We’re extremely pleased that yet another major mobile operator has placed their trust in Clavister
John Vestberg, CEO Clavister
As our revenue model is based on data, we expect to see this initial order size to deliver revenue growth over the coming years, especially as Asian mobile data growth is expected to grow eightfold to 2022 according to Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2017 edition
John Vestberg, CEO Clavister
Having a high-quality and high-technology Sanmina production facility based here, near our headquarters in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, allows for a highly agile approach to product design, prototyping and rapid production with tight collaboration between the two companies’ engineering and supply chain teams. We're also encouraged by Sanmina’s competitiveness which will have a positive impact on our business metrics, including improved logistics and aftersales services. Overall, it’s a very positive development for our customers and partners as well as our operational expenditures
John Vestberg, CEO for Clavister
This latest order demonstrates the high confidence the customer has in Clavister and the performance and versatility of our solutions, delivering security capabilities across carrier-grade networks. We are happy to see that our solution offerings to the telecom segment resonate well with their increasing demands and requirements on security. The relationship with the service provider customer, as well as with our system integrator partner continues to strengthen and grow, which enables additional business opportunities also with other service providers in the South-East Asia region
John Vestberg, CEO
This is truly a clear sign that cloud solutions are starting to take off within the telecom market and that our strategic cooperation with Nokia is beginning to generate a true return. We are clearly still very early in this process, but the fact that this order is for another geographical region than previous orders, indicates a global trend which is very promising for the future
Johan Öhman, CEO at Clavister
We are excited about this order which is a milestone in our cooperation with Nokia and proof that our strategic focus on virtual security is starting to pay off. With a solution developed from scratch specifically to cater for the needs of next generation networks gives us a unique market position and ability to address the the SDN/NFV market on a wider basis.
Johan Öhman, CEO of Clavister
In the era of IoT it is critical to move more intelligent policy enforcement and security to the network edge. We are thrilled to work closely with Clavister, a leading Swedish security company, to showcase the future of IoT and welcome them to the family of our Wi-Fi ecosystem partners
Paul Mikkelsen, CEO, Aptilo Networks
Clavister and Aptilo already have several common customers in the Wi-Fi space, including NTT-Broadband Platform in Japan. We are looking forward to continue to work with the leader in service provider Wi-Fi and continue to innovate and explore new opportunities together in IoT
Jim Carlson, CEO, Clavister
Hackers are aggressively targeting end-users’ devices with a range of advanced threats, with the aim of then spreading the infection onto corporate networks. Clavister’s Endpoint Security Client blocks these attacks using advanced anti-malware techniques, harnessing threat intelligence from half a billion endpoint clients globally. The solution enables businesses of all sizes and across multiple sectors to protect their networks against the ever-growing number of sophisticated cyberattacks, from ransomware to zero-day threats
John Vestberg, CTO and head of product management at Clavister
It is a very exciting task and I am proud to have been entrusted by the Board to lead Clavister into the next stage. The demand for IT security solutions is growing steadily, including the digitization and the increasing data traffic. I see many similarities between Clavister and the journey I had on NetEnt. Clavister has a strong product offering, both within the Enterprise market and for the Telecom segment where the company is uniquely positioned. I I am convinced that the efforts made will bear fruit in the years to come,
Johan Öhman
Clavister's operations have long lead times, but the company has now managed to position itself in the security field like few others. It is also a great pleasure to work with Johan and share his experiences as an experienced CEO of a listed company. For my own sake I look forward to adding more time on sales and strategic alliances with the opportunities we have - we are just at the beginning of a very exciting journey,
Jim Carlsson, CEO
One of the most common cybercrimes is identity thefts. One way to reduce the risk for identity thefts is to install the Clavister MFA (Multi-factor authentication). The goal with a multifactor authentication is to exponential increase the difficulty for an unauthorized person to get hold on the user’s credentials
Jim Carlsson, CEO at Clavister
Due to the increasing LTE traffic load and the demand for efficient, secure, high quality Wi-Fi Services, it is important to work with a security supplier that can deliver a high-performance and scalable security solution. We are confident the Clavister solution implemented by MIRAIT will meet not only these demands across our growing network but also something we have seen in the market, which will be profitable service in security issue over free Wi-Fi. Clavister is the fastest company among candidates, that adapts the strategy of NTTBP
Toshiya Masuzawa, Executive Manager, Senior Vice President, NTTBP
Working with our partner MIRAIT, we are enhancing NTTBP users’ mobile internet experience, giving them the fast Web access, performance and security they expect across the country. The solution relieves pressure on LTE networks in areas of dense population, while enabling seamless mobile browsing. It also supports roll-out of targeted, value-added services for subscribers. The scalability of our solution gives it the capability to secure country-wide Wi-Fi networks, enabling the provision of resources and public services to subscribers and tourists – the possibilities really are endless.
