We have invested heavily in our ability to write these volumes and I am greatly encouraged that we have a credit appetite that brokers are keen to use
Managing Director, Jonathan Eddy
We take both a forensic and a common sense approach to underwriting which has enabled us to not only get to deals other funders won't touch, but to also keep bad debt at a very low level. It's a win-win, which works for us and our introducer panel.
Philip Knight, Credit & Risk Director
the use of the service has enhanced efficiency in the deployment of the MV Flatholm with not only the ability to transfer survey data but to send and receive messages from any PC to the MV Flatholm, from the need for supplies to be readied in port to sending sailing instructions to the captain for amended deployment
Dr David Hitchcock, CMS Geotech’s Managing Director
Suffolk Secrets is a fantastic business with solid foundations and a good reputation. We have a superb portfolio of holiday cottages and the next step is to turn quality infrastructure into quality experiences. There is a raw romance about Suffolk – The food, the variety of landscapes from the coast to the forests and heaths, the array of activities, shops and restaurants and, of course, the people. It’s my job to package that up and deliver it to our customers so they want to come back again and again.”
George Bradley
I don’t know if any of you here remember that Foundry Court has had a chequered career and at one time it was in danger of closing, I think it is fantastic that Bluebird Care have created this wellbeing service for the local people of Manningtree, the creation of the Bluebird Care Club has given Foundry Court a new lease of life. This is the first of its type in the country and we are proud to have the prototype here in Manningtree and when it proves successful Bluebird Care are hoping to roll it out to the rest of the country
Bernard Jenkin MP
Everyone is welcome and visitors can attend for the whole day, chat to experts over lunch or just drop in for an hour or so. Attendance to this event is free of charge but those who wish to attend are required to reserve their place before 10th April, as spaces are limited.”
Christies Care director Lin Barnes
We get to know our customers really well through the care we provide in their homes and it’s become apparent that some customers would benefit from care that goes beyond personal care elements and encompasses social activities, massage and gardening - activities that nurture the mind, body and soul. Combined with personal care, these supplementary therapies and activities can provide a really positive outcome. We’ve been working on this idea for a while and we’re really excited to be launching the Wellbeing Service in January. We hope people will come along to the open days on 24th & 25th January to meet our lovely team and get a feel for the many ways we can help!
Melvyn Plum, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Colchester & Tendring
The event was publicised almost completely through social media - Facebook, Twitter and most importantly LinkedIn, where our delegates have shared some fantastic feedback. The overall consensus was that the day was very useful, that business and referrals had been generated and, most of all, that it was relaxed and fun. We’re over the moon!”
Sean Fergusson, co-founder of “FORE” Business
Historically a lot of useful business contacts have been made on the golf course. People are fed up with the pressure, cost and inflexibility of modern networking groups. We’ve created a much more natural and effective, low-pressure model and this event will be no different. Delegates who come to this event will meet lots of useful contacts, they will feel relaxed and they will find it useful and enjoyable. That’s the whole idea behind “FORE” Business.
Sean Fergusson, co-founder of “FORE” Business
It’s a useful blend of networking, golf membership and business entertainment opportunities, which harnesses the old-fashioned notion of the ‘old boys golf network’ and has rejuvenated and updated it to fit with modern life and modern business practices.
John Hiscock, Managing Secretary at Basingstoke Golf Club
Well the early success of “FORE” Business has significantly raised the profile of Basingstoke Golf Club. We’re very proud to be the founding Club – the place where it all began! In addition, we’ve seen membership numbers increase as a result of the group, food and beverage sales have gone up and the members of these groups are using our conferencing facilities for both business and private events.
John Hiscock, Managing Secretary at Basingstoke Golf Club
Plus, because hardly any of the “FORE” Business members were Club members before, we’re benefiting from this increased exposure as more families are being introduced to the Club and to golf in general.
John Hiscock, Managing Secretary at Basingstoke Golf Club
We realised we needed to find a way to harness the old-fashioned notion of the ‘old boys golf network’ and rejuvenate and update it to fit with modern life and modern business practices.
Arron Busst, Co-Founder of
The UK is Europe’s golfing capital. We have the most youth players (well over 100,000) and an increasing percentage of female players too.
Michelle Kelly,
The point of “FORE” Business is to break down the boundaries and make golf more accessible and using the fresh, healthy, invigorating environment to benefit our members professionally and personally.
Sean Fergusson, Co-Founder of
People are fed up with the pressure, cost and inflexibility of the modern networking group. Networking is about meeting people, sure – but you’ll not recommend someone until you’re convinced they are trustworthy and competent. This takes time and can’t be forced. Historically a lot of useful business contacts have been made on the golf course. We’re just helping to break down the barriers that have curtailed this model for benefiting today’s professionals.”
