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  • Quotes

    Passage embodies an extraordinary artistic partnership between Bertil Vallien, one of the world's leading artists, and Kosta Boda, Sweden's most storied glassworks. Hawk Galleries feels privileged to unveil the crown jewel of these two titans' 53-year collaboration at one of America's leading art fairs, SOFA Chicago 2016.
    - Tom Hawk, Jr. Director, Hawk Galleries
    Bertil is internationally renowned, holds several design and art awards, and his work is represented in the most prestigious museums around the world. Thus, we are honored to unveil Passage, perhaps Bertil Vallien's most awe-inspiring and majestic masterwork.
    - Donna Davies, Vice President, Art Group of Urban Expositions
    “My personal favourite music styles are rock’n’roll and classical music as played by the big symphony orchestras, but I also find the colourful spectrum of styles in the Eurovision Song Contest incredibly fascinating,”
    Kjell Engman
    I want each Planet to be unique and beautiful. Like us humans. We all come from one egg with different content and then we are cut into different characters. We become our own small planets.
    Lena Bergström, glass artist
    Made for your every day use, you can mix and match, Bruk is safe for dishwasher. Bruk simply is form and function with colorful elegance.

    For me, it’s important to go back to my own initial impressions of Kosta Boda as an innovative, experimental company where they accept and even encourage experimentation and product development out “on the floor” in the studio.
    Mattias Stenberg
    “Septum” actually means “dividing wall”, e.g. the dividing wall between the right and left atrium and ventricle in our heart. Could we somehow create a dividing wall in glass, inside the vases?
    Kosta Boda
    When I got the question to make limited carpets I thought: what fun! I can take my small sketches and turn them into much larger formats and also translate these onto carpets. It was an amazing challenge and very exciting.
    Kjell Engman
    This is a dream come true for me. Art can come in so many different forms. It feels like a huge privilege to see my pictures on exclusive handmade glass from Kosta Boda.
    Sara Woodrow
    Liv Eklund Swartz, one of the winners
    - I can’t believe it. It feels amazing. I think the piece I won was the most stunning. It’s so dreamy!
    It is exciting to see art being sold at an auction where the currency is emotions rather than money. It opens up to a lot of interesting questions such as what art is worth and who should have the possibility to own it. I hope that the person who wins will feel that it was worth every single heartbeat.
    Designer of one of the art glass pieces being auctioned off
    This is a dream come true for me. Art can come in so many different forms. It feels like a huge privilege to see my pictures on exclusive handmade glass from Kosta Boda
    Sara Woodrow
    The sculpture is named Intruder and is inspired by a line in a song by Leonard Cohen (Anthem) - There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in
    Bertil Vallien
    Like the power in the strike of lightning
    Anna Ehrner
    From a young age, I have been a great admirer of the craftsmanship of tattooing. So to get a chance and attempt to do a tattoo machine with Mats was an offer I couldn’t refuse!
    Ludvig Löfgren
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