It’s very inspiring to work with so talented and independent women, it’s just what Rapunzel stands for.
Eva Fraenkel
Rapunzel is an impressive company whose business concept, products, CSR work and rapid expansion have inspired me.
Tobias Mattsson
I love these colors because I really feel that they are a blend of cool and classic colors that can either bump up your look or just blend nicely into your hair.
Chad Wood
Our new product works well as an everyday tool to cover bald patches as well as the perfect accessory for a party.
Maria Lindberg, Wig Specialist
I’ve been using Rapunzel extensions for years and love the quality of hair, easy application, and range of colors!
Justine Marjan
Rapunzel of Sweden’s growth and development has really impressed me and to now be part of the company's continued expansion feels like an exciting challenge.
Eva Fraenkel, impending CMO
We have worked for a long time to develop products with all the necessary qualities required to suit products that work well and provide great results to both hair extensions as well as a client’s natural hair. Finally, we are ready to launch the first three products.
Malin Forsberg, Product Developer at Rapunzel of Sweden
I’m so excited about this Rapunzel of Sweden collaboration with Mane Addicts. Because for me I’m a girl on the go (…) and I need to have a case that I can take on the go with me and keep all my extensions organized by color so for me it’s a dream-come-true collaboration.
Jen Atkin
I have followed the progress of Rapunzel of Sweden and Ida Backlund’s journey for several years and am impressed with the company’s development. My goal is, together with Ida and the other employees, to take the company into further expansion.
Sofia Bertills CEO
It feels fantastic to receive this award, it really means a lot to me, especially considering what Rapunzel means me. It's wonderful to see how much the wigs have helped everyone else.
Kajsa Boman
I have worked with many different hair companies and think that Rapunzel’s extensions are totally fantastic. Such great quality, you can wash them again and again and they stay just as beautiful. Rapunzel’s hair really stands out from the others!
Jen Atkin
We are ready for Malmö, now we also hope that Malmö is ready for us.
Elin Kämpeback, Salon Manager at Rapunzel of Sweden.
This year’s Digital Gazelle is the true definition of the word, she is truly a company founder. We not only want to congratulate you, above all we want to say thank you for you really are a Generation Why. You inspire, hopefully even the next generation, Generation Why Not.
Gustav Radell, Google Sweden.
“A Clip-on set is perfect when you want your hair to be longer and thicker for a prom or a photo shot. Easy to attach and remove. I used two different clip-on sets to get a colour which worked well with my own hair.”
Zara Larsson
Together we become stronger and together we can create better possibilities for more women to take the first step to entrepreneurship, not only in Sweden but all around the world.
Ida Backlund