The investment we’ve made in personnel and industry-leading technology for our Operations Centre highlights our commitment to the safety and support of our teams in the field.
Global Operations Director Stuart Morris
The research demonstrates that at a time when 16-24 year olds are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed – the largest gap the country has seen in 20 years – and when there is a fight for jobs for those making their first step onto the career ladder, businesses want to see the person behind the CV to help them differentiate between otherwise indistinguishable applications.
World Challenge Global MD Matt Eastlake
We chose CHAOS mainly because it is a local charity who are funded entirely by donations. Their ideology is quite similar to that of World Challenge whereby they want to give school children a chance to learn a new skill, gain a different outlook on life and introduce them to the great outdoors.
World Challenge Head of Logistics
It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery with so many highs and lows along the way.
Rower Pete Fletcher
International SOS has an impressive amount of resource and expertise that is readily available to help support our teams whilst on expedition no matter what time of day, what day of the year, or how complex the incident.
World Challenge Global Operations Director Stuart Morris
The skills gained on these expeditions are also invaluable to adult life; from going to university to getting on the career ladder. You really learn how to cooperate and work with others as part of a team, lead and manage a project, and develop a healthy amount of resilience.
Lizzy Yarnold
By having a partnership with Vango we are able to develop and supply bespoke products, aided by the very feedback we receive from our Challengers and School Leaders globally on their expeditions.
Rod Hicks, Head of Logistics at World Challenge
World Challenge is committed to running the safest expeditions possible. Each year we take over 10,000 young people on educational expeditions to over 45 destinations. “We have worked hard over the last 26 years to develop an excellent reputation for our approach to safety and how we operate.
Global Operations Director, Stuart Morris
This research has shown that whilst having the required academic grades remains the most important factor in securing a university place, universities are now placing more value on broader experiences and life skills.
World Challenge Group MD Matt Eastlake
With intensive competition for jobs in the workplace, Class Adventure can help students demonstrate a wider (non-academic) portfolio of interests and experiences as they undergo their application process.
Class Adventure General Manager Paul Warrilow
I refer back to my World Challenge experience all the time and I’d recommend it to anyone who was thinking about doing it. It was one of the best months of my whole life and I still tell people all about it even now.
Lizzy Yarnold MBE
Whilst on expeditions I learnt about the importance of roles within a team and that has really helped me through this rehab process. It made me appreciate what others do without it being overly obvious and made me also look a little closer to see what people can offer.
Jonny Young
It was lovely to see them all again – some of us have stayed in touch more than others over the years but we had a great time and even managed to watch a DVD containing our expedition footage and shared lots of photos, which helped bring the memories flooding back.
Former World Challenger Michele Olie
Regardless of all my athletics training, I’m sure I’m going to struggle in Malawi. It’ll be a bit more intense than running around a track!
Athlete Kris Robertson
To get ahead in today's world young people need to be well-rounded individuals; not just focused on academic achievement but to also challenge themselves, pushing themselves physically and mentally out of their comfort zone to gain life experience and valuable transferable skills. But to be able to access, and make the most of, these types of opportunities physical fitness is key.
World Challenge Group MD Matt Eastlake
For me this challenge is less about rowing unassisted across the Atlantic and more about what World Challenge stands for. We believe that life skills are developed through real life experiences. We believe that everyone has a dream inside them and if young people are encouraged to chase their dreams, then they’ll achieve great things.
Pete Fletcher, General Manager, World Challenge Australasia
The strength of character of all the children, but particularly Team Nicaragua with whom I spent all of my time with, is admirable and I have taken much of it on board from a personal level.
World Challenge employee Claire Davis
Companies with truly engaged, passionate employees who love their jobs are always more likely to flourish, and this is certainly the case with World Challenge. They are certainly a business in the ascendancy and I wouldn’t mind going on one of their expeditions myself!”
The Mayor of High Wycombe, Cllr Trevor Snaith
World Challenge’s ethos of challenge, participation and environment very much aligns with our mission which is all about striving to advance 21st Century learning that prepares our students for success as they enter college and the workplace.
Ramsey High Principal Michael Thumm
An expedition is a life-changing experience as well as a developmental journey that begins long before you take those first steps into the unknown.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE
Linking up with World Challenge and pooling resource is a natural win-win and we are looking forward to an even brighter future with a more extensive range of programmes and expertise attached to them.
Class Adventure General Manager Paul Warrilow
World Challenge’s ethos is all about challenge, participation and environment and that’s why we were delighted to be able to lend our support and in the process help make a real difference to the Playground, its users and the local community.
World Challenge MD Matt Eastlake
My World Challenge expedition certainly helped shape me into the person that I am today. I recall many moments during my World Challenge where I looked up and was taken away by the beautiful scenery around me - countries that you may never get the chance to visit again. I learnt a lot deal about leadership, drive and motivation during my four weeks in-country and I have carried those disciplines forward into my career as an athlete. It was a life-changing experience and provided me with memories that I will always fondly remember.
World Champion Lizzy Yarnold
I have been lucky to be able to share these wonders with fellow travellers, friends, adventurers and enthusiasts and I hope the World Challenge Expedition Leaders can resonate with my experiences which will hopefully help them grow further into their important roles.
Photographer John Beatty
The whole idea of our residential camps is to target schools with younger students who wouldn’t normally go on a World Challenge expedition.
Julien Goetz, General Manager for WC Middle East