We consider our vegetarian choices to be a central part of our food offering, which is why we actively plan our vegetarian menus with all of our customers in mind, not just those who are vegetarians
Sam Davies, Director of Food, Cucina Restaurants
Since the restaurant opened at the start of term, there has been unbelievable excitement throughout the school and take-up rates have soared
Helen Price, Headteacher, Hampton College, Peterborough
The restaurant has already made a difference in a few short weeks with a demonstrable surge in enthusiasm for school meals. “A particular favourite with our older students and staff is the new Italian style coffee shop, which offers lighter bites and hot beverages throughout the day
Andy Squires, Headteacher, Denbigh School
We are very proud of Rosie, what an amazing achievement.  The school community have enjoyed Rosie’s Berry Sponge Tart
John WIlkinson, Head Teacher, Teddington School
I am delighted for both our students and in particular for Peter who is passionate about cooking and wants to be a MasterChef in the future. Cucina’s role in promoting initiatives at the Academy has been well received and the really are more than just a catering company; ‘You’re The Chef’ is just one of many competitions that have been taking place througout the year, including parent workshops and our very own ‘Seed-to-plate’ Eco-Garden project, where produce is grown and sold in the restaurant, with the help of the Head Chef Aaron Oliphant
Deborah Warwick, Principal, Francis Combe Academy
Hampton College is a very exciting opportunity for us being an all through school. Throughout the tender it became very clear that their school food provision was of the highest priority. This is why Hampton College is the ideal partnership for Cucina and we very much look forward to delivering our new restaurant service from January.
Stuart Lenton, Managing Director, Cucina Restaurants
Putting it simply, this is my dream job. I have long been an admirer of Cucina and the lead that it has shown in putting food quality at the very centre of its business model. This unique approach has enabled Cucina to become the well respected and highly regarded school provider it is today. I am really excited about working with the Cucina team to make the most of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in the future
Stuart Lenton
Continuous healthy growth has made this the perfect time for us to be restructuring our company in this way. Moving to Chief Executive will enable me to spend a little more time on my other work in the food industry, as well as continuing my involvement with Cucina. I have known Stuart Lenton for many years and we share the same values when it comes to school food. We are also excited about the new ideas that he undoubtedly will bring to Cucina
Steve Quinn
Once again the food from Cucina was fantastic. The Year 10 students from Leigh Academy were brilliant at getting the food out to the guests. What an excellent initiative to get them involved. It would be great to see them at other events
Lashings All-Stars Event Manager, James Honey- Green
Cucina is like no other school food company I have ever come across. The food this company produces is actually better than at a lot of places I have eaten at in the high street. They just refuse to take shortcuts
Ash Mair
The work we are doing with Ash isn't just about the food, it is about teaching about food, too. This is why we are put so much into research - taking note of food trends and developing new dishes in popular and trending formats
Sam Davies
Paul’s book was ideal for this group. It was such a surprise for them to see that the guest author I had invited was actually the Head Chef from their own school restaurant. The students loved the session and have already started writing their own stories
Lisa Shannon, Director of Inclusions, Maltings Academy
our vegetarian options have never just been add-ons. As well as being an excellent way to show our vegetarian credentials, the accreditation brings a renewed focus to our work in developing exciting vegetarian taste and flavour combinations for our customers
Steve Quinn, MD, Cucina Restaurants
Having a school catering company showing this level of commitment to its vegetarian customers, especially in a school environment, makes it easier to be veggie as well as giving reassurance to both parents and students
Vanessa Brown, Head of Business and Catering Services, The Vegetarian Society
It was great to bake with the chefs at Cucina for such a brilliant cause as Children in Need. I’ve had a fantastic time
Martha Collison
In the world of school cooking Cucina stands out as the beacon of hope. A walk into one of their kitchens will reveal all - local produce, and abundance of fresh vegetables, vibrant cooking and plenty of evidence that kids will queue up to get their hungry hands on it all.
Phil Howard
This collaboration with Phil is an opportunity to showcase just what can be possible with school food, with a little imagination and the right priorities in place. We're not only highlighting the best of British food; with Phil's help, we are aiming to bring a new level of awareness to British food.
Steve Quinn, MD, Cucina Restaurants
In the world of school cooking Cucina stands out as the beacon of hope. A walk into one of their kitchens will reveal all - local produce, an abundance of fresh vegetables, vibrant cooking and plenty of evidence that kids will queue up to get their hungry hands on it all
Phil Howard, owner and proprietor, The Square Restaurant
I am delighted that we will be partnering with Love British Food for British Food Fortnight, an annual event which does so much to help people enjoy the diverse food of Britain. In its pursuit of true excellence
Steve Quinn
Cucina’s values fit perfectly with those of Love British Food – their determined use of good food in schools, and in a way that really inspires children to eat it, shows exactly what can be achieved in the education sector. The result is an outstandingly positive one for children, schools and the wider community.
Alexia Robinson
Francis Combe Academy is a school which places a great deal of importance on school food. Its motto 'transforming lives through learning' closely matches our own vision for school food. I am very excited about embarking on this new partnership
Steve Quinn, MD, Cucina Restaurants
All three of these schools set catering and food education as a high priority and we are delighted to become their catering partners
Steve Quinn
Getting the students involved was a wonderful initiative and I would love to see this at many more of our events
James Honey-Green, Event Manager, Lashings All-Stars
I have not eaten food in any other school canteen that can equal that offered by Cucina
Julie Goswell, Headteacher, Southfield School for Girls
Let's make the standards work for us by incorporating them into the rigorous system of accountability that has helped drive up educational standards in our schools.
Steve Quinn
If 'food service' were to be integrated into the school inspection agenda, it would straightaway become a high priority for all schools.
Steve Quinn
It was great to chat to Princess Anne and hear how enthusiastic she was about what we are doing at Wilmington Academy
Scott McKenzie
It's amazing to win against such high class competition
Dean Wentworth
Andrew Hemmings
Cucina, a company at the forefront of excellent school food
We're delighted to be able to lend our support in this way
Sam Davies, Director of Food, Cucina Restaurants
Our company continues to grow at an ideal rate, allowing us to maintain our excellent standard of food and service across all of our contracts across the UK
Steve Quinn
If supermarkets and suppliers are only driven by the need to drive costs lower and lower in order to make bigger margins, other links in the manufacturing chain will be under great pressure to take shortcuts just so that they too can make their profit.
Steve Quinn
Having chef on board has ben brilliant for the boys, he's actually become a role model for them.
Alison Panting, Head of Food Tech, Marlborough Science Academy
It's got them thinking about food. It's given them a career path to think about.
Marlborough's chef Stuart Hubbard of Cucina
The Marketplace is the hub of activity in our incredible new £30m building
Andrew Hemmings, Principal, The Bushey Academy
Exciting food in an exciting place - it's perfect.
Sam Davies