Today's complex world and fast pace of change require courageous and wise leaders with the ability to reflect on their decision-making. This runs like a red thread throughout the programme. I'm really looking forward to following this year's broad and experienced group and everyone's professional, as well as personal, development.
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU Executive Education
I am here to broaden and deepen my skills, build networks and get tools that strengthen me as a leader and sustainability manager. After the first module, I am impressed by the professional structure and the committed lecturers, as well as by the other participants. The training will involve both personal and professional development.
Ylva Linder, Head of Sustainability, Liseberg
My goal is to be able to offer my clients more from a business and strategic perspective and to gain a more in-depth knowledge of running a business. After an initial intensive module, I have gained a lot of new perspectives on my work.
Christopher Hillman, Chief Design Officer, Atlantiska Byrån
As a trained nurse, I applied to the programme to add a higher education that provides knowledge in economics and tools for running a business. I want to become a better business manager and be able to develop our company successfully and make it grow. On the very first day, I gained new tools and new perspectives regarding entrepreneurship that I will implement!
Anna Eurenius, Operations Manager, Nordiskt Endoskopicentrum
I immediately appreciated the Swedish business leaders. They were serious, always well prepared, asked questions and challenged me as a lecturer in a way that created a terrific learning dynamic.
Lidija Polutnik, professor
GU Executive Education strengthens academia’s opportunities to build relationships and reach out with knowledge to the business community and society in general. I am very grateful for my long-term collaboration with the School of Business, Economics and Law, and I appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment that is not self-evident in all places. People here are interested and curious. In addition, the School has uniquely good contacts and collaborations with the business community. For me, Gothenburg has been a place for learning and personal development. The assignment on the board is stimulating and a way for me to give back.
Lidija Polutnik, professor
We are very pleased to have Professor Lidija Polutnik join us as a board member. She is an esteemed lecturer in GU Executive Education's various programmes and has valuable international experience in delivering qualified executive education to the business community. Her expertise is a great asset in the work to develop GU Executive Education's offerings and business models.
Lena Lind, Chairman of the Board of GU Executive Education
I am impressed by the experience and breadth of this year's class. Regardless of which individual platform the participants start out from, the education involves a far-reaching development journey, both personally and professionally. I am really looking forward to following this group during the programme.
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU Executive Education
We’re living in a time when almost everything is transforming. It is wonderful and inspiring to be part of this rapid and extensive development, but it is also challenging. I am taking the Executive MBA to get tools to help me manage the complexity that characterises both our time and our business in the Port of Gothenburg.
Elvir Dzanic, CEO, Port of Gothenburg
I am an engineer and have complemented that background with studies in organisational psychology. Now I'm going to join the Executive MBA programme to learn more about business development. In addition, I’m looking forward to getting to know this fantastic group of people.
Amra Cenanovic, Product Development Specialist, SKF
I have a PhD in food science and worked with research and development. I am attending the Executive MBA programme because I need to expand my skill base to include business administration and management. I’m hoping that at the end of the education, I’ll be more confident in all contexts that require a holistic view of a rapidly growing and global business like Oatly.
Frederic Prothon, Head of Operations Food Science, Oatly
This year, the programme elements relating to leading in a changing world and renewing organisations were particularly relevant due to the consequences of the pandemic on the companies in the various industries that the participants represent. This is also reflected in the theses. Leading in a crisis is a recurring theme and the theses offer exciting analyses, as well as new and up-to-date knowledge.
Håkan Ericson, CEO GU Executive Education
We are both very interested in corporate culture and leadership, and we were very inspired by Professor Gideon Kunda in the module on Organisational structure and culture, by Professor Pekka Mattila who was responsible for Change management and by Frank Stenman in the module Organisational behaviour and leadership.
Matilda Örnmark, CEO Amoma Sverige
We had some previous knowledge of sensemaking and sensegiving and thought that the theories explained some of what we saw in the organisation we investigated. In addition, it turned out that our supervisor, Associate Professor Andreas Diedrich, has extensive knowledge of that research area. He encouraged us.
Emily Holweck, CEO Öredev
You bring the theories into your own leadership. Through the thesis, we have learned a lot about the importance of values and the significance of corporate culture.
