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Lucid answers four questions for clients: what to say, who to, when to say it, and how? We link our PR, Marketing and Business advice to client growth strategies. We believe our work should help you where it matters the most - on the bottom line.


We are convinced about the quality of the Alness service desk and the performance to date. This gives us real confidence that we can bring new jobs and opportunities to the area in the near future.
Jim Brophy, Fujitsu’s Client Director
This long-awaited decision from the Employment Appeal Tribunal was dreaded by many employers but it is not as bad as it could have been.
Katy Wedderburn, Partner in MacRoberts
Rod and Craig are both highly experienced lawyers in their respective fields and will significantly enhance the services we provide as we enter a period of strong growth.
John Macmillan, MacRoberts’ Managing Partner
The PLaN event will allow Fujitsu to outline the enormous benefits of HPC to the Highlands, and to Energy North companies in particular.
Jim Brophy, Fujitsu’s Client Director
Our growth plans include doubling the workforce in the Dundee office and expanding our space in our existing premises
John Macmillan, Managing Partner, MacRoberts
Our focus will be on delivering a continuous improvement programme across all business operations, with high-calibre fee-earning and support staff at the heart of what we do
John Macmillan, Managing Partner, MacRoberts
Castle’s achievement in securing this prestigious quality approval demonstrates the company's commitment to its customers and to improving its business
Richard Crute Morris, UK technical manager for global assessment body, LRQA,
The Berry Burn Family Fun Day day was a great success and having so many people of all ages there was a fitting way to officially open the wind farm.
Director of Statkraft UK and Berry Burn Wind Farm Ltd, Sergio Castedo
We are delighted to be leading this pioneering project which will benefit forward-thinking companies of all sizes across the Highlands.
Jim Brophy, Fujitsu’s Client Director
This will put the region at the forefront of the HPC revolution in Scotland by providing access to unprecedented computing power to help develop products and processes that will benefit the wider economy.
Drew Hendry, Leader of The Highland Council
The opportunities presented by HPC are endless. The energy sector is constantly evolving and innovating and this development will help significantly in that process.
Ian Couper, Chief Executive of Energy North
We would like to enable local children to add their own personal touch to a site which will be part of the community for many years to come.
Sergio Castedo, director of Statkraft UK
With our new head offices in Glasgow, the unique ability to add a virtual multi-lingual sales force to our offering through our contact centre sister operation, and the leadership of the Neptis Group, we have enhanced our international and business opportunities
Peter Kane, managing director, Lucid PR
Our unique set of skills sets Vitel apart from other contact centre operations.
Joe Costello, CEO Neptis Group
You can decide the night before how you are going to make people think about you by choosing the right colours. It can be a powerful tool when you’re trying to get one step ahead.
Marlene White, Integro
Jenna and Lara are great additions to the Lucid team and will help us to prepare for further expansion plans in the next month or two.
Peter Kane, Lucid’s managing director
You remember the big shows and the significant concerts, but this one seemed to be an event that superseded all the others and certainly superseded the duration of the actual show. „The three hours of the concert went past like three minutes and the forty years passed like a dream.’’
Calum Macdonald
We are extremely grateful to Fujitsu for taking over the booking arrangements. It is a great relief to our volunteers and passengers who were anxious about the future of the service.
John Gordon, chairman of the Highland branch of Seagull Trust Cruises
“We are delighted to be continuing this important contract which has enhanced The Highland Council’s IT network with world class, state-of-the-art devices across a variety of different working environments.
Dave McCann, Fujitsu’s Client Executive (Scotland)
By working with our procurement team, firms in the Highlands could identify new openings, initially across the UK and Ireland but eventually globally, which could develop their own business and people, and also help grow the region’s economy.
Joley Kirby, SME Procurement Manager with Fujitsu
We are delighted to be able to support the extremely worthwhile work being done by our official race charities in Caithness and elsewhere
Tom Pottinger, Baillie wind Farm Ltd director
I’ve watched the London Marathon on TV a few times over the years and had so much admiration for those participating. With my half marathon success and my passion for running I started to wonder if I could achieve that distance.
Donna Fitzpatrick
Iain is a highly respected journalist and broadcaster who is known throughout the Highlands and Islands and beyond for his in-depth knowledge of the area
John Ross, Lucid PR head of news and media
Due to the size of the area it’s difficult for us to meet up with colleagues but once a year a growing number are making the effort.
John Ross, chairman of the Highlands and Islands Press Ball and Media Awards
“The Turbine 10 race was a fantastic success and one that makes the most of this spectacular location. It has demonstrated how the local community and visitors can enjoy the wind farm site in a variety of ways.”
