The program develops a broad spectrum of the knowledge, perspectives and tools needed in senior management positions in companies coping with an ever-increasing need for change. Throughout the programme, our participants practice their ability to reflect on new leadership skills and get to apply them in their own home organizations
Håkan Ericson, CEO at GU School of Executive Education.
My aim with the program is to gain a better understanding about the increasingly complicated global economy and challenges, and to explore feasible solutions for the given business climate
Yi-Ju Wang, Export Sales Executive at Ting Fong Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd
I hope to sharpen my knowledge of strategy and international business, as well as make new contacts that I can use in my daily work at VBG Truck Equipment.
Fredrik Gustavsson, Production Engineering Manager at VBG Group
The programs are designed for leaders who need quality-assured, high-level skills development within a specific area, but who find it difficult to find time for their own development. The programmes provide in-depth insights into the latest research in the field in question, as well as practical approaches applied through new tools
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, Gothenburg University (GU) School of Executive Education
With the shorter OEPs, a larger group of executives will be able to reconnect with academia to update and deepen their skills in rapidly changing areas
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, Gothenburg University (GU) School of Executive Education.
The theses are of a high standard and highlight challenges that are shared in many places across the private and public sectors. The participants review existing research and complement it with their own studies. This generates new knowledge that is of great benefit to anyone interested in organizational development.
Håkan Ericson, CEO, GU School of Executive Education
During the Executive MBA program, I have gained many new insights that are very useful in my daily work with sustainability issues and business development. The connection to research provides a depth of knowledge and a way of working that I will continue to apply when I want to discover the latest findings in a particular area. Last but not least, I am incredibly happy about my new network and the contacts I have made thanks to the program. I would warmly recommend an Executive MBA to anyone who wants to take a further step in their professional and personal development!
Jessika Lind Petrén, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Stena Metal.
The last two years of education have stretched, enlightened and shaped me into a more rounded and self-reflective professional. The diverse selection of industry guest speakers, visiting global Professors, and study tours to India and China, have challenged my take of leadership and management, and has provide me with inspiration on future macro trends. The structure and pace of the program was also well designed, allowing time for reflection, application of learnings into daily work activities, and balance with professional and personal commitments. If you want to discover more about yourself, and enhance your professional and personal capabilities, then the Gothenburg Executive MBA is a great next step
Scott Henshaw, Senior Product Manager & Business Development Acoustics, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions.
The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg has an important task to contribute to lifelong learning. The GU School of Executive Education (GUSEE) plays a key role in this respect. With the shorter open-enrolment programmes now being launched, a larger group of executives will be able to reconnect with academia to update and deepen their skills in rapidly changing areas
Per Cramér, Dean for the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
We are happy and proud to now be able to offer a wider range of cutting-edge expertise within a well-established framework based on academic rigor. The new open programmes are available to everyone who needs to learn more within one or several key areas. They complement our other executive programs consisting of our Executive MBA, which prepares participants for the next major step in their careers, and the Custom Programmes, which aim to elevate entire leadership teams of 15-20 people from the same organisation
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director for the GU School of Executive Education at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg
After training to be a 3D artist, I started Mindbender in 2006 with some classmates. Similarly to when I was studying, my passion compelled me to strive for higher artistic and technical excellence. After a somewhat turbulent period, the company is now entering a new phase. To have the opportunity to be part of the Executive MBA programme is fantastic for Mindbender and for my own personal development. It feels like a dream come true. I am truly grateful to be awarded the scholarship from the Knut and Ragnvi Jacobsson Family Foundation. I’m really looking forward to making new connections and getting deeper knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and business management
Michael Bengtsson, CEO for Mindbender Inc AB
One of the goals of our foundation is to award our entrepreneurial scholarship to one or more persons who demonstrate a desire to break new ground. We believe that Michael Bengtsson is a very good example of a person who dares to go his own way and who is passionate about developing his company in new dimensions. We wish him all the best and hope that the scholarship for the Executive MBA programme will lead to important progress and enhance his personal development
Marianne Brismar, Chairman of the Board for the Knut and Ragnvi Jacobsson Family Foundation
I’m very happy about my participation in the Executive MBA program. Not only about the high quality education by professors from universities around the world, but also about the development achieved together with the class during this time. Learning in the group was especially evident during our time together in China and India. All in all, I now feel like a better leader, with new knowledge and insights from a diverse set of management areas, including deeper knowledge of myself.
