Lifetime Television with the face-to-face engagement of the events.
Amanda Dugan, Public Relations Director
“We’re very excited to join the Southern Women’s Show for the second year in a row. A lot of fans of the show will attend these events and we look forward to meeting them in person,”
Danielle Silverman, Sr. VP at The Balancing Act
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