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    Throughout the trying times of the pandemic, these outstanding people persevered, exemplifying what California hospitality is all about.
    Lynn S. Mohrfeld, President and CEO of CHLA
    Twenty years ago, aspiring hoteliers had few opportunities to learn about or enter the hospitality industry in the early part of their careers. Now, thanks to the Hospitality Foundation, doors to enter the hospitality industry have been opened for people that come from all walks of life. I am proud of my family’s role in that process and encourage all hoteliers to look for opportunities to help make our industry inclusive and accessible to the students who will shape the future of our industry.
    Jon Handlery, President of Handlery Hotels
    The Handlery family has made, and continues to make, incredible contributions to help aspiring students become hospitality professionals. So, on behalf of the decades of scholarship recipients that have been supported by the Handlery family’s contributions, thank you.
    Michael Pace, CHLA Hospitality Foundation Chair
    Our hotels, our employees and our guests have been safe throughout 2020 because we worked quickly and closely with health experts and state leadership. We can lead California’s economic recovery and meet the world’s pent-up demand for regular travel in the coming years through our continued vigilance of health safety and delivery of outstanding hospitality.
    Bijal Patel, returning chair of CHLA’s board
    “Each winner has demonstrated sustained excellence and a passion for hospitality that inspires all of us, especially this year. Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to every participant who daily makes the California lodging experience the best in the world.”
    Lynn S. Mohrfeld, President & CEO of CHLA
    This year, our industry was shaken to its core, but we will recover and, in that recovery, it is more important than ever to support our hospitality students. These scholarships represent an investment in our recovery, they represent a belief in these students and an investment in the future of lodging.
    Michael Pace, CHLA Hospitality Foundation Chair
    Don’t be afraid of this environment, this absolutely too shall pass, and our industry is going to come back stronger, better and more innovative than ever.
    Raul Leal, CEO of Virgin Hotels
    I challenge all hoteliers to give and invest in our students who will be future leaders of our industry. The Handlery family is proud to support the Hospitality Foundation and its outstanding scholarship program and has been involved with CHLA for over 60 years.
    Jon Handlery, President, Handlery Hotels
    The Handlery Foundation has demonstrated its commitment to the future of our industry, and the importance of educational opportunities for hospitality professionals.
    CH&LAEF President, Candace Savage of USA TODAY
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