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
NTTBP has sole responsibility for the Wi-Fi business as one of the NTT Group companies, whose core business is telecoms and is one of the leading enterprise groups in Japan. NTT Group views cloud services as its core business for growth, and places great expectations on the Wi-Fi business as one of the key success factors. MIRAIT is fully aware that NTTBP in accordance with NTT Group companies’ strategy, plans to strengthen security in their Wi-Fi business. Clavister’s solution for operators offers a high level performance and security
Shigeru Yanagisawa, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Solution Business Headquarter MIRAIT
We are very excited to announce the launch of these new products. Over the past years, Clavister have been fortunate to gain experience from several challenging public WiFi deployments, for instance at the Swedish royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, at several Swedish Hockey League stadiums as well as at the World Ski Championships. We are delighted that we are now able to share this experience with a broader WiFi service provider market and convinced that our new product offering can address the typical pain points found in WiFi networks. This launch also denotes a significant milestone for Clavister, as we for the first time are expanding our portfolio into neighboring market segments, thereby leveraging on our technology base
John Vestberg, CTO at Clavister
As CSPs look to take advantage of the elastic scalability that SDN and NFV offer, it is essential that they build security into these new network environments, to protect their infrastructure and subscriber data against threats. However, the inflexible ‘big iron’ physical security appliances that CSPs currently rely on lack the scalability needed for virtualized infrastructures. This acts as a brake on innovation and can lead to security gaps emerging. To help CSPs maximize the value of their SDN/NFV deployments, and capitalize on the new revenue opportunities they present, security must be integral to these virtualized functions. Clavister’s virtualized security solutions enable CSPs and operators to be more agile, growing their network in a seamless, elastic way with security at every point, while simultaneously enjoying significant ongoing cost savings
Andreas Åsander, Product Marketing Manager at Clavister
The German market is integral to our growth plans and we are delighted that we are continuing to see interest in our solutions. In Buhck, we are proud to be working with an established and knowledgeable businesses, and are looking forward to working in partnership with them to secure its network as the business continues to expand
Jim Carlsson, Clavister CEO
Thanks to the flexible subscription model Clavister offers, we have future proofed the security of our entire network infrastructure, due to the high scalability of the Firewall Security, we can upgrade our firewalls at any time, without having to invest in new hardware. Compared to our previous solution, Clavister is significantly more cost-effective, supporting vastly extended functionality, enhanced speeds, and have an efficient central management platform
Buhck Group spokesperson
The African market is key to our growth strategy and we have huge confidence in its potential as an increasing number of organizations look to secure their key assets. This agreement is a testament to the knowledge and expertise of our growing team in Africa, and we anticipate further positive news to come in the region
Jim Carlsson, CEO at Clavister
The German market is critical to our growth plans and we are delighted that we are establishing our credentials in Germany with deployments such as Marbach. It is a testament to the quality of our solutions that the Marbach Group has deployed them to secure their global IT network. As cyber-criminals increasingly target the data that businesses hold, robust, scalable, high performance, high availability security solutions will be key to ensuring that the integrity of networks is maintained
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
In addition to the good price-performance ratio and the easy management of the Clavister appliances we were impressed by the wide range of update options. The Clavister solution offers excellent scalability via the Software Subscription which enables us to utilise additional product license updates to meet any future performance increases we require. This enables us to multiply the VPN, IPSec or plaintext throughput without additional investment. We have been very impressed by the expertise and support that we have received from both Stainczyk & Partners and Clavister in providing technical assistance
Gregory Dunica, Head of IT Marbach
Stephan and Erik both have more than 20 years’ experience in the security market, are highly knowledgeable knowledge of the sector and have an impressive track record of leading sales teams and delivering increased sales, these strategic appointments put us in a strong position to meet our international growth targets for the coming year.”
