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With more than two decades of in-house R&D and in-depth expertise in optical sensors, 3D machine vision hardware and software, Zivid enables customers to boost efficiency and productivity in a range of applications including de-palletizing, bin-picking, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging and quality control. To discover how Zivid is shaping the future of 3D machine vision visit


  • Marie Bodet

    Marketing Manager

    Gjerdrumsvei 10A, NO-0484, Oslo, Norway
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    Our autonomous KoCo robot worker needs the very best in image resolution and image capture time, and Zivid Two has proven itself more than capable. What’s more, the objections there were to on-arm mounting of 3D cameras, it has soundly and single-handedly removed.
    Robert Bevec, Head of KoCo Development, Kolektor Digital
    The point cloud data trueness makes it possible for the robot to perform reliable and highly accurate machine tending operations. The small and lightweight Zivid Two camera helped us advance our platform's capabilities by offering on-arm camera operations with smaller payload robots and applications with tight and limited access.
    Robert Bevec, Ph.D. and Head of Robotics at Kolektor Digital
    Using Zivid Two combined with deep learning, AI, and object detection algorithms, pick-and-place robots can recognize more objects, plan better grasps, and place parts more reliably. It all comes down to this - if your system can see more, it can do more.
    Zivid's CEO, Thomas Embla Bonnerud
    Abrupt black to white transitions and regions of specular reflections, like those on a shiny metal cylinder for example, have always induced errors in-depth decoding, causing distorted surfaces. Zivid's distortion correction filtering rectifies such aberrations, ensuring a truer, more accurate 3D image. We are excited to see that previously impossible machine vision applications are now made possible.
    Ruben Smits, Co-founder and VP of Engineering at Pickit
    With more than 45 years experience in automated machinery design, SECMA has developed a quite unique approach to high-speed, high-accuracy bin picking. Maintaining our competitive advantage though depends on staying up to date with 3D vision innovations. The Zivid One Plus 3D color camera helps us do that, upgrading our bin picking solution to performance levels not seen before.
    Stéphane Vallé, Research and Business manager at SECMA
    All in all, it only took me about 10 minutes to get from a packaged sensor to 3D color images on my laptop.
    Tim Huylebrouck, Product Manager at STEMMER's HQ in Pucheim, Germany
    High-quality 3D vision technology is embraced in a wide range of applications, including sophisticated robotics and AI solutions.
    Mikkel Orheim, VP of Global Sales, Zivid
    Zivid’s high-performance cameras are a perfect complement to STEMMER IMAGING’S existing 3D camera portfolio. Not only do they provide an interesting alternative imaging technology providing a human-like vision capability, they fit perfectly in a market sector where we are planning significant expansion.
    Dietmar Serbée, Corporate Product and Market Strategy Director at STEMMER IMAGING
    In the field of high-accuracy, real-time 3D color camera solutions we recognize Zivid to be a leader, one we’re now very excited to be working with in Canada
    Wayne Mason, General Manager and Vice President of Integrys
    In selecting the right vision technology, speed and precision are critical performance attributes, and we believe the Zivid camera delivers both, without any trade-off.
    Kenji Kajiwara, Acting Section Manager at Micro-Technica
    Users want ready compatibility in third-party software that minimizes the amount of effort needed to harness the camera’s 3D data. Matrox Imaging is very glad to provide these capabilities for the Zivid One Plus range of cameras.
    Pierantonio Boriero, director of product management at Matrox Imaging
    As an innovator in machine vision and computer vision systems, we see increasing demand for near human-like vision capabilities. Extending our product portfolio with Zivid’s super high-accuracy 3D color cameras ensures we can meet this need in a wide variety of applications
    Eric Yan, CEO of Magichan
    Bringing Zivid’s unique 3D-innovation to market, and through this accelerating transformative customer scenarios is a challenge and opportunity that I truly look forward to being part of.
    Mikkel Orheim, VP of Global Sales and Business Development
    Combined with a Pick-it M-HD camera, the Pick-it 2.0 system is 30 times more accurate and can detect objects that are 10 times smaller than before.
    Peter Soetens, CEO of Pick-it
    The tremendous versatility of the DHL robot cell combined with its high picking performance is really groundbreaking. It demanded incredibly accurate 3D machine vision which the Zivid One provided.
    Michael Vermeer, CEO of Robomotive
    Similar to humans, we provide easy teaching of new objects by just showing them to the Pick-it system. The Zivid 3D camera gives quality data, enabling Pick-it to robustly recognize where objects are and precisely guide the robot picking.
    Bert Willaert, CTO at Pick-it
    "The quality of data required in today's growing vision-guided robotics is only made possible with Zivid One from Zivid."
    Salvador Giro, CEO of INFAIMON
    “Zivid One 3D cameras provide the highest Quality of Data in the industry, which is a must to succeed with vision-based automation systems”
    Henrik Schumann-Olsen, CEO of Zivid
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