Daniel Neang, CEO Emsy Engineering
My brain has grown, by being challenged to learn new things, combined with regular reflection sessions in a supportive group! I believe I am a better manager now than when I joined the programme. It has as truly been both demanding and fun. To work and to study in parallel is so beneficial; it has allowed me to bring problems and challenges from the theatre to the programme and get new perspectives on possible solutions. The best part, however, has been the other participants of the programme and the way we have collectively coached, encouraged, inspired and learned from each other
Susanna Dahlberg, CEO Regionteater Väst
When I founded Viscus in 2009, I decided that I would do all I could to be the best version of myself as an entrepreneur and as a business leader. When I finished my Masters Degree in Management of growth enterprises in 2013, I decided to apply for the Executive MBA programme within five years to take my leadership and managerial skills to the next level. Since then, I’ve worked very hard and learned a lot. I have now reached that goal and look forward to continuing my personal development of the company’s vision as an entrepreneur and managing director
Johan Hallenby, MD, Viscus
One of the foundation’s goals is to award the Knut and Ragnvi Family Foundation’s entrepreneurial scholarship on an on-going basis to one or more persons for their desire to break new grounds. We believe that Johan Hallenby is a very good example of a person who dares go his own way and has the drive to create new concepts and business solutions in his industry. We wish him all the best and hope that the scholarship will play an important part in his development and in enhancing his skills
Marianne Brismar, Chairman of the Board of the Knut and Ragnvi Family Foundation
In order to manage my area of the public sector, which is Health Care, in the best and most responsible way possible I need firm ground under my feet. I expect to acquire valuable insights as well as the formal competence that I need. The mix of experienced fellow students from various backgrounds and very competent teachers is like a greenhouse where learning can thrive! I simply don't want to be an ‘amateur boss’ anymore
Anna Pohjanen, Medical Doctor Head of Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Region Norrbotten
My expectation at the end of this EMBA would be to acquire the tools and frameworks to shape my practical experiences, while building the ability to consistently create value for both my customers and employer. I am really looking forward to learning and networking with the professionals who are taking this EMBA with me, as I believe the true academic value will originate from the human experience across diverse industries found in this cohort
Richard Gonsalves, International Sales Manager, Eleiko Group
There is a great diversity among this year's participants - both in terms of their experiences, organisations and cultural backgrounds. I see a very exciting and rewarding journey ahead of us! As always, I feel very privileged to be able to follow the personal development of the group and the participants during this 21-month programme. This development is facilitated by giving the participants opportunities to reflect on their organisations and their own roles, based on the theoretical framework and perspectives that our renowned lecturers offer. This symbiosis, combining our own experiences and the latest research, is a powerful engine for learning
Dr. Roger Schweizer, Programme Director Executive MBA 2017-2019, School of Business, Economics and Law
Once again, the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg is fortunate to attract an extraordinary Executive MBA cohort. It consists of leaders who are all united by their drive for professional development and personal transformation. Through our 21-month programme, we promise to provide the means to fulfil those very ambitions
Håkan Ericson, MSc, MBA, GU Managing Director, School of Executive Education
The management programme was most rewarding. Since many of our subsidiaries have grown rapidly, it is extra important to meet across company borders, learn from each other and develop a shared view of leadership and management. The participants represented a large span of positions in our different companies, which led to many interesting discussions and insights. We will plan for running this programme again
Erika Hellman
It was a great programme, not least the first part, which focused on leadership. I gained valuable knowledge that I have been able to implement directly in my own organisation. There was also time to reflect on and contemplate my own personal development, which I really appreciated. The marketing module gave me interesting insights and conveyed a more modern approach to marketing. All lecturers stimulated our curiosity and opened up for productive discussions, discussions that we really got involved in and had a hard time ending
Gustav Graan
In general, I really liked the programme. I am personally interested in group dynamics and communication and gained a great updated view of things I have studied in the past. Several of the lecturers, Rick Middel for example, were extraordinarily inspiring and very interesting to listen to. It’s a big advantage that the programme is custom designed for the company. We have established a new, shared perspective, despite our different backgrounds and business conditions. Our respective industries can sometimes be very traditional and conservative, so it’s valuable to get a different perspective of reality and to discuss with colleagues
Sara Strand
We ran in this programme two years ago with very positive participant feedback, and we got the same response this time. Our diverse group operations consists of 700 staff members in four different companies, geographically dispersed across the middle and southern parts of Sweden. One important objective of the programme has been to enable the participants, who are both present and future managers from our different business units, to interact and network. As for the outcome, they have developed a sense of understanding that reaches across company boundaries, as well as insights into the workings of the entire business group. Another important objective has been to stimulate increased business between the group companies
Peter Dahlsten
The AMBA re-accreditation confirms that our efforts to offer executive education of outstanding quality have been effective
Per Cramér
The accreditation helps to put Gothenburg and Sweden on the global map of education and makes us more competitive internationally