Sergio Castedo, Director of Statkraft UK and Baillie Wind Farm
James’ story is truly inspiring and he is a worthy recipient of the inaugural award.
Russell Edwards, Fujitsu’s Inverness-based programme manager for end user services
“Scotland is the home of golf and this academic research will help us understand more about the game’s early history and those who played it. It is that heritage, combined with our wonderful courses, such as Royal Dornoch, that continues to attract people to Scotland to experience the sport at its finest.
Alex Salmon, Scotland's First Minister
This is a really worthwhile school-based project that provides an opportunity for young people to see their writing efforts in print.
Rosemary Ward, Director of the Gaelic Books Council
The new Cave Wall Studios offer musicians and singers the complete package which may be unique in Scotland
Cave Wall Studios manager David Lang
: “Working together with High Life Highland and Fujitsu we are empowering communities in the Highlands by delivering progressive and innovative library services.”
Jimmy Gray, convener of The Highland Council
This will be an interesting challenge which we’re sure many runners will want to come and take on. The views are amazing and we’re very pleased to be adding our expertise to developing this new event. It will be an enjoyable occasion and it’s great news that charities will also be benefiting
Sandy Christie, of the North Highland Harriers
I am delighted to be appearing at HebCelt which is an internationally renowned festival in a beautiful part of the world and an island I’ve come to know extremely well.”
Dougie Maclean
“While media people in the Highlands and Islands can be geographically distant from one another the communities they serve often share the same issues.
John Ross, chairman, Highlands and Islands Press Ball
This is a great new and productive use for this equipment in the Highlands, where we see community wellbeing as a vital part of our involvement here as we look to help grow business in the information technology sector.
Fujitsu’s Scotland Country Director – Public Sector, Brodie Shepherd
Our specialist knowledge and understanding, gained over years of experience, provides a comprehensive approach to problem solving
Peter Randall, Opus projects manager
Next year’s festival is already off to a great start with confirmation that The Battlefield Band, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and The Hot Seats will be in the line-up. All three are fantastic live bands and will add to the special atmosphere for which HebCelt is renowned.
Festival director Caroline Maclennan
“Relocating to Stirling brings us nearer to research colleagues in the industry which can only help future collaborations and innovative thinking as we strive to produce healthier fish.
Neil Manchester, Landcatch’s general manager
“Our unique setting and mixture of established names and promising new acts is a winning combination and we hope next year, being a significant milestone for us, will make the event especially memorable.”
Festival director Caroline Maclennan
“It was a joy to do the documentary”. The way we approached it was just like writing another song, albeit a much longer one.”
Calum Macdonald
The joint efforts of the Hendrix and Cobb R&D teams have provided valuable knowledge for both of our companies. Cobb is excited to continue our partnership with Hendrix Genetics. We look forward to discovering what opportunities may be in our future.
Jerry Moye, president of Cobb-Vantress
Bringing together the resources and expertise of Hendrix Genetics and Cobb allows us to accelerate the rate of research and to meet the challenges of food production.
Antoon van den Berg, CEO of Hendrix Genetics
In this way the next generation of fish is better in a number of respects than before – faster growing, more disease resistant, with improved fat content and better eating quality.
Dr Alan Tinch, director of genetics at Landcatch,
We are delighted to get this contract which allows us to get a foothold in this area and spread the word of what we can do.
Glen McLellan, Opus’ Director of Strategic Operations
“There is a need to link schools and business together better and IT can help with that. Social media would be an excellent way of doing that if it’s utilised in the right way.
Abby Wilson
“The Hebrides have a fantastic range of world renowned products and we are determined to attract more customers to these products.
Peter MacLeod, managing director of
Fujitsu’s contribution is making a real difference not only in the Highlands but in one of the world’s poorest countries.”
Dr David Alston
This award from our industry peers adds to our clients’ feedback, in recognising that we not only deliver results but also continuously develop our technologies and services to stay ahead of the field and respond to clients’ needs. It is a particular recognition for our skilled and dedicated workforce.
Director of Strategic Operations, Glen McLellan
“The missing genes are like our Holy Grail and finding them will have widespread positive implications.
Neil Manchester, Landcatch General Manager
“We are an ambitious company with a unique portfolio and have our sights set on a number of areas of growth.
Nigel Weir, managing director of Opus,
we clearly need to continue improving aquacultural science and efficiency if we are to help meet world hunger challenges, especially during these changing economic and climatic times.
Neil Manchester, general manager of Landcatch
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