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    This transaction provides a great platform for expansion across the Baltic region. IV is an excellent business and we are looking forward to growing both the shared web hosting and datacentre divisions and delivering new value-added solutions to our customer base in Lithuania. I am delighted to be welcoming IV to the Miss Group family and we look forward to working with our new colleagues to develop and grow the business.
    Mattias Kaneteg, Miss Group founder and CEO
    We are proud of what IV has achieved so far and we trust the new owners will bring new possibilities to the growth of the business.
    Arvydas Štrausas, IV founder and CEO
    When we met BGF, we had ambitious plans for growth and a strategy to add additional complementary acquisitions to our group in geographies where we could see strong potential. We’ve exceeded our own expectations and couldn’t be happier with the support and insight we’ve received through partnering with BGF. As we look ahead to our next chapter with Perwyn, we will continue to play to our strengths in marketing our market-leading proposition to SME customers with a focus on Scandinavia, Spain and the US.
    Mattias Kaneteg, Miss Group founder and CEO
    We are very happy to grow our customer base in the US and Canada and feel that these acquisitions will support our overall growth strategy and entry into Canada and other French-speaking markets.
    Mattias Kaneteg, CEO and founder of Miss Group
    We are obviously very pleased that the accreditation is complete and look forward to further assisting the City of Stockholm with their domain management strategy.
    Tomas Ericson, business developer at Name SRS
    We are very pleased with Name SRS as the supplier for our domains. It feels safe with their skills and experience. What has also been good in our collaboration is that it's as easy for our employees to work in the control panel as it is to get personal help.
    Marcelle Abou Haidar, Project Manager at Stockholm City
    “We have worked with the Ballou team for many years and for us, Ballou has always been something special. We have always seen the potential in the hosting market and now allowing the journey to continue with Mattias and his team will make Ballou grow faster. As part of Miss Group, Ballou has now gained the full potential to become the leading provider of Hybrid Cloud hosting in the Nordic market.”
    Christer Jacobsson CEO of Adeptio AB and formerly owner of Ballou
    We are very excited to welcome Ballou to the Miss Group family. With an impressive 22 years in the Web Hosting and Cloud business, well-established Ballou is a perfect fit for the group in our path to further our growth strategy.
    Mattias Kaneteg, CEO and founder of Miss Group
    “We’re proud to be one the fastest growing tech companies in the UK and with support from HSBC UK we’re confident that we can continue to increase our presence globally. Reacting quickly to an international market is important, and with HSBC we have a commercial banking partner that gives us real advantage in delivering against our acquisition and organic growth targets.”
    Mark Kerswell, CFO of Miss Group
    “It’s exciting to be supporting such a rapidly expanding technology company based out of the North West. The importance of a thriving tech sector to the North of England is often discussed in the business community and it’s great to see more companies buying into the push to lead on innovation. We hope to help more businesses like Miss Group build on their futures across the region.”
    Mark Boyle, Corporate Relationship Director for Greater Manchester, HSBC UK
    If your customers do not succeed, you will not succeed either.
    Fredrik Björklund, COO of Miss Group
    The acquisition of Profesional Hosting gives Miss Group the perfect platform to build on in Spain and replicate the success we have had in Scandinavia over the past five years. We will focus on both organic growth and our buy and build strategy in Spanish speaking markets. We have ambitious growth plans for Miss Group so this is an important market for us to grow in.
    Mattias Kaneteg CEO and founder of Miss Group
    We’ve admired Miss Group as a company and watched the growth journey to date. We are looking forward to joining forces with such an impressive business and taking the combined organisation to a new level.
    David Garcia, CEO and founder of ProfesionalHosting
    We are very pleased to welcome Ilait to the Miss Group family. We have ambitious plans for growth and with 35,000 more customers, Ilait is a perfect match for Miss Group. We believe there’s still significant growth potential to expand into new markets.
    Mattias Kaneteg CEO and founder of Miss Group
    Ilait has in recent years experienced exceptional growth and is currently a preferred choice for IT consultancy firms, managed service provider as well as telcos and operators. Being part of Miss Group now enables ilait to grow faster and raise the ambitions while maintaining a market-leading offering across the service portfolio.
    Michael Abrahamsson CEO and founder of Ilait
    We have ambitious plans for growth and a strategy to add additional complementary acquisitions to our stable. We believe there’s still significant growth potential to expand into new markets, which we’re able to do with the funding and support provided by BGF.
    Mattias Kaneteg
    Mattias and Miss Group’s track record speaks for itself - the team knows the market and its SME customers inside out. With offices already spanning the UK, US, India, Bulgaria and Scandinavia, we look forward to supporting further growth by expanding the business’ already impressive global footprint.
    Pinesh Mehta
    “As we look to future growth, it’s an honour to welcome a business as well-established as FS Data, which celebrated 22 years in the industry just a couple of weeks ago. “With these acquisitions we are well on our way to become the leader in the Scandinavian mass hosting market.”
    Mattias Kaneteg CEO and founder of Miss Group
    For my part, it’s been a fantastic journey, which started 22 years ago. To build a fantastic business from scratch and also to see the development of the internet since almost the very beginning. It will be very exciting to follow FS Data and all the other companies in the Miss Group journey.
    Fredrik Sköld CEO and founder of FS Data
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