Matilda Örnmark and Emily Holweck
The calibre of the students is very high. I believe we will learn a lot from each other. I was really impressed by how knowledgeable Professor Jose is, and I'm excited about the upcoming modules because of how much I learned from the first one. I have a lot of experience in different aspects of business management, but I did not have the educational background to back it up. So, I wanted to go back to school to remedy that and expand my knowledge with an Executive MBA degree. 
Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford, KSSW Holdings
I had high expectations and still I am positively surprised. It is a very senior group; the participants elevate the programme. The lecturer was very skilled and flexible. I have long wanted to attend an Executive MBA programme. It is a great privilege to be able to invest in oneself and to have the opportunity to develop further. I am an engineer and have a technically-oriented doctoral degree. With the Executive MBA, I want to broaden my skills, and this education is an extremely effective way to gain new knowledge. It's fun to grow – that's what I'm looking for.
Christian Grante, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Group
The programme provides a broad base of knowledge, methods and tools that strengthen the participants as leaders and prepare them for greater challenges. I would also like to highlight the impressive personal development journey that the participants undergo during the 21-month programme, both professionally and personally. It is a privilege to contribute and to follow it.
Håkan Ericson, CEO of GU Executive Education
This year's theses are of a high quality and highlight very relevant business challenges. The thesis work includes studies of existing research, as well as self-conducted research and analyses that add to the current body of knowledge. There are many interesting findings and insights in the theses
åkan Ericson, CEO, GU Executive Education.
The Executive MBA programme has been a fantastic journey which I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to complete. It is a privilege, as an adult, with many years building a professional career, to once again sit in the classroom and have the space to reflect, analyse and learn new things. Since the programme covers such a wide area, I sometimes found myself studying areas that I was already familiar with, but more often I was navigating new areas where I was stretched to broaden my perspective and my skills. I have grown as a professional during the programme, and I can now contribute with an even greater point of view in the development of Liseberg's business. This is my third academic degree, and it has been undoubtedly the most rewarding and enjoyable one for me. This is mainly thanks to my 19 co-participants and the sense of community that we have built up along the way. I will have this network of fantastic people with me for the rest of my life
Julia Vasilis, Director of Communications at Liseberg AB.
I still remember the question brought up by Håkan, CEO of GU Executive Education, in our information meeting 2 years ago, ‘Are you one of those people who take the chance and make it happen, or are you one of those people who say I will do it next year and never do it?’ I am very glad to say that I am the type of person who make things happen and this Executive MBA programme has been one of the most phenomenal experiences I have had. I can definitively say that the programme has helped me gain access to various tools to become a better people and business leader. Obviously, it was incredibly challenging to study and work at the same time, but also incredibly rewarding as well! The open and collaborative environment of the class is what makes this journey fun and an experience of a lifetime”
Katrina Bendikas Chang, Global Key Account Manager, 3M Automotive Division.
It was a different final semester and graduation with this group, since we had to deliver the programme remotely due to the pandemic. The participants' opportunity to interact with each other was of course impacted but, overall, the transition to online teaching worked well
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU School of Executive Education.
The Executive MBA was a perfect match for me. As I ran my own company during the programme, I was able to instantly implement new knowledge from every module and see the effects throughout the program. It was, to say the least, very tough for 21 months, but the knowledge, network and experience I gained is incredibly valuable. If I had the chance, I would take the same journey again every day of the week, without hesitation!
Johan Hallenby, graduated from the Executive MBA program in June 2019.
“I am extremely grateful and proud that the Knut Family & Ragnvi Jacobson Foundation gave me this opportunity. I come from a technical/artistic background and have previously lacked a business-oriented education. It has really helped to complement my skills, and has given me friends for life, knowledge, more perspectives, insights and drive which already have begun to show tangible results
Michael Bengtsson, participating in the ongoing Executive MBA program and will graduate in June 2020. 
Although passion, determination and high ambitions are strong driving forces behind any successful entrepreneur, there must also be knowledge and experience on how to run a business. This is where an Executive MBA program provides such a valuable foundation for entrepreneurs. It helps entrepreneurs to manage a company in the long term, analyse the success and mistakes of others and also explore new business opportunities with the help of top-class teachers from all over the world. In addition, together with fellow students who are super smart, knowledgeable and ambitious people. You get a whole network of friends for life who will support and be able to give you advice, even after the program is over. I am incredibly proud and grateful for the scholarship from the foundation, which has given me the opportunity to join the Executive MBA program. It’s a unique education program that has definitely made me a more skilful and knowledgeable business manager
Anna Fritzson, is participating in the ongoing Executive MBA program 2019-2021 and will graduate in June 2021.
