• Peter Szarafinski

    Head of Media Relations International

    Jerg-Wieland-Str. 4, 89081 Ulm, Germany
    +49 731 1420 189
    +49 151 1620 7701
    +49 731 1420 82
  • Quotes

    The Rapid Group is an important expansion, and will provide even better availability for our products.
    Ibrahim Memis
    My mechanic says that the motor is still in an exceptional condition thanks to LIQUI MOLY.
    Marc Ghys
    Cleaning is a part of every professional job on the cooling system.
    David Kaiser
    The trust of around eight million readers is no accident, especially not over such a long period.
    Ernst Prost
    Compared to conventional oils this reduces friction in the motor by up to 15 percent and wear even more by up to 30 percent.
    Thomas Sailer
    Gear Tronic makes even a complicated process child's play and thereby opens up an additional income option to the garage.
    Ibrahim Memis
    We’re the first German oil brand to go into professional US sport.
    Peter Baumann
    Now it's getting really dangerous.
    Oliver Kuhn
    You can only do what we’ve done with people who are motivated to move the company forward on a day-to-day basis.
    Ernst Prost
    They’re all people who work with our products on a day-to-day basis, which is why we’re calling the campaign ‘I use it’.
    Sebastian Zelger is the international gateway to the world of LIQUI MOLY
    Peter Baumann
    The addition of bulk supply is the next stage in terms of distribution.
    Sebastian Zelger
    Our Marine Diesel Protect is the chemical Swiss army knife for all those who own a boat with a diesel engine.
    Jan Volk
    We offer every motorcyclist all chemical products for two-wheelers from one company.
    Ibrahim Memis
    The company is truly flourishing and showing excellent growth.
    Ernst Prost
    We don't ask what the business environment will do with us – we look at what we can do with the business environment.
    Ibrahim Memis
    The additives of our Truck series are power packs for power packs. They help reliably complete even the toughest of jobs.
    Sebastian Zelger
    The feedback from the teams was exceptionally positive. That which proves itself in the extreme conditions of the race track also holds its own in everyday life.
    Peter Baumann
    This is the biggest investment that we have ever made in this area. It brings our brand to people who are not yet aware of it.
    Peter Baumann
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