Like us at Concept Amenities, Robin Wilson has a passion for environmental awareness and healthy living
Michael Matulick, CEO
Concept Amenities sets itself apart from other companies, and that is only possible by bringing together a team of outstanding people.
Michael Matulick
We look forward to putting Shelley's considerable talents to good use and warmly welcome her to the company
Michael Matulick CEO
By focusing on our luxury clientele we hope to strengthen their ability to meet the far-reaching needs of these elite-market guests.
Michael Matulick
By collecting waste soap and reprocessing it, our industry can help make a significant contribution
Michael Matulick
“Ms. O'Driscoll's qualifications are impeccable and her long term relationships serving major hospitality brands will be a huge benefit for our business and for our customers.”
Michael Matulick CEO Concept Amenities
“With Linden Leaves our shared corporate sustainability practices created a firm foundation for a partnership,”
Michael Matulick, CEO at Concept Amenities
“This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for me and one that I am greatly looking forward to
Kerry Dowen
“We congratulate her for earning this promotion and offer our complete support as she embarks on this exciting journey.”
Gary Coward
“Manufacturing is vitally important to this region and Melbourne relies heavily on the jobs created in suburbs across Kingston.”
Lorraine Wreford MLA, State Member of Parliament for Mordialloc
“Innovative businesses, like Concept Amenities, are the backbone of the economy and important for continued local growth,”
Michael Matulick, CEO Concept Amenities
“Soap Aid is a unique opportunity for Concept Amenities to remain true to its core values of promoting eco-consciousness and improving the quality of life on our planet,”
Michael Matulick, Chief Executive Officer of Concept Amenities
“We’re not just a supplier for the hospitality industry,” says CEO Michael Matulick. “We’re a trusted partner who plays an integral role in shaping our customers’ brand experiences. We are intrinsically linked to the creation of memorable guest experiences that protect our planet.”
Michael Matulick; CEO Concept Amenities
“We are proud to be recognized for ACEP’s ongoing efforts to be environmentally responsible and have a positive impact on the carbon footprint in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not only a world-class tourist destination, but also the community our team members work, live and raise their children in.”
Kevin Ball, Corporate Vice President of Purchasing for American Casino & Entertainment Properties
“As in years past, we’re proud to be a part of the Earth Hour movement,” adds Matulick, “and we encourage our many hotel partners around the world to join in this important effort to raise public awareness of climate change and the urgent need to initiate environmentally sound solutions.
Chief Executive Officer Michael Matulick
“Sustainability is hugely important to The Imperial Hotel. We initiated our environmental policy back in 1998, long before green issues were in fashion.”
Public Relations Manager Pip Cockeram
“One of the truly unique features our new website offers is the addition of video content in all key areas”
Michael Matulick, CEO Concept Amenities
“We actively champion causes that truly help mankind and the environment because we prefer positive action to simply espousing feel-good theories.”
Michael Matulick, CEO Concept Amenities
“At the LVH-Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our guests with distinctive amenities that are now eco friendly,”
Cami Christensen, Vice President Hotel Operations LVH
“We are an Energy Star Partner and fully committed to improving our carbon footprint. Resulting from our commitment, we have been reviewing all internal spending to establish where we can improve. The use of Eco.Fresh products is another important step in achieving our environmental goals.”
Richard Gleave, corporate director of facilities, design and construction for Red Lion Hotels Corporation; currently leading sustainability efforts for the brand
“We are relentless about making this a better world,”
Michael Matulick
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