Per Cramér
We are very proud of the 5-year unconditional re-accreditation. It strengthens our reputation and spurs further development. The AMBA peer review team gave us valuable feedback that we will duly consider in our continuous development of the Executive MBA programme
Håkan Ericson
We are pleased and proud to be putting Sweden on the educational map and strengthening our collaborations with other international business schools
Per Cramér, Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
Sweden’s and Gothenburg’s reputations as interesting places to live and study in are strengthened by the School of Business, Economics and Law gaining this distinction. In both the short and the long term, it will help us attract highly qualified manpower to Volvo in the Gothenburg region
Kerstin Renard, Executive Vice President, Group Human Resources, Volvo Group
The fact that the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg has strengthened its position as a global university is important to Swedish industry. The ‘Triple Crown’ accreditation will attract the world’s ‘top brass’ to Gothenburg, making it even more relevant in research and as a base for recruitment
Alrik Danielson, president and CEO of SKF
The most rewarding thing for me has been to meet driven and enthusiastic people from different businesses in an academic environment. You naturally share ideas and from the start you get the tools you need to face challenges, both in your daily work as a leader, and in the management of your company. Through the Executive MBA programme I have not only acquired a broad professional network but also friends for life
Annelie Andréasson, Head of Supply Chain & Vice President, Arvid Nilsson AB
What I like with the Executive MBA programme is the wide range of themes with a “CEO perspective” which is really useful and developing for me. The group discussions and exchange of experiences are of course unique for every occasion, and brought that extra spice to it. And the thesis work… It was challenging but I really learned a lot
Anne-Cathrine Thore Olsson, VLM Senior Director, Cluster 90, Volvo Car Corporation
The greatest benefit for me personally is a broader understanding of the different areas in an organisation such as strategy, HR, finance, business culture and change management. This insight has resulted in more opportunities for me to make an impact in my home organisation in which I work
Karl Simonsson, Production Manager Ellevio.
We are pleased to congratulate the participants of yet another Executive MBA-class on finishing their studies. They are now clearly even more capable in their roles as leaders, with a considerable potential to take the next steps within their organisations. In addition to broad general management skills, they have also acquired excellence in Asian business practices. We also welcome the graduates into our Executive MBA alumni network with hundreds of members
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, GU School of Executive Education
China is an extremely interesting market, clearly moving from being the factory for the world, to becoming a market largely driven by internal purchasing power. Staff turnover in Chinese companies is a common problem, which affects all businesses. While in China, I learnt more about the culture that drives people’s decisions to change careers. I hope to discuss this knowledge with our HR business partners to see if we can improve our current Chinese HR policy
Anna Sundgren-Andersson, Director within clinical development at AstraZeneca
What would I say to someone who asks for advice on selling to China? It is easy to fall for the sheer size of the Chinese market, but you must still choose what segment to target and which unique or differentiated selling points to leverage. Pitfalls are numerous, hence my advice would be to first find a Chinese partner with the right local networks
Lionel Boubli, Head of demand chain and IT at SKF Aerospace BU
Thanks to our School's long-standing relationships with partner universities and businesses in China, we are able to offer participants visits to innovative and successful companies and course modules at highly reputable universities. Through roundtables and network meetings with executives stationed in China, participants acquire a profoundly better understanding of what is required to successfully run a business in China
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director of GU School of Executive Education at the School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg University
The Gothenburg Executive MBA is among the leading Nordic programs. It has a crucial role in educating new generations of leaders also from a number of globally well-known brands, who are in the process of reinventing themselves in the midst of intensifying international competition. I have high expectations of the collaboration between our institutions. Something that propels this is the fact that our capabilities are complementing each other and we have a shared understanding of what both quality and ambition take
Dr. Pekka Mattila, Group Managing Director and Professor of Practice, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd
We are truly pleased to have Dr. Pekka Mattila share his extensive knowledge on change management theories and practices with our participants. In this way the Change Management module becomes the capstone of their entire learning experience, as it aspires to tie together virtually all of the Executive MBA programme and prepare each participant to skillfully drive sustainable change in their respective home organisations
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director of GU School of Executive Education
You have to 'taste' a culture to profoundly understand it, which is what we did during our residency in India. It is a country of permanent paradoxes. As our professor at IIMB put it: Whatever you may think of India, the opposite is also true! I will bring all the new experiences acquired during this trip into my work, but also into my personal life
Laura Stavby, Service Strategy & Planning Manager with Volvo Group
It is striking how the combined assets of India – demographics, education system, entrepreneurial drive and the prevalence of English, only to mention a few – have the potential of profoundly transforming India into a leading global economy. We are proud to provide the Gothenburg Executive MBA participants with unique on-site insights into this on-going transition and the possibilities it presents to their companies.