We are very pleased with the webinar. It feels good to be able to share some of the academic knowledge that we feel is in demand in relation to the changes and challenges that the Corona Pandemic is bringing about for so many. The response was very positive, both in terms of the number of participants and appreciative comments afterwards. It is not impossible that we arrange something similar again
Håkan Ericson, CEO of GU Executive Education, who also led the webinar.
I am delighted with the outcome of teaching the Gothenburg Executive MBA Marketing module online. The technology worked smoothly without any glitches, and our sessions were very interactive, resulting in a rich discussion of pricing and other marketing issues, which connected theory with practical applications across many industries, B2B and B2C spaces
Lidija Polutnik, professor of Babson College in Boston
Switching to the online teaching platform was seamless. It actually felt more like having a conversation than being in a lecture; with this format, the marketing module provided useful insights, specifically into strategic pricing
Anders Hestner, General Manager, Oxygen Therapy at Mölnlycke Health Care
We were able to continue providing our education despite travel bans and without exposing our participants and faculty to the risk of virus infection. All our teaching is being done online
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU School of Executive Education
The participants developed their knowledge of digitalisation management in two main ways. Firstly, by gaining a deeper understanding of what digitalisation means to society generally and to the public sector specifically. After that, the programme looked at tangible models and tools how leaders can ensure purposeful digitalisation in their respective organisations
Johan Magnusson
The programme focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of the key financial ratios currently used in businesses and public organisations. Using this understanding, participants can assess the general financial condition of any organisation and understand the impact of various decisions on key financial ratios. The programme also provides knowledge about various financial management models that are needed to actively contribute to the development of a business towards better profitability
Johan Åkesson
The programmes are designed for executives who need quality-assured, high-level skills development within a specific area. Some executives cannot find the time to consider longer executive programmes. Our open-enrolment programmes provide in-depth insights into the latest research in the relevant field, as well as practical approaches applied though new tools
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, GU School of Executive Education.
t feels fantastic to have been awarded this scholarship, especially since our company is still in a start-up phase. All entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to participate in a programme like this. There are so many companies that fail during start-up because they can’t fully identify and understand the external factors that influence the company. Through this programme, I’ll acquire the relevant knowledge that is required besides running the business itself
Anna Fritzson, CEO Zuragon Sweden AB.
Anna Fritzson has been awarded this entrepreneur scholarship for her focused and innovative approach to develop products and services related to autonomous vehicles. Her impressive entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional motivation make her a thoroughly deserved recipient of this award. Her company, Zuragon, is showing growth and is profitable, and Anna has understood future needs by investing in the autonomous vehicle sector
Marianne Brismar, Chairman of the Board of the Knut & Ragnvi Jacobsson Family Foundation.
The program develops a broad spectrum of the knowledge, perspectives and tools needed in senior management positions in companies coping with an ever-increasing need for change. Throughout the programme, our participants practice their ability to reflect on new leadership skills and get to apply them in their own home organizations
Håkan Ericson, CEO at GU School of Executive Education.
My aim with the program is to gain a better understanding about the increasingly complicated global economy and challenges, and to explore feasible solutions for the given business climate
Yi-Ju Wang, Export Sales Executive at Ting Fong Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd
I hope to sharpen my knowledge of strategy and international business, as well as make new contacts that I can use in my daily work at VBG Truck Equipment.
Fredrik Gustavsson, Production Engineering Manager at VBG Group
The programs are designed for leaders who need quality-assured, high-level skills development within a specific area, but who find it difficult to find time for their own development. The programmes provide in-depth insights into the latest research in the field in question, as well as practical approaches applied through new tools
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, Gothenburg University (GU) School of Executive Education
With the shorter OEPs, a larger group of executives will be able to reconnect with academia to update and deepen their skills in rapidly changing areas
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, Gothenburg University (GU) School of Executive Education.
The theses are of a high standard and highlight challenges that are shared in many places across the private and public sectors. The participants review existing research and complement it with their own studies. This generates new knowledge that is of great benefit to anyone interested in organizational development.
