The idea behind these training tools was to make training more accessible at home during these special times. We don’t believe in letting go of routines that make us stronger, better, happier and that makes us better versions of ourselves, but would rather do the opposite and level up. With our workout equipment, we want to inspire people to keep moving and improving, but also create training tools with a clean, timeless design.
Andreas Gran, Creative Director at Björn Borg
Our products are always developed with sustainability in mind. We are constantly making sure that we are up to speed with the latest sustainable materials and production techniques and as a matter of fact, 100% of our clothing range in the AW21 collection will fulfil our B.Tomorrow requirements, a goal that was originally set for 2023.
Mija Nideborn, Design and Development Director at Björn Borg.
Building on a traditional Tigerstripe base, DPM: Tigerstripe Murale nods toward camouflage of the Vietnam war era. It also incorporates notions of cracked and weathered desert terrain - further reinforcing the natural roots of camouflage as a symbol of nature and art.
Hardy Blechman
We strongly believe in Joel’s ability to inspire both men and women to start exercising and consequently feel better. Together with our own and Joel’s belief that training makes people become better versions of themselves, we have found a natural and perfect match. We’re very happy and proud to involve him in our work, our culture and our common goals
Henrik Bunge, CEO at Björn Borg
I quickly realised that we had common values and views of training – that it is a key in order to feel better in life. The fact that Björn Borg also has a mandatory sports hour every Friday showed me that they are serious about their ambition and their goals. To stay in shape both mentally and physically has always been important to me and is now a big part of my everyday life as an actor. Thus, it feels natural for me to join Björn Borg in their mission to inspire people to exercise in order to feel better
Joel Kinnaman
With the prints, I wanted to build on the identity of Liam Hodges outside of seasonal narratives and direction. The focus was on the brand identity and creating what felt like cut and paste collages with a marker pen. The focus was on presenting something hand drawn and 'real world' with all its mess and complications.”
Liam Hodges
To be asked to write a symphony for training was an unusual request, and a challenge as a composer. With inspiration from my favourite Rocky I workout anthems, it feels like I have composed the soundtrack to my own superhero movie! I also wanted the piece to have an upbeat and rhythmic feel, without losing the melodies and counterpoints of classical music. Through the music I want to convey the feeling of facing a challenge and the proudness in fighting and overcoming it.
Jonas Valfridsson
Physical exercise is beneficial for more than your body - research shows it can improve your cognitive abilities such as memory and focus. It has also been found that listening to music while working out will increase your endurance. Also, some say music with a set BPM of 120-140 can be ideal for a workout (depending somewhat on your fitness level). Conclusively, listening to classical music while working out can raise both your motivation as well as endurance, and in turn, bump up your cognitive performance.
Lennart Högman
We want to inspire and encourage people to work out. We know how good it feels, but by talking about the positive benefits in relation to our brain, we now know it’s not just about a feeling – it’s science. With this symphony we talk about how training can make us smarter. At the Björn Borg office, we train together, and we wanted our team to experience this magical symphony performed live by an orchestra. And, of course, sweat it out on stage while listening.
Emma Bengtsson
“RBN reflects my love for street style and how it’s signaled in youth culture, it is inspired by my favourite garments throughout the years. I thought it would be cool to make gear that I can wear both to go out running and clubbing in”, 
I believe anyone can agree with us that exercise is better than drugs! It’s amazing how the brain reacts to exercise and how it can equal joy and euphoria at the same time. In fact, training releases such an amount of stimulating substances in your brain that it could be illegal in some countries
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director at Björn Borg
This show emphasised what Björn Borg is all about and was an empowering statement for us. Contemporary and prospective, yet true to our DNA and the legacy as a tennis and sports brand. We wanted to state our position as the ultimate fashion sports brand.
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Global Marketing Director
Björn Borg was a pioneer of personal endorsements making some of the most stylish and recognizable collaborations really early on, and with that said the references are of course Björn Borg’s personal style in the 70’s which was ground-breaking especially for a European sports star. But I also drew inspiration from the disco era and the graphic color blocking of 1970’s sportswear.
Tom Guinness
“Borg Open is our way to state that we, as a sportswear brand, believe in an open world. Unfortunately, the activity is not likely to make those people who promote raising walls change their opinion. But, with our heritage, we know that not only tennis nets, but sport in general, has the power to unite people. We hope to inspire people to reach out to their neighbours and do sport together instead of building walls.”