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director at GU School of Executive Education
The partnership builds on decades of experience in offering impactful executive education both in the Nordic countries and globally
Professor Pekka Mattila, Group Managing Director of Aalto EE
The strength of the partnership lies in the combination of our Nordic roots and insights to global best practices
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director of GU School of Executive Education
We have worked single-mindedly to establish our Executive MBA programme and to increase awareness of how it can strengthen both participants and the employers who nominate their key talents to participate in the programme. I regard being granted membership of the Executive MBA Council as an important step in this quality work
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, GU School of Executive Education
My managers have high expectations of me, so I count on the Executive MBA programme to provide me with knowledge and tools that I can use directly in my daily work. We agree that this is a good way to accelerate my career, aiming at a leading position in the company. My participation in the programme is well anchored with the management team and I have delegated some tasks, which will allow me to be away from work during classroom hours. I also look forward to taking part of all the experience and knowledge of the other participants in the group
Thomas Johansson, Area Manager at Dacapo Stainless AB
There is an incredible amount of expertise and experience in this year's Executive MBA class. As the Programme Director it is a privilege to follow the participants' development over time. The Executive MBA programme is a springboard for their careers and their personal development, a fact that has been demonstrated over and over again
Roger Schweizer, Associate Professor and Programme Director for the Executive MBA-programme
We are happy to congratulate the participants of yet another Executive MBA-class on finishing their studies. They are now clearly even more capable in their roles as leaders, with a considerable potential to take the next steps within their organisations. We also welcome the graduates into our Executive MBA alumni network with hundreds of members
Håkan Ericson, Managing Director, GU School of Executive Education
It was the first year to introduce elective courses in our Executive MBA programme. These participants are the first batch to experience this development of the curriculum. The participants’ thesis work and electives occurred in parallel. Based on the thesis subject - as always chosen by the participants themselves - they acquired a more wide-ranging and elaborated understanding of their thesis subjects. Participants have attended literature seminars in small groups and have interacted with researchers in their respective fields. One of the positive outcomes of the electives is that the theses’ theoretical contributions have been impressive, without losing any of the practical insights that often are generated in the Executive MBA theses. As in previous years, the participants often choose a topic that would benefit their own organisation. This is appreciated as all the participants have been nominated and sponsored by their employers. In this year's Executive MBA programme, the participants focused on areas such as sourcing decision making, social media in B2B sales, multichannel retailing, learning processes within repeated projects, selection of leaders, doing business in sub-Saharan African markets and implementation of a new strategic idea in healthcare
Roger Schweizer, Programme Director
I would say that it has been a very rewarding experience, not only through classes and lectures but also through peer discussions. In general I think the main takeaway is increased self-confidence as I now have a more comprehensive understanding of all aspects of an enterprise, which is certainly beneficial to my position. Put simply, we have not only learned what to do, we have also learned how to do it. I am prepared to take on new business challenges
Patrick Lexér, Purchase & Engineering Manager, Bulten Sweden AB
I feel very satisfied and relieved after the thesis presentation. The past 21 months have been very intense combining study, family and work. Today I feel very proud and pleased that I embarked on the Executive MBA programme. All the new insights and knowledge I have acquired, together with new relations and networks with fellow participants from the programme, will be very useful for my professional career and personal development. Thanks to my Executive MBA I feel prepared for new challenges in a global context!
Matias Bourdieu, Director Business Development, Stena Oil AB