Sean Fergusson, Co-Founder,
From the outset, we wanted anybody visiting Allianz Park to experience a series of ‘wow’s. The sound system is, without any doubt at all, a ‘wow’. It offers, as Roger Lindsay would say, sound you can feel rather than sound you can hear. We may have identified the target but, through their expertise and commitment, it is RNSS who hit the bulls-eye.
Saracens CEO Edward Griffiths
This is really great way to have fun, socialise and exercise with like-minded people. I’ve had such a good time. I really hope we can generate the interest required for Woodbridge [Rugby Club] to offer this sport.
Joy Elias a chair user from Woodbridge
I’ve tried wheelchair basketball before but never rugby. It’s awesome! I’ll definitely play again
Mark Gray, who came along to check out the sport for the first time
This is a real privilege – to be able to reflect the splendour of this fabled spectacle in the historic context of Blenheim. We have dressed some fabulous venues and had celebrity clients before but never have we been able to celebrate the most colourful and regal of holy stories in such august surroundings. Springbank’s aim is to raise the experience of all visitors to the Palace from exceptional to outstanding and send them away with the best of Christmas cheer
Anna-Liisa Evans, Owner of Springbank Flowers
We are so impressed with the floral displays provided by Springbank Flowers. They have applied exceptional imagination and creativity whilst being sensitive to the magnificent heritage setting of the Palace. The golden swan displays in the Saloon provide a real wow-factor for our visitors to enjoy this Christmas season.
Hannah Payne, Marketing & PR Manager at Blenheim Palace
we are delighted to be involved in this fascinating project and relish the challenge of creating a bespoke solution to cope with the harsh environment. Working with the Inmarsat satellite constellation we have maintained excellent communications at these Northerly latitudes
Navidatum Director, Tim Scott Douglas
We’re thrilled to make this app available to the market. We’ve worked tirelessly to make a very demanding and time-consuming process as streamlined, effective and intuitive as possible. It’s an app made by project managers, for project managers and we encourage feedback so we can continue to improve and develop it to be a lifeline to tired, stressed project managers all over the world.
John Smithson, Managing Director of CorePM
We’ve tried to create an event based around activities that families can enjoy together. We’re hoping that the fair will be established as an annual event helping us to fund the ongoing preservation of the fabric of St Mary’s Church.
Adrian Melrose, Local entrepreneur and Co-founder of the event
This Great British Farm Fair is based around family fun. In return for a very small fee, we hope to provide fresh air, fun, loads to see and do, music, activities and a carnival atmosphere. Of course we’re also giving a nod to the traditions of the British countryside in a year where national pride has soared. We hope the people of Suffolk will help us to make this fair something else we can be proud of.
Adrian Melrose, Local entrepreneur and Co-founder of the event
We love supporting this festival, which sums up so much about what makes Suffolk great! It’s a fantastic celebration of local produce, talent and businesses with a very special atmosphere. Everyone should come along – you won’t believe the breadth and depth of food and drink produced right here
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
We build and install kitchens using some of the best appliances out there and these events are designed to help our customers to get the best out of their kitchens. We want our customers to love their kitchens - not just because of the design and finish but because they enable them to create delicious, impressive meals for friends and family. Equally, for people looking to replace their oven, these events give them the opportunity to see the Neff ovens in action – and taste the benefits.”
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
This was a really great project to work on. We helped the Poulters to make the most of the light and space available to create a clean, comfortable and airy reception area for the team and their clients. All designed and made just up the road in Martlesham!“
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
The owners of Pulse of Perfumery, Peter Murray & Melanie Seddon, have a clear affection for RHS Tatton Park and saw the synergy between the flowers at the show and the scents they stock. We are delighted to help the local business community to capture the spirit of this fabulous show. It creates a real buzz way beyond the showground.
Anna-Liisa Evans, Creative Director at Springbank Flowers
last year’s Seckford Shield was such a success it was clear that it should continue. The Mariners wanted to defend its title and other pubs wanted to join in. Any initiative which encourages people to become more active must be welcomed. Rugby doesn’t have to be a full contact sport and the O2 Touch programme enables everyone, young or old, male or female, to have a go, get fit and have fun. With England hosting the next Rugby World Cup in 2015 it’s the perfect time to come down to Woodbridge RFC and choose rugby.
Simon Bennett, Director of Rugby at Woodbridge Rugby Club
We’ve created a multi-day endurance event that is easy to enter and open to anyone. There are no waiting lists or draws to see who can join in. It’s purely about finding a distance that pushes you a bit harder and setting yourself that personal challenge. Of course you can take the opportunity to raise money for charity too, if you want to.
