We're delighted to be staging such top-class entertainers as Wild Willy Barrett and his French Connection. This concert will be a wonderful taster of what we have in store for our visitors on 9 July, when Wild Willy will be joined by a host of amazing artists, including BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winners Nancy Kerr and James Fagan. We're very excited to be hosting this concert and we are expecting a full house. Full information about the festival itself is available on our website
Doug Jenner
Having worked with Mary and John for more than ten years, I am delighted to be able to add French to the Irish/English mix.
Willy Barrett
We will soon be in a position to put a detailed business plan on the table and are keen to hear from people in the wider community interested in investing
Neil Burns
As the most intelligent patient observation system yet developed, we believe it does more than just save money, it improves quality outcomes and it saves lives.
Nick Whiteley
We enjoy being a forward thinking and agile company and taking pride in delivering effective programmes to help both HR and immigration professionals
Kim-Marie Freeston
The experience on the day was one which I will never forget
Claire Austin
This has a fantastic saffron flavour
Tom Kerridge
A wonderfully versatile idea for chefs and cooks everywhere. Authentic and pure flavours from just a few drops
Atul Kocchar
These drops present us with a wonderfully simple and flexible way to blend spices and create flavours
Cyrus Todiwala
Healing occurs when we remember, not when we try and forget.
Claire Austin
We are delighted to have been able to help TRACKS which does such a wonderful job providing a caring and supportive environment for children with autism.
Claire Austin
This is a personal challenge and The Isabel Hospice is a wonderful charity which supports families and individuals throughout North and East Hertfordshire
Claire Austin
We are essentially going back to our roots, providing food which puts the customer first, but doing it in a High Street location.
Steve Quinn
The BlueTraker LRIT terminal with its “Arctic” option installed provides The Arctic Sunrise with round the clock and round the globe tracking and monitoring for safety and security in this difficult environment.
Chris Eckersley, Business Development Manager, EMA
Much of my recent work with the universities has been about developing metrics to measure this adaptability score
Stephen Parry
we're now producing school food of a range and quality never seen before.
Steve Quinn
We will not compromise our high food standards
Steve Quinn
trust instead, to the ability of young people to recognise and respond to good food when they see it.
Steve Quinn
We are very careful in the contracts that we target. Both of these schools share our high aspirations and we're very much looking forward to working with them in educational partnership
Sam Davies
As with all our previous new contracts, we will be working hard to bring about a dramatic rise in uptake of school meals Hertsmere Upper and Lower Schools.
Sam Davies, Director of Food, Cucina
We achieve benchmark standards of excellence by staying small and being highly selective in our pitching
Steve Quinn, Cucina MD
Young Levi has a natural ability and he works as hard as any chef I have worked with
Ian Morgan
Besides being a bit scrummy there's a lot of it. We didn’t have any bowls big enough to mix it in, so we had to buy 2 giant plastic bins!”
Ian Morgan
We believe school students deserve to eat the very best food. That's how they learn about good nutrition and good eating. Ash has brought his genius for flavour combinations to these dishes and the results are just sensational. That's what the kids and the teachers are telling us too.
Steve Quinn
I really enjoyed doing this, it was different from anything I have done before. Spread over a lot of separate units, it has to work everywhere. The Cucina kitchens are good and they are all highly trained chefs, which makes it a lot easier
Ash Mair
Cucina are a brilliant catering company providing us with a first rate service and they are involved in the day-to-day life of the school.
Andrew Hemmings, Principal, Bushey Academy
The competition is a huge motivator for our staff and we love to reward top performers in this way.
Sam Davies, Director, Cucina
It is absolutely fantastic that the management of Cucina have sent them for a day out while the managing director is behind the counter, serving the food.
Andrew Hemmings
Phil Howard is an absolute industry icon, having held 2 Michelin stars for the past 14 years - an amazing achievement, making him a legend for most chefs. Phil was so impressed by our food that he is returning to see us soon, to discuss ways that he and our chefs can work together
Steve Quinn, MD, Cucina Restaurants
It's certainly accurate to call our business strategy 'high risk', but we continue to make it work well
Steve Quinn
How many other school food companies could mass cater a meal of this standard?
Sam Davies, Director, Cucina Restaurants
They are a credit to The Harefield Academy and to the Borough of Hillingdon
Cllr Michael Markham, Lord Mayor of Hillingdon
The mashed potato is powder mixed with water and the gravy is made from a packet
Steve Quinn
I am delighted, for the sake of the health of future generations, to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this important debate.
Steve Quinn
A pity that more companies are not doing it like this. Cucina really are at the forefront of school food.
Ash Mair, reigning champion - BBC's 'Masterchef the Professionals'.
I'm pleased that we are growing at just the right rate
Steve Quinn
Cucina is very focused in the contracts it targets, and we're looking forward to our partnerships with these 2 new schools
Sam Davies
Very professional, well thought-through concepts by Cucina. I would be interested in getting more involved.
Ash Mair, reigning champion of BBC's 'Masterchef, The Professionals'.
A fantastic company like Cucina using the inspiration and leadership of Ash Mair to engage young people and get them talking about food - a real win/win.
Lynn Gadd, Principal, The Harefield Academy
We must give young people the means to be powerful agents for change
Steve Quinn, MD Cucina Restaurants
We have exercised our credit card and bought loads of great prizes for our sporting celebrations.
Sam Davies, Director, Cucina Restaurants
We have exercised our credit card to buy a brilliant star prize for each restaurant –a Sony PS Vita and games – or a Nintendo 3DS
Sam Davies
The schedule pays for itself in operational time saved and in preventing staff exceed their holidays entitlement.
Group Administrator, Jarvis Group Ltd
Simple, easy-to-use reports which help us to analyse holiday and sick leave by employee. We couldn't run our business without it.
Tim Cook, Operations Manager, BNI UK
I would think that around 90% of maintained schools are in breach of the nutritional guidelines. They need much tighter policing
Steve Quinn
We're delighted to keep our record intact. We're always looking to develop new, exciting approaches to the way we offer delicious, nutritious food to our young customers
Steve Quinn, MD Cucina