Henrik Bunge, CEO of Björn Borg
In my studies, I analyzed more than 1,000 runners and actual race results during 6 years. What I found was that when a runner’s rival was also running in the race, this elevated their performance to the tune of roughly 5 seconds faster per kilometer. So on the course of a 5k race, this would come out to a 25 second improvement in race performance. That’s a pretty notable improvement.
Professor Gavin Kilduff, New York University Stern
I felt a bit offended. I was literally asked to be a loser!
Benjamin Cotton
It does not make sense to run in cotton underwear when you can wear a superior product that doesn’t slow you down.
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director, Björn Borg AB
I hope to inspire others, young as well as old, to follow their hearts and devote themselves to something that matters to them personally.
Annika Naenfeldt, high diver:
We have now taken yet another step to cut the distance between the Björn Borg headquarters and the end consumer.
Henrik Bunge, CEO Björn Borg Group
Nude is not a colour; it’s a concept that everybody should have the right to enjoy. We call it six shades of human and the reason to our launch on the UN Racial Discrimination Day is that the political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show colour. This is our contribution to that debate.
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director, Björn Borg
The Craig Green x Björn Borg Collection marries my conceptual fascination with light and shadow, with the utilitarian beauty of Björn Borg’s heritage.
Craig Green
These garments are made to offer excellence in fit, quality and looks. Handmade in Stockholm, the bearer is guaranteed something truly unique. Every piece in this collection is different from the next, every seam sewn with passion, and every cut calibrated to perfection. Each look is produced in a truly limited edition with one to ten pieces per style.
James Lee, Head of Design
“We have been showered with love after the release of the game and want to give something back to the gaming community. Since we got a high amount of requests of releasing our love weapons and characters, this is our way of returning the love. We also wanted to give our fans something extra and will therefore also provide them with our latest clothing collection.”
Jonas Lindberg Nyvang
The most fabulous game in the Universe
My intension with the show was to merge the full emotions of falling in love with how it would feel if you would climb into the computer game just for a second.
Bea Åkerlund
It feels fantastic, as the tennis freak I am, to work with Björn Borg. It’s an inspiring challenge to put my own mark on the brand. My goal with the show is to give the audience a new experience of the collection and invite them into my world
Bea Åkerlund, Creative Show Director
I have used Björn Borg underwear on a multitude of competitions from late fall last year and their fit is insanely wicked. I really look forward to this collaboration
Henrik Harlaut
If Björn Borg could decide, the whole world would overflow with nudeclear power; a world where we all live in a sensual high radiation zone
Lina Söderqvist, Global Marketing Director at Björn Borg
We increased our sales during the quarter and noted positive development in our retail operations, both in Björn Borg stores and our e-commerce. The recently acquired operations in Finland contributed positively to the Group’s results, which at the same time were affected negatively by a retail climate in the Netherlands that remains weak. Regarding China, we are still evaluating various alternatives, where a discontinuation of operations in 2013 may be one possible outcome
CEO Arthur Engel
It’s very interesting to see how a group of experts imagine the scent of my Heritage. The result is fantastic!
Björn Borg
We would never force anyone, but we are more than positive to our underwear champions. Having our employees openly show their love for our core products (underwear) helps the team spirit and lifts our brand focus
Nanette Brink, Human Resources Manager, Björn Borg
We keep office temperatures unusually high in this office. It keeps staff from getting sick during the Swedish winter months and has proven to have other up-sides as well
Lotta Frisk, Office Manager, Björn Borg
A key element in our growth efforts is edgy branding activities such as this event in London, in one of our most important expanding markets. They strengthen Björn Borg in existing markets and prior to expansion to new ones. Thanks to its stable financial position, Björn Borg can invest long-term in future growth
Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg
Despite the weak retail market conditions Björn Borg reached unchanged net sales because of the larger investments for the future initiated in 2011. These investments affected our result negatively, but paves the way for future profitable growth. In 2012 we are taking another important step in our continued expansion by establishing Björn Borg in China
CEO Arthur Engel
Our expansion into China is another important step in paving the way for Björn Borg’s future growth. We believe that Björn Borg will attract a growing middle class that wants strong, personal brands. With a knowledgeable and well-connected partner, we expect good opportunities to build sales in one of the world’s most important consumer markets
Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg
We look forward to establishing Björn Borg in China and believe that the brand fits the Chinese market well, especially considering the colorful and trendy design. With Björn Borg’s unique brand profile and a well-planned and long-term enterprise we see strong potential for the brand in the country
Penny York, future CEO of Björn Borg’s Chinese operations
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