“Our team did an outstanding job executing the in-depth research of our client’s current human capital systems. Our unique process enabled us to gather the raw data in a timely manner and break down that information into digestible and actionable items for our client. As a result, our client’s large human capital initiative was transformed into bite-sized projects within multiple phases.”
Jay Andre, Vice President of Retention & Advisory Solutions
“The key to the success of this project and the many others we have conducted, is the executive buy-in and sponsorship. The client executive team was outstanding and had an appetite for change from the CEO down.”
Luke Dixson, Director of Retention & Advisory Solutions
“Jim is the type of creative and dynamic leader we need to help elevate our rapidly growing firm to the next level. As the former Chief Human Capital Officer of a multi-billion dollar global professional services firm and former Big Four Partner, Jim has the unique ability to identify and creatively resolve cleared human capital issues for our clients, and continue our legacy of client service excellence.”
Rob Buller, CEO of The Buller Group
“I’m delighted to join Rob and The Buller Group’s outstanding team of cleared human capital experts. As a team, our goal is to continue to deliver the technical talent that is necessary to advance our clients’ classified, mission-critical programs in the national security sector.”
Jim Monastero
“As our firm continues to support clients with enormous human capital requirements within the national security sector, we require various financing mechanisms to support this growth. Frank is an experienced entrepreneur with a law degree from UVA, and adept at creating the required capital engines to fund our firm’s ascension to the largest global, cleared human capital firm.”
Rob Buller, CEO of The Buller Group
“With such a large service offering, we are able customize and bundle our services in a way that rapidly fills our clients’ most difficult-to-fill, cleared positions while offering a more flexible financing approach.”
Brooke Sepehri, Vice President of Talent and Business Process at The Buller Group
“We have the capacity to fill approximately 750 TS/SCI with polygraph positions per year for our clients, and continue to build that capacity each year. Combining the strength of our world-class recruiting team, our cleared sourcing center and our monthly specialized events including virtual fairs, we continue to offer unmatched capability in this space.”
Robert Buller, CEO of The Buller Group
“The Buller Group is delighted to participate in this important event, and congratulate NYSE Euronext on its forward-looking approach to Veteran employment. Not simply focused on recruiting, this forum includes discussion of Veteran retention which is the true measure of success for any Veteran hiring initiative. Further, there is an acknowledgement that more than just good intentions are needed to affect real change – it takes time, thought and a level of investment.”
Emily King, The Buller Group
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