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    The challenge for us in the communications department was to figure out how to package our messages about expert teams in a fun and creative way that hopefully grabs the customer’s attention and makes them stop scrolling.
    Kristina Ekeblad, Communications and Marketing Manager at Semcon
    In 2023, we took important steps to bring our strong combined offering of engineering, digital and sustainability services to market in an even better way.
    Markus Granlund, CEO of Semcon
    Sinfra’s members cover large portions of the Swedish supply sector, and we are proud and happy to be able to contribute with our expertise to build a more sustainable society.
    Jonas Gustavsson, Head of Sales and Business Development at Semcon
    It’s an exciting time in the energy sector. We are taking several big steps towards securing a sustainable future. At Semcon, we are proud to be able to continue our collaboration with Vattenfall Eldistribution and the opportunity to grow even more in this key sector. Here, our cutting-edge expertise can really make a difference.
    Sara Sjögren, Division Manager at Semcon
    This is a significant milestone, and we can proudly announce that the former Semcon business area, Product Information, is now a stand-alone company: Aleido. As we embark on this new journey, we're eager to embrace the opportunities ahead with even more focus and dedication.
    Johan Ekener, CEO of Aleido
    We are very happy about this new agreement. BSH consists of globally well-known brands with products for the everyday life at home. This means that our product information can help improve the product experience for many people all over the world.
    Elke Grundmann, Department Manager at Semcon Product Information Germany
    Many of our customer projects support the transition to a sustainable society. But change needs to be faster. At Semcon, we work decisively with our internal sustainability agenda, but our biggest contribution is through our customer projects. With Semcon’s unique offering, we see great opportunities to contribute even more going forward.
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    We’ve created both diagnostics and user information as well as digital learning for Polestar in previous projects and have broad experience in complex deliveries in the automotive industry. This makes us a reliable choice and I am very pleased that we have been entrusted with this assignment.
    David Sondén, General Manager Product Information Sweden at Semcon
    We look forward to supporting GKN on their journey and the challenges that lie ahead. Working with GKN’s experts, we can develop technology that really makes a difference.
    Ingvar Gillgren, Department Manager Product Information at Semcon
    Sandvik SRP manufactures complex machines and prioritises the digitalisation of product information and training to create competitive advantages, even if this is not part of their core business. We are very pleased to be trusted to develop this together with Sandvik SRP.
    David Sondén, General Manager Product Information Sweden at Semcon
    The core of this partnership is simple: all connected devices are vulnerable, and together we can reduce that risk by developing ever evolving solutions that are adaptable to fit the needs of different organizations and industries.
    Mohammad Islam, Head of Cyber Security at Semcon
    In every project, we start from the customer’s specific needs and target groups so that we can contribute with exactly the right experience. We then form a team of educational advisors, scriptwriters, film producers and graphic designers that work together to develop user-friendly and effective courses.
    Anders Jonasson, Department Manager at Semcon Learning Stockholm
    We are very proud to have the opportunity to support municipalities and organisations in Västra Götaland to develop more efficient operations that ultimately benefit the citizens of the region.
    Torvald Brännström, Area Manager Project Excellence at Semcon
    IVISYS has an important role to play in modern production and automation. They are on an exciting journey that we at Semcon are happy to be a part of. In a short time, we managed to establish a team that flexibly supports IVISYS with the right expertise and resources to quickly reach the company’s ambitious goals.
    Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development at Semcon
    We look forward to continuing to support Getinge in their important work. This new agreement means great opportunities for us at Semcon, especially in Stockholm and Växjö, but also in Gothenburg and Getinge's other sites in Europe. It is inspiring to be able to participate and make a difference in the increasingly important and growing life science sector.
    Anna Nordelöf, Key Account Manager at Semcon
    Cetasol’s platform is a great example of how AI can make a difference in the transition to a more sustainable planet. The platform also offers the same potential for energy efficiency in future electric or even automated operations. I’m grateful that we at Semcon have contributed to the early stages of this project.
    Magnus Carlsson, Area Manager Software & Emerging Tech at Semcon
    We are working as an independent advisor for this groundbreaking project. We are contributing all our collective experience and expertise in the field and supporting Boliden in its construction of sustainable autonomous operations and logistic chains.