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU School of Executive Education
During the Executive MBA program, I have gained many new insights that are very useful in my daily work with sustainability issues and business development. The connection to research provides a depth of knowledge and a way of working that I will continue to apply when I want to discover the latest findings in a particular area. Last but not least, I am incredibly happy about my new network and the contacts I have made thanks to the program. I would warmly recommend an Executive MBA to anyone who wants to take a further step in their professional and personal development!
Jessika Lind Petrén, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Stena Metal.
The last two years of education have stretched, enlightened and shaped me into a more rounded and self-reflective professional. The diverse selection of industry guest speakers, visiting global Professors, and study tours to India and China, have challenged my take of leadership and management, and has provide me with inspiration on future macro trends. The structure and pace of the program was also well designed, allowing time for reflection, application of learnings into daily work activities, and balance with professional and personal commitments. If you want to discover more about yourself, and enhance your professional and personal capabilities, then the Gothenburg Executive MBA is a great next step
Scott Henshaw, Senior Product Manager & Business Development Acoustics, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions.
The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg has an important task to contribute to lifelong learning. The GU School of Executive Education (GUSEE) plays a key role in this respect. With the shorter open-enrolment programmes now being launched, a larger group of executives will be able to reconnect with academia to update and deepen their skills in rapidly changing areas
Per Cramér, Dean for the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
We are happy and proud to now be able to offer a wider range of cutting-edge expertise within a well-established framework based on academic rigor. The new open programmes are available to everyone who needs to learn more within one or several key areas. They complement our other executive programs consisting of our Executive MBA, which prepares participants for the next major step in their careers, and the Custom Programmes, which aim to elevate entire leadership teams of 15-20 people from the same organisation
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director for the GU School of Executive Education at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg
After training to be a 3D artist, I started Mindbender in 2006 with some classmates. Similarly to when I was studying, my passion compelled me to strive for higher artistic and technical excellence. After a somewhat turbulent period, the company is now entering a new phase. To have the opportunity to be part of the Executive MBA programme is fantastic for Mindbender and for my own personal development. It feels like a dream come true. I am truly grateful to be awarded the scholarship from the Knut and Ragnvi Jacobsson Family Foundation. I’m really looking forward to making new connections and getting deeper knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and business management
Michael Bengtsson, CEO for Mindbender Inc AB
One of the goals of our foundation is to award our entrepreneurial scholarship to one or more persons who demonstrate a desire to break new ground. We believe that Michael Bengtsson is a very good example of a person who dares to go his own way and who is passionate about developing his company in new dimensions. We wish him all the best and hope that the scholarship for the Executive MBA programme will lead to important progress and enhance his personal development
Marianne Brismar, Chairman of the Board for the Knut and Ragnvi Jacobsson Family Foundation
I’m very happy about my participation in the Executive MBA program. Not only about the high quality education by professors from universities around the world, but also about the development achieved together with the class during this time. Learning in the group was especially evident during our time together in China and India. All in all, I now feel like a better leader, with new knowledge and insights from a diverse set of management areas, including deeper knowledge of myself.
Daniel Neang, CEO Emsy Engineering
My brain has grown, by being challenged to learn new things, combined with regular reflection sessions in a supportive group! I believe I am a better manager now than when I joined the programme. It has as truly been both demanding and fun. To work and to study in parallel is so beneficial; it has allowed me to bring problems and challenges from the theatre to the programme and get new perspectives on possible solutions. The best part, however, has been the other participants of the programme and the way we have collectively coached, encouraged, inspired and learned from each other
Susanna Dahlberg, CEO Regionteater Väst
When I founded Viscus in 2009, I decided that I would do all I could to be the best version of myself as an entrepreneur and as a business leader. When I finished my Masters Degree in Management of growth enterprises in 2013, I decided to apply for the Executive MBA programme within five years to take my leadership and managerial skills to the next level. Since then, I’ve worked very hard and learned a lot. I have now reached that goal and look forward to continuing my personal development of the company’s vision as an entrepreneur and managing director
Johan Hallenby, MD, Viscus
One of the foundation’s goals is to award the Knut and Ragnvi Family Foundation’s entrepreneurial scholarship on an on-going basis to one or more persons for their desire to break new grounds. We believe that Johan Hallenby is a very good example of a person who dares go his own way and has the drive to create new concepts and business solutions in his industry. We wish him all the best and hope that the scholarship will play an important part in his development and in enhancing his skills
Marianne Brismar, Chairman of the Board of the Knut and Ragnvi Family Foundation