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Novacura is a human-centric IT-company using services and software to streamline and simplify our customers’ business-critical processes and ERP platforms. Novacura is privately held and has offices in eight countries. Our software solutions are sold through partner companies in additional markets. Novacura has 100 experienced employees and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.


We work hard every day to empower our customers to work smarter, cooperating with such a successful company as Glas Trösch is very inspiring.
Roel Veenman, Sales Manager for the Novacura DACH region
We are excited about working with RISE on this complex project. With Novacura Flow, we can support them on their digital journey and help them define and manage their own processes to create real business value faster.
Johan Melander, CEO Novacura
It is vital for a department like the Civil Defence to be able to collect and manage all kinds of information in one place. With Novacura Flow, we gather all work processes in one software solution.
Aksel Jarlbäck, CEO Novacura Norway
For many years, Novacura has worked with energy industry players in various critical projects. We are very excited to now get this opportunity to help Elinorr members with this planning solution.
Östen Westman, Sales Manager and Partner at Novacura
With Novacura Flow 6 we have taken business development one step further and created a platform for digitalization and internet of things. Flow 6 acts as the key to unlock our customer’s internal business development. It inspires our customers to become more innovative and will support them on their digital journey.
Johan Melander, CEO Novacura
One of the defining factors of Novacura’s ongoing success is our dedication to work closely with customers in development, to unlock business value and empower their in-house development teams. Every market has its own unique challenges and opportunities and industry expertise is at its strongest when combined with local expertise. Therefore it is a natural step for us to expand our operation into Finland and we expect to continue to expand to new locations moving forward.
Johan Melander, CEO Novacura
IFS Applications give us excellent opportunities to preconfigure our solutions specifically for the demands of the energy industry. The fact that we have now become channel partners means that we can deliver and implement these industry solutions more quickly and more effectively than before.
Klas Klasman, MD Novacura Sweden AB
To put it simply, we’re part of less than one percent of Sweden’s 50,000 companies with a turnover in excess of SEK 10 million to receive this accolade,” says Johan Melander, CEO of Novacura. “This year, 496 companies met the strict criteria. And we’re one of them.
Johan Melander, MD Novacura AB
We have a great many irons in the fire at the moment and we think we will see great results even before the year is over.
Frank Schrijnemakers, Managing Director of Novacura Benelux.
We have got plenty of new deals and have set ourselves an aggressive target of reaching 100 million in turnover by 2017
Johan Melander
We will exceed 100 million in turnover by 2017
Johan Melander
NovaCura Flow turns complicated business systems into straightforward workflows.
Johan Melander, Managing Director Novacura
– For us this partnership is a mark of quality. It’s also a great opportunity to make working life easier and more accessible through mobility to users of IFS Applications using our software Flow.
Johan Melander, Managing Director at Novacura.
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