    Baard Røsvik, Business Development Manager at Semcon
    Our long experience as a partner to Volvo Cars and several other major clients in the automotive industry makes us a reliable choice for this type of complex delivery. We look forward to supporting Volvo Cars in this new project and in the ongoing transition to fully electrified model programmes.
    David Sondén, General Manager Product Information Sweden at Semcon  
    We are very happy to welcome Goodpoint to the Semcon family. This is a long-awaited addition and completely in line with our strategic focus going forward. Through our combination of sustainability expertise and innovative technology, we cover the entire life cycle for sustainable product and production development.  
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO of Semcon
    We are happy and proud to contribute with our expertise in this Nordic collaboration, which ensures that both knowledge and production can be retained and developed in Sweden and our neighbour Norway.
    Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development at Semcon
    This is a very interesting collaboration for us at Semcon. Graniten specialises in automation solutions in life science, which ties together our skills in this sector with our expertise in automation.
    Robert Eliasson, Area Manager Production Development at Semcon
    This collaboration is a great example of how digital solutions really help people and it clearly shows how we can contribute to innovative solutions through our assignments at Semcon.
    Oskar Åkerlund, Team Manager, Software & Emerging Tech at Semcon
    We are very pleased that Walkgrove is now becoming a part of Semcon. This will provide us with a solid base from which to grow our strong offering within digital and blended learning to existing and new customers in the UK.
    Johan Ekener, business area president for Product Information
    Green hydrogen is key for the energy transition and provides a possibility to fully utilise renewable energy sources in the decarbonisation of various sectors.
    Tommy Ekman, Technical Lead and Project Manager at Semcon
    This project is a great example of how we can contribute with our experience and expertise at Semcon to help realise a very good idea that will end up helping a lot of people. At the same time we are also showing how product development can be carried out in a more sustainable way.
    Kristina Schnell, project manager at Semcon Norway
    It feels great to welcome yet more talented colleagues into the Semcon family. Tedsys’s competence adds an important piece to the puzzle in our efforts to convert technology into valuable end user experiences and to combine digital and physical solutions.
    Markus Granlund, President & CEO, Semcon
    This is an important first step in the consortium’s aim to accelerate electrification of heavy-duty vehicles. At Semcon we are very proud to contribute with our expertise and help build a better mobility for the future.
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    At Semcon we work with customers in a range of different industries that all need to undergo significant transformation to align with the 1.5 °C ambition. We intend to support them with best-in-class services and solutions in their journey towards net zero emissions. And just like our customers, we too need to ensure that our entire value chain is aligned with the 1.5 °C ambition.
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    By digitalising the technical information and developing digital training solutions, we can modernise and enhance the experience for both customers and service technicians. This will make it easier for users to access information, as well as streamline the entire service chain, which contributes to a strengthened aftermarket.
    Lars Löfgren, Business Development Manager at Semcon
    Semcon has extensive experience in developing autonomous solutions, from first idea to finished solution. We have been part of Yeti Moves' journey from the start and are proud to have, as a development and competence partner, contributed to developing the software platform that makes autonomous operation possible.
    Hans Peter Havdal, responsible for Semcon in Norway
    This is a project that is exciting not only in determining how we can best digitise an already well-functioning lecture, but also because it is such an engaging topic. For me and for many of my colleagues at Semcon, this project means that we can be a part of helping to reduce the suicide rate and getting more people to dare to talk about such a difficult subject.
    Cecilia Sandström, Head of the Semcon’s Training Division in Stockholm
    We are starting out by looking at people’s behaviours and needs, and will together aim to achieve a more efficient handling that makes people recycle more, sort correctly and not leave the wrong things at the recycling stations.
    Lotta Svärd, Industrial and Service Designer at Semcon
    It’s been extremely gratifying to work with Semcon and develop a great and sustainable product.
    Lars Klingsbo, coordinator at Eezer
    We are now in the early stages of our journey to grow our business within rail. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of product information to a multitude of industries, where rail is one where we have the ambition to expand substantially over the coming years.
    Johan Ekener, Business Area President at Semcon Product Information
    Our ambition was to create the world’s most attractive, most sustainable electric scooters. By using industrial robotic origami we can fold structures from a flat sheet of metal in completely new ways and create shapes true to the material’s characteristics and geometric nature.
