An adventure knows no boundaries nor does it have to be long or large to be great. The modern adventure is today often more about quality than quantity and Alastair is, with his microadventures, a perfect ambassador for this.
Neil Bradley, Country Manager Haglöfs UK
We have a fantastic design team, whose clothing section has now gained a male colleague with wide experience in designing technical clothing.
Peter Fabrin, CEO for Haglöfs
It has been an exciting and challenging journey – and we are very proud of the results.
Fredrik Lundberg, Strategic Design Manager at Haglöfs
We have seen strong sales growth in the first half of the year, with a clear increase in the number of re-orders – in summary, we can conclude that the good sell-through rate points to growing in-store demand for our products. At present, we have higher growth figures than our markets in general, which means that we are taking market share.
Richard Jägrud, Product Director & Interim Managing Director
The new setup is a natural step for us and gives us the possibility to even further improve the service to our customers. Both Haglöfs and our customers will benefit from the synergies of having both brands under one ownership
Richard Jägrud, product director and Interim Managing Director at Haglöfs.
Working solely with Swedish suppliers and materials produced in Sweden is a big deal. And to draw the backpack to a close in the way that we did by having the possibility of working with the Haglöf family – and knowing that Wiktor Haglöfs’ son, Hans Haglöf, at the age of 84 has been involved in the production of every backpack, is nothing more than unique.
Håkan Nyström, Business Area Manager Hardware
Edurne Pasaban is an amazing mountaineer and her extensive knowledge and experiences from the harsh mountain environment will be very valuable for us when we develop new mountain products.
Fredrik Lundberg, Strategic Design Manager
As part of the 19FOURTEEN concept, we have developed products for everyday activities without making any compromises in terms of Haglöfs’ technical solutions. On the contrary, we have taken many of our most advanced materials and technical functions and applied them to products that we would use ourselves when we are not climbing mountains, skiing or running in the forest.
Fredrik Lundberg, Strategic Design Manager
We interlinked all marketing channels to create maximum effect and to leave few possibilities for the campaign pass by unnoticed. And judging by the results, I dare to say that we succeeded.
Fredrik Kjellberg, Global Marketing Manager
We are especially pleased that our store located in a commercial center which is both socially and environmentally responsible.
Thomas Christensen, Country Manager Denmark
We take steps to become even better at what we do – from our product offering, Outstanding Outdoor Equipment, to our Take care concept for sustainability issues.
Nicholas Warchalowski, CEO
Our biggest successes were in the UK, Japan and Sweden, where Haglöfs outperformed the market in terms of growth, sometimes by a large margin.
Nicolas Warchalowski
We want the store to inspire people to head out into nature.
Bjarne Budal, country manager for Haglöfs AS in Norway.
Said's knowledge will be invaluable when we take the development of our Mountain segment forward.
Fredrik Lundberg, Strategic Design Manager at Haglöfs.
One of the strengths of Haglöfs' organizational development over the years is that we have been able to both recruit internally and add new external competence.
Nicolas Warchalowski, CEO of Haglöfs
Our new collection and the expansion of our offer to more markets have resulted in a two-digit increase in orders going into 2013.
Nicolas Warchalowski, CEO of Haglöfs
We are extremely proud and happy about being awarded this honor, and at the same time it gives us an extra boost to continue to develop world-class products.
Nicolas Warchalowski, CEO of Haglöfs.
The aim of Haglöfs Arctic Weekend is for us to inspire more people to discover how much fun can be had during the winter considering the fantastic range of winter activities that Sweden has to offer.
Carl Hård af Segerstad, Marketing Manager Haglöfs Sweden
Our membership in the Fair Wear Foundation is confirmation that the quality of our work from an ethical perspective is very high. This membership, combined with our membership in bluesign®, means that we have ensured the sustainability of both the material and production phases of our supply chain.
Lennart Ekberg, Director of Sustainability at Haglöfs.
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