Glen Moulds, Founder of The Great Barrow Challenge
It was great to see so many riders at the event and the level of tricks and determination from those taking part was exceptional. Even though there is a huge difference between scooters and jet skis both take nerve and skill to execute well, especially when performing in front of a crowd.
Darren Sedge
“I’m grateful to Hilverda De Boer and Anco Pure Vanda for providing such excellent blooms for me to work with and to the team at Springbank for supporting me throughout the process. This is my fourth win at Chelsea but I think I’m getting more nervous each year. You don’t get much bigger than Chelsea!”
Joe Massie, Designer at Springbank Flowers
“I’m so proud of my team. I’ve been saying they’re the best for years. As well as celebrating with Joe, our fingers are firmly crossed for our senior finalist, Heather Rogers, whose display will be judged this Thursday. The technical expertise both these finalists have displayed is awesome and the final pieces are mesmerising. Champagne all round.”
Anna-Liisa Evans, Owner of Springbank Flowers
Our business means we spend a lot of time in other people’s homes and that keeps us in touch with the families that make up the local community. This event gives us the opportunity to catch up with these families, offer them free advice on their homes and raise money to make sure they’ll be well looked-after if the worst should happen. As an added bonus, with Paddy and Scott’s on board, we can guarantee that the coffee will be absolutely fantastic!
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
“When Anglia Factors asked if we were interested in supporting this event, we leapt at the chance. The good thing about Suffolk is that we have such great products and services available locally. The great thing about Suffolk is that the people see the value of and support local, independent businesses. This coffee morning is our chance to repay this support by raising funds for a charity that makes a fundamental difference to the region.”
Paddy Bishopp, Co-founder of Paddy and Scott’s
I have faith in my design but that’s only half the battle, the quality of the flowers is also critical. We’re lucky to be working with Hilverda De Boer again. We know we can rely on them to supply the best quality flowers - and at Chelsea that’s the number one priority
Joe Massie
At Springbank we focus on the development of our staff and this year it’s really paid off. Having one finalist at Chelsea is an exceptional achievement; to have two is almost unheard of. We’re absolutely thrilled!”
Anna-Liisa Evans
It’s simple really, we created the online shop because that’s what our customers asked for. They trust our standards and our knowledge of the market and want us to provide a range of good quality products that they can access quickly and easily online.
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
We wanted to update Darfield House in line with the rest of the hotel – elegant rooms and stylish, comfortable spaces which are functional and user-friendly. The hotel has been in my family since 1920, so I needed a team who would respect the history of the building and the heritage of the hotel whilst ensuring the highest standard of accommodation for our guests. Anglia Factors have delivered on all counts. I am extremely pleased with the quality and the finish of every room. It is exactly what I wanted.
Michael Pritt, Owner of The Wentworth Hotel
We like to get under the skin of every project and in this case we were confident that our designs were true to the legacy and style of The Wentworth Hotel. The interiors are stylish yet practical which fits with the Wentworth experience – A classic seaside getaway with contemporary comforts. We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work on such a significant Aldeburgh landmark.
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
It was a real honour to be selected to represent Manchester on this auspicious occasion. We pulled out all the stops for the royal visit making sure Manchester Central really was fit for The Queen.
Anna-Liisa Evans, Owner of Springbank Flowers
We chose Springbank because they put forward such a unique and inspiring proposal. It definitely created the perfect setting for The Queen’s visit. The team at Springbank were friendly and efficient, ensuring that everything was in place in good time. We were really pleased with the results!
Paula Lorimer, Sales Director and Deputy CEO at Manchester Central
Homeowners looking to get their homes ready for sale this spring by investing in a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom should ensure that their chosen retailer with their best interests at heart
Daniel Barr
We urge consumers not to forget that although there is more confidence generally they should still take time to make sure that their chosen retailer is reputable and provides financial protection.
Daniel Barr
Anglia Factors is a member of a nationally recognised association such as the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association, (KBSA). All KBSA members follow an approved Code of Practice and are subject to strict monitoring to ensure continued professional service. This means our customers can be 100% confident in our high standards of design, supply, installation and customer service.
Daniel Barr
For us it’s not just about designing and building stylish, practical kitchens but helping our clients to get the most out of the appliances we install. Equally, for people looking to replace their oven, these events give them the opportunity to see the Neff oven in action – and taste the benefits. Anglia Factors is devoted to its clients and the local community and we hope these demos provide useful, practical information to help those attending get the most from their kitchens.
Daniel Barr, Owner of Anglia Factors
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