The beauty of our two-machine system is you can perform both wet and dry milling at the same time, as well as process different materials, without a changeover.
Brian Brooks, Senior Product Manager, Dental Solutions - Roland DGA
By introducing fab labs to different areas and environments, the Fab Foundation is helping to cultivate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.
Tony Miller, Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts - Roland DGA Corp.
We are very excited to see the results of everyone's ideas for improving our daily lives, our cities and the environment, as well as their concepts for helping to solve the global challenges we all face.
Masahiro Tomioka, Chairman and President of Roland DG Corporation
“With a project like this, with such tight deadlines, and zero margin for error, our Roland DG printer was invaluable.
Joe McNamara, Lotus F1 Team Graphics
“It’s a good investment for an institution like ours to have equipment that is really flexible and can go between the two mediums – printing and milling – allowing the students to have material options. We can mill a prototype on the Roland at about a quarter of the cost of 3D printing.”
David Cawley, Director of Model Shops & 3D Labs - Art Center College of Design
“The dedication, professionalism and expertise shown by our SEs in this regional competition reflects our commitment to providing Roland users with best service in the industry.”
Tom Klein, Roland DGA Knowledge and Training Manager
This level of OEKO-TEX certification not only reflects Roland’s commitment to manufacturing environmentally-friendly products, it also delivers useful information to end users that can influence their buying decisions and help them select offerings that better meet their specific needs.
Lily Hunter, Product Manager,Textiles and Consumables - Roland DGA
We were so excited to hear the news that Roland selected us as the Grand Prize winners, we all began crying with joy.
Luis Soto, T & S Ltda.
Our advanced Roland wide-format digital printers allow us to create detailed wraps ranging from the subtle to the outrageous to suit the individual tastes and personalities of our clients.
Matt Richart, Digital EFX Wraps
When it comes to new wrap concepts, we may need to create up to 20 different variations of a single design for a sponsor to choose from.
Nick Woodward, graphics manager - Richard Childress Racing
We count on our Roland inkjets to reliably produce vibrant, eye-catching wraps that promote our partners' brands and attract the attention of NASCAR's massive audience.
Richard Childress, owner - Richard Childress Racing
In designing the GS-24, we took into consideration requests made from our end users, our dealer channel and internal Roland personnel from around the globe.
Daniel Valade, Roland DGA product manager, VersaStudio and vinyl cutters
The DWX-4 can create a bridge, crown or inlay while the patient is at the chair. It saves time while significantly reducing costs.
Mark Weitzman D.D.S.
We built the RT-640 to answer user demand for a high production sublimation printer that’s affordable, reliable, inexpensive to run and easy to operate
Lily Hunter, product manager, Roland DGA
The monoFab series desktop fabrication tools are the culmination of over 25 years of experience in 3D milling. By combining the capabilities of these advanced rapid prototyping machines, users can select the best method for their workflow, from concept to production.
Rachel Hammer, Roland DGA 3D product manager
This conference will not only assist Roland users in getting the most out of their advanced inkjets, it will also supply them with expert advice and innovative ideas they can apply in the real world to maximize overall performance, creativity, efficiency and profitability.
Rick Scrimger, President, Roland DGA Corp.
Millions of fans will be watching the No. 3 car, and all of our race cars, so it's imperative we get the wraps just right.
Nick Woodward, RCR Graphics by Roland Manager
The paper clearly illustrates how companies can bring UV digital printing in-house to produce package prototypes that look just like the finished product quickly and affordably.
Hiroshi Ono, Roland DGA UV Group Product Manager
“It wasn’t easy to improve upon the world’s most popular durable graphics printers, but we managed to do just that.”
Eric Zimmerman, Roland DGA Product Manager, Color Products
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