We have had excellent cooperation with Botkyrka municipality throughout the permit process. The granted permit was a prerequisite for our agreement to purchase 3 hectares of land from a private landowner to become a reality. We are pleased that we have come this far and can now begin construction.
Flemming Grene Thomsen, CEO, Racehall
It was so beautiful and comforting to write about my various experiences of loss together with two close friends (Emelie Eriksson & Jakob Redtzer). We both danced and cried in the studio while creating the song, and I really hope that comes through and resonates with the listeners.
Ocean of Love is my disco tribute to Pride, and it's about the sea of love that exists out there, and daring to let oneself fall freely despite all the twisted circumstances. There's so much joy. It's meant for all of us. Let's dive in now!
Petra Marklund
Drip Drop is a song written to motivate us, to avoid rumors, distractions and fake news, and to focus on our responsibilities and on the work that each of us must do to change the current situation.
Osvaldo Supino
Glory is an upbeat dance song that aims to spread joy and love around the world. We have created a lot of music and feel like we have hit the mark. Glory truly represents us as artists.
I am incredibly proud to represent our community through 'I Adore Me.' The song symbolizes a world where we are strong and loved, and I hope the message reaches as many people as possible during West Pride in Gothenburg.
It’s the moment you are newly in love and still testing out the waters. Something just feels right about it, and you know the other person also feels the same way. You just want that person to give in to those feelings say they will be yours, cause then the good times will be forever.
Julien Keulen
“Celebrate Christmas” is about faith, about celebrating Christmas and feeling the joy and to share with that with other people that you like. It is also a song that is meant to boost anyone who’s feeling lonely, which unfortunately a lot of people do during Christmas.
Dynelle Rhodes, The Weather Girls
The song is a dancy, happy f*** off to people who’ve hurt you. I’ve seen so many friends hand out second and eleventh chances to someone who really doesn’t deserve them. So me and my best friend Emelie wrote the lyrics of this song as a reminder to anyone who needs it, that they’re probably not all that changed just cause they’ve had a glow up.
It's an honor to win the Official West Pride song Contest, and that my song “Coming Out” was chosen by such a competent jury. I feel reinforced by the compliments Karin Gunnarsson and Fredrik Kempe said about me and they cheered me up and were ready to let everybody else listen to my “coming out-anthem.
Julia Alfrida
I came up with the idea of SKNY BTCH Shots because I’ve always preferred a sweeter shot rather than a sour. Despite our new shot being sweet it contains 50-70% less sugar compared to similar shots. What´s even better? SKNY BTCH Shots contain less alcohol than regular shots, as they only contain 14,9% alcohol, so I can drink a few of these shots without it being too much of the good stuff.
Nina Saving, founder and owner of the brand SKNY BTCH.
Happy Ever After" is about a broken relationship and that specific moment you realize that it isn't going to be the two of you anymore. The happines you see in the movies doesn't apply to everyone, and that the movies manuscript wasn't written for real life.
Hugo Andersson, Swedish popstar and songwriter
I choose to channelize my own life story through Margaret, as it is a story that differs enough from my own, making me feel safe to speak of my own experiences with someone else´s voice.
Sebastian Pau Johansson
My entire focus this past year has been on finalizing my debut-EP that will be out next year, but then life happened and Sugarcoat was written in the midst of a heartbreak. I mean it’s always been like that for me musically, in order to move on and start a new chapter I need to close the old one. So now I’m releasing a song which is only one month old, this is by far the quickest process I’ve ever experienced.
Melanie Wehbe
I tend to overthink and create worst case scenarios where I worry a lot and fear for bad things to happen. Sometimes I’m scared to be a burden to people close to me. With “Honestly”, I hope people who feel the same way can relate but also feel hopeful, as the song has a positive meaning of wanting to change those bad patterns as well.
I wrote the song during anxiety and while feeling depressed, probably because I needed something to look up to. Going through grief, sadness or loneliness I think it's important to try to make something creative or positive out of it, that can give yourself new energy and strength. Be creative and give instead of not doing it.
The artist and songwriter Elias Ringquist
– With this new worldwide music video LEGACY, we want to inspire young LGBTQIA+ people and upcoming generations to be themselves, even if you don´t fit the norm. Hold your head high and ignore what other people think about you.
SYLVE & Julia Alfrida
With this new worldwide song LEGACY, we want to inspire young LGBTQIA+ people and upcoming generations to be themselves, even if you don´t fit the norm. Hold your head high and ignore what other people think about you.
SYLVE & Julia Alfrida
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