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
The interest for multifactor authentication has been driven by several protocols, like the financial regulations demanding the use of the technology for Internet banking transactions. Companies understand the danger of single password usage, and aim to increase the assurance that an entity accessing the system is who, or what, they claim to be. Clavister MFA delivers this higher level of security and assurance. In addition, Clavister MFA is compliant with the different Clavister OTP generation tokens and compatible with several third-party tokens such as hardware based dongles, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator. Rapid deployment, ease of use, great flexibility of OTP tokens and a scalable licensing model ensures that the Clavister MFA service offers great value for money and a low total cost of ownership
Andreas Åsander, Product Marketing Manager
The African continent is a huge potential cybersecurity market, and by establishing Clavister Africa, we can deliver even better sales and technical support to our partners and customers, which will help to further accelerate our growth in the region. There is a strong demand for security solutions that have no backdoors that could be exploited by criminals or state-sponsored external parties, and we are now ideally positioned to become a leader in this fast-growing market. We have an incredibly strong team in place
Stephan Schmidt, VP Global Enterprise sales
Clavister’s next-generation firewalls are naturally suited for large corporations, but can also meet the specific needs of small and medium businesses. The flexible rental model Clavister offers allows us to reach a very wide range of industries and company sizes
Andreas Zenk, product manager at ALLNET
Finally, SMEs will have the opportunity to take full advantage of NGFWs. Clavister makes this possible - and at an extremely low monthly fee, giving enterprise features at bargain pricing
Markus Senbert, Manager Inside Sales at sysob IT Distribution
As cyber-attacks become increasingly high-profile, dynamically orchestrated security solutions are a major focus of our customers in the telco space. Working jointly with Clavister will allow us to develop a solution that addresses this area while accelerating the deployment process of SDN and NFV networks. This will enable NEC and Netcracker to deliver end to end solutions as service providers and MNOs increasingly seek the benefits offered by virtualized networks
Rahul Chandra, Vice President Worldwide Business Development (SDN/NFV) at NetCracker
With Clavister joining the NEC SDN Partner Space ecosystem, in collaboration with NEC and Netcracker, enables us to further strengthen the security that is required in virtualized networks environments. Jointly, with over 40 market leaders, we will be able to provide new services for SDN and NFV environments, without compromising any element of network function
Timur Aliev, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation at NEC, commented
By collaborating with NEC and Netcracker, we will be strongly positioned to capitalize on the shift to SDN and NFV technologies within carriers, MNOs, service providers and enterprises. NEC has a significant market presence which will create a range of new market opportunities for Clavister, in helping protect the networks of leading enterprises and carriers globally as they virtualize their networks. Working with NEC and Netcracker, we will develop solutions that accelerate and simplify deploying and managing secure, SDN and NFV-based infrastructures
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
The cooperation with Nokia Networks is entering an exciting new phase and opens up additional commercial opportunities with significant synergies
Jim Carlsson, CEO
An integration of virtual and physical security appliances under a common security management that supports the flexibility and the mobility of telco cloud applications is imperative. Clavister provides a virtualized security systems allowing separation and access control for virtual machines and virtual networks inside Cloud environment
Giuseppe Targia, Vice President of business unit Security & IoT
This is a great opportunity for Clavister to significantly increase its share of security-related investments in telco and mobile network infrastructures. The partnership with Nokia Networks will be a vital step. Specifically enabling us to strengthen our position within virtualised telecom cloud solutions, where security is a key component
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
As mobile networks transition to IP the network operators can not afford to compromise on either security or performance. The P80 is purposefully designed to support the service requirements of this market, combining advanced security technologies to control network access, protect against sophisticated attacks with exceptional performance
John Vestberg, CTO
Clavister’s next-generation solutions give operators the best platform to meet demands for end-to-end, standards-based security and high performance at scale. This is underpinned by the fact we do not include backdoors in any of our solutions. Following on from the enhancements to cOS Stream last year, the P80 further strengthens our proposition for MNOs and telecoms equipment manufacturers, putting us in a position to gain further market share.
John Vestberg, CTO
The new Clavister E20 is the fastest, most versatile and scalable Next-Generation Firewall appliance for Branch Offices and Service Providers we have ever produced. Some of the most strategic deals we have done during the past year have been with customers in this segment, including Canon ITS and Regus. With this product in our portfolio will it enable us to expand our business even further.