    Tue Beijer, industrial designer at Semcon and one of the founders of STILRIDE
    We have been commissioned to map and analyse the benefits and values autonomous solutions could provide to Yilport for a specific logistics process. The feasibility study will focus on a single process, but the vision is to build a fully autonomous logistics production solution for Yilport, which is very exciting. Autonomous solutions not only optimise operational costs – they also contribute to improved safety, quality and traceability.
    David Darwall, Global Business Manager Applied Autonomy at Semcon
    We are extremely pleased with our agreement and excited to work with Semcon. Their deep domain expertise in product development and industrialisation will assist ELOP in developing the Cobri scanner into a robust and user-friendly solution. This project will include user-based development of the present solution, and optimisation of the product for efficient production and operation..
    Kjersti Kanne, CEO at ELOP
    The digital platform we are currently developing with Getinge helps healthcare better understand a number of evidence-based risk factors. Based on data from the platform, we can develop solutions to reduce the risk of infections in surgical environments. This contributes to reduced human suffering and reduced healthcare costs.
    Johan Kristensson, Team Manager and business responsible connected products at Semcon. 
    This is a ground-breaking project when it comes to proactive hull cleaning and we are proud to have contributed with our knowledge and experience in robotics combined with digital solutions.
    Sindre Nævdal, Project Manager at Semcon
    We are very happy that Xtractor has now become part of Semcon. With this acquisition, we are strengthening our digital training offering to new and existing customers, both in Sweden and internationally. At the same time, we are growing in the Stockholm area in line with our strategy.
    Markus Granlund, President and CEO at Semcon
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    ”At Semcon, we contribute to a better climate through the products and solutions we develop for our customers. This new partnership is a further example of how we can make a difference – both for our customers and for the environment – by using our technological expertise”.
    Our part of the project involves developing an autonomous tractor designed to keep runway edge lights clear of snow. This may not seem like much, but the runway gets closed down if 15 per cent of the lights are non-operational, and this causes significant delays and costs. But more seriously, this presents major safety risks as well.
    Anne Piegsa, technical project manager at Semcon
    We have developed a technology for self-driving vehicles in the very toughest conditions, and this has given us a great deal of knowledge in the area. Partnering with Husqvarna opens new doors for Yeti Snow Technology to scale up and further industrialize the solution.
    Hans Peter Havdal, Division Manager at Semcon
    This is proof positive that we’re working at a high international level. When it comes down to it, we have to understand what people need – all kinds of people. If we don’t see the problems, we can’t look for the solutions. That’s why equal opportunities are crucial when it comes to both effective innovation and communication.
    Per Nilsson, Corporate Communication and Marketing Director at Semcon
    The possibilities of digital twins are virtually infinite. Using digital twins all the way from conceptualization to aftermarket offers a unique opportunity to optimize the product and process. It makes it possible to both save money and customize the solution for the end user.
    Marcus Berggren, Area Manager Simulation & Digital Twins at Semcon
    Our idea was to use a fun game to transform homework – which is often done while sitting still – into something pupils do while moving around. It gets people into healthy habits while also improving school results. Involving users in the entire process has allowed us to create an innovative concept.
    Mehdi Khayyami, User Experience Specialist at Semcon
    This is an important contract for us, and it also demonstrates our journey towards a more digital focus. Functional safety has become even more key now that vehicles are becoming autonomous, and strategic decisions also have to take this into account.
    Markus Granlund, CEO at Semcon
    The campaign has been very successful. The fact that we gained so much attention shows that the issue of gender equality still is far from a given, and that it is something we have to keep working on. Adding more perspectives simply makes us better.
    Per Nilsson, Communication and Marketing Director at Semcon
    In the long run, our job is to make sure that trains can operate smoothly and safely. The aim of the project is to maintain and further reinforce Swedish Transport Administration plants in terms of both personal safety and delivery capacity.
    Jörgen Ohlsson, Team Manager at Semcon
    Johan Ekener, Business Area President for Product Information at Semcon
    We are very happy to be developing our cooperation with AGCO. The goal is to improve the user experience for both machine dealers and customers. The right information at the right time can be crucial for operators to understand how a product works or, for instance, how it can be maintained and repaired effectively, in order to achieve maximum operating time.
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