John Vestberg, CTO at Clavister
Our market-leading technology, offers world class performance at an extremely competitive price point, and has enabled Artesyn to rapidly develop a carrier grade security platform that offers telecom network operators an advanced, robust security solution, to protect their infrastructure. This will enable Artesyn’s customers to secure their networks against attacks quickly, while seeing a significant cost saving compared to rack-based solutions. Working with Artesyn we have been able to combine our joint expertise to deliver a much needed solution to the market in a very short amount of time, highlighting the real value that the collaboration is delivering to the market
Jim Carlsson, CEO at Clavister
Operators can now do this by provisioning virtualized network security zones quickly, flexibly and simply using our Centellis Security Edition. With a minimal software footprint and extremely low resource requirements, it is an optimal solution for all types of virtual and cloud-based network security solutions
Todd Wynia, vice president of communications products, Artesyn Embedded Technologies
By working with Clavister through the Titanium Cloud ecosystem, we will be able to offer our joint customers a pre-validated carrier grade network security solution that can be quickly provisioned. Our partnership enables the efficient deployment of NFV network security, bringing a huge competitive advantage to service providers
Charlie Ashton, senior director of business development for networking solutions at Wind River
By using the Wind River Titanium Server, we can now reach the same performance levels with accelerated vSwitch technology that was previously only possible by using virtual network functions. Using Wind River accelerated vSwitch technology allows significantly increased system flexibility compared to using virtual functions. As a result, the partnership will enable us to deliver accelerated deployments of our NFV security solutions to the MNO market and solidify our position as a market leader in carrier-grade network security.
James Byström VP global sales at Clavister
This deployment demonstrates that Clavister is trusted by national government organizations that handle highly sensitive data and therefore require the best quality of security. It also highlights our growing presence in the Asia region following other recent deployments in Japan. The W30 product in particular is proving to be popular at branch offices as organizations look for robust security at a competitive price point
Jim Carlsson, CEO of Clavister
ALLNET and Clavister are united by similar philosophies. We both place high emphasis on close partnership and collaboration with our resellers. Working with ALLNET, we will be able to widen our reach in the DACH region. We have the advantage that many ALLNET employees have already had experiences with Clavister, and we look forward to a successful partnership
Thomas Gross, Channel Account Manager at Clavister in Germany
Clavister’s next-generation firewalls fit perfectly into our portfolio because they meet both the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as the high demands of large corporations operating across multiple locations. Through our positioning in the DACH market, we know the needs of the market well and can deliver customised and efficient solutions using Clavister’s flexible firewall products
Tjorben Teunissen, Director BU Network Solutions at ALLNET
The solution is perfect for this environment as the large number of firewalls can be easily and comfortably administered and monitored through the centralised InControl system
Jürgen Selz, Managing Director of IT-Systemhaus Jerg
The scale of this project is a testament to the rich functionality and scalability of our next-generation security solutions, and their flexibility in delivering complete security to a broad spectrum of sectors and businesses. This deployment ensures that Regus can protect its global networks, and to provide a range of value-added security services to its millions of customers
Jim Carlsson, CEO at clavister
Developing our partner base is critical to establishing Clavister as a leading provider of security solutions in Japan, the world’s second-largest cybersecurity market, and the third-largest IT market. We have already made excellent relationships and strong progress over the past 12 months with the help of our partners’ in-depth sector experience, and we look forward to growing our business further as we help to develop solutions to the security challenges in the country’s private and public sectors. There are strong synergies between the Swedish and Japanese engineering cultures, and we believe that Clavister's technology offers a standard of quality and functionality that is well aligned to the rigorous demands of the Japanese market
Jim Carlsson, CEO at Clavister
This funding will drive further growth for Clavister worldwide, providing extra resources to help us increase market penetration and accelerate the development of innovative cyber security solutions that can keep pace with the constantly changing threat landscape, and protect a wide range of devices and platforms against attacks
Jim Carlsson, CEO Clavister
I look forward to joining the board of an ambitious and innovative company such as Clavister, Clavister is well positioned to grow and gain market share and I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the company’s management team and helping the company expand internationally
Ilkka Hiidenheimo, Member of the board at Clavister
Clavister has an excellent market proposition which gives it a strong competitive advantage against its competitors. I am looking forward to working with the management team to deliver further successes internationally and enhancing the company’s standing as leading provider of robust next-generation security solutions
Björn Norrbom, Chairman of the board at Clavister
We are pleased to welcome Björn and Ilkka to the Clavister board of directors. Their knowledge of the IT security sector will prove invaluable in ensuring that Clavister continues to grow internationally, providing additional strategic support that will help ensure we continue to achieve market success.
Jim Carlsson, CEO at Clavister